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yay or nay


thought this prank was a good idea


took a picture of this beautiful tree on the rear and also the face camera. couldn’t tell which angle was better so i posted both 🌟

ps: i have two new videos out this week but i’m not going to link you to them because if you really loved me you’d already have seen them.



happiest moment of my life so far


a day in the life of a daily vlogger


need a name for my new video game PLZ FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE ME A NAME

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hey @thisisessential, i used your #essentialphone to figure out my new year’s resolutions, please approve me for this incredible #ad and please put it on TV thx #thisisessential #advertisement #spon #sponsored #commercial #desperatecryforhelp❌


the hairier your arms, the better you are at literally EVERYTHING IN LIFE THIS IS A FACT DONT GOOGLE IT 💫

ps congrats to @sighcarls & @blanca_bri_ for commenting on my last post and winning my merch.


why is this how i look in every school photo i’ve ever taken
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can’t tell if this is my #2017bestnine or a game of count the emos

bye 2017 👋 you had your ups and downs but bring me that sweet sweet 2018


some people say i have an overactive brain and that i should stop overanalyzing everything but there are 278 stars in this photo


made it to prague and tried to smile but it’s so cold i can’t feel my face 🇨🇿



it took forever but i finally accomplished my dream. i finally opened 25,000 tubes of go-gurt and sprayed them on my bedroom walls.


dear @calvinklein & @amazonfashion, my last photos might not have been the best for the #mycalvins campaign so here is another option of me being an underwear model. thx for partnering with me. plz respond so i can be on


i smashed every tendon in my left leg to take this photo because i needed something good to show you i’m in the new #youtuberewind for the first time as a solo creator and i’m incredibly flattered to have been included alongside so many talented people

ps see if you can find me in the video because 99% won’t be able to recognize me -



happy birthday @ianhecox! we met in the sixth grade and now we’re both 30 and old and disgusting. here’s a photo to remind you of our more attractive years. miss you, dude.


i‘m joining @amazingphil in posting a 2005 selfie i just found. i legitimately believed i wasn’t emo.


happy thanksgiving 🦃



choose a door —
door #1: a man wearing a bath mat for a sweater
door #2: a reflection of yourself that makes you realize you’ve always been looking to others rather than within yourself for your own sense of self worth
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swipe for a riveting story about my merch
(link in bio. so glad you guys love my new video. thank you for always supporting me)


dear @calvinklein & @amazonfashion, thank you for partnering with me. here are a few photos for you to choose from for the #mycalvins campaign. i’m not sure which one you will like. plz swipe to see and then respond. thx.


someone once told me my sweater looks like a bathroom rug and i couldn’t agree more.
📸 @mielmonster


clearly enjoying the great outdoors


it was strange stumbling into a field of rotten pumpkins but i’ve seen stranger things


what’s your favorite part about halloween?
a) trick or treating
b) halloween costumes
c) when the souls of the restless dead find bodies to possess until an exorcism performed by a catholic priest
d) all of the above


photoshoot with some other introverts.

and yes that’s my real hair #stophairshaming. 📸@mielmonster


my main bitch


why yes, i did just drop my first music video (with these two incredible dancers @alysonstoner & @dtrix) rate my singing abilities below 1-10 (i’m deleting all comments with numbers 1-9, thx) [link in bio]


“why you always moisturize”, a short story by anthony padilla


i love scarves but it’s too hot in LA so what i’m trying to say is i’m finding a colder place to live 📸 @mielmonster