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My faith in Humanity has been restored .

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↪️ I lie here. All is black. The white light. Dark screen .Hard pillow. Blood frozen. Heart rate spiking. Breath shallow
All is black. ↩️


The exhalations can be very relaxing.  As you observe your breathing, allow yourself to follow your exhalations into relaxation.  Every time your breath goes out, you can relax a little bit more. The more you relax, the easier it will be to do the next step.  We observed how, when we focused on the breath, we tended to control it.  We can also exert full control over our breathing, determining when to take a breath, how fast to breathe, how deeply.  Much of our writing is that way.  We decide what and when to write.  We control the entire process.  We mull over our thoughts, and when we arrive at a satisfactory thought, we write it down.


Football really makes me tired. 😧⚽️
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