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Smile like a Frenchie ~ please help Oscar fight cancer. ♡ Our beloved friend @oh_osky and his mum brighten so many lives with their fun, cheeky illustrations at @oscarswoofsofwisdom . They urgently need our help with getting Oscar the care he needs. You could order a beautiful Osky #SmileLikeAFrenchie tee, tote or mug or donate ~ help to spread the word like this ~ and send your love and prayers. You'll find the link and info at @smilelikeafrenchie ... ♡ Thank you so much! X0


Here's to getting a shiny new week off to the write start! ♡ Ink called Violet Tendresse ~ Tender Purple ~ surely makes it even better... #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #keepcursivealive


Happy #Fluffy Friday! ♡ We have a fleet of scooters ready and waiting for us to rumble in Paris … custom upholstery and all.  Paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty ~~~{Print available via bio link}~~~


We're tootling towards the weekend ... it's nearly on the horizon, yay! ♡ Ella is wearing a @bulloveandfriends bandana to help spread the word about their beautiful design collaboration with @bellalovesbeau. Sales of these outfits help raise funds for @bulldogrescuesquad and @pika_outofthe_hole. Link in bio @bulloveandfriends ~ thank you! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Wednesday wondering "This feels like déjà vu!" ♡ And it is ... almost! A couple of Fluffy Fridays ago, I ran out of time to include the Eiffel Tower but rather liked it without ~ so I posted it anyway! Next day, Madame Eiffel appeared. Swipe to compare.← You'll observe there's been no further baguette eating in the meantime. Such willpower!! Hope you're having a lovely week... ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Latte with a side of Petal Pie... Wishing you a beautiful new week, blossoms! ♡ ~~~ {Petal Pie Portraits via link in bio}~~~ #shellsherree #lattelove


Happy 10th Birthday to my darling Ella ... Ellie-Bells, sweet pea ... You're still a kitten to me, my gorgeous girl. ←←←♡ xox #shellsherree #ilovemycat #FashionAndFluffballs


Happy #Fluffy Friday! ♡ Sweet @winnie.therapydog has been busy caring for foster kittens along with doing her usual beautiful therapy dog duties ~ so we’ve scooped her up for a moment’s breather! Paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by for you … ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #spotthekitty


You can-can make it to Friday ... I think we can just about see it from here! Mwah! ♡ #shellsherree #inspo #paris ~~~~~~~{PS if you fancy your fluffball's sweet face bobbing up in the corner of this illustration, head to my Pet Portrait Photobombs via bio link. Aww, so cute!!} ♡


It was lovely to be able to enjoy this large format print of @tha_dogg_pound 's recent custom illustration while it was briefly in my care before we caught up for delivery over a coffee! ♡ One of the perks ... :) but even lovelier watching it head off to its rightful home. ♡ #shellsherree #spotthefrenchies #spottheDonatello


Wishing you a beautiful new week ... here's to hugs!! ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs


Happy #Fluffy Friday !  We’re totes swinging into the weekend … hold onto your hat! ♡ Paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by …  #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty


Beautiful Fergie @lifeoffergie could gaze at the image of her own loveliness … but I think she's actually looking for Friday! ♡ Thank you so very much to Fergie, Griffin and their mum for the recent feature and gorgeous photo of Fergie with her original Petal Pie portrait. It chuffs me no end seeing them together! :) I hope you’re having a lovely week ... ♡ ~~~{Petal Pie info via bio link … }~~~ #shellsherree #fluffballs #italiangreyhound


Ahh, Paris, the city of love … but even there, your sweetheart can drive you up the wall sometimes. ;) Happy Wednesday! ♡~~~{Fine art prints available in my store … link via bio →menu}~~~♡ #shellsherree #Paris #cityoflove


On Tuesdays, we tickle with tulips and tease our tresses. @frankjrandstella opted for a cuddle instead!! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Let's motor into a blooming lovely new week! Hope you've had/are having a gorgeous weekend! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs ~~~♡ {Custom illustration of sweet @samsonj_thefrenchie and his gorgeous family ~ portrait options/merch via bio} ♡~~~


Happy #Fluffy Friday! ♡  In the fine tradition of magnificently crazy fashion photo shoots, we’re nonchalantly steeping ourselves in a canal while awaiting our gondolier … thanks to the magic of illustration, no silk taffeta gowns were harmed in the making of this artwork! Paws up for a weekend in Venice and our magic carpet will swing on by!! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty


Oh my heck, how cute is adorable Lucky @tenaj_teresa with his Petal Pie portrait ~ it’s so gorgeous seeing them together !  Please go say Hi to this little sweetie. Thank you, dear Lucky … ♡ {You can check out one-of-kind Petal Pie portrait info via bio link} ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs


Beautiful Pika @pika_outofthe_hole touched countless hearts with her valiant spirit after a very tough start in life.  Heaven recently gained another angel, bless her radiant soul... Pika, you will be missed beyond measure. ♡ Before Pika crossed the Rainbow Bridge, dear friends @bulloveandfriends and @bellalovesbeau teamed up to create a special fundraising range of bandanas and clothes to help Pika and @bulldogrescuesquad. You can still help: link in bio @bulloveandfriends, thank you. Now, go hug each other like crazy!! ♡xo #toinfinityandbeyond


Happy #Tutu Tuesday! ♡ We're fluffing around with @cocoandkanga and @beausybear ... there's always room for more! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spotthekitty


Happy Meep Monday in Venice! Wishing you a colourful and cheery new week. ♡  Years ago, I made some tiny illustrations on ACEO cards, which are only 2.5"x3.5”. I called them Meep Miniatures … this is one of the few I still have.  I go cross-eyed just thinking about doing fine work like this now! ♡ #shellsherree #spotthekitty #eatyourcarrots


Happy #Fluffy Friday !! ♡ The carousel rides are endless and our crusty baguettes were made to be shared. Paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by … ♡ Ps: You'll find a lovely fun interview with cutie @a_yorkie_called_sherlock up on the studio blog via my bio link ~ enjoy! ~~~#shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #Paris


Someone’s waiting for an impawtant date ← … or maybe he’s looking for Friday already. But who owns the derriere next to him on the chair? ;) ♡  I’m so excited to be featuring adorable @a_yorkie_called_sherlock and his beautiful mum on my new store blog this week.  Donuts or croissants? His most puzzling detective case to date? All is revealed! Please go say Hi ... link in bio @shellsherree  #shellsherree #fluffballs #yorkie


What’s black and white and fluffy all over? Happy Tickle-Me Tuesday !! ♡ #shellsherree  #fashionandfluffballs #spotthekitty


Love makes everything better ... even Mondays ! Wishing you a bright and beautiful new week... ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs #HappyMonday


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ Will you accept this rose?  Let’s stroll in Paris and spot the people in puppy love.  Ella’s at the fleuriste around the corner stocking up on supplies.  Paws up and our magic carpet will swing on by … ♡ New blog post up, link in bio ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs #Paris


Turquoise and gold flower collar for a little fluffy gem!! ♡ Adorable Lucky @tenaj_teresa showed his name is apt by winning a Petal Pie Portrait in @milkythewestie 's Wonderland giveaway ... congratulations, cutie pie! My fleetest carrier pigeon is on its way with your new original piece of art ... ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs


We love couches in One Size Fits All ! ♡ Thank you so much to gorgeous Lil Snoop, Pumbaa and Donatello @tha_dogg_pound and their mum for asking me to make this special surprise for their dad !! We had loads of fun ... heh! Love you, honey buns. ♡ Hope you're having a beautiful week... ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #fureverlove


Wishing you a blooming lovely new week! ♡ Zooming in for a close-up of sweet Cosette @cocoandkanga after her birthday celebrations … a cheery way to greet Monday and even cheerier for those enjoying a long weekend! ♡ #shellsherree #frenchieInParis #Laduree


Just a little courtesy message for anyone who's been eyeing off a cute tote/phone case etc... ♡ Score 20% off + free shipping on all prints/cards/merchandise in my Society6 store til 4th Sep midnight PT {late arvo 5th for Aussies} ~ link in bio ~ huzzah! ♡♡♡