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Do you like Messi? 😊
I learned he likes Ronaldo last night. πŸ’˜
Was such a fuuuuun night!
Kamsahamnida for coming to Manila @skawngur ❀️
You made so many of us fan girls happy πŸ€—.
@mmilive THANK YOU for making last night happen! Many fan girl hearts went home happy! πŸ‘πŸΌ.
P.S - excuse my (trying to hide my kilig face) smile. I was seriously screaming on the inside. The struggle was real. πŸ˜‚u


Our cute packaging (and totally "flatlay friendly" πŸ˜‚) when you order online. 😍 And yes, we ship internationally too! ✈️ Thank you again for all the awesome feedback and tagged photos of all of you loving our lippies and products!
I'm really so so sooooooo kilig. πŸ’˜
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Suweeeg. πŸ˜‹
Excited for tonight!
After a long wait I finally got my 'hands' on this -
An ode to one of my fave characters and top kdrama series.
P.S - didn't you find this scene one of the cutest EVER. πŸ’˜#WLFKBJ


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So proud and kilig about this video and all the awesome feedback we are getting! 😍
Thank you for all the tags!
It makes me so happy! πŸ’„
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Keeping it cute and cozy on this rainy afternoon 🌨 .
πŸ’„: refined @blkcosmeticsph


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What did the pink panther say when he stepped on an ant? 🐜.
dead-ant dead-ant dead-ant, dead-ant dead-ant dead-ant, dead-ant dead-annnnnnt. πŸ˜‚ #Havey AMININ. Kinanta mo din! πŸ˜‹


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All smiles! Yey @blkcosmeticsph πŸ’„ Thank you to everyone that came to our launch today. Truly means so much to me! On behalf of my partners and I, Thank you! Sooooooooo much fun!πŸ’‹ Excited to make beauty made simple for everyone!.
Thank you to my love @michaelleyva_ for making this uber kyeopta suspicious partner vibes suit πŸ’˜.
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@blkcosmeticsph is a dream come true. After years in the making, today, I will finally launch my very own make up line πŸ’„My partners and I worked so hard to make sure you will experience the best quality that's uncomplicated, simple, cruelty-free, wearable and attainable for everyone! I'm so proud of this baby. It truly is beauty made simple. I promise. Can't wait for you guys to try all of our products. πŸ’‹ Stay tuned later! I'll go live at our launch and be sure to follow our accounts on FB-IG-TWITTER @blkcosmeticsph for more updates! You can also purchase online at πŸ’„
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90's Vibe. When you're trying to be chill and all cool about the @blkcosmeticsph launch tomorrow 😳🌨


Less than 24 hours till our big beauty launch for @blkcosmeticsph πŸ’„Love my lippie and highlighter here? You can get your hands on it real soon! πŸ’˜ #UnconmplicatedBeauty #blkcosmeticsuncomplicatedbeauty #BeautyMadeSimple


When you wanna spread love but not the virus 😷Thank you to my showtime family for allowing me to have the rest of the day off so I can rest my voice and body. Health is wealth! Time to get some ZzzzzzZ's 😴


" The remainders of a shooting star landed directly on our broke down little car.
We fold and we had made a wish
That we would be missed if one another just did not exist" .
Today's rainy evening song and awesome lyric pick up from Modest Mouse - Little Motel. β˜”οΈ


That orange Manila sky before the rain came pouring down. 🌨 #nofilter
Check out my IG story to see it live. Ridic.


Lippie Love πŸ’„@blkcosmeticsph
Here's a sneak peek of just a few of the shades we have!
Can't wait for guys to try them! πŸ’‹ 3 days to go! #blkUncomplicatedBeauty #blkCosmeticsUncomplicatedBeauty #BeautyMadeSimple


Pearls are always appropriate - Jackie Kennedy. πŸ‘’ @jewelmer..
πŸ’†πŸ»: @santiagoraymond .
πŸ’‹: @gerypenaso .
πŸ’„: @blkcosmeticsph .


Spent my morning at the 38th ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly πŸ’˜.
Had a lovely time πŸ’˜.
Wore a pretty @popogomanila piece and a gorgeous strand of @jewelmer Philippine South Sea Golden pearls πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­


Today's #BuyBust set find.
Remnants of a lost love.
Pinabayaan. Tinapon. Kinalimutan.
Oy! Yown! Hugot!


4 days to go πŸ’„ @blkcosmeticsph
#blkuncomplicatedbeauty #blkcosmeticsuncomplicatedbeauty #BeautyMadeSimple


Tomorrow is the day!!! #SoulBrothers are having their concert at the Kia theatre at 8pm! Be sure to kick off your weekend with these talented gents! ❀️ Get your tickets at 🎀 Goodlucks Boys!


@blkcosmeticsph 5 days to go!!!!!! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. πŸ’„
#blkuncomplicatedbeauty #blkcosmeticsuncomplicatedbeauty #beautymadesimple
@miguellugtu thanks for this πŸ’‹


Day 42 of blood, bruises, bukols, sweat, scars and LOVE for this film. Thanks for the sweet surprise #BuyBust Family! 🎬! Last 10 days.. DAW! πŸ˜‹ @erikmatti @realityentertainment @charmsvalenzuela @baschiamariano


Reunited for our birthday girl @cjjaravata ❀️ We love you!


@blkcosmeticsph - 6 days to go till our big beauty launch! πŸ’„
Who's excited? πŸ’‹#blkuncomplicatedbeauty #blkcosmetics #BeautyMadeSimple


Weighted cool down session in the pool with my forever gym buddy @isabelledaza and beast trainer @arnoldaninion πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


What do you need? πŸ’‹
For every day, all you need is @citymallph ❀️
Such a fuuuuuuun shoot! 🎈


πŸ“Έ with my pomaRAHnian Grizzly before heading to my photo shoot. Happy ka @jugsjugsjugs? πŸ˜‘
πŸ’„: @blkcosmeticsph


Gloomy Monday calls for cozy coat and DARK LIPPY @blkcosmeticsph πŸ’„ .
#uncomplicatedbeauty #BLKuncomplicatedbeauty


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