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bb girl & bubbles


We took so many photos in this bath tub you guys I’m sorry for how many I’m gonna post. 📷: @audenbui 👗: @jennernugen 🎨: @catcalico


examine yourself.
📷: @audenbui 🎨: @catcalico 👗: @jennernugen



photo by @audenbui
styled by @jennernugen
make ups by @catcalico


The season finale of @corporate is TONIGHT at 10pm on @comedycentral 🐘so honored to have been a part of this deadpan masterpiece speaking to soul-sucking office life. See you again for season 2 ✌🏻


This boy is one of my best frans. And we clearly have a new anime coming out called Dark Angel Lolita. Find it soon on crunchy roll.



Baby’s first billboard. Happy women’s day to the beautiful, talented & fierce cast of #youthandconsequences:
Working with all of you was such a privilege 💖 please follow & support these women! 🌟 THEY’RE STARS 🌟


Long day of press tour but when you love your project it’s hella easy ✌🏻 #youthandconsequences first 2 episodes are free & you can binge the rest with a free trial. Link in bio


Youth & Consequences is out TODAYYYY AHHHHHH! First 2 episodes free, the rest you can watch with a free trial! Link in bio ❤️



Working with @mikediva again obvi. We are wrapped and it’s 5am and I have a flight to catch in 2 hours but I’m high on how much I love working with my best friends on dope ish. Amazing costume by @manzinat0r & @garbage_auture 🖤


#YouthAndConsequences comes out in 2 days! Watch the wonderful @pippiphooray1 transform from lovable baker bb to a full fledged villain because all episodes are available for binge mode on YouTube RED ✨


youth & consequences premieres IN THREE DAYS. all episodes will be up on YT RED, with 101 & 102 being free fa sho & the rest avail with a free trial!



MARCH 7. #youthandconsequences comes out on YouTube RED! All episodes are out at once and the first 2 are avail for free! Sign up for a free trial to watch the whole season ✨


I got to see my dream project on a big boy screen with people I love and I can’t wait for you to watch #YouthAndConsequences on March 7 on YouTube RED. I’m so proud of this show and everyone behind it. I believe in it so much 😭💕


My best fran is a paint brush and I am lucky to be her recurring canvas. 🎨 @catcalico 📷 @selashiloniphoto



That’s a wrap! Thank you @audenbui for making this short look insanely beautiful. Not only is it inspiring to see an Asian woman wielding this camera like a sword, but you’re an incredibly badass human being who has reached levels of chill and grace I can only dream about.
And thank you to @ardigitalcinema for the camera package! 🎥🖤


I can’t believe I get to work with so many talented and kind hearted friends. Filming this short has been emotionally taxing cause I’m basically reliving every shitty moment of my life but being surrounded by these beauties just makes me feel grateful & beyond fucking lucky to get to do what I love with people I adore. 🖤


When you’ve got 5 cats to feed at home. 📷: @catcalico



Almost 30 but still 13 inside. And now outside. Wait wut 🎨 @catcalico


Day 2 of my new short~ thank you friends for coming out and helping. @kararoyster & @ssavannahjaydee (unfortunately not pictured) are in it as from Youth & Consequences coming out March 7!


Done with our LA portion! Excited to head to China to wrap up @gobacktochinafilm 💕


IT’S HERE. The trailer for #YouthAndConsequences! All episodes out March 7 on YT RED. I am so proud of the people in this show and how it came out and it’s literally a dream come true featuring the most amazing cast a gal could hope to be a part of: @sophie1reynolds @pippiphooray1 @kararoyster @ssavannahjaydee @seangrandillo @itsmikegray @thekaranbrar @katiesarife @mosesstorm & from the brilliant mind of @jubaldi


poetry books & tattoos with my best fran 🖤 thank you for the valentines gift @catcalico !


Youth & Consequences teaser is here! AHHH. This was seriously a dream come true. The cast, the story, everything about this show from @jubaldi felt amazing. Thank you so much to YouTube RED for bringing it to life. All episodes drop on 3/7 🖤


They said you can’t find love at the club. But then Rampage walked onto the dance floor.


some photos from Sundance ☀️


color blocks w/@selashiloniphoto & 🎨 @catcalico


Day 1 of @GoBackToChinaFilm done! So excited to be the lead of a film portraying such a personal story from director/writer @emilyting917 🎥


the greatest trick depression ever pulled was convincing creatives you need it to make great art