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Tonight #theresurrectiontour is in Pittsburgh PA! Every night after the set we like to hand out set lists, towels etc. to you guys in the audience who have made the show so great! We want to show you that we appreciate that you guys spent your hard earned money to make these shows happen! Tonight however, given the location of the show I thought I might bring you guys some special gifts from my hometown! I know i know, they aren’t what you’re used to here in the Steel City..BUT hopefully you’ll still like them 😜 Seriously though I wanted to have a little fun with this “rivalry” AND give you guys some stuff that I really love 🖤🆎 #whodey


AMERICAN SATAN is officially out on DVD, blu-ray and all major digital movie streaming outlets! Pick it up and check out my debut leading role in a film! Thanks again to @ashavildsen for believing in me and to the entire cast and crew for such a fun and exciting experience! #therelentless


I am so thankful for every moment I get to spend with my Gran. She has always been one of my biggest heroes. She has inspired me not only by showing me the power of strength and courage by defeating illness but also the importance of intellectual pursuits and the usefulness of stimulating ones mind with new and challenging ideas and concepts no matter what stage in life you happen to be experiencing. She is truly one of a kind🖤 I am so happy I got to spend the day off in my hometown with my parents and family! Now on to Pittsburgh (whodey) for tomorrow’s show!



Thank you so much to everyone who has come to #theresurrectiontour so far! We are having blast on stage playing these songs and singing with you guys, I really look forward to the rest of the run. Also, I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has been so supportive and kind about our new record VALE that came out on Friday and the music video for “Wake Up”! You guys rock! 🆎🖤


Our new record “VALE” is out now! Click the link in my bio to pick up the album on iTunes and get ready for the “Wake Up” official music video directed by @robbystarbuck which premieres at 1PM EST on the @blackveilbrides @vevo #blackveilbrides #vale #wakeup


Denver! Its time for the second show of #theresurrectiontour 🆎🖤@blackveilbrides VALE drops tonight at midnight! Photo: @grizzleemartin



Salt Lake City! In a few hours we kick off The Resurrection Tour! Tonight marks the first @blackveilbrides show since November 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited to get back on stage and play these songs for you guys! 🆎🖤 VALE drops in 2 days!


I’m heading to SLC to kick off the first @blackveilbrides tour in quite awhile and while I am extremely excited to get back on stage with the boys, I can’t help but also feel the sense of longing that comes with being away from the one you love. I am so incredibly thankful to have found my soul mate and best friend. When we met many years ago we fell in love but we were young and weren’t yet equipped to handle the challenges of life together as we do now. Through the years of growing up we have forged the solid structure on which we have built our new happy, healthy and sober life together and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for always having my back, making me laugh every single day and inspiring me to be a better person and artist, my dragonfly @thejulietsimms 🖤 ——- “Round your hair the sun lifts a halo, at your lips a crown of thorns
Whatever other deals going down, to this one I'm sworn
I'll work for your love dear
I'll work for your love
What others may want for free
I'll work for your love.” Photo #reposted from @thejulietsimms


VALE drops 1/12/18 and #theresurrectiontour kicks off in SLC on Jan 10th! Read all about the new album and tour in this weeks @kerrangmagazine_ 🆎🖤 Photo: @grizzleemartin



We will be doing a meet and greet at the Hollywood and Highland @hottopic tomorrow (Jan. 6th) at 2:00PM. Come take a photo, hear a sneak peek of the new @blackveilbrides album and shop merch from our upcoming tour! 6801 Hollywood Blvd #345, Hollywood, CA 90028 🆎🖤 Behind the scenes photo from the “Wake Up” video shoot with @robbystarbuck by Francisco E Gonzalez VALE 1/12/18


New issue of @kerrangmagazine_ featuring an interview and track by track breakdown of @blackveilbrides VALE available online and in stores January 3rd! 🆎🖤


“Wake Up” photo: Francisco E. Gonzalez



VALE 1/12/18 photo: Francisco E. Gonzalez


Here’s a photo from last night’s amazing surprise birthday dinner that my incredible wife @thejulietsimms organized and hosted for me. Look, I dont mean to sound like I am forlorn about the day of my birthday but the day after Christmas is usually a time when everyone is bummed out and just wants to stay in and relax now that Xmas is over so for most of my life I never really made a big deal about getting people to “celebrate” my birthday. I happened to mention to Juliet in the car one day that I have never had an actual surprise party thrown for me in my entire life and how I sorta thought it was funny but a little sad that it would probably never happen due to it being right in the middle of the holidays etc. and I never thought any more about it. Well, last night we left the house to go to dinner at one of my favorite vegan spots @gmweho and have what I thought was a small quiet dinner with my in-laws. We entered the restaurant and turned the corner to the seating area and all of a sudden I see so many of my friends, band mates and family all singing happy birthday! It was a complete surprise and totally caught me off guard. I want to thank everyone who showed up and made it so special and for being so loyal and kind to me but most of all I want to thank Juliet for giving my something I never thought I would experience. What a thrilling evening! PS. I’m very impressed that no one ruined the surprise hahaha! 🆎🖤


be well, be strong! Photo: Francisco E. Gonzalez



Happy Holidays from our family to yours!🎄🖤 here’s a BTS shot of my wife @thejulietsimms and I during the “Wake Up” music video earlier this week. I am so thankful to have a partner who always understands and helps my artistic vision and interests (also one who will tell me that my fly is down when I am filming🤣). I had a blast making the video with @robbystarbuck and I can’t wait for you guys to see it soon!☃️ photo:@franciscodelanada


Here’s another behind the scenes still image from yesterday’s video shoot for “Wake Up” with @robbystarbuck ! Thank you to Robby and the entire RSM crew for a wonderful experience. We will be sharing more details and BTS photos from the video in the coming weeks! I hope you guy are all having a wonderful holiday season and a great end to 2017! P.S you can listen to a new track from “VALE” entitled “The Last One” on iTunes and Spotify and if you digitally pre order the record! I hope you enjoy it! 🎄☃️🆎 Photo: @franciscodelanada


“Wake Up” 2018 Music Video @robbystarbuck Photo @franciscodelanada



VALE 1/12/18


Moving homes can be a chore but one thing that has been great is going through our old storage and finding cool things I haven’t seen in years. These are some of my original design sketches and ideas for the “Wild Ones” @blackveilbrides costumes from the Wretched and Divine era. We took these doodles to @junkerdesigns back in 2012 and they really nailed the look for each member of the band. I look back with great fondness on that album and tour and the aesthetic of W&D. I can’t wait to start the VALE touring cycle in a few weeks and for you guys to hear the album and see the upcoming music video 🆎🖤


VALE 1/12/18


VALE 1/12/18


VALE 1/12/18


I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with the folks at @nevertakeitoff for many years and i am a huge supporter of the message and idea behind the company. i have met an innumerable amount of people at various concerts and in meet and greets all over the world who take tremendous pride in their NTIO bracelets and the subsequent promises that they have made to themselves, their friends and their family by tying on their NTIO piece. Nothing makes me happier than to see people who are taking the initiative to do something positive and keep a promise to themselves. •

This year, they have extended their annual Black Friday Sale so that everyone has a few more days to select their meaningful gifts or to get themselves some “Merch with Meaning” this holiday season. I do not wish to insinuate in any way that you must buy one of these pieces but if you happen to be interested, NTIO is an incredible company that partners with countless talented and genuine artists to give fans in our community something cool and meaningful to wear and they do so in the spirit of being good to yourself and those around you.🖤

Use code: Black40 for 40% Off
thru Sunday, site wide on


Here’s a photo @jeremysaffer took backstage in Connecticut on the 2017 @vanswarpedtour it’s always a pleasure working with Jeremy, such a nice guy and incredibly talented. There is a poster from this shoot available in the current issue of @outburn_mag ! I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 🆎🖤




My late grandfather Urban Flanders, WWII veteran and a true hero. You may have heard his voice in the intro to both the first BVB record and the “Perfect Weapon” music video. His life and death was a major inspiration for me personally during the writing of the song “In The End” and he will always be important to who I️ am as a person. Thank you Grandpa for your service and thank you to all the veterans and active duty military for all that you do to protect us. Your bravery is incomparable. #salutetoservice


Maybe he’s born with it?@flandangerous getting weird on next weeks @theandyshowtv 🧛🏻‍♂️ Be sure to check out this week’s minisode feat. @thejulietsimms on YT! #greydust #whyamIalwayspointingatpeoplelikethat


Thanks again to everyone who has been so kind and complimentary about my first @westtowerwarrior collection! It’s really exciting to see photos of you guys wearing the clothes and I want you to know how much I appreciate the support and enthusiasm. If you’re interesting in the line check out @westtowerwarrior for more details 🆎🖤 photo @joshuashultz grooming @nikkinouvelle


A quick video from the studio! Check out @thejulietsimms new video at the link in my bio, news about @americansatan and this weeks @theandyshowtv episode on @patreon