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Happy #Fluffy Friday ... our magic carpet is headed for peace, love and flower childs ... We'll swing on by for you ... ♡ PS You still have until 20 Aug to enter these lovely giveaways with prizes from me amongst them. Best of luck! @milkythewestie {a Petal Pie Pawtrait} and @cr.fab {Prada & Frenchie Pup in Wonderland fine art print} ♡


This beautiful family of @samsonj_thefrenchie is all aboard for their road trip adventure ... ♡ Thank you for engaging me to create this magic carpet ride for you, sweethearts. It was a such a pleasure and an honour ... big hugs!! ~~~ {Custom portrait info via my bio link.♡} #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Thank you to my crazy-talented and very dear friend @p_antonopoulos_photography for his beautiful work for my new www.ShellSherreeStudio site and store. If you're in S-E Qld, please get in touch with him for your commercial and portrait photography ... he and his work are something special. Philip, you're the best! ♡ Fuelled with coffee, we had to relocate our shoot and shared our final spot with the local police bagpipes band having their own photo shoot. It was a hoot mon. ;) The exquisite macarons were provided courtesy of pretty patisserie-artisan in #Brisbane @maddersbrotherspatisserie {ThankYou!} A jewel box tucked away from the city but worth the trip! ♡ #shellsherree #philipantonopoulos


Happy Monday! We're wandering in Wonderland to start the week off on a lovely foot and giving a gorgeous prize in a lovely giveaway celebrating @milkythewestie's birthday. You'll find all the details in the previous post. Bonne chance and have fun! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Curiouser and curiouser 🤔... we're going down the rabbit hole to Wonderland for Milky’s birthday.⌚🐇
Dogs🐶, cats😺, ferrets🐭, international🌐friends are all invited to come along in our Wonderland adventures!
------🎁 Prizes 🎁------
🐶 Dog 🐶
🎁1st place
Food sampler from @Evermorepetfood
75% off promo to @petgiftbox
1 shirt from @addiebrands
1 Vintage Collection collar from @remingtonwear
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🎁2nd place
Dry food from @vdogfood
75% off promo to @thepawpack
1 T-shirt from @hummus.and.soysauce
Custom petal pie portrait (A4 size) from @shellsherree

🎁3rd place
2 treat bags of choice from @downdogsnacks
1 toy from @puppys.home
1 crown from @vancavdesign

🎁4th place
mixed 4 pack of Daily Dish From @Carupetfood
1 giant hedgehog from @grrreat_deals
1 bandana from @bandanasbylulu

😺 Cat 😺
1 fish toy from @karin_sf
1 toy of choice from @thecatpantry
$10 gift card to @petwinery
1 crown from @vancavdesign

🐭 ferret 🐭
Tunnels and clean cage habitat deodorizing spray from @centinelafeed
1 fall collection collar from @pawsnclawscouture
1 crown from @vancavdesign

🌐 International 🌐
1 bandana from @handmadebysherr
1 linen shirt from @dina_albertas
--------- RULES --------
1. Must follow all hosts:

vendors: (and yes, we will be checking)

2. Your account must be PUBLIC. We need to see your pictures!

3. Post a NEW wonderland themed picture with the tag #milkyswonderlandbday and tag ALL hosts. Edits are welcome, and multiple entries are allowed. Please do not edit captions of old pictures.

4. Tag three friends in the comments below who you think will want to come to Wonderland

5. Posts must be uploaded between 14th (today) and the 20th (Sunday) at 11:59 pm PST. Winner will be announced a few days later.

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Happy #Fluffy Friday ! Champagne is on its way to help us celebrate the launch of my new website & store (link in bio @shellsherree) Huzzah!  Paws up if you’d like our magic carpet to swing on by! Pawhaps you can drop into my studio on the way. ;) ♡ In store there are oodles of custom portrait options PLUS I’ve added adorable large format Paris prints your pet can photobomb with their sweet illustrated noggin. Argh, so cute! I'm so excited ~ I hope you love it! ♡ Thank you to my dear incredibly talented friend and photographer @p_antonopoulos_photography for his beautiful portrait photos for the site. If you're in Brisbane, book him now before he gets so famous he's always on a plane for o/s shoots! :) Wishing you a gorgeous weekend … ♡


Fudge brownies and coffee are even better in the company of sweet @beausybear ... even if it's only a drawing of her! Happy Thursday! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #lattelove


Wednesday reWinding to dear @bellalovesbeau and their beautiful mum's pawtrait that I drew some time ago now. ♡ Congratulations, dear friends, on your recent wedding and new home .... Much love !! ♡ #shellsherree


Who-Who needs a hug to help their Monday? ♡Sending ours to you …. Happy new week! ♡ #shellsherree


Happy #Fluffy Friday Flashback! We're having a lazy weekend lounging around with @nico_curtinho and enjoying the #Paris view ... paws up and our magic carpet's on its way! ♡ #shellsherree #spotthekitty #FashionAndFluffballs


Behold some eye candy to get us through to Friday... ♡ These pretty #macarons from @maddersbrotherspatisserie doubled as props for my photoshoot with @p_antonopoulos_photography for my new website {coming soon!} ♡ #shellsherree #parisprints #petportraits


On Wednesdays, we wander and wear winsome wonderments … come walkies with us? ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #Paris


Happy Two-for-Tuesday! ♡ You might need a magnifying glass to #spotthekitties in this one ... ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs


Looking for the Friday that must be hiding inside Monday somewhere ... meanwhile, sweet Frances @ohmydoggies is looking for a nice nap! Here's to a happy new week...♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #paris


Happy #Fluffy Friday! ♡ Such restraint when a baguette is within chewing distance is admirable … and our magic carpet is tapping you on the shoulder for your ride.  Paris awaits … paws up and let’s go! ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #ParisIsAlwaysAGoodIdea


Fuel to keep your week going: Cake, Coffee and Cutie pie... ♡ This petite portrait of @miss_olive_the_frenchie isn't new but always makes me smile ~ I can't help sharing her with you again! Happy Wednesday. .. ♡ {Link in my bio for custom portrait info @shellsherree } #shellsherree #fluffballs


When the going gets tough, the tough get fluffy!! ♡ Wishing you a beautiful new week …  #shellsherree #spotthekitty #lilaclovely


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ Look who’s celebrating her 4th birthday … we’re whisking Cosette @cocoandkanga to Paris for the weekend … paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by to collect you! We’ve already grazed through one jumbo box of Laduree macarons but reinforcements are on the way ... Love you, sweet Cosette! #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #paris


Loving this lovely natural Spectrafix fixative for the charcoal and pastel pieces I've been working on. Beats having to head outside with a mask, that's for sure! Breathe easy ... ♡ Hope you're having a beautiful week!! ♡ #shellsherree #minimalist #portraitsketch


What's in a name? That which we call a shoe By any other name would taste as sweet ... ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #spotthefrenchie


Everything's better with hugs! ♡ #shellsherree #hugs #spotthekitty


Wishing your inner flower child a blooming lovely new week …. ♡ Peace, love and peacock chairs! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #HappyMonday


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ We're eating our way through Bastille Day ~ and we've plenty for everyone! Paws up and our magic carpet is on its way ... ♡ #shellsherree #Paris #Frenchies


For our dear friends sweltering in heat waves at the moment, happy #ThrowbackThursday to an Audrey Hepburn-esque refreshing gelato in Rome ... I hope you get a cool change soon! And I think we can see Friday from here... ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #romanholiday


On Wednesdays, we wobble our heels and wiggle our tail feathers... ♡ How's your week going? I hope you're having a beautiful one. .. ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty


What's a good antidote for Monday?  Extending #Fluffy Friday! Please join us with sweet @mochi_bean_the_frenchie in the garden.  Barefoot and ballgowned is the dress code … our magic carpet is on its way! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ Your seat on the magic carpet includes champagne on arrival, champagne during flight and champagne when you arrive. Wave your paws and elbow-length gloves and we'll swing on by... ♡ #shellsherree #EiffelTower #FashionAndFluffballs


Anyone for a spot of ice-skating? Winter, summer, such practicalities don't matter here... ♡ #tbt #shellsherree #spotthekitty #SpotTheFrenchie


Wishing all our US friends a beautiful 4th of July with some red, white and blue ... and cuddles, too. ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty


Life is a balancing act ... ♡Wishing you a blooming lovely new week! #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #donttrythisathomekitties