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Sneakers ✔️ Water ✔️ Sports gear ✔️ Beauty sleep ✔️ With just 1 sleep to go, we are super excited about tomorrow's great elephant run. Elephant lovers - see you all at Central Park tomorrow. #savingtheelephantsrun #elephants
#savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark 
#Newyork #EJ #10krun #STER2017 #fun #run Photo @janewynyard


New York, here we come! Our Samburu warriors Benjamin and Serenoy, who fly from Kenya for New York today, are all geared up with plenty of warm winter clothing! The great elephant run is happening this Saturday in Central Park. Registration closes TONIGHT (US time) so make sure to sign up if you fancy running for elephants using the link in the bio! #centralpark #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #Newyork #EJ #10krun #STER2017 #elephants #fun #run. Photo by: @whatsusansees


Did you know? That when elephants walk slowly they have two footprints just like humans. Despite having four legs, an elephant only has two footprints when it walks slowly. This is because when it walks, its hind legs go on the same footprint its front legs create, hence four legs, two footprints! Leave your own footprints by taking part in the Saving The Elephants run/walk, Central Park THIS SATURDAY!! It's not too late to register - sign up using the link in the bio. #ster2017 #savetheelephants #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella #extraordinaryjourneys #elephants #elephant #fun #run Photo by: @darylbalfourwildphotos



Recently spotted in Buffalo Springs - the Storms family snoozing under an Acacia tree. Did you know that elephants need ‘nanny naps’ just like humans? They sleep for an average of two hours a night while laying down and snooze during the day while standing up. This interesting sleeping pattern is to avoid predators. Photo by @janewynyard #elephants #funfact #Storms #Buffalosprings


The official countdown to the great elephant fun run begins! Final preparations are under way as we get ready to run in just seven days. Join us on our mission to save elephants by registering for the run on Active using the link in the bio. Registration is closing soon so be quick to sign up! Spread the news, gather your team and get ready to run (or walk) in Central Park, New York on November 18! #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark #Newyork #EJ #10krun #STER2017 #elephants #elephant #fun #run. Photo by: Frank AF Petersens


The global mission of @ivoryella - proud partner of the Saving The Elephants Run in Central Park, November 18th - is to save elephants through their popular apparel. We love their ethos "everyone should be able to have good clothing for a good cause while seeking to inspire, guide and motivate people to live with the ideals of the majestic elephant: empathy, creativity, strength and loyalty!" We at Save The Elephants are unbelievably grateful for their immense support to help us secure a brighter future for elephants through the critical areas of elephant research, protection and tracking, community education, and global outreach. If your passion runs deep for elephants, then join us at the great elephant run in Central Park, New York, November 18. Sign up now using the link in the bio. #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark #Newyork #10krun #STER2017 #EJ #elephants. Photo by: @janewynyard



We can't keep calm and neither can this little guy! You know why? It's all because of the Saving The Elephants Run/Walk. If you are an elephant lover and want to be part of a great cause, then you need to take part in the Run/Walk happening in Central Park, New York on November 18. Registration is still open so sign up on Active using the link in the bio and join the elephant charge! All funds raised go to support the efforts of Save The Elephants in Kenya. Help save elephant lives today. #savingtheelephantsrun#savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark #Newyork #10krun #STER2017 #EJ #elephants #elephant #fun #run. Film by: @whatsusansees


Meet Benjamin Loloju, a Samburu warrior and GIS research assistant for Save The Elephants. Benj is traveling all the way from Samburu in Northern Kenya to New York to take part in the Saving The Elephants 10k Run/Walk on November 18. It will be the first time Benj has ever visited the Big Apple and he’s super excited to be taking part in the run. Elephants play an important role in Samburu culture so this New York event has even greater meaning for Benj who has dedicated the past ten years of his life to saving elephants. If you fancy joining Benj for this important event, sign up now on Active using the link in the bio. All funds raised go to support Save The Elephants and our efforts on the ground. #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark #Newyork #10krun #STER2017 #EJ #fun #elephants #elephant #run. Film by @lacy_and_the_elephants


The rains have not only brought much needed grass to Samburu and Buffalo Springs reserves, but also the welcome return of families of elephants! Our STE team in the field recently captured this footage of the Artists 2, led by matriarch Donatella, striding out in unison in Buffalo Springs. Film: @janewynyard #elephant #elephants #savetheelephants #buffalosprings



Congratulations to all those taking part in the NY marathon today. We’ll be watching with interest from Samburu in Northern Kenya as our warriors prepare to train for the 10k Elephant Run in Central Park, New York. All funds raised will go to Save The Elephants efforts on the ground in Kenya. If you fancy running for elephants, join us! Places are limited so sign up now! Registration link in bio. Photo by: Frank af Petersens #nycmarathon #newyorkcity


Save The Elephants has teamed up with UK Fashion designer Katherine Hamnett to produce these special edition ‘Ban Ivory Now’ Tees made from 100% organic cotton. The sales from the tees and jumpers will go to Save The Elephants and will help us with our work on the ground in protecting African elephants. Wear your tee knowing you’ve helped make a difference! Visit our Teemill store and get free UK delivery all this weekend! Visit the teemill store on our website. #elephants #savetheelephants #elephant #katherinehamnett #teemill #banivorynow #UK


New York are you ready? 
The Saving The Elephants Run is in two weeks! If you haven't registered yet, please do so on Active (link in bio), spaces are limited so don’t delay! All funds raised go to support the efforts of Save The Elephants in Kenya, that includes the $65 registration fee. Join the elephant charge today and be in for the chance to meet real Samburu Warriors right in your park! We hope to see you in Central Park, New York, November 18. #ster2017 #savetheelephants #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella #extraordinaryjourneys
#newyorkcity Photo by: Frank AF Petersens



Big shout out to amazing @ivoryella who not only support our work on the ground in Africa to save elephants but are also sponsoring the Saving The Elephants Run in Central Park, New York on November 18! All runners will receive specially-designed Ivory Ella New York tees for the run featuring the brand’s internationally recognizable and much loved elephant logo. If you fancy running for elephants and getting one of these striking t-shirts, sign up for the run (link in bio). Thank you Ivory Ella from all of us at STE! We love you and can’t wait to see you in New York!  #savingtheelephantsrun #savingtheelephants #ivoryella #centralpark #Newyork #10krun #STER2017


We thought we’d start this week off with news of babies! Not only have the rains finally come to Samburu but our STE teams in the field have reported five new babies born in the past few weeks - two to the Storms family (one of them is Cyclone’s fourth calf), one to the Flowers, one to the Artists and one to the Clouds. Our current media intern, Lacy Wittman, shot this film of one of the babies - only a couple of weeks old and still wobbly on its feet, playing with a much older calf as the rest of its family slept in the shade. #elephant #elephants #savetheelephants #babyelephants


Did you know? That elephants do not run? They move very briskly almost as if they are in a walking race. Elephants normally walk at around 4 mph and can move up to 28 miles an hour. Whether you enjoy walking or running, sign up to the Saving The Elephants 10k Run/Walk on November 18 in New York's Central Park and raise funds for Save The Elephants in Kenya. Registration link is in the bio. Photo by: Frank AF Petersens #SaveTheElephants #savingtheelephantsrun #newyork #centralpark #10krun #ster2017 #ivoryella



Only three weeks left until the Saving The Elephants run/walk in Central Park, New York on November 18. Register using the link in the bio. All funds raised are going to Save The Elephants! #ster2017 #savetheelephants #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella Photo by: Frank AF Petersens


The Royals family just got bigger! Meet Malka's second princess who was born earlier this month. Isn't she the sweetest? Photos by @whatsusansees #SaveTheElephants #Elephant #Elephants #Royals #Malka


Hooray! We have reached 100,000 followers on Instagram thanks to YOU our amazing fans! A big jumbo-sized asante (thank you) from all of us here at Save The Elephants for your support, encouragement and most importantly, your passion and enthusiasm for saving elephants. We salute you! Photo by: Frank AF Petersens



The Ewaso Nyiro river in Samburu burst its banks yesterday morning during a flash flood and smashed through nearly every camp along the riverbank including STE’s own research centre. Luckily an early morning warning call at 5am from @elephantwatchcamp further upstream meant we were able to evacuate our tents and get everything to high ground. Others, however, weren’t so lucky. Several camps and lodges along the river were completely submerged. The water was believed to have come from Oldonyiro/ Kipsing upstream where there’d been heavy rainfall and big storms during the weekend. Although not as serious as the 2010 flood which destroyed bridges and buildings, this latest deluge is a stark reminder of the power of water and the impacts of land degradation. Overgrazing has left large parts of Samburu without the grass whose roots would normally absorb rainfall. The dark brown of the torrent showed Samburu's topsoil being carried away. The clean up continues …... Photo by @janewynyard


Four weeks to go until the Saving The Elephants run/walk in Central Park, New York on November 18 with all funds raised going to Save The Elephants! Register using the link in the bio. #ster2017 #savetheelephants #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella Photo by: Frank AF Petersens


Happy Frida! No this isn’t a spelling mistake but a tribute to motherhood and a courageous 14-year-old wild elephant called Frida. Earlier this week we received reports that a baby elephant had been washed down the raging Ewaso River while trying to cross the torrent with its mother. Rushing to the scene, we found no sign of the youngster or the mother and immediately feared the worst. An hour later however, one of our teams searching in Buffalo Springs found the mother, Frida from the Artists family, with her two year old calf at the mouth of the Isiolo River. It appears Frida had saved her baby! Both elephants (pictured) were completely soaked after having spent time battling the currents, a little shaken, but alive and unharmed. Today is also Mashujaa (Heroes) Day in Kenya so it’s a perfect day to celebrate a heroine elephant! Photo by @whatsusansees #elephant #elephants #savetheelephants #rescue #babyelephant #mashujaa


Breaking news! Samburu Warriors and elephant experts, Benjamin Loloju and Serenoy Letoiye, are to run for elephants at the Saving The Elephants Run in Central Park, New York on November 18! Benj from STE and Serenoy from @elephantwatchcamp are travelling to the Big Apple for the first time from the heart of the African bush to take part and raise funds to protect elephants in the wild. They need your help! To register for the run, click on the link in the bio. To donate to Benj and Serenoy's fundraising campaigns, go to #ster2017 #savetheelephants #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella Photos by Jane Wynyard and David Bebber


Be an elephant champion today by joining this years Saving The Elephants Run/Walk in New York’s Central Park on November 18. By participating in the event and fundraising, you will be saving elephant lives in Africa. That’s not all! Run co-sponsor and luxury travel operator, @ejafrica, have put together an unforgettable safari itinerary in some of Kenya’s most beautiful safari destinations for the individual who fundraises the most funds over $500! We’ve already told you about the first two parts of the prize - three nights at @elephantwatchcamp in Samburu and two nights at @richardscamp in the Mara. Well here is the last but not least part of the $15,000 prize package - a stay at Nairobi's trendy @onefortyeight_nairobi located on the edge of the Giraffe Sanctuary in the peaceful suburb of Langata! To win the entire itinerary, all you have to do is be the top fundraising individual so register for the run and start fundraising. To find out more about One Forty Eight, visit their website. Saving the Elephants Run is proudly sponsored by @ivoryella. #CentralPark


Barely one week after the passing of Little Male, one of Africa’s last big elephant bulls, in Amboseli, we are saddened by the death of another well known bull called Dumbledore due to prolonged illness. We received the news that the bull was sick from a Samburu moran called Sinen who found him lying in a narrow stream North of the Shaba National Reserve earlier this week. By the time the team arrived at the scene Dumbledore had wandered off.  STE spent two days tracking the bull in the hope that they could assist, but sadly Dumbledore passed away before help could arrive. The cause of death is unknown but we are investigating. Born in 2003, Dumbledore (pictured the day before he died) was well known to us and will be surely missed. #RIPDumbledore#elephant #elephants #savetheelephants


Did you know? That elephants can 'hear' through their feet? When elephants stomp as a predator approaches, other distant elephants can get the news by feeling the ground rumble. If you fancy using your own feet to raise money for elephants next month, register for New York’s Saving The Elephants Run in Central Park on November 18. All funds raised go to Save The Elephants!! Photo by @janewynyard #savingtheelephantsrun #ivoryella #centralpark #newyork


Congratulations to Oria Douglas-Hamilton, affectionately known as ‘Mama One’ by all of us here at Save The Elephants, who was yesterday honoured with the first ever Mary S Boardman Lifetime Achievement Award at the @wildnetorg WCN expo in San Francisco. Oria has been at the forefront of elephant conservation with her husband and STE founder, Iain, for the past 50 years, fighting battles in the field, surviving plane crashes and dodging bullets, all to help save elephants from being shot for their ivory and to keep the wild lands wild.  Mama One, we salute you! 📷 Thomas Gruber


Are you passionate about elephants? Join the Saving The Elephants Run/Walk in Central Park on November 18 and run/walk towards securing a better and brighter future for these gentle giants for generations to come. What’s more, run co-sponsor and luxury travel operator, @ejafrica, have put together an unforgettable safari itinerary in some of Kenya’s most beautiful safari destinations for the individual who fundraises the most funds over $500! Earlier this week we told you about the amazing three nights at Elephant Watch Camp, well today we want to share the second part of the US$15,000 prize which is a 2 nights stay at the luxurious @richardscamp in the heart of the Masai Mara. Designed with privacy, exclusivity as well as adventure in mind, Richard’s Camp ensures a warm and memorable safari. Stay tuned for the final part of this fantastic prize next week! To register for the run, go to…/the-saving-the-elephants-run-walk. To find out more about Richards Camp visit - Thanks also to the sponsor of the Saving The Elephants Run and Save The Elephants’ amazing donors, @ivoryella#savingtheelephantsrun #savetheelephants #newyork#ster2017 #runnyc #10krun #centralpark


We love @laurenmaywitney's beautiful masterpiece inspired by her passion for wildlife particularly elephants. She uses her art to raise awareness for elephants to help secure a better future for them. All the way from Buckinghamshire, this piece took more than 4 hours to create and we can't get enough! Share with us your creative pieces and help raise awareness for elephants. #FanFriday #SavetheElephants #Wildlife #Conservation #Elephants


Bull elephant Machu Picchu stands in the middle of the Ewaso river in Samburu watching an enormous troop of about 60 baboons cross the river. Photographer @janewynyard captured this unique sight while out with the Save The Elephants monitoring team in Shaba National Reserve, Northern Kenya earlier this week. #savetheelephants #elephants #wildlife


Great news from our partners @biglifeafrica!
#Repost @elephantcrisisfund (@get_repost)
Eyes in the Sky …. Elephants in the Amboseli ecosystem are receiving improved protection from @biglifeafrica's aerial teams and rangers. Big Life has rangers stationed over 1.6 million acres in Kenya, and aerial monitoring is the most effective way to track elephants and the threats to them over such a big area. Thanks to funding from the ECF, there has been increased frequency of aerial patrols, faster response to poaching and human-wildlife conflict incidents and more effective responses to cases of injured elephants thus allowing for faster and safer treatment. BLF has been able to have a bigger impact on a bigger area! #ElephantCrisisFund #Elephants #WildlifeConservation #Kenya. Photo Credit: Jeremy Goss