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Incase you forget.


TURN ON SOUND! The guest on today's podcast, Simon Griffiths, is the co-founder of @whogivesacraptp . He has been abundantly successful in raising over $1,000,000 in donations and building toilets for those in need.
In turn, they have contributed to the reduction of the (currently) estimated 800 children who die a day from unsanitary toilet conditions in disadvantaged countries.

It all began with Simone sitting on a toilet for 50 hours straight, to raise the cash for his (successful) Kickstarter campaign which funded the first production of toilet paper.

Simon and his team have massive hearts, using recycled materials for their paper, donating 50% of all profits which funnel into said donations and considers the economy, our environment and it's people every step along the production and distribution of their product.

In a nutshell we discuss:

How to return to goals and find your ambition again after massive (perceived) failures.
What is Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, and how does the business work?
The concept of consumer-driven philanthropy and how it is potentially a more effective way to make an impact.
How the Who Gives a Crap toilet paper brand was born.
The best advice for ensuring you’re not going to fumble over your own ego.
What it means to be a social entrepreneur and the impact it has at a personal level, as well as professional.
How standing out, creating memorable experiences and interrupting the industry doesn’t happen overnight, but takes patience, persistence and planning.
Why it’s the attention to the often overlooked details in business every single step of the way that creates momentum and customer commitment.
How surprise, delight and weaving your persona into your business make for excellent marketing. Link to listen in my bio above 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 @amber_hawken


Just Incase you get lost.
Anytime you sense judgment, rejection or people pulling back from you, firstly, remember it’s their own self rejections. And secondly, take it as an organic filtration system for life. Sometimes it feels very very lonely when you strip it all down to what’s real. Don’t run because it feels lonely, hold that space, people that are just as weird (and wonderful) will show. Be patient. Be weird 🤘🏼



When your mate matches your level of weird @emilyskyefit time for baby squeezing and Uber eats #sunday #weirdos #love #friends #happy #mates #chillin


I woke up this morning and checked out insta and I thought to myself, “oh my feed looks so pretty and perfect, that’s such bullshit”. Amber Marie we must fix this.
So just to bring things back down to earth. This is me when I first woke up today. Took it just a minute ago. Hair hasn’t made it into a bun yet. Haven’t even brushed my teeth. (Lucky it’s not smellagram heh.) Fortunately there is great lighting and I’ve already (begrudgingly coz it’s Sunday and I wanna be lazy) made my mind be still with some meditation, so my bags have had a moment to settle, so add a few extra lines and darker circles in your mind and it’ll be even more realistic.
I have an amazing photographer @jason.communicator to help me express what I feel and write through his amazing work because when I write, the last thing I want to consider is having to take or find a photo, to go with it. I love dressing up, doing my hair and make up and going wild in front of a camera at sunset. Im a kid and a woman and I love to play. I also love not doing any of that and just chilling in a birthday suit for my face. Im lazy like that - shoot me. So, it was all just looking a little too pretty and that just ain’t me.
Don’t get me wrong, dressing up and using make up when it’s a form of creative expression is sweet AF and I’m down with that. But it’s not life all the time. So enjoy this reality check. A non highlight reel and how I look 80% of the time (not too shabby after all).. They’re pretty fucking important moments if you ask me.


A massage. A skate. A dip in the big blue. A sunset. Aaaaaannnndd we’re good again. #home #beach #chill #skate #globeskateboards



I despise positive thinking. It brings us out of balance. Im an advocate for meaning fear with love or the reality of its own illusion with a rock solid conversation about being able to handle the worse case scenario. That works. That brings balance and joy and a spark of inspiration. Positive thinking is not going to bring a true sense of love for each moment; it’s essentially 99% of the time, a distraction from what’s present, an attempt to escape the uncomfortable. Being overly positive can result in a bipolar like life. Up and down. Up and down. Addiction to the positive. But joy; doing things that bring you joy will allow a gratitude and genuine balanced appreciation and love for the tiniest moments. It will make failure seem as though it’s an adventure. It’s all about how to look at it. And when you’re in love with each part of it, you’ve done what you’re hear to do. Bring balance. Express, appreciate and grow. ❤️🤘🏼🌈 happy weekend humans.


So turns out Peter Pan was right and wrong.
The world is definitely made up of faith and trust and pixie dust. It’s also made of amazing freaking people who get things done. Amazing things. Today blew my mind. Sitting back in a daze after visiting seven schools in six hours 😲😬 Thank you to every teacher, teacher aid and admin who said yes. Most of all, @sarah118511 who without this idea, would have been almost impossible. Your dedication and enthusiasm for this project is everything. So - it’s a solid go 👊🏼 YAY! See you all in April! So many, “oh my gosh, Amber Hawken is that you? I knew you when you were 5/7/11/13/15”. It was rather surreal and epic all at once. A billion trips to childhood and early teen memories. What a whirlwind and honour to step back into the same schools that formed the foundations of my world. Also - I’m old 🙄 hehe. Happy Friday. Time to soak it in ❤️ 📸@jason.communicator


My heart is about as bright as a super nova. I’m my home town about to spend the day driving around with to different schools to talk about everything mindfulness and emotional resilience. Calm Mind Project is an initiative for students and teachers that embodies how to think not what to think. 😲😏
Three basic principals.
Mindfulness. Purpose. Emotional Resilience. When people lack a sense of purpose they lack direction and this go to default and default creates an empty dark space in the soul.
Purpose will give you a fire inside that never dies, to push through the troughs and times where you feel you cannot possibly get back up. It gives you directions focus and targets.
It will inspire you to do things that are bigger than yourself because if we want to deal with this centuries issues, we need to acknowledge our innate universal responsibility for growth and transformation and the role we play in that.
Fundamentally without a deep inner peace, this will be impossible. the mind will always take over and fear will manipulate good intentions into domination and power.
we will continue to wear masks instead of removing them and walk into a space of surrender and openness. this purpose and fire will encourage us to look beyond our own perceived issues and insecurities and as you develop care and concern for others, you’ll develop a kind of inner strength in spite of your own difficulties and problems.
At it's core, mindfulness allows us to observe and train our minds, overcome our negativities and fulfil our inner potential. kindness and compassion give rise to self-confidence, which in turn empowers us to be honest, truthful and transparent. compassion reduces our fear, boosts our confidence, and opens us to inner strength. compassion is not bending over and compromising. its a reservation, its not placing energy into anger, revenge and becoming offended.
Purpose and mindfulness = resilience ⭐️All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan 📸@jason.communicator



It can be easy to keep on “fixing” ourselves as an avoidance of taking responsibility. Don’t do that. It’s easy to blame that look in the mirror and admit, we didn’t want to give up that pain. It’s way to warm and familiar. Don’t do that. Just be responsible and kind. Do that ❤️


When words fail and tears run dry, dancing and dirty comedy fix everything.

Art and music are the only things that make sense of the insane in this world—not Netflix.

We are each 50 thousand beautiful shades of grey, and the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we discover the necessity for every shade.

A cluttered mind is caused by a cluttered bookshelf, gym bag, camera roll, cupboard, and bathroom sink. Make your fucking bed, it’ll help you clean up your mind.

We are, who and where we spend time. Embrace change, and mix shit picky.

Life is always handing us stop and go signals, we just suck at listening and believe it needs to be harder than it is. Simplify.
When we fear fear, we create the thing we fear. Fall in love with it, and it’ll never have any say in your life.

Great sex keeps a fire burning and your mind silenced. Better to have none at all than average.
Great love is worth crossing oceans for.

Foreplay is everything, far better than rushing to the end, we need more (life) (fore)play.

Putting on an alarm 20 minutes early so there’s time for some self loving is key. pleasure is a birthright.

Contrary to social belief, bigger is really not ever really better. Downsize to upgrade your life.

The Italians have it right; “Dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing.

What is ALWAYS glittering is likely a distraction.
Winning a war for the sake of dominance, winning and or overpowering, is always a loss.

When somebody tells us what is wrong with us or what they don’t like about us, they are probably, at least to a certain extent, right. Learn from it, and let it go.

Your ability to focus and what you give attention are everything.

If you’re always the rescuer, you’re sure to sink at some point. Deep. Stop it. You’re worthy and loveable without having to save people.
Choosing love feels like scratching nails down a chalkboard when you’ve spent your entire life seeking and adoring those in power.
Choose love anyway.

You’re your best and only guru. Period. Do you.

Wine and tea are equally as delicious when enjoyed with company who laugh, when you snort because you’re laughing. Hang onto them.

Red lipstick fixes everything.


Take criticism, smash it into dust. Add color and use it to paint breathtaking images of unicorns frolicking through endless fields of greatness.
Matthew Gray Gubler #unicorn 📸 @jason.communicator



I promise to show you mine. I don’t want you to sugar coat life in anyway. I don’t want you to sugar coat you. I hate perfect. It makes your soul sick and mine pull back. Let’s lean in.
Wether you’re my friend or my lover, only your whole self will do.


This week.
Calm Mind Project planning and roll out begins.
Think schools, students and teachers.
Think consciousness.
Think purpose and self awareness.
Think mindfulness and emotional resilience.
Think fun, effective and easy.
Stay tuned. Cheers @beyonce


Ever felt lonely? Then read this.
You’re not lonely, you’re just uncomfortable with yourself and you just put it down to the fact your alone. Call it boredom, over energetic, ADHD or even put it down to just being an anxious person or even someone who just can’t sit still, I assure you, it’s not.
Trust me.
Keep reading and I’ll break it down.
I used to get embarrassingly fidgety when I had space. Until I met myself. Met my uncomfortable bits. Said hey and pulled up a wine, a tea, a yoga class, a diary session, a meditation mat and a fuck load of unconditional love, surrender and patience with them. Unfortunately we’re not taught these simple yet foundational self awareness skills in school (yet). Now. Space is my source of life. Seriously, I said it.
And no, you time not Netflix time. Unless you can master being still, chances are Netflix is being used to dull the uncomfortableness: and you know it. And yeh, not just Netflix, the rest of our little escape habits. They’re perfectly healthy, IF you’ve first mastered the sitting and being very peaceful and a happy chap without em. That’s called freedom :) Connection with deeply kick ass beings is a healing force — but what’s more healing than that? You. Connection with you. To be alone and to be lonely are completely different things. Mastering the art of being full when you are alone is to master life.

Emptiness is a disease that thrives on the unconsciousness of fear. And fear is the default that most people’s attention is grabbed by. Don’t let fear dictate your decisions and root you in loneliness. Become whole alone and watch what happens when you connect with another who does the same. This is the basis of the most powerful and empowering relationships on this planet. Mostly the one with yourself. And since you’ll be in a relationship with yourself forever, that’s pretty important :) sweet dreams, yo. 📸 @jason.communicator



I think we can all quietly relate to this. Happy Weekend. Just Incase you need reminding.
Priorities = joy.
Fucking meditate.
A little work it is inspires you.
Rest ❤️ @radicalselflove _




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Fuck small talk.
Wake up early to watch the sun rise.
It’ll help your remember that when you rest and open your eyes, the world will always be brighter.

Learn who you are. Like - really fucking learn. Don’t just read books.
Take the time to look at yourself in situations of stress and pressure - this will show you where to begin healing.
Take time to create space so you can listen: that’s when you can see the difference between fear and intuition.
Never drink bad coffee. Just don’t do it.
Never kiss boys who cannot see a soul beneath a smile. He’s not found his yet.

Speak openly about what it is you feel. Especially when it terrifies you.
Step with determination and grace towards the things your gut says, “yes” to.
Say, “thank you but fuck no”, to all else.
Always respond with love.
Especially when you’re mad.

Fucking meditate.
Be vulnerable and compassionate.
Let go of judgment. All of it. Just do it
And finally, never apologise for being a powerful woman.
These are the foundations of life.
Cultivating safety within.
Allowing pleasure and joy.
Standing in your power.
Love love love.
Speak speak speak.
Connect with everyone and everything.
Listen to yourself.







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🔥🔥 NEW PODCAST EP with @jordanharbinger from @theartofcharm 🔥🔥 link in bio 👆🏾@amber_hawken 👆🏾
In a nutshell, we discuss:

The development of your fulfillment through diversity, as opposed to ‘following your purpose’.
The difference between using and abusing skills in human behaviour and the long-term game of psychology and emotional intelligence.
Understanding manipulation vs. contribution when you are in a position of power.
How boredom can lead you to very interesting and successful places if you go with your interests.
How to fit in five languages, a law degree and a podcast that has produced conversations with some of the world’s most exceptional people and had millions of downloads.
How to separate from fear in a healthy way and make the right decision (both in life-threatening situations and your normal everyday circumstances) and listen to your intuition.
Why he recommends diversity via experience and experimentation.
The potential of empathic people not being able to tap into their intuition as well (and how to avoid this).
Again, why following your passion is terrible advice (with justifiable reasoning).
How to break down, understand and most of all, cultivate your intuition and it’s signals. Again link is in my bio 🔥🔥👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 @amber_hawken


So there is stressing about the tough times. And then there’s remembering this.


This human is a rare one. Always my biggest teacher of softness. Exhibit a. with my almost aggressive cheeky smirk 😬😏 And as Winnie-the-Poo would always say: Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.
Tag the person you’re grateful for because of the buckets of love in their heart. @zone_transformations #love #friendship #happy #nevertoomuchlove #bff #ffl #hugs #smile


Our greatest weakness is our resistance to exposure, a refusal to be seen, even by ourselves. We hide because at some point, we convinced ourselves that by hiding our flaws, we will become everything we need to be. While you sit behind your giant smile and filters in the depths of your soul you feel shallow - a meek version of yourself, feeling like a fraud. I suggest you begin to live with more integrity. Not for anyones sake but your own. It’s where magic and expansion occur. When you are brave enough to uncover your imperfections and let them be seen, you are living with integrity. Anything else is a show. Anything else is shrinking.
This means that you do what you say and say what you mean, always.
Make every word count.
Don’t be afraid to say no or to be wrong or challenged.
Stand your fucking ground.
Don’t waste your words talking about others.
Make every thought a thought about what you want not about
what you don’t want.
Stop making excuses. Stop it.
Stop believing in fear.
Stop running.
We run.
Oh, dear, do we run.
We run to places,
and we look for someone who will validate our fears.
We run to try to free ourselves from fear only to find more of
it on a road that never ends.
We seek comfort, something to relieve us from the anxiety of
the noise in our mind that sends ripples of discomfort through
our body.
We run to find shelter from our emotions, to find love, and
other drugs.
We try to make ourselves safe by covering our discomfort with
what feels good.
We run to escape.
When there is something amiss, our mind tells us that what we
need is someplace beyond ourselves.
Come home, right now.
And, when you die trying to live, you don’t actually die. Fear dies, and you expand. Thanks @longdistancelovebombs 🤘🏼❤️


Why are we so afraid the yummy parts of life - the yummy parts of ourselves? The light?

Why is it so easy to find our darkness + focus on it until we feel so utterly destitute within ourselves that the thought of doing anything that may result in the potential of rejection feels worse than "99 bottles of beer on the wall", on repeat or worse - no bottles of beer on the wall.
I'll tell you why. Because when you own your light: when you brave to dive so deep into your soul, that fear becomes some kind of withering weed on the edge of a life you used to be constricted by, + you realise there are a million worlds inside the centre of your being + in that space you cannot blame a single soul on this planet for your pain - you realise you have to let go of all the anger + sadness + blame and feel every vibration + frequency of uncomfortableness (yeh I made that up) that you have ever avoided just so that you can see it really wasnt so bad after all and then you can pull yourself out of those depths + place your feet on the ground and realise - fuck. I am in charge. It feels powerful and scary because now you are responsible.
It's a very fucking beautiful thing to realise you own your life.
Its okay to be cautious of darkness, as long as you know that the light potential inside of you is what you are resisting everytime you pull back from pain.
Light gets in when we crack, it's just that most of us are so afraid to let things fall apart.
Instead, we get angry.
Anger is the armour of sadness + sadness is actually attempting to chaperone us into our hearts.
Light is what you are, its where you came from + if you tap into it, you'll find courage and wisdom that will take you from where you are now to the next step. Even one mm at a time.

It seems simple.
But breathe allows for light.
Why the fuck do you think yoga is everything? It forces us into our breath.
Think surrender. Think shift + release.
It's a vehicle to let more light in.
Breath - it's the Evenstar of our world (for all my Lord of The Rings Fans)
- May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.

Thank you @jason.communicator. My dear friend and communicator of light


I want to make out with this quote. How many fucking times do we not do something because we’ve already imagined it’s failure? How many!?!?!?! Our power falls by the wayside and we scramble to find it again in the opinions of the world. When you place your power in the hands of fear, by living in your head, you’ll never feel confident enough to move forward. Your power is your energy force and you MUST dig into your guts and find those 10 seconds of self belief to step over the line. So much magic is screaming to be released from you right now. Let it. Stop screwing up your art with egos projection of perfection. And the fantasy part of: “when oh when will I finally....”, is the antithesis of joy and the birth of anxiety. Do the work. Set the goals. Fucking meditate and then let the rest G-O! ❤️🤘🏼 happy Sunday! Here is to flowing into Monday. I dare you to just do the thing tomorrow. The thing that isn’t perfect enough yet. The message you haven’t crafted into a masterpiece. The article that needs some tweaking. That new gym you’re too unfit to join. That yoga class you’re too inflexible to try. That boy or girl who you’re not good enough for. Just go for it. Don’t pine don’t want don’t desire don’t fear its failure — DO. Do, will give you your next step. No matter what happens; you’ll have the exact information for what to do after that. And then again and again, just like that. Movement equals feedback. Nothing to loose. Note — inaction is a choice — a cowardly one, to suppress your deepest desires. And you’re no coward. Take back your power. Get out of your head. GO and Flow x
credit: @auric_alchemy


Alright. I’m a flow kinda gal I LOVE to teach via questioning SO here is what’s gonna happen. Each second Monday of the month, imma answer your questions on a certain topic. I’m starting with the ever green and ancient antithesis of success; fear. And of course the cultivation of courage. Post your comments or DM me with questions with anything to do with fear. So anything - ask awayyyyyy’ and tomorrow I’ll jump on Facebook live around 6PM aest and answer them! “Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.”
Emma Donoghue


View is okay. #hangry


All to often we close our hearts to love coming in because we believe that being alone and safe it’s easier and less painful than rejection. It’s unconscious of course. Personally I have a list of justifications a mile long, truly I’m terrified on many levels. But it’s the flow in and out that takes courage because we have to face the risk of loss. Just like anything but in a big fucking scale. In a sense, fearing love is the same reason people suppress joy and pleasure. They don’t feel worthy. “I’m not X enough for someone to love me so I’ll just stay closed for now”. Bullshit. It’s a story. Wanna know the sabotage of love and pleasure and joy? The fear of vulnerability. We can overcome the joy part by creating it with an internal fire. The love one though, we are always risking the biscuit here because two hearts are at play. Truth is, it’s inescapable. Openness to another is both selflessness and bravery all at once. The epitome of human resilience. And — love and perfection repel each other. It’s like placing the positive ends of magnets near each other, they’ll literally push each other away. You’re need for perfection is repelling pure love in your life.
No brainer when we think about the physics of it right. So. Remind who reminds you of this. Also — hold those people close. Their magic. Their light won’t dim yours it’ll help you burn so bright you could light your marshmallows on even the longest stick. How good are marshmallows that have burnt on the outside and are all melted in the middle. Damn — adding this to my future BF skills list: “must also love burning marshmallows to the point where consumption may cause third degree burns”. Love love. I’m off the climb a mountain. Happy Sunday.
Thanks for the image @beingisbeautiful


At primary school I remember getting marbles in a cup that represented, ‘good behavior’ when I was quiet. I liked to understand why we were doing what we were doing. I loved making volcanos explode with bicarbonate and vinegar but wasn’t so keen on fractions. I Asked a bunch of questions — well — forever really. Why did I need to write a review on poetry when I could be learning about subatomic particles or revising the periodic table and remember that Iron is Fe because — “iron fence”.... or why do some doctors go straight to treating depression with pills and diagnose people as if they’re limited, when really these are often the people with the deepest hearts and biggest potential, just unsure how to tap into it and shift themselves. Why wouldn’t we get to the core of how the mind, emotions and soul works and teach it in schools? What I’m sayin is. Your weirdness is your way in this world. Don’t lose it. #spark #madness #love #potential #growth


One of the greatest sabotages is self denial. We’re afraid for people to hear what’s in our hearts — even if that’s “no”. Actually — especially ‘no’. But saying, “I love you”, “ that’s not okay for me”, “please stop”, “I need your help”, “can I ask you something”, “I feel” — are terrifying for most people. Our truth gets jammed in our vocal cords and corrodes our heart. Fuck that. Don’t let that be you. Don’t let that be your life. Scream your truth. Stand up for what you believe in. Express your feelings. Set your boundaries. And most of all — do it with love. Attitude, yes, and love.


Remember there are no rules to this life shit. None. You just do you. ❤️ CB @meohmygirl