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Got a short break from driving when my buddy Zach took the wheel for a few. It’s nice to be a passenger sometimes. That’s totally a metaphor.


Momo used to be scared of ferries. After a few, he didn’t mind as much. Now, it doesn’t phase him much at all. We’re all capable of adapting. It’s pretty neat.


Little nocturnal creature showed up at my door.



In a stranger’s car, hitching a ride back to the van which ran out of gas at 1/8 tank. Got a ride to the station with a guy named Dario and got a ride back with another guy named Dario. Thankful for kind Croatians. Thankful for this face. Thankful for Darios.


I didn’t take a lot of photos driving through Montenegro and Bosnia, it was rainy and I wanted to get to Croatia before dark. They were definitely some of the most foreign territories I’ve seen.
I also had to bribe the border officers twice because they told me my vehicle registration wasn’t properly done, but I question if maybe they just knew they could play on my fears. I laughed it off, they played with Momo and one of these men pointed at him and affirmatively stated “cute”. And they’re right. He’s cute. He’s even getting much better at his ”go look at that view” pose.


What motivates you? The tiniest idea can have you leap out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world. Sometimes the trick is simply to not overthink it.

I remember when I decided to come to Europe. It was exactly the same as the moment I decided to drive to Mexico last year, and many trips before. I define the moment by the decision to start saying “I’m going to Europe” instead of “I’d like to go to Europe.” With that decisive moment, conversations of the place you “are” going to arise, plans start to form, paperwork gets kicked off, and the trip becomes real.



Albani-yeah, you’re pretty.


Find Momo in Athens.
Shot from Areopagus (Mars Hill) which served as the court where Ares was tried by the gods for the murder of Poseidon's son.


If one of these shots ended up in my book, which would you choose?
I shot them right after I stumbled out of the lounge where I “slept” on the ferry. A Greek sun was glowing on the horizon, the air was thick and hazy, and the wind was strong enough to fall into. I wanted to share them all with you because they made me giggle.



Find Momo in Greece. 🇬🇷 -
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Momo’s face in some wild winds as we docked in Greece. The sunrise was great but this face only happened here. (@momosface)


I’ve come to realize that without a lifetime in each city, I can never truly know the world. But that little glimpse we get still feels like it matters. Ciao, Italy! See you soon, Greece. 🇬🇷



Last week freezing winds form Siberia called “The Buran” hit Italy hard, and now warm winds from the Tyrrhenian Sea are pummelling the coast. One thing’s certain: a wild storm can create some stunning light.

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Print sale on until this weekend! This print is priced lower because I knew you’d love it and I wanted to say thanks and I want everyone to be able to have it. 👉 (link in bio)


Find Momo in a coastal windswept forest.



Dawn & dusk, another day goes by. I really liked how these two images worked together. The first I took just after I left a new friend’s place, and the second while I was slipping down icy roads looking for a place to camp for the night. It was well below 0 and will be colder tonight. -
I’m trying to balance two ways of travel: see as much as possible to photograph more content for the book, and stay in a place as long as possible to fully live the experience. I struggle a lot with the latter but I also need to accept it, because that’s me! 🤷🏻‍♂️


Tongue out ears up is my new 100. Thanks to all your support by buying my prints this is how I’m feeling.
👋 That’s my shadow asking Momo to pass on my left so that he’s more centred on this bridge that leads to a town in the clouds.


Here’s some of my favourite moments over the past many months and to help with some unexpected expenses, I’m selling them as prints and you can put them on your wall or gift them to someone you know loves an adventure or a dog. Each of these moments was a very special one to me, especially looking back. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
The shop is open this week only. Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported me so far. It makes this journey possible and every bit helps.
I apologize for any shipping delays but this is my first time orchestrating this from afar so I’m sure there will be some bumps, but I’ll get them to you as soon as possible. Hopefully no more than a week or two after you order. Thanks for your patience. (link in profile)



Find Momo in Florence.


Buongiorno, Florence. ✨


Kim’s story about how she adapted to living with Rocket is sure to be familiar to anyone with a problematic dog. What struck me about Kim was her determination and willingness to accept each problem and use it to challenge herself. Over the last decade Rocket witnessed every change in Kim’s life Read her full story and see some more photos at

Sincere thanks to Kim for being so candid with me and inviting me into her full house and sharing a meal. And for the support from @healthypaws who are working with a lot of organizations in an effort to solidify the link between animals and wellness.


Too often I’m thinking about the parallel lives I’m living where I’d made slightly different choices, and how similar I probably am to that person.


I’ve got an extra couple of days to find hiding spots in Girona! I appreciate all of your love and encouragement. I’m privileged to be where I am at all, but to have your support is really more than I deserve. The van is in the shop (which is something I really didn’t want to say a week after buying it) and I’ll go when I go.

I may have a print sale soon (if I can figure out the logistics of shipping them) to help balance out some of these unexpected things. 🍊


Find Momo in Girona.


Gibraltar is the north of the two pillars of Hercules, the south being in Morocco. These “gates of Gades” are the farthermost limits reached by Hercules. They bore the Latin name “non plus ultra” which meant roughly that nothing was beyond this point. It signifies the end of the old world and the start of today’s, where Momo stoically stares towards Spain while standing in the UK, with Africa (the south pillar) on the horizon behind him.
At least that’s how I understood one of he mythologies but I might be wrong but go tell your friends anyways and we can start a new mythology together.


There’s nothing glamorous about waking up in a rental car, luckily this sunrise made everything warm for a few minutes.


Looking out from a cave inside Gibraltar rock, this planet is unpredictable. On Spain’s southern coast, a tiny territory of the UK is the gateway between two continents where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean. As if that wasn’t enough, apes live on this 426 meter limestone rock. This place is unreal. Swipe for a 🐵
Hats off to Pat and Chris for inviting us here and showing us around.


Find Momo in Sevilla.


Losing sleep and swallowing shadows in Sevilla. -
I’m thinking of going to Gibraltar tomorrow, a country that I didn’t know was real until yesterday! There are monkeys there and it’s the closest point to Africa that I’ll likely ever go with Momo (but, who knows).


When my friend Helen told me about Muralla Roja I assumed this was the sort of place I’d never see in real life. And now I have memories of getting lost in this real world Escher drawing. Architect Ricardo Bofill drew influence for this building from North African casbahs. I still can’t get over this place. (Thanks @helananas 💛)