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ヘビさん再来!٩( *˙0˙*)۶🐍 .

snake🐍🐍🐍 .





Just sitting here, judging.


Boomerang by
Greetings from Jakarta! Meet Edi, Erwin and William, the trio behind — short for TOTally AWesome. This Indonesian pop-up restaurant serves quick bites, but they’re famous for a cake constructed of instant noodles, sausage, chicken and even cheese.
Watch our story right now to take a closer look at this savory work of art. 🍜


When 9-year-old @Athletics fan Loren Smith lost all of his memorabilia in the California wildfires, the baseball world took notice.


My plans for this weekend! 😍


Meet these pups and 30 more at #PetCon! Use code: DOGIST to get 20% off your tickets (offer expires in 24 hours!) Use the link in my bio or go to to get your tickets. Can't wait to see you there!
Toast, Pants, & Muppet, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Japanese Chin (12 & 10 y/o), Chelsea, New York, NY • “Toast is gearing up for Halloween. Muppet is looking for a boyfriend. Pants is looking for a job – an internship preferably. She’s looking to learn.” @toastmeetsworld


It's weekend 🌈🌧️


Good morning!!✨🐶✨おはまる〜*\(^o^)/* 少しだけ雨がやんだ隙にお散歩行ってきたよ〜


Ready for some last minute knowledge for the final race of the DTM season 2017? @karlwendlinger can show you how to reach the perfect racing line! Stay tuned for the next episode of INSIDE AMG soon for even more racing insight! #InsideAMG #MercedesAMG #AMG #Racing #DrivingPerformance #Passion #Luxury #GT3


What if cats had their own internet and it was filled with pictures of humans? 😆


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Oops! I knew trying to carry all of my breakfast at once was a bad idea. I made a huge mess, but don’t worry! Clean-up was easy thanks to @Clorox, and now that the floor is clean enough to eat off of!
Mommy is taking me to donate Clorox Bleach to a nearby shelter. It’s Adopt-A-Dog month and many of the shelters affected by the hurricanes need bleach to help keep the shelters clean for our furry friends until they find their forever homes. Hopefully all of you can donate bleach to a nearby shelter too! #adoptadog #donate #giveback #sponsored


The KING & The GREEK FREAK... the @Cavs visit the @Bucks 7pm/et @nbaonespn #KiaTipOff17


🎶It's NightMEOW on Elm Street... and guess who's playin' FREDDY⁉️🙀 (in @nickiminaj voice)🎶 #millathecat #freddykrueger #nightmareonelmstreet #ellenratemycat #catweek


Via @elitexlbullies 👈 SHOCK VIDEO! 😱🙈🙊 Leopard #playdate with a Bully! #gotcha 🤣 Great grand babies of this #beauty coming soon 🤗 Victoria Secret 👙👠 of @bossykennels #natgeo #wildlife


Sometimes ya gotta be in between seasons. The leaves are gone, the snow ain’t here, but you just patiently wait.


The beginning of a beautiful friendship 😍
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