Minilop Bunnies

Two happy minilop twin bunnies who live in London 🇬🇧. Mad about treats!!!This page is for all the bunny lovers! 🐰🐰

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Human: "Hey A&B its tongue out Tuesday...stick your 👅 out?"
Biscuit: "That's enough human-skunk, I'm putting my paw down, stop telling us what to do."


Monday plans!


Today we are being nostalgic and posting a picture when we were tiny little nugget-dinks...this was our first week at our forever home with human-skunks



Dear friends, both furry and non-furry! We would like to thank you all for the amazing birthday messages...we received tons of birthday love! We are now pooped after partying for days...Pimm's got us big time! Happy hoppy Saturday all the party buns and human skunks 🚀💥🎉


Alfie & Biscuit: "Today we are celebrating our 3rd human-skunk years we are now we are officially older than our human-skunk-slaves....that's why let's everyone party like there's no tomorrow and let the Pimm's flow!!! Shots shots shots...lots of shots ....wohoooooooo!" 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🍹🍹🍸🍸🥂🥂🍻🍻🥃🥃


Human: "Aww look at you two bundles of joy! Are you happy it's yours birthday tomorrow...BIG 3!"
Alfie and Biscuit: "NO"



Alfie: "Human why the heck do you keep lifting me up like this...who do you think I am, Simba from The Lion King 🙄?!"


A&B: "hey you down there, what ya looking at!"


Hoppy Bun-day! 🐰🐰
#sunday #funday



Human-Skunk: "Rise and shine Biscuit, its Saturday ☀️"
Biscuit: "Rise and shine yourself, I'm in the freezing garden for a damn's hard to shine and especially rise if your whiskers are frozen! Im sick of your positivity skunk....hop-off and fetch me some Pimm's"


From today it's exactly 59 days until Christmas 🎄 🎅 🔔....and we received our personalised Christmas card design from the young and talented @ivy_illustrations! Can't wait to get our cards ordered!!!
If you rabbit and pet owners would like to get your personalised card designs of your furry friends please contact @ivy_illustrations Sarah does an amazing job! Come on friends let's support our young talent 😉💪👋🏻


#tbt when we discovered that we are fashionistas 😎



Alfie: "What is this miniature finger doing in my face?? Are you a mini skunk?" Superbaby: "No, I'm a Superbaby! What are you....a stuffed animal 🤔?"
Alfie: "No I am Alfie the rabbit aka Monster-Man!"


Human: "Wakey-Wakey guys!"
Alfie: "Dammit, I think I fell a sleep...what just happened 🤷‍♂️!"


The biggest Happy Hoppy Hoppatie Birthday to our very favourite bunny treats and goodies company @bunniesthatlunch
1 years old today wohooooo 🎉🎉
Keep up the awesome work, we can't live without you 🙌!💙💙💙
Put your 🔊 on, we have recorded you a song!



A&B: "Friends, look what we received from @foreverybunny ...a custom made t-shirt! If you fancy a costume made bunny merchandise do go and check out @foreverybunny site...their stuff is brilliant! Use the discount code ALFIEANDBISCUIT to get 10% off!!!"


Biscuit: "What the heck Human...a one basil leaf...are you for real...hop-off 😤😤😤."


Human/skunk: "Smile Biscuit, I'm taking a picture!"
Biscuit: "Are you freaking kidding me, have you ever seen a rabbit smile...put me down and hop-off."



A&B: "Nom Nom Nom Nommmmm.... this boredom breaker is amazeballs 😋😋! @bunniesthatlunch gives us hi5 for this nom nom nom ball 👊👋🏻!"


A&B: "Today, we had our mate Olly the rabbit visiting us! Olly is not a mini-lop, Olly is a human-lop, but as cute as us!"


Biscuit: "who's sitting up there....ah just the skunk....laters!" #monday #london #bunny #rabbit


A&B: "So here we go, @bunniesthatlunch goodies box is open! Soooo many toys wohooo!!! Friends if you would like to order those lovely Bunnies That Lunch treat and toy boxes, you can use a 10% off discount code ALFIEANDBISCUIT10
Mates, you will love it 😎!"


Alfie & Biscuit: "Holy skunk, look what arrived early this morning 😋😋😋... @bunniesthatlunch goodies box! It came so early that we were still half a sleep! We can't wait to dig in... will send you an update soon what's in the box 😉😋! Thank you thank you thank you @bunniesthatlunch you are our favourite goodies and toys provider 🤗...can't live without you 😉!!!"


A&B: "Friends, check this out...a drawing of us by a lovely young artist @ivy_illustrations! Our human skunks finally got it framed and its apparently going on the wall today! Oh boy, oh boy...exciting stuff!"


Biscuit: "Booooooom, get lost Monday!"
#monday #london #bunny #rabbit


Alfie: "No skunk, it's my bed!"


A&B:"Hey-ho mates! The move is finally over and we are settled in! Haven't been out in the garden yet, apparently it hasn't been bunny proofed yet...whatever that means 🙄...I think the skunks meant human proofed because we don't want any other skunks to squeeze in, two is painful enough 😬"
#london #thursday #skunks


Alfie: "Biscuit, what the heck are you doing 🙄!"
Biscuit: "Shhhhh Alfmyster, I'm relaxing!" #relaxing #tuesday


Alfie & Biscuit: "Hey friends, we are jetting off to our new London home! Skunks finally got us an upgrade we deserve....a house with a garden! Unfortunately skunks will be living with us in there 🙄! Off we go now, need to let the slaves carry on with the move."


Human: "Wake up guys, it's Friday!"
Alfie: "Skunk, it's only Friday morning, you supposed to wake us up at the evening....try again about 10 hours later with cold and fruity Pimm's!"
#pimms #friday