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Banks is 6 weeks today and for me I thought that would mean I would be surfing and working out again but that still isn’t the case. When I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to get my body back and do all the things I use to do but I didn’t know what birth was all about. My body is different and I’m ok with that for me this is a once in a life time thing I get to go through with Banks and I just want to soak ever second up with him. I never knew the amount of love you could ever have for someone.


New year new bikinis😊 @ripcurl_usa #mybikini


Happy New Years!! So in love with these two and so excited for this new year and what it brings❤️



Merry Christmas from our little family!!! Our Christmas present came about 3 weeks early this year👼


First time to the beach was perfect😊



So this sums up my last 10 days with our lil man napping, breastfeeding and healing. Everyday is different and everyday I learn more about what him❤️


Our first time coming out side since the birth. This has been the most magical time of my life we can’t stop staring at him.


Banks Harvey Freestone born last night at home 8 pounds 9 oz heathy as be. It was the best day of our life but what a journey. I knew birth was going to be hard but wow that was so much more intense then I could of ever imagined. Women are truly amazing! I couldn’t of done it with out @jackfreestone he was there ever step of the way. We are are so in love with this little guy.



Hey in there can you come out now? I know it’s comfy in there but you are running out of room. 41 weeks of being pregnant! That was the longest and hardest part of pregnancy for me, thinking he would come every night. I guess he just didn’t want to be a Scorpio🤷‍♀️ We are ready when you are baby boy❤️


I don’t remember what it’s like to not be pregnant anymore🤔 @ripcurl_aus


So lucky to have this man by my side. He is everything to me and is already the best dad ever. Today is my “due date” and even though we would love nothing more then for him to be here, they come when they are ready and the due date is just an estimate date. I keep telling myself he is going to come at the perfect time. Staying in the moment is really hard especially for a first time mom that doesn’t know what to expect. It’s such a surreal feeling waiting for your baby to meet the world❤️ thank you @parallelsea for capturing this photo!!!!



So much blue #mybikini


So happy to be a #fabfitfunpartner I just got my winter box and I love it!! So many goodies in there. Go to and use ALANA and get 10$ off your first box! Thank you @fabfitfun for such a fun winter box❤️ #fabfitfun



39 weeks and the waiting games begin. I still can’t believe we are so close to meeting our baby boy👼 Im so excited and nervous all at the same time👪


38 weeks and 3 days of being pregnant🤰I’m definitely ready for this lil man to come out and say hi to the world but I’m sure he has his own plan. Until then I’m looking back on the things I use to do. I miss surfing ahhh 😊 can’t wait for this next chapter❤️


I’m 37 weeks and @jackfreestone is finally home from a month of traveling. Now we just wait for the lil man to come out and meet the world👪



So excited for you @bethanyhamilton I can’t believe we are pregnant together! You are my mom inspo and I can’t wait for our babies to meet. Love you❤️❤️


Yesterday was just magical. Words cant describe how happy I am and how much love was in the air. Celebrating new life coming into this world is just amazing. Thank you to all my beautiful friends that made this day so special I will always remember it. I love you all so much❤️❤️❤️❤️


Almost 9 months of carrying a little alien boy in my stomach. I still can’t believe we are having a baby. I’m so thankful for what my body has done and continues to do. Iv felt better then I ever thought I would being pregnant. I truly believe that has to do with with what I put in my body ❤️#veganpregnancy


I can’t wait to move my body like I use to😛 pregnancy has already changed me so much, I really appreciate things so much more then I ever have❤️


Hello belly #34weekspregnant


Happy birthday to my beautiful best friend @camillebrady You inspire me to be a better person. Love you forever❤️


Baby boy is getting bigger and my belly is getting rounder❤️ pregnant bellies are just amazing. I still trip out that I have another human living in my body. Iv slowed down so much these last few months just walking a lot and stretching. I sometimes have dreams of running and surfing so I might miss it just a lil😬 #33weekspregnant




We are patiently waiting for you baby boy. I can't help but to count down the days we meet him it's all I think about. #8monthspregnant


Ahhh I can't wait to surf again....... it's been a while🤰 @gopro #gopro