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“I’ve dreamed my entire life of seeing icebergs in Antarctica. It was worth it.” #ShotoniPhone by Esther H. @estherhavens


“I also take photos without my son in them, they’re just never as good.” #ShotoniPhone by Katie K. @katiekronbauer


“Traveling by train is a photographer’s paradise. Absolutely no shortage of new subjects and situations.” #ShotoniPhone by Dina A. @dinalf



“Just another day in Morocco.” #ShotoniPhone by Maly M. @maly.mann


“Yes, Chicago.” #ShotoniPhone by Ingrid N. @ingridnohlsson


“International Women’s Day provides us a platform to express ourselves, cheer each other on, and honor our ancestors who paved the way.” #ShotoniPhone by Jesse C.M. @jessechamberlinmarble



#ShotoniPhone with support by Apple.
1. Alina V. @alinavalitova "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll
2. Semmi D. @_semmi_djabrail_ "I don’t feel different or limited in my abilities, and that’s how I want everyone in a similar situation to feel. This is my goal."
3. Masha V. @editor_vorslav "Look at makeup as an accessory, not a necessity."
4. Igor G. @gavarigor "Beauty is beyond looking "young" or "old", it is not defined by the number of wrinkles you have."
5. Sergei S. @sarakhanov "Children are not the key to unraveling the universe, but they inspire you to be a better person because they repeat your every move and action."


Community Brief 11: Volume Up
Capture your imagination, soundtrack provided.
Tag #TheVolumeUpSeries + #ShotoniPhone
Photos & videos accepted.
Lyrics: Wear my suit
Wear my hat on frontways
The back professes some slogan sayin' companies that really own me
Wear my tie right up to the neck
Exhaling excellence
Peace out, I'm la-de-da, blah blah to the executives
I'm a very busy woman with a lot on my plate
So you better eat it up before I take it away
It's a woman's world


“Candy cane umbrellas to a soft Italian soundtrack.” #ShotoniPhone by Behnaz K. @behnazk



“And nature always wins.” #ShotoniPhone by Alisa G. @el_cuento


"Berlin from under the wing.” #ShotoniPhone by Magda L. @mgdpics


“Saltwater Rodeo.” #ShotoniPhone by Beau J. @beaujohnstonimagery



“Surrounded by ice, this man kept us safe.” #ShotoniPhone by Stefanie N. @regentanz.s


“Photographing the countryside takes me back to my roots. Each shot recreates a memory from my childhood.” 🐮 🌱👩🌾 #ShotoniPhone by Laurent D. @loxilaux


“The L and its elevated tracks through downtown Chicago, an iconic part of the city.” #ShotoniPhone by Andres M. @_amphoto



Showcase 10: #TheSelfSeries
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Jardel F. @jardelfontenelle
2. Fernando G. @felicioangelx
3. Romaric L. @romdilon
4. Chris B. @chris_iphone
5. Ziaul H.O. @ziaulhaqueoisharjh
6. Raj S.A. @rajsingharora
7. Nikita S. @lanqon
8. Nasser A.N. @nasser01
9. Laura Z. @laurazazanis


“Catching Corners.” #ShotoniPhone by Yevgeny I. @aerohockey


"I recently moved to Kenya, where an office encounter such as this is not so unusual anymore.” #ShotoniPhone by Joost B. @joostbastmeijer



The street cats of Istanbul. Owned by no one, yet loved by everyone. 🇹🇷❤️😸#ShotoniPhone by... (in order of appearance) Takae S. @tapistanbul, Çağan I. @caganirmak1, Giuseppe P. @pinuz_87, Mehmet K. @civilking, Uğur Ç. @celik.uqur, Güneş Ö. @gunesozgec, Roman L. @menefren, Jekaterina I. @goldmanni, Tuse T. @yerlerkaymiyor, Adhisa G. @wildberrychild, Hilal G. @hilalgin, Örgüt Ç. @orgutcayli, Uğur A. @iamuguraslan.
Music: "Rest in Space" by @islandman_


A color of celebration, #ShotoniPhone by…
(in order of appearance) Yangyi V.L. @vivian_fabulous, Jirasak P. @milo_b2015, Mary Joy G. @mjganitano, Jirasak P. @joez19, Yafiq Y. @_yafiqyusman_, Jeremy V. @jeremyveach, Shazrina S. @moksva, Özgür B. @ozgurbilge, Athipan W. @awnoom, Daniel D. @danindub, Tomás L. @tomles, Qian L. @imclumsypanda, Anmol B. @elusiveanmol, Mayank M. @defiiantt, Joselito G. @green.surfer, Jeryl T. @j9ryl, Eric C. @ericube23, Deep B. @deep.j.bhuyan
Music: “Flame Fighters” by @howieleeofficial
2. Mayank M. @defiiantt
3. Yangyi V.L. @vivian_fabulous
4. Jirasak P. @joez19
5. Joselito G. @green.surfer
6. Athipan W. @awnoom
7. Yafiq Y. @_yafiqyusman_
8. Shazrina S. @moksva
9. Matt K. @mattkeil


Collection: Together
Things go better with you. 👥 #ShotoniPhone by…
Savadmon A. @aasavad, Misty L. @bear_and_pony, Kirsten M. @neverforgetthosedays, Andrés C. @_andrescedillo, Facundo M. @donmarqvez, Fabricio G. @capsulauy, Gianni A. @gianniaugello, Rieko M. @reekaba, Febi H. @cumajepret, Sandro P. @ora_and_me, Carlos V. @carfevi, Shephali S. @stumbledacross, Manuel C., Erin B. @erinrbrooks, Katharina N. @099_augenblicke, Brittany D. @beextraphotogenic, Noel B. @imoments, Sanket R. @isanketreddy, Liz G. @liz.gregg, Hashim N. @hashimnauman, Adriana C. @pingoeninadalmatians, Sesh S. @luminousdiary, Nicholl G. @nicholleylon, Benjamin L. @ohitsbenji, Ryosuke S @izu_p, Kobi R. @kobi_refaeli, and Daniele F. @link_3
Music: “Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together” by @vulfpeck


Commissioned by Apple. “There is no bigger stage for color, texture, and movement than Carnaval in Brazil. As a visuals addict, this is my playground.” #ShotoniPhone by Camila C. @camilacornelsen
Music: “Profane [@CRTRCKS remix] “ by @blocotaradonivoce


Community Brief 10: Self
So good to see you.
Tag #TheSelfSeries + #ShotoniPhone
We’ll post favorites next week.
Photos & videos accepted.
Music: “Say U Won’t” by @brasstracks


“At first, I barely noticed these horses standing there in the fog. We ended up talking for hours.” #ShotoniPhone by Javier M. @javiermillan_bw


“I think my son’s yellow raincoat is exactly what this wall needed.” #ShotoniPhone by Shazrina S. @moksva


Collection: Snow
Frosty flicks from frozen fingers.
Cold snaps, #ShotoniPhone by…Damian M. @damianmccoig, Aaron B. @aaronburden, Erin P. @e_to_the_lynn, Anastasia D. @_dinka78_, Andrew P. @andrewjeweleye, Leonid K. @browsesouse, Alex M. @maniacfive, Miroslav D. @mirik007, Jeffrey G. @jeffgoodman1, Jade L. @photo_queen_14, Oleg A. @oleg_avilov, Olga M. @lillinek, Olga M. @o.mertvyansky, Ashley M. @ashleymilardo, Jessica G. @guatneyproblems, Annette G. @ahg, Jean-Pierre L. @johnnylash, Barbie L. @cry004, Hervé B. @abracadagram, Jørgen C. @uniwave, Claire L. @thesoundofwhite, Claire S. @clairesuni, Alexander S. @swmstrlx, Chris D. @meetthemountains, Nazar S. @n_a_z_a_r_i_u_s, Anar G. @anar_92, James B. @thepixel_photography, Lika D. @lika_dzhumova, Ozgur S. @ozgursoyuer,
Genny B. @gennybarioni, Daria B. @dariasaviour, Arseniy B. @nardoswiss, Cha L. @c_lrz, Tobi J. @tobi.el.diablo, Yukari N. @solfa1211, Crystal D. @crystalll_lynnn, Kira P. @kcp732, Vegar H. @vegarhosthost, Adam K. @adamkataoka, Yukari N. @solfa1211, Mehmet K. @thewood_man, Bartek S. @bartstefaniak, Kryštof B. @krystof_bobek, Ali Kahn M. @mali_21487, Mario M. @marsattacks17, Nina F. @ninafontcuberta, Rick W. @rick.walder, Simon R. @saimonro, Cristian K. @cristiankiesling, Matt J. @mattyjacobs2, Umar I. @umarislam, Dave K. @davexd286, Osamu T. @wagtail__, Diana T. @gowanderbaby, Alex R. @moyen1, Rob E. @rob_erne, Koichi M. @koichi1717, Sami R. @54m1, Giuseppe A. @giuseppe.alessandro81, Hannes W. @hannes_wittmann, Sebastian Z. @szisme, Davide C. @calderooney, Wouter B. @wbakhuis, Robert G. @el_robertooo, Jordan C. + Stacie F. @jordan.cramer + @stacedoe, Lynne D. @red_comet_lynne, Beth F. @beefrench99, Mayk A. @mayk_alberto, Carolina L. @carolinalabrana, Monika H.
Music: “November” by Colleen


“It’s pretty funny to see a Zamboni out on the road, heading to an outdoor rink. Just be sure to yield.” #ShotoniPhone by Carrie S. @carrieservos


“Desert ships.” #ShotoniPhone by Rashed A. @irashedc


“You could maybe call this one, ‘Look Down’? I don’t know… I’m so bad at this.” #ShotoniPhone by Kingsley W. @mrkingsley.w


Showcase 09: #TheBlackandWhiteSeries
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Pierre V. @pierrevuillermin
2. Huan Z. @huanzheng1119
3. Harry E. @harrywedmonds
4. Paolo T. @paolotarray
5. Omkar G. @omkaar_giri
6. Christian M. @chrmorfeus
7. Riccardo F. @riccardo049
8. Jenny R. @jenannro
9. Scott P. @scottpattullo
10. Sait D.E. + Galip S. @sdetiler + @galipsalt