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"Seeing the world from above allows us to shift our perspectives in how we see one another." #ShotoniPhone by Ben L. @blebovitz


“It took 3 days of driving to cross the desert, but I was met by one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.” #ShotoniPhone by Michael T. @mtalbot8


“I have been visiting Kenya for a decade now and the Maasai tribe has my heart.” #ShotoniPhone with support from Apple by Ashish P. @ashishjparmar



Showcase 08: #TheDawnSeries
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Aakash P. @click_india99
2. Marco C. @el_siani
3. Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto
4. Mikhail P. @mpozharitsky
5. Vinicius A. @viniciusrnt
6. Manuel D. @mdphotographi
7. Francisca S. @fsonn
8. Jardel F. @jardelfontenelle
9. Kim C. @cayenneiam


"I do believe in vibes." #ShotoniPhone by Nana Y.O. @the.vintage.mason


“L’homme et la mer.” #ShotoniPhone by Nicolas P. @prosperfun



A walk through Seoul, #ShotoniPhone by…(in order of appearance…) Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto, Se Min K. @awesomeplanb, Hyeongjun K. @motonari, Young Soo H., Youngtae K. @ascalonpictures, Denise H. @abiguul, Kyuhyung K. @strang2r, Aries L. @arieslukman, Hyeong Jun K. @jjunkim, LiangYun S. @jessica_sly, Nelson L. @ngl312, Kent D. @kent.dufault, Eugene T. @eugenetham
Music: “Hot and Cold” by @sunwoojunga
2. Sunhee H. @hamidentto
3. Robert K. @rjkoehler74
4. Wu X. @zigzaghs
5. Hyeongjun K. @motonari
6. Mark T. @markxhj
7. Dongwon J. @hello_dongwon
8. Charles C. @cuppacaffine
9. Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto


“Perfect mornings are such a rare thing.” #ShotoniPhone by Anne Ø. @anneoesterby


Community Brief 08: Dawn
Rise and shine. You can always nap later.
Tag #TheDawnSeries + #ShotoniPhone
We’ll post favorites next week.
Photos & videos accepted.
Music: "Fault" by @primary_ultra



"Five days of camping and soaking in hot springs, just my dog and I.” #ShotoniPhone by Kate R. @katerentz


“When you see a moment of pure elation in a location such as this, you have to capture it.” #ShotoniPhone by Brian C. @briancason


“Finding myself with some free time while on a business trip to Dubai, I went straight to the beach where I met up with some locals.” #ShotoniPhone by Harry B. @hgbphotos



“Sometimes I think we should just leave a tree up all year round.” #ShotoniPhone by Natalia C.E. @castellsita


“The Tokyu Plaza Omotesando is such a famous place that finding a new perspective can be difficult. Here is a low-angle shot of my sister taking it all in.” #ShotoniPhone by Julina R. @julinarashid


“Thank you, Mother Nature.” #ShotoniPhone by Kazuki T. @kazukitang



Showcase 07: #The2017Series
Swipe for favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone
1. Showcase Video, in order of appearance…
Viktar Z. @zaykovsky, William G. @willkhalifaman, Prince G. @princejyesi, Emiliano B. @emibellomo, Aly B. @alyfromuk2us, Zahra A. @zalshatrie, Gabriel B. @gabrielbouys, Fared N. @uniquenassir, Arnout V. @arnoutverheij, Jill E. @shineonyoucraydiamond, Sunny G. @skyzsun, Ivor L. @jawdoc2, Liu Q. @imclumsypanda, Jason D.L.T., Pavel K. @mosbiusdesignshasfailed, Tao Z. @ztpala, Andrea T. @andreatriani, Jin P. @ptoos, Cheehyuck I. @ihnstaphoto, Safuan Shah B. @ssbdn, Shant T. @eshantt, Gerardo S. @esteveight, Sebastian E. @sebastianeppler, Lucia M. @luciamdd520, Hamza G. @mogaj, John C. @itsadogslife5, Samee M. @noonwithmoon
Music: Campesinos by @quitapenasmusic
2. Sebastian E. @sebastianeppler
3. Pavel K. @mosbiusdesignshasfailed
4. John C. @itsadogslife5
5. Emiliano B. @emibellomo
6. Tao Z. @ztpala
7. Safuan Shah B. @ssbdn
8. Ivor L. @jawdoc2
9. Aly B. @alyfromuk2us


“I love watching the sunset from my living room window and wanted to capture it all in one picture. So I took a total of 18 photos, one every 4 minutes or so, and spliced them all together.” #ShotoniPhone by Victor R. @victographics


“Catch of the day.” #ShotoniPhone by Prasad G. @gp_canon



“There’s nothing better than when you finally get to see something with your own eyes to believe it.” #ShotoniPhone by Gerardo S. @gess8


Community Brief 07: 2017
That one shot you secretly can’t believe is yours.
Tag #The2017Series + #ShotoniPhone
We’ll post favorites next week.
Photos & videos welcome.
Music: "Sound Sharp" by Ill Mondo


“It was so quiet and peaceful. The only sound was that of stones rolling down the hillside with every step.” #ShotoniPhone by Alex G. @gustavssonalex


“I was thinking about those old film noir movies when the situation just presented itself.” #ShotoniPhone by Arnout V. @arnoutverheij


“I’ll often point out these colorful things to whoever I’m with but they usually just think that I’m weird.” #ShotoniPhone by Kate Z. @hello_spectrum
Music: “Hidden in the Chips” by @lullatone


“My photography is often trying to anticipate the next scene in a film that I’ve never seen before.” #ShotoniPhone by Romaric L. @romdilon


“Down in the cracks of the Earth, water forms these incredible shapes over the course of thousands of years, waiting for you to visit them.” #ShotoniPhone by Anson F. @ansonfogel


“The reason for pushing my Japan trip out to October.” #ShotoniPhone by Welia I. @welicious


"It’s interesting to see the balance between traditional values and modern lifestyle in the UAE. These craftsmen represent the long traditions and culture of this country." #ShotoniPhone by Geny B. @genyvb


Showcase 06: #TheAtoBSeries
Swipe to see favorites from last week’s Community Brief. #ShotoniPhone -
1. Denis R. @denisssio
2. Nasser A. @nasser01
3. Lukáš S. @lukas.silber
4. Prince G. @princejyesi
5. Charles T. @brooklynrockcity
6. Julia N. @julianathanson
7. Conner H. @connersphotos
8. Koji Y. @comizi
9. Harsha P. @harshapj


“My favorite view atop Victoria Peak, overlooking the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.” #ShotoniPhone by Katie R. @postcardsandpassportstamps


“I wanted absolutely no context of it being 2017 in this photo.” #ShotoniPhone by Jake M. @jokemichaels