Bond Multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types. Compatible with all color lines. Available worldwide.


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Love seeing this band disappear! Great work with #Olaplex by @_hairbylaura.


Hello, beautiful! 👋
Icy with honey lowlights with #Olaplex by blonde master @hairbymarissasue. 😻


Leaving the salon like, “Who me? Oh, this new ‘do?” Yes, you! 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏿‍♂️ #Werk [via @shila_the_pom] 😂



Keep your hair this healthy and shiny by using Olaplex N°3 weekly at home. Available now at Professional Salons, Sephora.com, Sephora.ca and Olaplex.com ⭐️ Stunning platinum color by the incredible @phildoeshair with #Olaplex. 🌬️ @sephora


Monday’s are for Melts. 😍
@hairbykaitlinjade is slaying us with this icy tipped colormelt kept healthy with #Olaplex


This client decided to take bleach into her own hands at home in hopes of achieving icy blonde. Colorist @colorwithgrace came to the rescue with her correction skills and #Olaplex. 🌹



How’s this for a curl routine? Raise your hand if you have textured hair! Bring your curls to LIFE like @hif3licia’s with regular Olaplex N°3 treatments. ➿➰〰️🌀#Olaplex


Announcement! 🗣️📣🥁 Not only can you purchase Olaplex N°3 at your local Professional Salon, and on Olaplex.com, it is now officially available at Sephora.com and Sephora.ca! We’re so excited to partner with such a trusted beauty retailer and welcome @sephora to the #OlaplexFamily! ❤️ We’re celebrating with this gorgeous mermaid color by #Olaplex Advocate, @saraihairwizard. 🧜🏽‍♀️


When your hair looks healthier AFTER bleach. 🙌 Transformed with #Olaplex by @catherinelovescolor. Don’t bleach without it! ✨

20 vol in the back, 30 vol on top using the babylights technique to blend the line of demarcation. Balayage Ann Hair left out of foils.



Upgraded ⬆️💯
Transformation with #Olaplex by @colorwithkelsey. Brightened up and melted down! ✨


How many times a day do you do this? 🤔✨ Watch @biancacolour #Olaplex all day long during her takeover happening on our #Stories right NOW! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️


Life is about prioritizing. 😂



Just a little change. 😉 Always ensure your clients go home with Olaplex N°3 so they continue rebuilding their hair away from the salon. Blog.olaplex.com is a great resource for clients to learn more about N°3 and how to use it best at home! ✨

Artist: @roxybeautytouch 🎨

Formula: Root touch up @guytang_mydentity Big 9 30 volume + #Olaplex N°1. Application and process time 1 hour. Correction with high lift Redken NA 20 volume all over her previous blonde hair. Shades EQ 9P. Olaplex N°2 for 15 min. 📂


Sometimes a transformation leaves you speachless. Blotchy, streaky, brassy to all over healthy blonde with #Olaplex every step of the way by @beatdiva_ ! ✨


Final reveal from yesterday’s live demonstration with Olaplex Ambassador, @chadkenyon. Apricot Candy ColorMelt! 🧡 You can watch the playback on facebook.com/olaplex and get more tips on the Chad Kenyon Highlights story on our profile.



When you didn’t know you needed metallic lavender hair, but @rossmichaelssalon shows you otherwise. 💜🌫️ Formula: Pravana Express tones violet/smokey silver, vivid silver, smokey silver, moody blue, luscious lavender, black and clear additive. #Olaplex to insure the integrity of the hair. Color by @rossmichaelssalon.


Actual footage of all of us. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏽‍♂️💆🏼‍♀️💆🏿‍♀️ [Repost: @girlwithnojob]


Just a little perfection by @baristurfanofficial with #Olaplex all the way from Istanbul! Find the stylist perfect for you in your area by searching through our salon locator on olaplex.com. Your #hairgoals ARE possible! 🙌✨



Yaaas! 🙌 Let’s start this new year off right! Transformation with #Olaplex by colorist, @colorbytia. 2017 ➡️ 2018 🌬️


3,432,225 likes to 377 posts in 2017! As we reflect on our #2017bestnine we’re reminded of the amazing, inspiring work that is created with #Olaplex and how grateful we are to be a part of your hair journey. We cannot wait to show you what’s in store next year. 🤭

A healthy and Happy New Year to our extended Olaplex family— we love you! 🎉💛


We love seeing posts about your new year goals! Thank you for inspiring us with another year of stunning transformations. 🌹✨ We love this one by @jz.styles. Goldwell Oxycur 30 vol + Olaplex N°1 on regrowth and banding. Hand painted everything out of the foils with a 10 vol bleach wash. Rooted with 7N/7T, mids 9V/9T/9P, ends with 10P. So pretty. 🤩


Unicorn Melt! 🦄 Perfect placement by the talented @isthatpat and combination using @guytang_mydentity with #Olaplex. Stunning work, Pat!


Back to back babylights and a root melt to correct this color. 🙀🙌
Flawless technique by @hairbylily408 using @guytang_mydentity with #Olaplex.


Starting 2018 transformations early! 🤭So perfectly platinum and shiny. Work by @erdoganmaraslioglu using #Olaplex. Whether your goal is a transformation, or healthy hair for the New Year, visit blog.olaplex.com to find out how to make it a healthy start. ✨


Step into 2018 with your dream Hair. 💥

Service: Transformative color correction from footy and brassy orange to a shadow rooted icy blonde.
Artist: @the_zix

Process: Started the lightening process with 30vol and Olaplex N°1 because @the_zix knew her hair needed lift but even control and Insurance while doing it. Proceeded with approaching the bottom doing back comb and slides technique, getting out those already blond pieces. For the middle, @the_zix used 40vol + #Olaplex N°1. Face frame, 10 vol + Olaplex N°1 as the hair is fragile athlete and lifts very quickly. Using L’Oreal, shade down the root using 5.1+5 with 5 vol. Mids to ends with clear+10.21.


Merry & Bright by Olaplex Ambassador, @guy_tang. 😍

I lifted her hair using My Dentity #Big9 Creme Lightener + 1/32oz #Olaplex to get her hair lifted to a level 10 Platinum.

1️⃣ Guy Tang #Mydentity rootàge formula 45g of 8DL+ 10g of 3MB and 1:2 ratio of dedicated 6vol developer
2️⃣ Guy Tang #MyDentity 100g of 8DL+ 20g of Ultra Violet dual booster
With 1:2 dedicated 6vol developer
3️⃣ Guy Tang #MyDentity 25g of Silver Smoke 10ss+ 25g of Crystal Clear demi with 1:2 ratio of dedicated 6vol and process all for 25 mins.


Holiday wishlist: the perfect blend. Looks like @claytonwheelerhair can make that wish come true! 🎁😍 Color using L’Oreal with #Olaplex added every step of the way to keep the hair healthy.


It’s the BUSIEST time of year for salons. 😅 Clients be like... 🐶💁‍♀️🎊 [Repost: @jessronagrooming]


MAJOR TRANSFORMATION! Heavy, brassy, overgrown line of demarcation to a beautifully blended icy blonde! Just in time for #WinterSolstice. Color by @hairbymirna with #Olaplex. ❄️🌬️


26 inches of long beautiful healthy hair! Transformed with #Olaplex by the talented @glammedby_jessica. 🤯