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Life is precious. Hug the ones you love as often as you can. ♡ #spreadlove #loveandhugs #peaceandlove


Wishing you a blooming lovely new week... ♡ Want to go walkies? {Custom portrait for gorgeous @cinniloveswalkies ♡} #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ Paws up for a magic carpet ride …. If we need to sleep off too many croissants, there’s plenty of room here … ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs #parispurrs


Adorable @frenchie.nero is saving the world from plastic by using his Shell Sherree @miss_olive_the_frenchie tote bag !! Thank you, honey bun ~ your sweet piccie made my day!  Big fluffy smooches. ♡ {PS: You can shop for totes via my profile link. Remember to tag me in your photos with your Shell Sherrees... I love seeing them!} ♡ #shellsherree #totesadorable



On Wednesdays, we wave at Venetians and have our palms read.  Hope you’re having a beautiful week! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


We had a beautiful time at Swan Lake for Mother's Day: three generations of us lassies. ♡ I just wish @lapetiteballerina and her sweet pups @odelia_and_alice had made an appearance! That would really have been the pièce de résistance... ;) ♡


Happy Mother's Day to mums of all kinds! ♡ Extra hugs all around. Ella couldn't bring me breakfast in bed but you should see the pottery mug she made me! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spreadlove


Happy #Fluffy Friday ! Barefoot and ballgowned … and scratching our heads over where to go this weekend! Choose your magic carpet destination …. ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs



Happy Thursday! ♡ I hope you're having a beautiful week ... ♡#shellsherree


On Tuesdays, we tickle the {faux} ivories and have two for tea ... ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Canoodling starts the week off right ~ not that darlings Pumbaa @tha_dogg_pound and @maggiemoo.kerr_frenchie need an excuse! Here's to 'La Vie en Rose'... ♡ #shellsherree #frenchies #hugsandkisses


Happy #Fluffy Friday Flashback!! ♡ Ready to sashay on the Champs-Élysées? @piratethefrenchie has already had one buttery-warm croissant... Paws up if you'd like our magic carpet to swing by! ♡ #shellsherree #Paris #FashionAndFluffballs



Happy #ThrowbackThursday to scoring a nuzzle from a soft, fuzzy muzzle... ♡ #shellsherree #spotthekitty #SpotTheFrenchie


Looks like we’ve landed somewhere on the Mediterranean today … sweet Ginger @monique_ginger is a redhead so we won’t stroll in the sun for too long! ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


This week is brought to you by the colours aqua and pink... same as always around here! ♡ Adorable @cocoandkanga are having a rosy time ... Wishing the same to you. ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs


Happy #Fluffy Friday!  Behold, a rare sighting of a male human in one of my illustrations ~ let’s approach quietly on our magic carpet lest we startle him. ;) @mavtheaussie's beautiful mum engaged me for this custom illustration as a birthday gift for Maverick’s dad. I’m always very chuffed to create special one-of-a-kind mementos like these. ♡ Wishing you a beautiful weekend, dear friends!  #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs #spreadlove



Lounging in my ... I mean "working" in my studio. ;) Loving working with pastels again. Hello, old friends! ♡ Thank you to gorgeous @diesel_minnie,@samsonj_thefrenchie and @oscarswoofsofwisdom for the beautiful cards currently on my desk! Mwah! ♡ #shellsherree #flowerchild


As this iconic bookstore is in Paris, we can be fashionably late in celebrating William Shakespeare Day .... ♡ "Though she be but little, she is fierce." ♡ #shellsherree #FashionAndFluffballs  #bookwormsaresexy


Anzac Day is also a beautiful time to honour the hard-working and humble donkeys of the world like brave Duffy, Simpson's donkey who carried wounded soldiers to safety at Gallipoli in circumstances that could not be further from these. ♡ Bless those who give so much for us and those who passed before: feathered, two-legged and four. Lest we forget... ♡ #anzacday


Life and marshmallows are for sharing! {Darling @frankjrandstella have the knack.} Happy rosy new week ... ♡ #spreadlove #shellsherree



Happy #Fluffy Friday ! No prizes for guessing where the magic carpet is heading today … though I’m beginning to wonder if we left #Paris at all after last weekend! There are plenty of melt-in-your-mouth croissants to go with our morning coffees. All aboard! 💕 #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs


Happy Thursday ... where has the week gone?! Wrapping this sweet tote for @frenchie.nero, lucky ducky from @jolie_and_jaeda 's giveaway! Congrats also to lovely @hollybarks for winning her choice of print in @leodatzu 's giveaway. Swipe ←to see her cute pick! ♡ Thanks to all who entered! ♡ #shellsherree


I've had to keep this illustration under wraps for a while ... lucky I'm good at keeping secrets! Adorable Detective @a_yorkie_called_sherlock and his beautiful mum engaged me to create this piccie of them as a special birthday gift for Sherlock’s grand-mum. Thank you, lovelies... I'm so happy she loved your surprise!! ♡ #shellsherree #fashionandfluffballs


Today is brought to you by the colour chocolate ... And a little @bentley_the_frenchbulldog Paris photobomb. :) ♡ Here's to a happy and fun new week! ♡ #shellsherree #fluffballs #Paris



Happy #Fluffy Friday ! ♡ Our magic carpet is pointed to Paris for Easter – paws up and we’ll swing on by! This beautiful bunny is well loved ~ bunnies are not toys. If someone wants a bunny for Easter, please choose chocolate or a plush toy. ♡ Here’s to long and healthy bunny lives, and a happy and safe Easter to all who celebrate it! ♡ #shellsherree #makeminechocolate


Happy #tbt... Baby Ella sunbathing. Sweet love of my life .... ♡ And I think she can spot Friday from there. ♡


This Easter, some bunny wants you to know that #rabbitsarenottoys. Rabbits need as much care as dogs and cats and are second to dogs in expense. Every year, thousands of rabbits are abandoned to shelters or released into the wild where they will die. Up to 95% of "Easter Bunnies" don't make it to the age of one. #SaveTheBunnies and choose chocolate, a plush toy or sweet rabbit book. Please check out the wonderful work done by @houserabbitsociety → ♡ #spreadtheword