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Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants in a rapidly changing world. Based in #Samburu #Kenya

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WATCH the drama that unfolds when a new born calf escapes death by a whisker in Samburu National Reserve! Sensing this lion's approach, Nablus - an elephant from the Biblical Towns family - reacted fast to rescue her two day old baby from a grisly fate. The drama was filmed in the dry Ewaso river bed by our Media Intern, Matt Brierely, who was filming Nablus and her baby when he realised that he was not the only one interested in the two. This film is the first absolute proof that lions in Samburu stalk new-born calves. More updates of mom and baby to follow. #luckyescapes #elephant #calf #BiblicalTowns #Research #Science #Samburu #Nablus. Footage: Matt Brierely


Save The Elephants turned to Canada when naming the newest mother of the First Ladies family! The name bestowed upon this first-time mum is Sophie Grégoire Trudeau (@sophiegregoiretrudeau), after the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife. Naming elephants after themes such as the ‘First Ladies’ is a tradition that was started by STE’s Scientific Board Chair, Dr. George Wittemyer. He explains in this video why this naming system is important. #elephants #Canada #research #science #FirstLadies. Video: Grand Passage Media


Earlier today, it was 32 degrees celsius in Samburu. Luckily for the elephants, they have incredibly thick and wrinkly skin which is adapted to keeping their bodies cool on a hot sunny day. #elephant #Samburu #funfact #heat. Photo: Becky Walter



The Rift Lakes family welcomes Makati back to the herd after she went missing in action for four weeks! During routine long term monitoring in Samburu earlier this week, our field team witnessed the happy reunion between Makati (seen here on the right with Bogoria) and her family. Makati (23) was last seen with her two calves on December 13th 2017 in Kalama Conservancy but without the rest of her herd. Her family were in fact 70km away in Samburu. Our field team had seen the seemingly distressed Makati with her trunk raised in the air, vocalizing loudly no doubt looking for her family. We have no idea how she became separated from the herd but we’re delighted the family is back together #elephants 
#reunion #RiftLakes #Samburu 
#Kalama #LTM. Photo: Matt Brierely


China’s ivory ban will be ‘transformational’ for the fortunes of elephants, but the illegal ivory markets that are mushrooming in other parts of Asia are a concern, warns STE's CEO, Frank Pope. In a recent interview with Voice Of America, he pointed to STE research that shows secondary markets swelling around the borders of China in Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar and Hong Kong. 'All of these places have markets that have boomed with the looming restrictions in China' said Pope, adding that effective enforcement of ivory laws will be one of 2018's big challenges. Photo: Frank af Petersens. #chinaivoryban #ivorytrade #voiceofamerica #elephants


Ever wondered why elephants are able to move so silently despite how massively huge their bodies are? It's because their feet are broad and the toes are embedded in a fatty substance which cushions their weight! #elephants
#gentlegiants Footage: @robbielab



Elephant calves weigh an incredible 91 kilograms (200 pounds) at birth, which is much more than what most adult humans weigh! #elephants
#GentleGiants #funfact. Photo: Lacy Wittman


2017 was a historic year for elephants thanks to China’s decision to close its legal ivory trade market. While the fight is far from over, China’s inspired move brings hope that the global ivory trade will eventually be brought to its knees. Thank you to all our supporters. Here's to winning more battles together for elephants in 2018 - Happy New Year! #elephants #elephant #newyear #chinaban Photo: @janewynyard


A big fist (and trunk) bump to Yao Ming for being such a formidable champion for elephants, and to China for closing its legal domestic ivory trade market. From Sunday, it's illegal to buy or sell ivory in China! #Repost @wildaid (@get_repost)
This is big! Starting Sunday, it will be illegal to buy or sell #ivory in China. #elephant champion @yao is helping spread this great news. Read more at: #elephants #worthmorealivd#jointheherd #saynotoivory #saynotopoaching



THANK YOU to our friends at  Endangered Species Chocolate for their incredibly generous donation to the @elephantcrisisfund. Their generosity has made the New Year sweeter for elephants (and us!). Join them and "Indulge in a Cause"—gift yourself or your friends & family with Endangered Species Chocolate and help protect wildlife! Photo: Frank af Petersen #elephants #elephant #chocolate #conservation


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from all of us at Save The Elephants. We are so grateful for your support this year and hope that your holiday season is filled with joy and happiness. #Christmas #elephants #holidays. Photo: Frank af Petersens


Did you know? An elephant’s trunk is actually a long nose used for smelling, breathing, trumpeting, drinking, and also for grabbing things – especially meals. African elephants have two finger-like features on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab even the smallest items! #elephants #trunk Photo: Qi Lin



So grateful to @tiffanyandco for their beautiful Save the Wild collection and their commitment to the #knotonmyplanet campaign. Today the collection passed $1 million in donations to the
@elephantcrisisfund in just 3 months. 100% of profits of these beautiful pieces go directly to end the ivory crisis. Search ‘tiffany save the wild’ to shop the collection and do your part to protect elephants. More to come in 2018!


Fantastic news for elephants!
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We pledged to raise $1 million by January 2019 with our #TiffanySaveTheWild collection, donating 100% of the profits to @elephantcrisisfund to support anti-poaching, anti-trafficking and ivory demand reduction. We’re proud to have reached this goal more than a year early, and we will continue supporting the Elephant Crisis Fund as they work to end the ivory trade and save these majestic creatures. #KnotOnMyPlanet


Did you know? Elephants are herbivores and spend most of their time eating and digesting food. An elephant can consume about 200 kg of food in a day and drink about 250 litres of water. Apart from grass, some of their favorite meals include reeds, shrubs, branches, bark, flowers, fruits and seeds. #elephants #gentlegiants Photo: Frank af Petersens



Emergency veterinary care is crucial to conservation work in Samburu. Unfortunately the two veterinary units in northern Kenya are already stretched to capacity and unable to respond to every sick or injured animal or help in collaring operations that are vital to saving animal lives. This however, is about to change! Thanks to the wonderful support of committed donors, Save The Elephants, along with our partners in Samburu - Ewaso Lions and Grevy's Zebra Trust - will soon have access to a vet based in Samburu which will be a huge benefit to the wildlife there and across the wider landscape of northern Kenya. #Vet #Wildlife #Samburu #grateful
#SaveTheElephants #EwasoLions #GrevyZebraTrust. Photo: @janewynyard


African elephants develop strong family bonds as a result of living together in tight groups and associating with one another for up to 50 years. These majestic creatures are so much like us in more ways than you can imagine! #elephants #Samburu #Wildlife #Africanelephant. Photo: Frank af Petersens


Today, with our partners @ivoryella we open our ZOONIVERSE to you - an online platform where you can participate in our research by helping us identify wildlife in photos taken during aerial surveys like the one shown above. Don't worry, you don't have to be a scientist to participate, all you need is to be passionate about elephants and their survival, and have a phone or laptop. Visit the Zooniverse website and let the counting begin!!#zooniverse #elephants #Africa #conservation 
#research. Photo: Jerome Starkey



Have you ever noticed that African elephant ears are shaped more or less like the map of Africa? Apart from that, elephant ears have distinctive patterns that can be used to identify individual elephants. Photo: #elephants #funfact #Africanelephant


BUSTED! Yeager - one of our resident bulls - with one of the females from the 'First Ladies' family. It's musth season in Samburu with many bulls looking for females to mate with. #elephants #elephant #Yeager #Samburu #Firstladies. Photo: Bernard Lesirin


Hats off to Instagram who are drawing attention to the illegal wildlife trade and taking the issue seriously! If anyone is abusing any wildlife in selfies and photos, think again. #elephants #illegaltrade

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Photo by @kirstenluce for @natgeo | A young man snaps a selfie on Isla de los Micos, or Monkey Island, in the Colombian Amazon. "Selfie safaris"—in which tourists hold and take photos with wild animals—are a rising trend. Wildlife experts say that behind the scenes, many wild animals suffer, getting yanked from their habitats and kept in squalor.

Today, @Instagram has launched a new initiative to educate users about practices that hurt wild animals. Now, hundreds of hashtags associated with harmful wildlife tourism, animal exploitation, and poaching will trigger a pop-up warning linking to information about why these practices are bad for animals. #WildlifeConservationDay


Got milk? Did you know that a baby elephant depends entirely upon its mother’s milk for the first two years of its life after which it is gradually weaned off? A baby elephant can drink approximately 11 - 12 litres a day of mum’s milk which is rich in proteins, fat, sugar, vitamins and minerals much needed for the baby's holistic development. #calves #elephants #babies #funfact Photo: Frank af Petersens


My baby love! We can't get enough of this beautiful painting done by wildlife artist and STE supporter, @emmabowringwildlifeart, who uses her amazing talent to raise funds for wildlife conservation. #elephants #fanfriday #wildlife #art #talent


On November 18, hundreds of elephant lovers took to Central Park in New York to participate in the 10k Saving The Elephants Run. Today, we are delighted to announce that it raised a whooping $78,000 for Save The Elephants in Northern Kenya which will go towards helping secure a brighter and better future for elephants - thank you to all who participated and raced our Samburu Warriors, Benjamin and Serenoy to the finish line. #NorthernKenya #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #Newyork 
#ejafrica #10krun #STER2017 #elephants. Photo: Sean Dundas


The team behind the Indianapolis Prize, the world's leading award for animal conservation, has unveiled a unique guide to help preserve wild things and wild places worldwide featuring our own very own elephant champion, STE’s founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who won the prize in 2010. Champions for Our Planet: The Indianapolis Prize Guide to Animal Conservation Giving spotlights 19 organisations, including Save The Elephants, supporting the conservation heroes of the Indianapolis Prize and serves as an expert roadmap for giving purposeful gifts that foster and sustain endangered species and ecosystems. #elephants #elephant #conservation #wildlife. Photo: Matt Mays


#Elefact: Elephant collars, like the ones being investigated by Sarara at our camp in Samburu National Reserve, not only help us track and map elephant movement but also provide us with valuable insight into their behavior which is crucial to their long-term survival. #elephant #elephants #collars #tracking  Photo: @frank.afpetersens


THANK YOU to everyone who supported us on #GivingTuesday. Through all of your generous contributions, we raised a whopping $120,000 which will help us to continue conducting cutting edge research critical to understanding and protecting elephants. Thanks to a generous donor, this figure will be matched dollar for dollar.  #Elephants #elephantconservation #Samburu #givingtuesday. Photo: @janewynyard


Did you know that as well as a natural deterrent for crop-raiding elephants, African honeybees are also helping save trees too? An innovative study by @elephantsalive and the University of the Witwatersrand, in partnership with STE’s Elephants and Bees Project has discovered that elephants avoid damaging marula trees containing beehives thus ensuring the survival of the iconic tree species. #elephants #elephantsandbees #bees #elephantmanagement. Photos: Robin Cook and Mike Kendrick


DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT FOR ELEPHANTS! Thanks to an anonymous donor every un-earmarked donation we receive TODAY, November 28, will be matched up to $175,000!!! Only together can we create a stronger future for Africa's elephants. Double your impact this #GivingTuesday $1 for $1 and help secure a future for one of the world's most magnificent animals (link in bio) 📸 Frank af Petersens


November 28 is a day for GIVING. Elephants need all the help and SPACE they can get right now. With numerous threats facing these majestic creatures including poaching and human and elephant conflict, Save The Elephants is working hard to identify wildlife pathways and help keep wildlife ecosystems intact and connected in a fast developing Africa. If you are contemplating making a donation this year, you can double your impact by donating to Save The Elephants. This will not only help protect elephants, but help sustain the beauty and ecological integrity of the places they live. Thanks to an anonymous donor every un-earmarked donation we receive on Giving Tuesday will be matched up to $175,000!!! Mark your calendars for #GivingTuesday, November 28 and help us create a safer future for Africa’s elephants. Photo Frank af Petersens