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#FridayFeeling Another marine conservation milestone! 1m hectares has been recently
implemented across six municipalities, in addition to the 1m-hectare marine
protected area (MPA) in #Cagayancillo declared just last year.
Why are MPAs a big deal? Their implementation helps improve biodiversity
maintenance, food security, sustainable livelihood, and ecotourism development.


Coral reefs support about a quarter of the world’s known marine species, hundreds of millions of people, and are a trillion dollar economic asset. However, many of them may not be able to survive manmade destruction😟 From climate change, overfishing, to pollution and more, the future of reefs and all that they support hangs in the balance. #cop23 #climate

Find out why a healthy #climate and #ocean are imperative for coral reefs:


A BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers, rescuers and the WWF Indonesia team who worked against the clock to save these stranded whales off the coast of Indonesia.



The ocean puts food on the table and underpins trillions of dollars of economic activity worldwide. It regulates our climate and absorbs ¼ of our carbon emissions, and 90% of the heat from greenhouse gasses 😯

Urgent action on #climatechange is needed to secure the future of oceans, home to incredible wildlife and provider of millions of livelihoods #cop23


Exciting news! 2 million hectares of land in Bhutan will be protected forever through an innovative project called #BhutanforLife! Today is a day of celebration in Bhutan! The Royal Government of Bhutan and WWF officially announced the commitment by donors from around the world to create the US$ 43 million fund called Bhutan for Life, which will permanently protect 2 million hectares, most of which is forests, allowing Bhutan to sustain its commitment to conservation for eternity


The world’s climate change community is now in Germany for #COP23, just shy of the two year anniversary of the Paris Agreement being agreed by almost 200 countries.

Like a the roots of baobab tree, says WWF climate leader Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the community is growing something much bigger



🐅x🐅 #FridayFeeling
The population of the endangered cat has doubled in Bhutan’s Royal Manas National Park. From only 10 individual tigers in 2010, the number has risen to 22 tigers in 2016.
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Few of us look at a jar of Nutella and contemplate the fate of a Turkish hazelnut farmer. Or consider the plight of a Vietnamese coffee grower while waiting for their morning brew.

But the future of breakfast is not guaranteed. Find out how climate change is changing the foods you eat each day, from bananas to orange juice.

Attending COP23? Join WWF at the #PandaHub, Bonn Zone, to learn more about food and climate change.


#Throwback to #1989. 28 years ago Jacques Cousteau called Sipadan ‘an untouched piece of art’. Follow his grandson Fabien, our latest #OceanWitness, as he returns to see what impact #climatechange has had on this beautiful ocean. #OceanWitness #FabienCousteau #COP23 #Oceansday #Pandahub #Sipadan #tbt #throwbackthursday @climateWWF @manupulgarvidal @wwf @oceanwitness



One of the world’s rarest animals could go extinct unless you take action now.

Gillnets are the single biggest threat to the vaquitas and countless vaquitas have been caught in them and subsequently, drowned. Today, no more than 30 vaquitas are left in the world 😟. The vaquitas are vanishing and time is running out. But you have the power to stop this from happening. Make a difference by making a donation today. Link in bio


We have the power to change the world. Discover how you can help us to build a better future for all by clicking on the link on BIO


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In the past two weeks, we have covered tips and shown you why we must take climate action and make more sustainable choices today.

You have the power to #ChangeClimateChange! Together, anything is possible!

To look back, go here > #WWFlivegreen


Did you know that over half of humanity now lives in cities? Urban lifestyles are responsible for more than 70% of our global carbon emissions and have huge impacts on all species on earth.

Discover if you city support sustainable ways of living by clicking on the link in BIO


#DYK More than 50% of the world’s population live in cities? And this number is projected to increase to 66% by 2050.

WWF is committed to help cities reverse this negative trend. We’ve gathered solutions from every corner of the world on this interactive map. Check out what your city is doing on LINK in BIO!

And if it’s not on the map, let your city know what others are doing. Your voice is important to help build a better tomorrow💪🌎 #WWFlivegreen



Our final tip for the week!

Tip 3/3: Use your power as a consumer and choose to take public transport whenever possible. Taking public transport produces less greenhouse gases, so you’ll be doing the planet and its people a favour!

How did you get to your destination today – 🚃 , 🚌 or 🚲 , or perhaps a walk? Share with us using #WWFlivegreen!


Here’s another tip for you to start living sustainably.

Tip 2/3: Look for the FSC label on wood and timber products. This ensures the product comes from a responsibly managed forest, which is important as #deforestation produces carbon emissions, which fuels climate change #wwflivegreen


Here’s a tip on how we can start making more sustainable choices in how we consume.

Tip 1/3: Switch to green energy. When shopping for new electrical appliances, be it a washing machine or a light bulb, look for green labels on them. The more demand there is for renewables instead of fossil fuels, the faster it will be replaced. Less fossil fuels = less greenhouse gases being produced!

Have you made the switch? Share with us how you live sustainably with the hashtag #WWFlivegreen



While we may not see it happening right before our eyes, our actions impact the earth and its incredible biodiversity in many ways. Let’s all take action together. Today, we celebrate #SustainabilityDay!

How can you start living sustainably? Comment below and stay tuned to discover the small changes you can make to your lifestyle to make a real difference! #WWFlivegreen


It is #InternationalDayofClimateAction today! However, that does not mean we only take action today, but make sustainable lifestyle choices every single day.

Reason 3/3: We only have one earth and we are fully dependent on it for everything in our lives - water, food, wood, and more.These resources aren’t renewable in an instant. If we use everything up, what would we have for future generations?

These are just a few of the many reasons why we have to take climate action now!

Like this post to show your stand to #ChangeClimateChange. #WWFlivegreen


Why should you take climate action? #WWFlivegreen

Reason 2/3: To protect the amazing biodiversity of our planet! For example, climate change is negatively affecting the habitats of snow leopards. We share the earth with magnificent creatures which are impacted by our every action - we must act now to protect our planet, its wildlife and humanity🌎

Are you convinced yet? Stick around for reason #3 tomorrow!


Why should you take climate action? #WWFlivegreen

Reason 1/3: We have to stop climate change! Global warming is happening and 🌡️️ temperatures are rising. The environmental impact on humans and habitat is undeniable - sea level changes, extreme weather conditions, increase in invasive species, the list goes on.

Stick around for reason #2 !


Melting ice caps, extreme weather, rising sea levels - do we really need more reminders that #climateaction HAS to happen now? There are many reasons why we must act now and make responsible choices in our daily lives. But first, we want to hear from you!

Comment below and let us know what sustainable choices you make and how you inspire others! #WWFlivegreen


Love our Earth? We do too! However, human activities are pushing our planet beyond its breaking point. We have to change the way we live now.

Follow the hashtag #WWFlivegreen in the next two weeks. We’ll be showing you why we need to take #climateaction and how #sustainable practices are key to securing the future of our planet! 💪🌎


Jamal, photographed above, searches for a manatee in Placencia, #Belize, Central America. Belize faces many threats from industrial activities such as oil drilling, land conversion and more, putting its incredible biodiversity and local communities at stake. However, today is truly a cause for celebration as the government of Belize introduces a landmark moratorium on oil exploration and drilling. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of each and every one of you - #togetherpossible indeed! #SaveOurHeritage


Our planet’s reefs are truly amazing and do so much for communities and biodiversity across the world. Over in Belize, reefs provide important ecosystem services to its citizens, from generating up to 19mln USD annually from tourism, to protecting the region against climate change. panda.org/belize

Saving reefs across the world is vital for our planet and its people. Add your voice today by clicking on the link in BIO or visiting our IG Story and #SaveOurHeritage


#DYK Belize Barrier Reef provides important ecosystem services to its citizens, with an estimated 190 000 locals depending on it in one way or another?

However, threats from unsustainable coastal construction and oil drilling threaten these benefits.

Show your commitment to protect our planet’s amazing reefs, and all of its biodiversity. Healthy reefs are good for our collective home, and us! Check out our IG story or click in the link in BIO to find out how to #SaveOurHeritage


#DYK that The Belize Barrier Reef is on @UNESCO’s in danger list? 😮

The reef is a World Heritage site and is home to amazing biodiversity. That’s not all. In addition to being a critical contributor of the country’s largest industry - tourism, the reef also protects the region against global challenges like #ClimateChange.

Safeguarding the reefs of Belize is vital to securing the livelihoods of its citizens in the long term, and #SustainableDevelopment is key to achieving that.

Click the link in BIO or visit the Story and find out how you can help protect our incredible #WorldHeritage sites and #SaveOurHeritage 💪🌏 🐢


Overfishing, #pollution, #climatechange and more are threatening the future of our #oceans. Governments, companies and organisations have to make the commitment to protect the ocean's natural assets. 🌊

Discover more about the push for a healthy Mediterranean Sea at: http://pand.as/2xmxOMw


The Saimaa ringed seal is highly #endangered. Facing an uncertain future due to threats like #climatechange and net fishing, they will disappear from this earth if we dont take action to help save them.😔 If we don't tackle this problem now, the seal, along with many other magnificent #wildlife will no longer have a suitable living environment.

Time to treat our 🌎 better.