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Acts 1:8 Vote for me & The Marshall movie here fam. Bless up.

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Hey Family, we been nominated! Please go support myself, @Common, @MarshallMovie, and the @NAACP by voting today. Voting is open to anyone, it's quick and it closes tomorrow. The link is in my bio. I love y'all and appreciate the support. God bless ❤️🙏🏽
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From left, Denise McNair, 11; Carole Robertson, 14; Addie Mae Collins, 14, and Cynthia Dianne Wesley, 14, were killed Sept. 15, 1963, when a bomb was set off at the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
These were the 4 girls civil rights activist Doug Jones was seeking justice for when he convicted two of the bombers. Please all of my family in Alabama make the right decision today. Get out and vote for Doug Jones. Link for polling stations is in my bio. Voting doesn't close until 7pm...
3 hours to make a difference guys. God bless y'all 🙏🏽❤️
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If you are wondering how to help them we are on the same page. We can start here though. Pray for Libya and then write a letter. We need to continue to put pressure on the US and UN to increase their efforts to end the slave trade in Libya and around the world. Let's come together as a global community to let them know this is a priority to us. If you can't do anything else, your prayers and this short note alone would mean the world. God bless you family, I love you all so much and thank God that I have such a caring family (friends and fans included) #PrayforLibya #whatcanwedo #standupforsomething



I couldn't be more blessed and honored to be working with 2 of my biggest inspirations @common and @warren_diane Your legacies have raised me in music but your sincerity and compassion inspire me to keep using my voice for change. I salute you both and congratulate y'all on this Grammy nom. The wonderful byproduct of walking in purpose. To God be all the glory. Best Song Written for Visual Media #StandUpForSomething #ThankYouJesus #PrayforLibya


@cbsnews Congrats to all the nominees & I'm blessed to say #StandUpForSomething has also been nominated 🙏🏽 Congrats @common & @warren_diane God is good
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Thank you so much to this supernatural being. You stand for kindness everyday and set such an example for us all. God bless you. #StandUpForSomething #OprahForPresident #ijs



This woman is one of my hero's. I am so proud of you sis. Thank you for inspiring me and changing all of our lives with your unwavering dedication and love. So grateful to God for you and your purpose. I'm excited that @madamenoiredotcom recognizes your strength, power, and passion. I love you sister. God bless you.


No place like home #SouthEastStateofMind



Thank you to #AmericansForTheArts for the Young Artist Award, and thank you to @michelleobama @common @rosieperezbrooklyn and #BryanStephenson of @eji_org for your kind words! I was shocked, humbled inspired, and I cried lol. You are the real difference makers and I love you all so much! #ThankYouLord #ArtsMatter #Artivists #NationalArtsAwards


Thank you God for using us all tonight. Healing happens when worlds come together. Love you all.
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I stand up for #Compassion and #equality.
Now you go... 😉 whether it be women's rights, equality, Love, Truth, or even a friend or family member that needs your support, etc... Post a photo or video like this one here with the tag #StandUpForSomething and let the world know what you stand for or what you want to stand for.
God bless family 🙏🏽 #marshallmovie


#StandUpForSomething with @Common y'all ready?@GoodMorningAmerica tune in TODAY at 8am EST and support @MarshallMovie in theaters Oct 13th!
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😎😎 11pm PST @desusandmero on #viceland @viceland
Tune in, Bless!



Lions vs Giants w/pops #raisedmeright
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Was honored and intimidated by the opportunity to pay homage to my musical idol Billie Holiday, and the countless victims of lynching and their families by covering the legendary protest song "Strange Fruit" in partnership with @eji_org (link in bio). The legacy of lynching lives on today. We are still fighting the narrative war but if we confront our history truthfully with Love then we can begin to heal. #Love #Listen #EJIORG #LynchingInAmerica #Healing #Godisgreater #BillieHoliday #AbelMeeropol #StrangeFruit


On my way 🎱#genesis #g70 #seoul #sponsored
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It was truly a joy and an honor to come perform for you all at OaklandPride. Much love from my family to yours!! #Love #GodBless #🌈 #Resist #RiseUp
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Nail mall in Seoul at 3am got me like... #commitment #Idoitforthepeople 💅🏽
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#StandUpForSomething with the #GOAT @common for the @marshallmovie
I don't have words for this experience, being able to work on a song with @common and @warren_diane for a movie about #ThurgoodMarshall the man who went to war with Jim Crow and segregation is more than a dream come true. Thank You God that Your vision is bigger than my own. Love you so much family ❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽
Link in bio.


We can do better. We must do better. I love y'all 🙏🏽✊🏽 John 8:32 Link in bio for full #StrangeFruit performance
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On @thedailyshow NOW with the trailblazing #BryanStevenson of @eji_org to discuss how honestly acknowledging the history of racial terror in America, though painful, is the only path toward freedom and reconciliation as a nation. Stay tuned to see me perform "Strange Fruit"
Tune in now on #comedycentral
God bless family ❤️🙏🏽


My neighborhood has made the change. My younger brother and sister attended Robert E Lee Elementary school down the street from where we grew up. The sad irony of my black siblings being educated in a place that honored a domestic terrorist who fought to keep people like them enslaved as a war hero didn't truly hit home until my later teenage years. Even more galvanizing was the discovery that these memorials litter our country, and our very Capitol has more confederate statues in the National Statuary Hall collection than of black leaders in the entire Capitol. Now I love learning about history but monuments and memorials are more than just a history lesson. They honor specific men and women, their efforts, and what they stood for. It is the reason we learn about Adolf Hitler in textbooks but don't build statues in his honor. Imagine being Jewish and having to walk past a giant statue of Hitler everyday on your way to class or work, or home. That is exactly what it's like for people of color looking at confederate monuments. The subtle psychological and emotional impact of having to look at your oppressor on a pedestal everyday is immeasurable. It was/is also intentional. A lot of these schools were named and statues erected during segregation and Jim Crow. It wasn't an innocent preservation of history, it was intimidation and the preservation of these ideals. These changes to our landscape are definitely long overdue but it is never too late and I'm proud of my hometown. As of last year Robert E Lee is now Pacific View Leadership Elementary school. Thank you @lorenasgonzalez for leading the charge on this. You are a wonder woman and show what the true Love of God looks like for all people. Fear and hate will not win.
1 John 4:18
1 John 2:9


No filters necessary!! Hope y'all don't mind me sharing. I'm inspired! Peace and blessings from Nashville 🙏🏽🙏🏽 @LutherFreeman @Kathy_drayton
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@dmvdavinci you are amazing. I'm blown away by your talent. Had to #repost this! #thankyou #andraday #fanart #artist #art #artlife #iloveyouguys


Day 1 of my "whole" transformation not just body. My new trainers @lutherfreeman and @kathy_drayton came in and discerned that unless it has to do with music I have trouble finishing things, and she was right. Thank God for that divine insight because I want to change that aspect of myself. I'm committed to this process and will follow through to the finish line! 🙏🏽❤️
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Hollywood Bowl glam honoring my fave and the #GOAT #EllaFitzgerald
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Needed this reminder today. 🙏🏽 I pray this encourages you all as it did me today. I love you all so much ❤️ #GodBless #ILoveJesus


Boomerang fail 😂 w/ @therealwourivice while visiting with our fam @maguiresteele #theyjustgetme #ootd #ootn
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