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🏠 London ✉️

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Look up London 👀


Orange pop



Missing the Hong Kong days W/ @d.grade
New trip coming very soon 🛫


Shadows game



No way out #uk_shooters


❌Dragon's mouth❌
This place has been under construction for so long and you could just see that it was going to be a sick one! What do you think? Have you spotted it yet?


Straight up



Sometimes you just have a vision, can you see it?


Tram line



Fast life
Back in London after the longest flight ever haha
Hong Kong was a great experience, so different and so alive.
It was a tiring 2 weeks, a lot of exploring and shooting but obviously when you do what you love you just wake up the next day and start all over again.
Hong Kong has been real🙏❤️🇭🇰


Choi Hung Estate
This place it's amazing!
At the same time it's incredible the amount of people that are there to photograph it, it's just crazy how an app like @instagram can drive so much attention to locations all over the world.
We got there, we couldn't find it and a Chinese man that couldn't speak one word of English comes to us and just points at where it was, litteraly felt like everyone was there just to just take pictures of that spot.


Selfie time 🕺



❌Watch Master❌
The streets of Hong Kong are crazy, you can find anything in them.
This was a watch repair stand under a bridge in the middle of one of the busiest areas of Hong Kong. I just love the simplicity of it!
. . . . . .

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❌HK crossing❌
One of the best things about HK are definitely the massive croweded crossings, So many people and so many different characters that all blend together in one spot.


❌The cross❌
When you up high on buildings you really understand how small we are in this world, all connected but at the same time not.
Be yourself and do the things you enjoy every day of your life because you being happy it's all it matters. #justremindingmyself (not a drone shot)



❌Time square HK❌
Just a random day walking around Hong Kong, but when all of a sudden you see an opening to get to a roof you have to do it no matter what!
This one happened to be in Time Square with for me was just an almost impossible goal of mine, I'm so happy I could make it up there and it was just something that I'll remember for the rest of my life! 🇭🇰
Also I'll be making a short video about the climb, so stay tuned for that 👌🙏


❌HK it has begun❌
We are here and we're are finally doing it.
This city looks amazing on paper and in real life it's just ten times better!!! 🔥🔥🔥
In frame: @d.grade


❌Night travel❌
Finally made to Hong Kong 🇭🇰🔥
You cannot believe how sick this city looks and feels.
Me and the boy @d.grade got here at night and it looks stunning, tomorrow we'll experience it during the day and I think it will be mental!!!
Stay tuned on my stories as I'll bring you guys along, let's make MEMORIES 🔥🔥🔥


❌Stop Works❌
Who wants the works on Big Ben to stop right now? @london @uk.shooters @toplondonphoto


❌London and me❌
The city of hopes and opportunities, I'm so glad I've moved here 4 years ago.
Probably not many of you know but I used to be a tennis player, until the age of 18 until I've broken my knee ligament and decided to stop.
I didn't know what to do with my life and so I've just decided to move to the UK.
I couldn't speak English (I still can't🤐) so it wasn't easy, but thanks to all the amazing people I've meet I've managed to find my way into something.
Then I've discovered photography and since then I've never stopped dreaming about it being my job.
SO from Today I've decided to follow my dream, I've quit my job and gived myself 1 YEAR of just pushing towards my goals!!
I will bring all of you with me and share my experiences, and hopefully all together we'll succeed 😊💙 #aavisionfamily


❌Walking dead❌
Can you guess how I've shot this one?


❌Matching with the city❌
Like and comment to enter the preset giveaway!
Good luck everyone 🤞
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Such a nice weather in London the last few days!!
The perfect city @london


❌On the edge❌
Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.
Quote by: Marie Curie
In frame: @d.grade


❌Metal jungle❌
W/ @gabriel.desanti


❌Free fall❌
It's always challenging to get to a spot where a lot of people have been and try to make your shot look different. I believe that even if what you see, your vision, it's not the greatest or it doesn't look as good, it is still yours and yours only. DON'T SETTLE! (this captions are not specific to anybody, most of the time I just write then to remind myself 🙃) #uk_shooters


❌Night walk❌
I've actually lost the memory card that I've shot this with 2 weeks ago, BUT yesterday just randomly appeared on my table 😅 #memorycardmystery