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We’re officially moved! It’s been such a hectic few months, but it’s finally done! The studio is back in its prime, organized and ready to go! 💪

Health wise, we’re getting on better terms and have since diagnosed all the concerns that have been wearing me down the past few months. Physical therapy is on the checklist, as well as dispersing the heavier demanding business tasks into a schedule. So far, so good! Still some business transitioning to do, but a few plans for the future have been forming and the pieces are falling into place! I expect a few more months of changes until we’re running smoothly again, but expect some new announcements to come soon! Until then, I’ve got the final 200 Bandanas in two phases of packaging and production for the next two weeks, and then we’ll see where to jump next once every final order is fulfilled!

Lots of love from our trio, and thank you all so much once again for keeping us in your thoughts during the transition over the past few months, things are definitely starting to look up ❤️


Next batch of 100+ going down for final stitching and snaps! Almost all the way caught up through the end of December now. Was a big hurdle getting through the 400+ Bandana travesty, but I’m almost there 🙏🤒 Final days for orders to be placed before we transition to closed. All Bandanas have been marked down until sold out.
Just a final note since I haven’t been able to maintain our social media feeds consistently with everything else taking place, and won’t be able to get completely caught up until all these last orders up to January have shipped, comments have been disabled until I’m able to get replies out to all of those who have reached out. Thanks for understanding!
Also for those who missed yesterday’s update, all orders before #4138 have left our location and are awaiting final departure scans out of PDX. Latest updates for all last parcels should come by 01/29 at the latest.


I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but it will still be a very hectic and busy month of shipping for me. I received an inordinate amount of orders than what was anticipated for Nov/Dec, and I’ve been going non-stop for weeks on end getting each and every thing made to the specifications needed. If you read our last update, then you know that I’ll be making final preparations for closing UTH once all of these orders have shipped. I’ve been suffering from aches in my wrists, back, and legs which has made the long hours of cutting fabric, sewing, wrist work, difficult to do for extended periods of time 😓 Once again, I truly thank each and every one of you for every single order, and for supporting us along the way. If you want to pick up your final UTH Bandanas, I recommend doing so soon while our very final batches are building up for Jan/Feb. Every single order tremendously helps with our upcoming move, as well as clearing out what stock remains. Thank you all once again, happy holidays, and to a happier and healthier 2018 🙏



I’m still alive guys! Just barely surviving around here, and still got a long way to go until I’m finished. 109 more orders are up next for fulfillment, equating to days and days of more work to finish them all off and get them out the door. The hope is that every current active order will be shipped by the end of the month, as mostly all 300 or so products left are nearing completion. I’ve been pushing myself to the limits the past few months getting orders out as quickly as I can manage, but it’s still taking me longer than I had hoped. 60-80hr work weeks are taking its toll on my sanity and livelihood. Sadly, I’m realizing that I’ve pushed myself as far as my mind and body can take it, and the stress and body aches have become too much for me to handle on my own. I wish I could say I’ve been off on vacation sipping mimosas on a sandy beach, but no I’ve literally been a making-machine since October. 😭 I just want you all to truly know just how much work and time that I’ve dedicated to UTH instead of myself or my family, because there is just always so much that needs to be done to keep the business running as smoothly as possible (it’s actually quite the life-overtaking task, but I’m happy so many of you got to enjoy our bandanas while we’ve been around!). With all of that said, a very hard decision for 2018 has been made, but one that ultimately needs to happen for my family, and my livelihood while I can. Alongside the copious amounts of products I’ve been making for months on end, we’ve been reviewing the ins-and-outs of our finances, and the sad truth is we barely make enough profit to make it by after finances have been distributed back into the business for materials, and what’s left gets eaten up toward living costs. Sadly, after much thought it’s been decided that Unleash The Hounds will have to come to a close while some life changes are taking place for 2018. It’s been a very busy few years, oh goodness it’s flown by to be honest! But as my family continues to age, and I miss out on more moments I know that the time has come for a new chapter, a new adventure for us. Continued in comments,


If you’ve been waiting on the Rudolph (shown here) or Blitzen Bandanas to come back into stock, there’s a good chance we might have a few left! *Will update to our stories in the next few hours if so! 🤭❄️



GUYS, the sad truth about this video is that HOLY SMOKES I think just about all of these Bandanas are already SOLD OUT! 🤯


Let’s be honest.. who’s already got their Christmas Tree up?! 🎄 Looks like these two are on the hunt for their perfect tree! Rocking the Coulee + Charlie Plaid Bandanas, starting at a crazy $15.40 for a limited time! 🎉


The studio looks like a tornado of Winter fabrics flew through 🌪️☃️ Getting those 30% Off Sale Orders cut and batched, HOLY GUAC did you guys love the sale, it’s around for a few more days! 😍 Last day for Holiday Delivery is Dec 1st!



Chelan Plaid! I’ve a sweet spot for the colors in this one! 😍☃️ Handcrafted from authentic Pendleton®️ Fabrics.
It’s been another busy week! Still have so much more packaging to do (Did you know we also make our packaging along with each batch? Love our boxes! 🎁) and all orders up to our Winter Collection Launch will have been sent! Waiting on a few more tracking numbers to update, lots of deliveries expected next week!

We’ve been keeping up with orders and stock from this weeks BF Collection Launch and Sale, and so far so good! We scooped up quite a bit more of the Rudolph and Blitzen Bandanas that you guys are loving, as well as the Phobos and Deimos! Can’t wait to start making the Winter Collection in the next batch! 🤶🏼❤️


Shop our entire selection of Handcrafted Leashes, Bandanas, + more at 30% off for a limited time 🎁


Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️
Fox + Columbia Plaid Bandanas shown on @pennyandcocatheshibas 😍



Hard to complain when it’s SO beautiful, but my goodness was this snow falling faster than we could get these Bandanas propped up and positioned for a photo! ❄️ STOCK UPDATE: Getting VERY LOW on our Timon + Pumbaa Bandanas, as well as the Jostedal + Denali! I’m 100% sure the first two won’t be restocked for awhile since we got that last of it, so get those last ones while you can! 😲 SITEWIDE 30% OFF 🎄


Morning guys! 30% OFF SITEWIDE is up and running, and orders are coming through fast! 🤭

If there’s something your hearts been aching for (like this Phobos Bandana... hint, hint😉) GO GET THEM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! We’ll be making our restock rounds this weekend, fingers crossed we get LUCKY!🤞
PS. Check out our complete Pendleton®️ Collection all handcrafted from authentic @pendletonwm fabrics! Trust me, they’re to die for, and they’re on SAAAALE 😍


It’s a crisp 3:30am, and we’re just dropping in to say, GUESS WHAT!
...and 8 NEW Bandanas might have dropped...
Did Christmas just come early?! 🎄
Time for us to go catch some z’s, I’ll be back by morning to check up on how everyone’s doing before we dive back into packaging! 📦 Until then, HAPPY SHOPPING! 🤘



HELLO!! If I could even explain how busy we’ve been I would, but there isn’t even time to go into detail! 😲


Seriously, who’s excited for these?! We’ve been drooling over our NEW Leash Pouches for a few weeks now, and I can officially say we’re less than 48 hrs out till launch! These new pouches will come in one standard size, and secure together with a color-coordinated snap. Stash your treats/baggies in style, bonus points if you’ve got the matching Bandana too! 😉
Now let’s get to the Mountaineer Leash + Pouch Winners! Whew, thanks SO much for all the entries, we received so many messages telling us how excited you guys are to get one of your own!! We have one more Weekend Giveaway Planned, (maybe another Snag-It Saturday?!) so keep your eyes peeled on what’s up for grabs next! 🎉

Our IG Winner is @morethanraleigh! 👏 Send us a message to claim your prize! Check FB for Winner #2! 🙌


Shop update! Our upcoming Winter Collection Launch is cruising along! Watch out for the Mountaineer Rope Leash + Pouch Giveaway Winners Announcement this evening (1 IG Winner + 1 FB Winner), as well as some sneak peaks of what’s to come for next season! 🎁
Thanks for the awesome adventure photo rocking #unleashthehounds @west_coast_heeler_pack! 😍🏔️



Now, how to choose only one... 😍


I know Halloween’s a few days past... but how could I not share?! 👻


It’s been a busy day today! Lots of prep work going into our Winter Collection Launch, there are so many new goodies coming! Can’t wait for everyone to see them 😍

Still pinpointing exact launch times next week depending on how quickly we get everything completed, but it’s definitely coming next week! 🎉

Our website comes down Monday bright and early, which means Sunday is your last day to score 25% off site-wide, and the last day before many bandanas listed as FINAL ITEMS get pulled for the season! 😲 -
Featuring @leothefoxterrier // Whitman Plaid Bandana 🍁



We’re giving away one of our NEW Gift Sets launching alongside our Winter ‘17 Collection (just a few days away, keep an eye out for the official announcement😸)
This set will include one of our 6ft Adjustable Cotton+Polyester Infused Rope Leashes from the NEW Mountaineer Collection (choose from 5 new colors) + one of our NEW Leash Bag Pouches!

Entering is easy!
1) Be sure you’re following us, @unleashthehounds
2) Tag a few friends in the comments below (the more the merrier! 🎄) It’s that easy! Worldwide entries welcome. Winner will be announced 11/8 ☃️


Nicholas has done it again! You guys may remember our snow adventure from a few weeks ago on Mt. Hood! This time around I tried my hand at recording some of the footage, and Nick comprised the visual video effects. View the full HQ behind the scenes video on our website’s homepage! (linked in bio) 👍🎥 -
FINAL DAYS FOR 25% OFF SITEWIDE! All bandanas featured in this video have been linked in the video description directly on our Youtube channel! ☃️


Sale extended! We’ve got a lot of prep work to finish up this week, so while we’re busy working the week away, you guys can continue to score an extra 25% off sitewide for a few more days! 🦔👏


Ahhh, the convenience of being able to bring work literally anywhere. We adventured out for our first astrophotography shoot before the snow sets in for the season. Pitch black, huddled in blankets walking through the tree line to see this! Packaging has to get made and folded somehow, might as well get it done with a starry night sky view! ✨ #behindthescenes


Hearing some rave reviews for our newest collection of Pendleton Bandanas! I mean, LOOK at them! How could you not NEED at least one?! 😺
It’s been an exciting (and busy!) few months introducing so many of you to these vibrant premium fabrics, we’ll be finishing the year out strong with our next collection, can’t tease too much now, but... omg. 😻

Ps. Our entire store is 25% off through Oct 31st. Score extra savings on our existing collections for a limited time!


If you haven’t snagged an Atlas Bandana yet, I recommend doing so soon!
25% off Site-wide ends Oct 31st! ⏰


For the first time EVER you can score our Premium Pendleton Collection at 25% off for a limited time! This also includes everything sitewide!
It’s time to start thinking WINTER as this batch of Sale orders will begin shipping mid-Nov! ❄️ Use: 25OFF


Nothing gives us a bigger grin than hearing about your fun and adventures while sporting Unleash The Hounds! Pippi put her Bandana to the test and came back with this review, thanks for sharing your experience with us @whitedogblackspots!! #happyadventuring ✌️
“We’re loving our Nana’s from @unleashthehounds .. I was so excited to get ours in the mail this week. We spent hours swimming, hiking, climbing trails, and digging in the sand and mud today and this thing stayed put ! Truly one of the highest quality bandanas I’ve ever seen... we’re in love 😍


Has it already been 3 weeks since our October 2017 Trio Launch?! Oh yes it has been! That can only mean one thing, it’s SHIPPING WEEK! Lots of shipping confirmations heading out tomorrow 🤘