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~this is so ugly but I was experimenting and have nothing better to post :)
~I’m so tired and it’s only 10:00pm here :/
~also cover photos aren’t working againnnnn, I swear Instagram has something against me.


~now I’ve got you <33
~you don’t understand the struggle I went through to post this. I can’t believe it actually worked, omggggg. It’s awful but idc - it postedddd😂🎉


~well umm.



~enjoy ;))))✨
~this is so simple, oh well.


~this is so bad but I’ve been really inactive recently and I needed something to post while I make a better one♥️
~there’s no transitions or anything good in this at all :(
~I’ve been struggling loads rn to fit in the time to edit because school and sleep is taking over my life and i genuinely have been counting down the days until my Christmas holiday starts ;)
~if you read all of that, thank you😂💗


~still got his charm ;)))
~older or younger Leo? (I can’t even decide...)



~just you and me...
~for venera✨
~there’s like no transitions or anything in this, it’s just pure trash ;)))


~i seem to be editing Jim more than anything else rn🤷🏽‍♀️;))
~this is complete trash but thank you so much for 500 followers💗


~so umm, i attempted colouring :/
~this isn’t really a proper edit, because well it’s boring and has no transitions but I was trying some new things with the colouring, ahah ;)))
~for venera <3



~i feel just like a rockstar💊


~underated movie ;)
~so I tried to do a loop and some new transitions, but they didn’t go quite as planned😂
~oh and cover photos aren’t working again🙄
~i probably won’t be very active this week, so this is why I’m posting now, instead of not at all💗


~so I deleted generally like all my posts and now I’m confused as to whether that was a good idea🤷🏽‍♀️
~this is a repost though, because this edit was always one of my favourites but it didn’t have a watermark, so I’ve added it now and yeah.
~if you would like me to repost any more of the ones I deleted, just DM me, because I still have them all on my camera roll💗
~sorry I did delete them all, I just wanted a fresh start and to be able to post the ones that I really did think were good, and ones that had the correct watermark and everything. I would have archived them all so it would have been easier to repost, but Instagram won’t let me. Sorry for rambling but I just wanted you guys to know why I deleted them all, ily♥️



~’I’m in love now.’✨
~Ac: ‘Kiss me so far away - Ed Sheeran & Mary Lambert’💗💫
~Dt: @diicapriouniverse ILY😽