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"Last year may go down in history as the year that the impacts of climate change finally became undeniable. Perhaps this year will be the one that our response finally becomes equal to the challenge." The announcement from @NOAA and @NASA is in: 2017 was among the three warmest years on record.
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We are very excited to introduce @wildlifejosh to you. Josh is a Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker from the UK who travels the world capturing the natural world. If it walks, crawls, flies or swims he's fascinated by it!

Josh is also the first member of our new #WWFVoices community, an initiative which aims to empower passionate people to continue the conversation about important conservation issues. Make sure you follow the #WWFVoices hashtag and stay tuned for more information on the project later this year!


Thousands of people in 11 cities of Bulgaria protested against a decision of the government to allow construction on 48% of the area of Pirin National Park.
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BIG WIN for the ocean! Today, the government of Belize has passed the law that will put an end to all possibility of oil exploration in its waters.

The beautiful Belize Barrier Reef, a World Heritage site and precious ocean habitat, is now safe from this threat.

Thank you if you were one of nearly half a million people who signed the petition and helped to make this happen️ ❤️🌊🐟🐢 #saveourheritage #belizebarrierreef #worldheritage #oceans #thankyou #belize


Mario Ebenau has had a deep connection to the #forest since childhood. Many of his earlier memories are about playing games in the jungle with his siblings and friends. Today, he is proud to be a park ranger at the Urugua-í #Wildlife Reserve, which is managed by Fundación Vida Silvestre, a WWF partner organization in Argentina.
“It’s an absolute privilege to live in the forest amid this diversity and get a chance to see #animals face to face and enjoy the sounds of nature.”
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What do a crocodile lizard, a “#StarWars” bat and a snail-eating turtle have in common? They’re all newly discovered species in the Greater Mekong. Check out other #StrangerSpecies by clicking on the link in BIO!



Thank you for being one of the 1.4 million people from all over the world helping to #saveourheritage in #Selous, #Belize, Upper Gulf of #California, #Pirin and many other #WorldHeritage sites under threat. It wouldn't be possible without you! Let's celebrate the successes and continue our vital work together in 2018!


While we may not see it happening right before our eyes, our actions impact the earth and its incredible biodiversity in many ways. We have the power to make a difference 🌏 📅 Get your free calendar today by clicking on the link on BIO


It’s a #NewYear and our ambition to create a brighter future for humanity and our amazing biodiversity shines brighter than ever! Will you continue to stand with us?



We wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration with your friends and family! ❤️🌎🐼


(10/10) As we look back at some of the amazing wins we’ve secured for our planet in 2017, we want to say a big THANK YOU for your incredible support! With your help, we’ve managed to achieve better protection for our collective home, its wildlife and humanity.❤️🌎

While we’ve definitely come a long way, much remains to be done to create a future where humans live in harmony with nature.

Together, anything is possible 💪


(9/10) The lungs of our planet and home to incredible #wildlife. Forests also play a critical role in combatting #climatechange, making it vital to protect them - which is exactly what #BhutanforLife aims to achieve! Here’s yet another win for our planet and #forests to celebrate this year ❤️🌳 #WWF2017Recap



(8/10) #WWF2017Recap The #Amazon - twice the size of India and the single largest remaining tropical rainforest in the world is truly one of our planet’s natural treasures❤️🌳

Home to at least 10% of the world’s known biodiversity, this magnificent place continues to hold many secrets, with around 380 new species discovered in the last two years! It is estimated that 80% of the species that live in the Amazon are yet to be identified. Check out our IG stories for more


(7/10) Communities are at the heart of our conservation work and this amazing story of ‘solar grandmothers’ shows us why🙂 Discover how this group of women in Madagascar are electrifying villages - and lighting up lives - with sustainable and #renewable energy! Check out our IG stories for more #WWFRecap2017


(6/10) We are halfway through our #WWF2017Recap! Today, we look back on our first @UnitedNations Ocean conference that happened this year. All life depends on a healthy ocean. It is home to an incredible array of life, produces 50% of the oxygen we breathe, provides food and livelihoods for more than a billion people, and so much more. Unfortunately, it faces many risks from climate change, habitat loss, overfishing, pollution and more.

This is why the first ever @UN Ocean Conference that took place in 2017 was an important signal to the world - we must urgently protect our oceans today if we’re to secure a better tomorrow. 2017 saw important ocean areas protected around the world but there is so much more to do. Check out our IG stories for more



(5/10) Over the last century, wild #tigers have lost 95% of their range, disappearing entirely from Central Asia. Tigers are now endangered due to rampant #poaching and habitat destruction 😯 But these majestic big cats saw some fantastic wins in 2017. For the first time ever, wild tigers will finally return to Kazakhstan - 70 years after becoming extinct there! Check out our IG stories for more #WWFRecap2017

Isn’t that paw-sitively delightful?🐯


(4/10) There’s no denying that #climatechange is one of the most urgent threats to our planet today, and it’s going to take everyone to help change climate change. From committing to ambitious #climateaction to collaborating across borders and industries, we have seen much progress on the global climate action agenda! Together, we’re stronger💪 #WWF2017Recap

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(3/10) The ancient Białowieża Forest is the best-preserved forest ecosystem in Europe. This year, we saw good decision from World Heritage Committee and further protection from the EU Court of Justice, bringing a halt to most illegal logging activities!

For now, it seems the home to Europe’s largest bison population is protected. #WWF2017Recap Check out our IG stories for more



(2/10) The Belize Barrier Reef is indeed a sight to behold. Thanks to 400,000 of you who came together this year to urge greater protection, we have achieved a landmark moratorium on oil exploration and drilling around the Belize Barrier Reef! 🎉 🎉 😀

Protecting our planet wouldn’t be possible without the power of your voice. #WWF2017Recap Check out our IG stories for more


As 2017 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at our top 10 biggest wins for the planet and its incredible nature this past year 😀 #WWF2017Recap

(1/10) What an important year it has been for Elephants. #DYK that ALL legal ivory trade in China – the world’s largest legal ivory market – will be illegal from 2018? Elephantastic news indeed! 🐘 Check out our IG stories for more pictures of this magnificent animal!


Spotting #jaguars, an elusive animal, is no easy task. These beautiful felines have become even more solitary in the past 50 years, during which their population has been reduced by half. #Poaching, hunting and habitat loss, caused by deforestation, #forest degradation and infrastructure development, has significantly reduced the area where jaguars can roam 😟 In the Atlantic Forest, which straddles Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil, jaguars are critically endangered. But recent conservation efforts have borne fruit. In the Upper Parana region bordering the three countries, the jaguar population has increased to about 71-107 individuals, up from 51-84 three years ago.

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#DYK that the Indus River dolphin, unique to the Indus River in Pakistan, often gets stranded in irrigation canals in low waters? Its population is highly fragmented due to the construction of water regulatory barrages, with the largest population concentrated in the legally protected, Indus Dolphin Game Reserve.

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China’s actions, more than those of any other country, have the potential to reverse the trend of elephant #poaching. While there is great support for China's #ivory ban, awareness is critically low. Check the link on BIO or visit our Instagram Story to discover more.


For the first time ever, we've tagged Amazon river dolphins! Despite their iconic status, little is known about the movements of these populations...until now 🐬
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This is why we love our supporters so much❤️Over 500,000 of you have used the power of your voice to #SaveSelous - a strong signal that we need to better protect our #WorldHeritageSites now.


Congratulations on winning @UNICEF's #ClimateComic contest Sona! We can't wait to see your climate change fighting superhero ‘Light’ come to life on Earth Day


United we can make a difference 🌏 📅 Get your free calendar today by clicking on the link on BIO or in our IG Story #HappyHolidays


#Selous, one of @UNESCO’s #WorldHeritageSite is home to incredible nature. From African elephants, to black rhinos, giraffes and more, this place truly represents the magnificence of this one home we all share.

Unfortunately, this paradise is now under threat. A large dam could be built at the heart of this World Heritage Site, putting its #wildlife and local communities at risk. This is an urgent appeal for you to stand with us. Help us #SaveSelous and urge the government of Tanzania to choose #renewable and #sustainable energy sources that will deliver the power needed for its people. Click on the link on BIO or visit IG story


What does the #tiger mean to you?


One of the world’s rarest animals could go extinct unless you take action now.

Countless vaquitas have been drowned in gillnets, which is their single biggest threat. A habitat completely free from gillnets is now the only chance for the vaquita, but time is running out.

Give the vaquita a chance to survive before the vanish from our planet. Make a difference and donate today by clicking on the link or BIO