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@dwyanewade arrives for his first game with the @cavs! #KiaTipOff17


@lancemccullers43 follows in his dad's footsteps tonight. #ALCS (via @playball)


Tag a pet parent who needs a pair of socks with their dog on them! Get yours made @MyPetCanva. They'll take a photo upload of any pet! (link in their bio)


Photo by @artdr3am
Comfortable, secure, confident in your own skin — this is what body positivity means to Leia Immanuel (@artdr3am). For the past three years, Leia has dealt with hormonal acne. “I used to try and cover it all up with makeup,” says the eighth-grade student from New York. “Slowly, I began to accept that my acne is natural. I’ve grown more comfortable in my skin and body, and it’s changed the way I’ve seen people and the world.” Her advice to others? “Self-confidence comes differently for everyone. Being confident in your skin takes time and learning. Stay true to yourself and most importantly, keep an open mind. People are different, and when you accept that, you can accept your differences.” #NationalBodyConfidenceDay


The @Mercedesbenzmuseum is celebrating 50 Years of Driving Performance with a special exhibition, “50 Years of AMG”. The highlights will be the 300 SEL 6.8 AMG and the design model of the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar. Will you be there?
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Hello🐶✨ We are now ready in a form of stickers for Line application😊 If you're using the app, support us!! 💕 Big kisses and licks🐶💦 #line #linesticker ⚠️Link on my bio⚠️


Kiss kiss


🐒🐒 .

うーちゃんの・・・ クラッキング( ò ω ó )カッカッカッ🐥 .

cracking.🐒 .





Welcome back daddy!!✨🐶✨パパおかえり〜*\(^o^)/* ご飯用意してるよ〜


Teddy, Norfolk Terrier (3 y/o), Fishs Eddy, New York, NY • "We call him ‘Fishs Teddy’. He works here – he's good for office morale." • NYC: Join me at @fishseddynyc this Wednesday, 10/18 from 6:30-8:30pm. I'll be signing books and petting puppies – hope to see you there!


Follow @elitexlbullies 👈 She's a character 😂😂 A #hungry BBQ... Oh the irony 🙄🤷🏽‍♂️ #queenb #diva #puppy


I'm not doing anything...I dunno who dragged the bag of food in here and ate some. It was probably Frank. 😉
October is non gmo month and @halopets sources their fruits & veggies from farmland that prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds. 😋


Watcha' mean no boxes and only bills came in the mail? What am I suppose to do with this?! 🚫📦😾#millathecat #mondays


3 ways of ignoring the fact that the weekend is already over.


I need a bigger pool!💦🤣
By @goldenlotushana


Yesterday was a real adventure but the sweet thing is that it ended right here way up in the mountains @ 12,000ft. Life ain’t always easy but if you’re willing to have the courage to show up and let yourself been seen it’s all worth it.


Dis Saturday morning smiles brought to u by the smell of scrambled eggs cooking 🍳 #smilefortheeggsimeancamera


Good Mornig Siren Mikeko
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