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Last spring I was photographing @kai_lenny from the air as he broke the Hawaiian island crossing records on his kiteboard. He literally had just ripped through here and it was the only reason my camera was pointed down in this direction. Seeing the power of a #humpback #whale from above is a moment I’ll never forget. Kai carving out of the way of this giant would have been a hell of a photo. 😝@roam @sea_legacy


My valentines right here. But they are way more than that. They are every reason why I continue to pursue my dreams and passions. They close my loops and are at the end of each road home. My finest work yet. @orienstar #josiejune ❤️


Once you arrive to a new area and pour over the charts it’s easy to identify the sea mounts. Especially one that goes from 5000 feet to 250 feet. These types of locations can be ambitious dive spots with big swells, ripping current, high winds and a huge unknowns. But we know pelagic species love these types of zones so the only way to know what is here is to jump in and be patient. Here my good friend and shark advocate @seabacon gets a beautiful view of a large Oceanic Whitetip in the deep blue. After spending years at Cat Island together it was a special moment to be visited by an Oceanic in a new location. I love the sharks body position in this image. It really conveys her grace and power. @sea_legacy @moorecharitable // @sonyalpha #alphacollective #A9 12-24mm



First light burns the evening frost off the back of this young bull elk in #rockymountainnationalpark. Another cold morning crawling through the wet tall grass with @ladzinski, avoiding emails. @3stringsproductions


Patience pays off during a lazy day in Greenland. This #arcticfox would visit my tent each morning, steal my drying socks and chew on my tent guylines. I finally waited, camera ready, and caught the little guy in the act! Give me back my socks!!! @mikelibecki @ethan_pringle @ladzinski @connor_seybert


I love both worlds equally but I prefer my time beneath the blue line. Heading down on an exploratory mission to Bahamas next week to learn as much as I can from these beautiful fish. @sea_legacy @moorecharitable @globalfinprint



Been a helluva 2 weeks up here on Lake Superior shooting ice climbing. I may not have my official #yooper badge yet but I feel part of a special family of new friends I met along the way. Thanks for the fun! See ya 2/17 for the film premiere at the Michigan Ice Fest! // Photo of @sashadigiulian taking her first lead over the lake with @angela_vanwiemeersch supporting from below. // @redbull @3stringsproductions @ladzinski // Big thanks to all the help and talent who supported us on this shoot @tjtriage @lukehouse @croak_o @connor_seybert @scottcrady @coltenintheoutdoors @jackson_marvell @climbs2high @jenner_richard


Views like this never get old. Every breath I take in the Arctic, i take in deeper and hold for just a second longer than usual, just to feel the slight sting and acknowledge how lucky I am. I'll be heading to #svalbard with my good friend @ladzinski where we will be leading a trip with @naturalworldsafaris photographing #polarbears and beautiful landscapes like this. If you're interested in joining us please visit @naturalworldsafaris for more info #naturalworldsafaris #rightplacerighttime


As the crow flies, the quickest way to another planet is through #yellowstone. I visited for the first time last year and have been scheming my way back ever sense. @natgeocreative @sonyalpha #alphacollective



A beautiful Tiger Shark gets a little cheeky in the shallows. Looking forward to shedding these winter layers and joining my friends @moorecharitable @floridainternationalcollege @globalfinprint @ceibahamas down in the Bahamas for more shark surveys. Their dedication to protecting these beautiful animals is tireless. @sea_legacy


Harmful #algalblooms are swallowing the shores of freshwaters, making drinking water toxic and killing wildlife. These blooms are everywhere and now affect all 50 states. I recently teamed up with @ScottsMGroFoundation to help tell the story of algal blooms and what's being done to solve this global crisis. Embarking on this project, I had no idea where it would take me, but it quickly became clear that the biggest story of this #watercrisis is not the devastation but the amazing, hardworking people who are working to find a solution. This year, on March 22 (#worldwaterday), I will share stories of our nation's most troubled water bodies and the everyday heroes I've met along the way. This is only the beginning. #waterpositive // @ladzinski @calstrin @3stringsproductions


An early winter scene in #yellowstone. The snow starts to fall but nearby geothermic pools keep the grounds warm and green for the last #bison grazers to get their fill before the going gets tough. @sonyalpha #alphacollective @natgeocreative



Early winter scenes in Colorado have got my hand twitching to pick up the camera and go for a drive. On a drive down from #rockymountainnationalpark @ladzinski @dougladzinski and I were treated to a sun lit snow shower as we laid in the tall grass and made some images. Nothing beats time outside with the bros just honing the craft. @sonyalpha #alphacollective #A7R2 100-400mm. @natgeocreative #sixleggedhorse


“Someday everything’s gonna be smooth like a rhapsody, when I paint my masterpiece” - Bob Dylan. The most memorable sunset of 2017 was shared with the best of friends on a quiet evening at sea in Antarctica. @ladzinski @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms @pattersonimages @craigwelch @ignacioferrando360 @sea_legacy @natgeo


Happy New Year friends! I’m incredibly grateful for everything that’s happened to me this year. The good and the not so good. Most of all: my heath, friends, family and this community. Thanks for being part of it with me! This Kestrel hangs out near my house in Niwot, CO. He’s super slow on cold days like today and allows a heaping tablespoon of tolerance compared to most days. Usually I’m crawling through the high grass with @ladzinski. So I’m grateful for that too. 🙌🏼



Kike Ballestaros, a legend in marine biology and one of the most prideful Catalans in all the land, free-dives down to fly with a pair of Devil Rays in the Azores Islands. Kike, an integral part of @natgeopristineseas is twice my age and ten times the diver. I’ve done five expeditions with him and he continues to inspire and teach me so much. @sea_legacy @natgeo


This Polar Bear we stumbled across high on a mountain in Franz Josef Land as he was digging through the moss for Little Auk eggs. It’s a tough summer season these days in the Arctic with the seals having already traveled further north to keep up with the receding sea ice. Summer bears are usually a little more on edge due to their hunger by August and @coryrichards and I decided this was close enough. Despite the situation it’s hard not to be overcome by the beauty and power of these animals and the magic of the Arctic. @sea_legacy @natgeo @davidquammen @natgeopristineseas @enricsala @paulroseexplorer


Photo: The talented & joyous @paulnicklen //The overall response to this @sea_legacy fundraiser has left us all humbled and honored. Thank you for the amazing response so far. Your proceeds will help power our efforts in ocean conservation. Swipe left to view the SeaLegacy fine-art poster collection from myself, @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @jodymacdonaldphoto & @daisygilardini. If you’d still like to purchase a poster for a loved one or for yourself, there are now only 48 hours left (Deadline: midnight on December 12th) to order in time for delivery before Christmas in the U.S. International orders will now arrive after Christmas. Swipe left see more options, and click the link in my bio to see ALL the options, prices, sizes and shipping details: Happy holidays and thank you for #TurningTheTide with us.



A beautiful mother Walrus and her calf pop up to check on us. A subtle reminder of who has the advantage over an 8 foot inflatable zodiac boat. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo @natgeopristineseas with @coryrichards in #Franzjosefland 2013. @davidquammen @enricsala @sea_legacy


@mikelibecki on the daily commute up a new big wall that he and @ethan_pringle established over the summer in Greenland. Nothing beats that wild exposure and crisp arctic air! Wishing my @thenorthface friends @jimmy_chin @conrad_anker @cedarwright @alexhonnold & team the best of luck and good weather on their attempts on Ulvetanna down in Antarctica this month! ❄️💪🏼 @ladzinski @3stringsproductions


🎥: @ladzinski @calstrin // A few years ago on a trip to Valley of the Gods (now Bears Ears National Monument) we got together with @stirratt2 of @wilco for an impromptu weekend of folk ballads and painting in a place we love dearly. This particular murder ballad seems fitting to share now. For the full version of “Long Black Veil” click the link in my bio. Shot during the making of #convergencefilm. @ladzinski @jercollins_com @chrisburkard @andy_best @gregoryalanisakov @emilieleelee @joshpovec @bhatcherphoto @ianvaso @dianeculhaneart @3stringsproductions


Looking for holiday giving that gives back to the oceans at the same time? I’m excited to be offering a poster of the “Selvagens Wave” in collaboration with @sea_legacy founders @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier & Collective members @jodymacdonaldphoto @daisygilardini for $30. There is only 48 hours left to guarantee international shipping time for Christmas. Be sure to order by midnight Dec 5th! Clink the link in my bio to see more options of this image as well as the rest of the amazing poster options from the @sea_legacy team. #turningthetide // Like snowflakes, waves never form the same way twice, reminding us that mother ocean is the artist and we are the interpreters. 🙌🏼


@mikelibecki collects fresh water from the top of a floating iceberg in Greenland. After finding ourselves stuck on a small boat and festering in the sea-ice for a week straight, this daily chore became the exercise we most looked forward to. This frozen landscape seems like a dream to me still. @ladzinski @ethan_pringle @connor_seybert @dell @roam @3stringsproductions // @sonyalpha #alphacollective A9 24-70 2.8


It’s #givingtuesday and I’m excited to share the new @sea_legacy initiative. I’ve been searching a long time for the family I’ve found here at SeaLegacy and a passionate organization to put my efforts. I think it’s a real place to be involved and make a difference. Help create a world where our oceans are full of life.
Join The Tide, a passionate community invested in the health and sustainability of our oceans. This is our opportunity to make a difference together, as one voice. LINK IN BIO. I am a proud member of The Tide and hope you’ll join us on this mission. Thank you!!! 🙏🏼 let me know if you signed up!


This bear looks about relaxed as @chrisburkard did on his recent Greenland polar plunge. I spend my fair share of time in cold water but NEVER without a million layers under my dry suit. I’m a whimp when it comes to the polar plunge. I’ll admit it. I may never do it. I'm heading to #svalbard with my good friend @ladzinski where we will be leading a trip with @naturalworldsafaris photographing these amazing animals and the beautiful landscapes of Svalbard. If you're interested in joining us please visit @naturalworldsafaris for more info. I may even finally do the plunge. But probably not. I’m shivering even talking about it. @sea_legacy


@sashadigiulian never ceases to amaze me. We’ve been climbing and working together for the better part of a decade and I always feel inspired to push myself when I’m around her. Climbing is my way of re-grounding myself after long stints of travel. After repeated long stretches of planes, boats and diving it’s difficult to get myself back to Earth sometimes. I always feel better under my feet even if I just go out and shoot photos. Thanks Sasha for the fun day out in the Flatirons and congrats on your send of “Choose Life” 5.13+. What a beautiful route!!! @redbull @jessehuey @calstrin @roam @3stringsproductions


A little different take on a common Bahamian seascape. A Healthy Caribbean Reef Shark over a flat sandy bottom. It never gets old for me. One of my favorite places to go diving and spend time with my finned friends. @sea_legacy @3stringsproductions


@ethan_pringle rappels down the upper pitches of our newly established bigwall rock climb in southeast Greenland. This was around midnight after a massive 4 week effort to get to this point. There is no greater feeling than rapping 2000 feet of vertical granite with your best friends after giving your best and finally succeeding. The weight of relief feels like a feather compared to that of the unknown. Thanks @mikelibecki for bringing us here and @ethan_pringle for gunning us up this thing! @ladzinski @connor_seybert @dell @mountainhardwear #dellrugged @3stringsproductions @roam


Photo by: John and Jane Doe. // This is what happens to farmed fish in open-net ocean pens. This situation is extremely harmful for the fish, bad for the surrounding environment and probably not something you’d want eat if you saw it at a fish market. It’s time to get the open net fish farms out of British Columbia waters. Further more, they are operating on First Nation land without permission. Just thought you’d hate to see this photo but appreciate the information. I’m standing with my friends @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier who are up there right now. Follow the link in @sea_legacy bio to add your voice. // UPDATE: This of course depends on the particular farm, the majority of farmed salmon aren't deformed like this and since the fish are in cages and not exposed to predators, the weaklings, which would normally be eaten in the wild, are able to survive. The fact remains, Aquaculture has incredible potential for both good and bad, has a long way to go and should not be happening on First Nation land. (Thanks for the info Tina Oldham)


When @paulnicklen has idea he becomes completely consumed with it. So, after he spotted a beautiful large sponge on the sunset dive, he came up to the surface, gathered the team and explained his idea, which was basically: "We come back after dark, before the storm hits and follow me to 100 feet. We'll light the sponge from above, simulating the moon and wait for sharks and groupers to come in." 👌🏼 Obviously we were all-in and didn't have to wait long as sharks arrived upon entry. The 20 minutes that proceeded was a beautifully lit show of how a healthy Caribbean reef looks at night. The memory is still more like a dream and a reality. I can't wait to see his footage. Enjoy this short behind-the-scenes clip. Thanks for the vision Paul and for the experience! #teamwork #turningthetide with @sea_legacy @cristinamittermeier @paulnicklen @iankellett_story @mdalio @samkretch / music @davisharwellmusic