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Be the change you want to see in the world and surround yourself with people who empower you to do so. @paulnicklen & @cristinamittermeier are two of those people for me and I'm excited to be heading to Cuba next week for a diving expedition with them, bringing to light the importance of protected marine areas in the Carribean. As a member of @sea_legacy I plan to spend the rest of my life doing my part to educate the world (particularly world leaders) on the importance of a healthy and vibrant ocean. // Shot on assignment for @natgeo @sea_legacy in Antarctica earlier in the year as this dynamic duo prepares for a day of diving with Leopard Seals. @sonyalpha #alphacollective


Just finished documenting the toxic algal blooms effecting Lake Erie and we are off again today to Long Island to do the same. It's a tough issue and one I'm eager to document and amplify and as I continue to interview the good people being effected. Follow along with my stories over the next few days. Aerial photo by: @calstrin taken just outside Maumee Bay State Park, OH. #barleyprize #ScottsMGroFoundation #waterpositive @sea_legacy @ladzinski @3stringsproductions


#haulin @miniusa // What a fantastic company to work with. And so much fun to drive! Can I keep her?


Well hello there little lady. This beautiful Oceanic Whitetip arrived off the deep bank and into the shallows with me for a few fun minutes. I'm looking straight down here and she's coming straight up. A rare composition for a pelagic shark. What a beauty! Sending love to the Caribbean as they brace for an uncertain week ahead. ❤️. @sea_legacy


The #polarbear is the largest land carnivore on Earth, and in my opinion, the most spirited. It's an honor and a privilege to photograph these bears. I'll be heading to #svalbard with my good friend @ladzinski where we will be leading a trip with @naturalworldsafaris photographing these amazing animals and the beautiful landscapes of Svalbard. If you're interested in joining us please visit @naturalworldsafaris for more info!


My gratitude for our oceans is immeasurable. Without a single doubt, if I had the choice of flight or lungs, I'd lurk in the deep blue with this cast of colorful characters. Oceanic Whitetip Shark and his compadre, Pilot Fish. Once the most abundant large predator on the planet, the Oceanic Whitetip now faces near extinction with populations plummeting nearly 99% in some studies. WTF? #stopsharkfinning @moorecharitable @sea_legacy @ceibahamas


One of our world's great artists, Aurora Borealis, paints on the night sky over Southeast Greenland. // I spent this night bivied on the roof of our small boat as the 7 of our crew along with 38 overpacked expedition bags fought for space on the cramped 20 foot Viknes which was giving us a lift back to the airfield at Kulusuk. I definitely made the correct decision, despite almost being rocked off into the Arctic icy waters a few times in my sleep. @mikelibecki @ladzinski @ethan_pringle @connor_seybert @dell @mountainhardwear #dellrugged


That morning commute. @mikelibecki enjoying the sweet pucker space between bullet-hard granite and a valley thousands of feet below during our first ascent push of a new tower in Greenland earlier this month. One of the most unforgettable adventures of my life. @ethan_pringle #ropegun @ladzinski @connor_seybert // @dell #dellrugged @reddigitalcinema @sonyalpha @mountainhardwear


There are moments on this wild and wonderful planet that live with you forever. Power, beauty, fear, grace & excitement are all ingredients in humble stew: my favorite dish. // A Polar Bear in Southeast Greenland shows me a close moment of curiosity before ducking under and moving on his way. // @mikelibecki @ladzinski @ethan_pringle @connor_seybert // @sea_legacy @dell #dellrugged // @reddigitalcinema @sonyalpha #A9 #alphacollective


Pure exhaustion. // Touching into service now for the first time in 6 weeks and I'm glad to see the world is still spinning (though I haven't confirmed that yet through my news feed.) I'm so excited to share the details and stories of this unforgettable expedition here over the next few weeks. After many harsh setbacks, we banded together and arrived at the summit of a first ascent steep granite tower near Thor's Land, Greenland. The new route, lead by @ethan_pringle and followed by @mikelibecki likely involves the most technically difficult rock climbing in Greenland. @ladzinski and I were there to capture the experience. Here, the two take a brief rest after a summit push that went well into the night. Faint northern lights tickle the horizon. Thanks @mikelibecki for another unforgettable adventure! And thanks to @dell @mountainhardwear @reddigitalcinema for the support and belief in this project. I'm ready to be home with the fam now @orienstar #josiejune // @connor_seybert @3stringsproductions // Shot on #A9 @sonyalpha #alphacollective


Gearing up to head deep into the Southern Fjords of Thor's Land, #Greenland with our fearless leader, @mikelibecki, leading the way. This is his 12th climbing expedition here. I shot this image in 2014 as our boat captain, Siggi, and Mike search the danish military maps for ways back into unexplored fjords. Unfortunately, Siggi sunk this particular boat last year in the ice but the good news is our boat this year is a little stronger. There will be ice, and with that, true adventure. Lucky to be part of this team @ladzinski @ethan_pringle @mikelibecki @connor_seybert // @dell #dellrugged @mountainhardwear @reddigitalcinema @sonyalpha


Off to the land of fire and ice once again. Beyond the normal threshold for travel and sacrifice is a place (actually) called Thor's Land, Greenland. I'm eagerly awaiting tomorrow's journey there with my favorite people @ladzinski @mikelibecki @ethan_pringle & first time production assistant @connor_seybert for big-wall first ascents, polar bears, dragon-sized mosquitos & icebergs. My heart is both heavy (family separation: #orienstar & #josiejune) and light (in order to fill it up along the way.) I look forward to sharing the adventure with the best team imaginable. 🙌🏼❄️🌊🏔 @3stringsproductions Thanks to @dell @mountainhardwear for believing in this project and my sponsors (who I shamefully rarely give any public credit for their support) @sonyalpha @arcteryx @mountainsmith @miniusa. A final shoutout to @reddigitalcinema @reefphotovideo for weighing down my already heavy bags with the Helium 8K in a @nauticamhousings and the one of the first @sonyalpha #A9 underwater housings. Time to tell a #bigger #story #alphacollective @roam @sea_legacy


Blue Shark: always considers itself the biggest kid on the playground. It's not. But you have to admire that kind of bravado! I love when these sharks show up unannounced out of the blue. @moorecharitable #sharks #underwaterphotography #underwater #blueshark #sharkweek #bahamas #nauticam @sonyalpha #alphacollective #a7rii


Why do we climb? This. @paigeclaassen quests up into the no-fall zone on a stunner in the Peruvian high country! @abba_zabba @pete_takeda @mickucius @3stringsproductions


Going into the weekend #laidback. All that damn hustle can just take a break and holla at me Monday. I'm just a starfish looking to kick back for a sec. If you need me, I'll be down here. Shot on @sonyalpha #a7rii #alphacollective for @waittfoundation in #Thailand.


#sponsored // I've been finding some time for myself lately. There's something about a winding mountain road and putting the phone on airplane mode that's good for the soul. Sometimes my life seems to fly by so quickly that, ironically, taking a drive can actually slow things down for me. Every mile has a story to tell. Where will the @MINIUSA #NewCountryman take you? Find out at


Looking forward to some bigwall adventures in Greenland soon with this guy. @ethanpringle casually upside down and placing a piece of protection on the obscure roof-crack, "Five Year Plan" 5.13, Dinosaur Mountain, Flatirons, Colorado. Shot back in 2009. @briansolano


A rusted bow getting some appreciation on my marina walkabout in Murmansk, Russia before departing to France Josef Land on assignment for @natgeo @coryrichards @natgeopristineseas


A beautiful pair of Oceanic Whitetips in the crystal blue waters of Cat Island, Bahamas. I sure do miss my finned friends. @sonyalpha #alphacollective @sea_legacy


The icy gates of Antarctica welcoming our @sea_legacy team earlier this year. A humbling and eye-opening trip that none of us will soon forget. Shot on assignment for @natgeo @sea_legacy. // @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @ladzinski @ianvaso @craigwelch @reveredcinema @pattersonimages @shanemoorefilms @ignacioferrando360 @sadiequarrier #ccamlr2017


#sponsored // Anytime I get the opportunity to work with a company who "gets it" I feel incredibly lucky. l recently partnered with MINI to take the new Countryman to Montana and create photos and memories that are meaningful to me. And, we invited along a family to join me on the adventures. It's always the people I meet who become like extended family that I take away from trips like this one. Every mile has a story to tell. Where will the @MINIUSA #NewCountryman take you? Find out at


🎥🔊▶️: Greeted with Oceanic Whitetips after sunset, we couldn't possibly pass up the opportunity to spend some quality time with our favorite sharks in the void. A healthy dose of curiosity and respect going both ways. Video: @andy_mann @perrinjames1 @seabacon // Music: Eternal Sunset (@hawkfather @_electricmeadow_ )


Stoked to be Montana bound today to meet up with good buddy @kai_lenny for some more action on the Yellowstone River. Flows are up. Winds are ripping. Time to play! @redbull @ladzinski @cainedelacy @calstrin @brianszymanski @3stringsproductions


At home on this snowy Colorado day editing together our 360 VR night dive with the Oceanics. Definitely the coolest VR experience I've had with a headset. Here is a screenshot from the film. You can see the lights of our boat above the surface. I'll be posting a behind the scenes of how we pulled this off in the coming weeks. @google @moorecharitable @sea_legacy


Thanks for the photo @perrinjames1 // Here, I'm filming the critically endangered Oceanic Whitetip in 360 VR as freediver @seabacon goes down for a better view. Working with @google @moorecharitable @ceibahamas to bring this immersive experience to classrooms around the world has been a fun and rewarding project! @ignacioferrando360


Nothing is more important to me than my family and no adventure compares to the life I've chosen with my beautiful wife @orienstar. Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful women in the world. Thanks for being our anchor!


Know what it feels like to be alone? Multiply that times a thousand and you have Laura Dekker, the youngest person to sail solo around the world. The journey took her 518 days on her 38 foot two-masted ketch, named "Guppy." She was 16 years old at the time. I enjoyed sharing stories with her over tea aboard Guppy on a recent trip New Zealand. People like Laura in inspire me to push my boundaries. @costasunglasses @cainedelacy




Yesterday was a memorable day at sea with good friends, ending with something we've all dreamed of for years: a night dive in the black water with the Oceanic Whitetips. So grateful for our oceans 🙏🏼 @moorecharitable @ceibahamas @google


A large Tiger plays hard to get under the dock. Just look at that beautiful tail. It's good to be back in the Bahamas, the sharkiest place in the world. It's probably a good idea to double check your landings here before your next backflip! Stoked to be joining friends @seabacon @perrinjames1 @sharkgirlmadison @charlescrayola @ollieshipley27 @mbond8 @lucyahowey @debra.abercrombie @captinjoeydafish @maggiew27 @epicdiving @seawilliams for a few weeks of sharks and science.