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Sept 24th 1996 our 3rd album #IlladelphHalflife was released. This was our "we WILL not be ignored" album. The day I read that @@@@1/2 review in @TheSource I cried in the bathroom of #TheWetlands. The anxiety & relief. From busking in 92. To trying to get a deal in 93. To fending for ourselves in 94. To praying we don't drown in 95----but being determined to get that respect --took 3 attempts but man. The incense & candle crowd of Organix was scratching their heads when #DYWM came out 2 years later sounding a lil more hip hop & less poetry n jazz. So imagine everyone's reaction when we turned our backs on the Do You Want More supporters & churned out a super lyrical assault. We had something to prove and Philly had something to prove. As I discovered last year the fire at the universal vaults in 2006 destroyed our masters, our dats, our half inch mixes, even our videos (Google Universal Fire Vaults--they lost movies/music/archives---everything)---I had grand plans to do some crazy deluxe extra songs treats but----*sigh* 5 songs are missing. So thank god for streaming culture and the deal we struck in 2004. It's still up there in its original glory (I'm not mad at the mixes, it still holds up) *raising a toast* to my 3rd kid: I.H. Happy 21st


Still waiting for @Twitter to explain to me why all my friends & family keep asking why all my tweets look like this. It's 2017 y'all don't have the updated technology to determine food/faces/cats/drums/music icons & the soul train dancers from offensive guideline stuff YET? Already bad enough that 🍊'a tweets rule everything around us.


Respect to Brother Charles. So Much Soul.


So 25 yrs ago in June diligently busking on #SouthStreet paid off & we started getting local gigs. But THIS gig was THE gig. THIS gig was gonna determine if we were just messin around for loose change, or if this was gonna be a career. I made my mind up early that I was NOT gonna be headed to #NYC to attend Juilliard or The New School. Now how do I keep this information from my folks who indeed expected me to attend SOME university (Mom was cool, Dad? Let's just say he finally heard about @TheRoots a lil AFTER we completed our 2nd lp #DYWM (do you want more!???) mid 94("you gotta get a real job, not that rappidy rap filth flarn filth grab m'**ck & suck m'n**s" junk you listen to" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) anywho we had *some* buzz but hmmmm--is this enough for two high school buds to drop out of college & build on a dream & a hail mary pass? This was the night WKDU's own #AJshine introduced us to a strange man named #RichardNichols a man who would change my life and subsequently your life. for w/o him I wouldn't have an IG account w time to waste on a 4 hour drive to Ithaca to my show w the band he molded into the monster it is 25 yrs later. ACTUALLY they just wanted an interview for their public access video show #TheAvenue what they wound up w was a spring board to jumpstart a movement. Some 4,600 shows later (based on sched from 94 to 2014) I'll say I'm satisfied w that decision. I will return to college & get my degree one way or another. I do NOT recommend following suit. Based on where we are now as a nation we need all the proper education and cultural exchange we can get! Thank you @kingbritt #Jeff Natt!


Ok deep inside my soul I'm rantin like @ironside.hex (#Questhate) but lemme try another approach.

1. Learn Patience. Nothing Quality is coming to you after a few attempts. Yeah you might slide by like a C minus on reportcard day but the truth comes out in the end.

2) We MUST treat music like you consume food: In moderation. Most of you wouldn't eat ANYTHING blind a stranger gives you. Why music? Know the difference tween Pop Rocks & Popcorn Pot Pie & Aunties Popular Slow Cooked Swordfish. Dude look at me you think I'm all Salads? I'm a PB Cap'n Crunch lovin fool---but I also know JUST THAT is heart attack knockin on my door. Music's the same way. Most people I know use music to alter their mood (when you angry blast it/driving? speed to it/feeling badass in the mirror/and when u wanna give the impression that you are smarter than you appear your music choices can mean the difference tween a good friendship or even someone you get involved w. romantically) ---if you rely on radio & these whatever shuffle playlists to drive your music car then the results can't be good.
Get to know music nerds who can curate good playlists. Ask the dj u respect to follow him on their streaming service (follow who they follow too) sit w it. Absorb it. Learn.

3) also those pursuing music you gotta step up preparation game. even if you have no celeb future, you CAN control how GREAT you are. Greatness isn't 14 weeks on a competition show. greatness isn't a billion streams. Quality has to count for something. Take your kids to create something. Art classes. Jazz clubs. Music shopping. Ballet. Opera. Stimulate their creativity (plug, my link in bio is the book about this rant I'm writing) BeyoncΓ© just ain't a purty face sassin you. She is RIGOROUS discipline (singing, dancing, writing, producing, research, PRACTICING, attempting, failing, retooling, gathering, learning, applying, winning bigger--and so on) none of what I said is success formula. But it will PREPARE you so when your moment comes you are ready. Cause if not? πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ all that up there? Yeah. Welcome to your child's future. We already got 🍊. We need πŸ’© too? #CreativeQuest in 2018


for those w loved ones in Puerto Rico a radio station is accepting phone calls for people who need assistance (WIPR) ---not too certain how this can help but it's something & this station is reportedly one of the few outlets w working lines (for now)---post comes from a friend's timeline thread thought the info could be useful.


Thank you @mhb850 this might be the most iconic snare in 80s pop & soul history!!!! #michaelbrauer


The Next #QuestloveSupreme guest is @DeonCole ---his @Netflix special is one of my favorite things this year. Fans of @TeamCoco @BlackishABC & #AngieTribeca gather round! This @QLS is rather awesome.


Signs That We Are In End Times: Batali Rockin #Yeezys. Wow @MarioBatali


They say it's your birthday! @jimmyfallon @paulmccartney #WhereBrooklynAt #HappyBirthdayJimmy


Macca Magic!!!!!!!!


Goodnight Kids. Thank you @Sansasjaime #Dead.


Yeah...I wasn't ready. so thrown off by the weird critical reception (usually #DarrenAronofsky joints commands at a 90% @rottentomatoes rating) #Mother is one intense pill the majority of us to might not want to deal with. in 2008 Darren hit me in the gut w/ #TheWrestler (was i watchin dad & me? or (more frightening)....was i watchin my future)

w/o TRYING to spoil i'll say: this could be my autobiography. Im sure it's K Hart's story (as of recent events). certain BeyHov tryin to avoid this at all costs. every artist & reality show participant can learn life lessons. this is the struggle between pursuing passion & pursuing family bliss. this is Legacy vs Love. show me someone tryin to balance both & i'll show you someone flirtin dangerously w excellence vs mediocrity. it sounds cold but you just can't serve two gods. it hurts to hear but it's real: you're given 2 fluid containers: gallon each but you're given a gallon of fluid. how much fluid goes into each container? how do you ration the fluid in each container?

choose 50/50 ration? then you gotta be cool w the results of being a bridesmaid & never a bride-- not saying it's not enough to produce cool results, but there's a chance you won't make the historybooks. show me a successful craftsman in art/sports/business & i'll show you the pile of heartbreak, sorrow, tears & blood which comprises the mountain/shoulders of which said person stands. I'm sure some of your favs are rationing 80%-95% in the craft container (5%-15% for the significant others/friends/parents/spouses/family container. when your favs have a lull (or "fall off a lil") it's because their energy is being used elsewhere.

i'd love to pick D.A.'s brain about his bottom line. this is about boundaries (who including me has them in the age of social media?) this is the "just say no" to drugs film. (drugs=public adoration) it also shows how hard it is to resist it.

Mother's statement is strong. i HIGHLY disagree w its 70 rating. maybe because it hits home a lil too much. but man....SEE this now. its a motha.


Check the flavor of the rhythm I wrote.....& b4 I leave Philly #LetMeCombMyFro #Oh! #HaveMercyBabe #IHopeYouDontMind #AllPowerToAllPeople @hankwillisthomas ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾.


It's Always The Prodigal Son....In Philadelphia.


In pleasant surprise news: this came to the office today. A 300+ page oral history of @TheJacksons all the family & those that worked closely with them. Rare photos and stuff (lol I know this reads like a "hey Ahmir can you do us a solid and post this?" I didn't even know this existed! Just a humogoidfan! @MichaelJackson


Ayo Dallas!! Please listen to what I have to say above πŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏπŸ‘†πŸΏ. But if you have your phone on mute, here it is. The Legendary Roots Crew (you might have heard of us) are coming to Dallas for a night of Symphonic Hip-Hop. On October 17th, we'll be playing at The Pavilion @ Toyota Music Factory. We'll be playing with the #DallasPOPs 50 piece orchestra. And what's a Roots show without us bringing our friends to join us?? Joining us we have Dallas' own @ErykahBadu the great @RobertGlasper (another great Texan) the mind blowing vocals of our brother #Bilal @bilalmusic and who knows who else might show up. Oh! Did I mention that THE @MiguelAtwoodFerguson will be the composer leading us all? Tickets are available @ticketmaster (or follow @TheRoots and press the LINK in our bio) . You might wanna be in Dallas on 10/17. BUT!!!!!!!! If you can't make it for whatever reason, our performance will be live streamed on @amazonmusic twitch channel. Ok, my job is done here. Now it's on you to make sure you have a seat. ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾


Man this @TooShort show is everything. Listen y'all. @QLS #QuestloveSupreme only on @Pandora.


Frank. What's Goin On? #FrankVincentRIP


I myself would like to know about rebuilding efforts for Cuba/Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico & all areas effected by Irma. Heard from some friends yesterday who lost their property in St Johns that pretty much after the water & electricity is restored then they are pretty much on their own---which is homeless. If there are organizations out there we should be aware of please post so I (& whoever follows me) can do some research. Thank you! (took this from @TheNewCuba lemme know what you find out Jauretsi)


"...when Dr. J shook the whole damb team with moves that came right out of a dreeeaaaaammm" -Kurtis Blow "Basketball" 1984 @ervingclassic


Lol no lie @RoyWoodJr copped 50, woulda copped more but they ran out. Even took the leftover turban jawns cause they looked lonley sittin there on the shelf alone πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


Press Cold Man.




Yes. All Tri State People You Can STOP sending me @HankWillisThomas' powerful #AllPowerToAllPeople photo. I've seen it (literally I got more texts about this than birthday greetings) it's awesome & more importantly: overshadowing that rizzo statue.


Bruce Willis, Nicki Minaj, Uzo Aduba, Tracey Morgan, Jourdan Dunn, Lupita Nyong'o, Karlie Kloss, Jon Stewart, Gayle King Lily Aldridge & I walk into a telethon #HandInHand......


I'll be answering phones for #HandInHand call: 8002586000 text GIVE to 80077 follow @handinhandfund #HandInHand


Dude....I'm like....WOW #HerbAlpert


8 years here & still excited by the artists I get to play with. who hooo Patti Smith @officialpattismith on #FallonTonight