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My mother would be proud. How many of you cook because you have to & not because it's something you enjoy doing? I'm definitely not a foodie & nor do I pretend. I rotate the same five dishes & when I can't be bothered making a bowl of pasta, I'll order a pizza for the kids. The idea of standing in a kitchen all day gives me anxiety. Maybe it's because that's where my mother spent 90% of her time when I was a child. We never ate out, we ate Lebanese food all day everyday. I didn't start trying other ethnic dishes until my 20s, and even then I played it safe. Last night I was invited to an exclusive sneak peek at the first #Dubai pop-up restaurant concept created @lapitahoteldubai. Authentic Asian cuisine with a twist. You get to select your dish and cook it in a hot pot at your table. Eat as much as you want or as little. The idea behind the pop-up concept is making the restaurant interchangeable so in three months this Asian concept could become a Turkish/Italian or even Indian. We'll just wait an see. In the meantime, the spontaneous, raw concept might only be here for a few months so go & check it out especially during @dubaifoodfest, which begins tomorrow - Feb 22 - March 10, across Dubai. #dubaifoodfest
Check my stories for more.
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How many pics do you need to take to get that ONE perfect family selfie? Try it with 3 pre-teens & a toddler. It seems that's the only way we get a family pic these days. Swipe to see the various angles and missed shots before we got an Instagrammable image.
#promo - Speaking of family, the @dubaifoodfest is just around the corner. Infact, mums it's three days away. The Beach Canteen returns and so does Restaurant Week, if you'd like to book a date-night with hubby. For all other family activities log onto https://www.visitdubai.com/en/dff
for more information
#dubaifoodfest is on from 22 Feb - 10 March.
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It turns out that after living in the UAE for 10 years, I've not even scratched the surface of exploring this country. Over dinner a few nights ago I mentioned that I wanted to celebrate 10 years by doing 10 things I haven't done in the country. Within minutes the 8 ladies seated around the table came up with 20 activities, each one rattling off a destination & experience. As you know, I'm the queen of challenges. I love them. Many of you started following me after my #40before40 challenge. I haven't got a hashtag for this yet but you can help me create one as well as give me some help creating my list of 10 things to do to celebrate 10 years in the UAE. I have an idea of my number 1.
Start listing ...... keep in mind that I am a mum of 4 who wants to live to see the end of this challenge so skydiving is out but I'll consider the X-line. After you leave your suggestions I will go through them and then create my list and share them with you. #10yearsUAE
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Everyone loves LaMer. I don't. It's too busy. Kite Beach has lost its flavour. Today I rediscovered a piece of Dubai I haven't been to in a long time. The transformation of Dubai Creek, where heritage meets contemporary. Ironically, the developer behind LaMer, The Beach, City Walk & Box Park, to name a few, is behind the redevelopment of Dubai Creek or Al SEEF. Lunch was at ILA Cafe & Restaurant overlooking the Creek, food was divine, Middle Eastern cuisine, delicious Knefa (OMG!) But most of all we were able to enjoy our food while Amalia played in a make-shift area, where every Saturday, ILA offers entertainment while you dine. Back to Al Seef, if you're looking for a quiet area to dine, a place still undiscovered, but will most likely become the go-to place later this year, I highly recommend you check it out. You can hop on an Abra and also enjoy old Dubai. Check it out before everyone discovers this gem! @dubaifoodfest
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If you fail try again.....even if it's a decade later. For a moment I thought I was living in a scene from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" plates smashing on the floor like it was meant to scare me. My brothers raced into the house wondering why there was so much screaming. I was 20. Dad was sitting having lunch when I approached him with my big news. I'd decided I wanted to live and work as a journalist in Dubai. He calmly said: 'No', not that I was surprised. He always said no. I pushed. I pushed hard wanting answers. I was tired of hearing NO because he was always concerned about what other people would say. As long as what I wanted to do didn't involve moving out, I was OK. I knocked back an amazing opportunity for university because I wasn't allowed to live away from home, so I settled for my second option. I always found myself having to settle because there were so many limits and conditions placed on what I could and couldn't do. In the kitchen dad & I continued arguing while mum played referee for the gazillionth time. "Go to your room," mum told me, like I was 10 years old. Dad picked up his plate and smashed it. I looked over at him sheepishly, "one day I will go to Dubai" knowing I had pushed him to the limit. 10 years later, pregnant with my 3rd child, I announce that I was moving to Abu Dhabi (close enough). I looked up at dad and reminded him of what had taken place 10 years earlier. His response: "what about your career? You've worked so hard." It was bitter sweet. I didn't move to work as a journalist but I did end up in Dubai working. I was destined to end up here & I have absolutely no regrets. Only you can place limits on what you can and can't do.
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Yesterday I went live on my stories and took a gamble. As someone who works on both sides of the fence in marketing & social media, I though I would share insight & personal views on buying followers, insta pods, authenticity & the importance of your engagement. The response I have received has been phenomenonal. So many of you directing your followers to the recorded session & encouraging them to also watch it. What surprised me the most was the number of DMs which continue to flood in asking me to do more live sessions on this topic. Many of you admitted to being part of pods & even said you were pulling out of them. If you believe in the content you're creating then you don't need a pod. People will naturally gravitate towards you. I also admitted that I had lost a lot of people, who once engaged in my content, I am hoping it's because they're not seeing my posts rather than it being anything else.
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I've teamed up with @artforalluae to give one person the chance to WIN 2 tickets to see 'WHAT THE LADYBIRD HEARD' either in Abu Dhabi at the Abu Dhabi Theatre on March 2 or DUBAI at the DUCTAC on March 9. This show is suitable for children aged 2+. It's approximately 50 mins. Tickets are available from @virginmegastoreme or DUCTAC for Dubai. Tickets start from AED155.

Tell me the name of the bestselling author who wrote 'What the Ladybird Heard'. Leave your answer in the comments section.
On Instagram:
1. Tag three friends
2. Follow @artforalluae & @arabianmum
This competition is open to UAE residents ONLY. Competition closes on Sunday, Feb 18 & winner will be announced on the same day.
Please follow all instructions. This competition is in no way associated with Instagram.
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One of the challenges I find as a mother of pre-teens and a toddler is trying to split my time. The benefit of having the older girls so close was that they were all into the same thing and still are. Whether it's watching Harry Potter or The Maze Runner, I can find a commonality between them & make it work. Amalia on the other hand is still discovering what she enjoys, so we're back to the exploring stage. Today was the perfect example of a mother torn between her older girls and her toddler. I've booked Mali in for camp at nursery so I can spend extra time with her sisters during this half-term break because, to be honest, we don't do as much as we used to. While Mali stayed home with her babysitter I took Serene & Alisar to see a movie (Janah is on camp for a few days). I felt terrible the entire time. I imagine that's going to get even harder as she gets older, begins to understand and is left behind because she's too young for a movie they're interested in or they want to go out with their friends. My heart hurts just a little thinking about it.
Image: @timeoutdubai @timeoutdubai_kids @adhdubaimarina recent Pirates & Mermaids Brunch. ______________________________
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Process of elimination, tradition, meaning or religion, what inspired your child/children's names? I always loved Mariam/Rihanna & Malik/Omar as names but I didn't use any. Growing up in Australia with an unusual ethnic name I became the butt of many jokes & name calling. I was Taggy, Tag, Fagred, Hagred (before Harry Potter) ..... So many kids with ethnic names changed them so they could fit in. Mustafa became Steve, Mohammad became Michael, Fadi became Fred and so on. Despite the name calling and the many suggestions to call myself Tiffany, I stuck with the name my parents gave me. Thankfully my husband and I agreed to give our girls names that didn't change when pronounced in English or Arabic. That was important. Our parents needed to pronounce the names easily too. That's not to say choosing the names was easy, on the contrary, he had his list and I had mine. Then came the process of elimination. If we didn't have the same name on the list we would eliminate it no matter how much we loved it. Tarek wanted Nour & I wanted Alyssa for our first child. Janah it was. And so we continued our method for all the girls. Are you stuck on names? What inspired your child’s name?
Pic: throwback to our 2017 behind the scenes shoot for @style_for_less_uae

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When you're young you want to do everything to change the world. I remember wanting to end poverty, war & promote peace and harmony. I was motivated to became a journalist partly after watching the first Gulf War, hating the way western media portrayed Arabs & its leaders. I thought that if I became a journalist I would end up in Gaza, reporting on the real atrocities Israel was causing Palestinians. I then realised that I was the voice of a community back home in Sydney. I later came to the conclusion that if I wanted to see changes I needed to get out and change my own attitude, see the world, educate my kids and return with new & fresh perspective. Change starts from within. Change starts at home.
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Someone recently told me they thought influencers, particularly Dubai influencers, were souless, beggars always looking for freebies. I tend to agree with the freebie part. This territory is new to me on social media but as a journalist I was always sent goods to try and invitations to attend events but I worked for a reputable publication. I admit that my inbox is often flooded with invites but I don't always accept. I even get paid but I tell you. What I don't do is chase freebies. I will try a product or service once & tell you about it. If I like it I will go back & pay to use it, which is what I have done with @rfhairspauae. I was invited once but on the 2nd, 3rd , 4th & 5th visit I have paid. I am happy with the service and treatment & therefore I will give it a plug. There are no ethical guidelines yet for influencers. Many are only finding out now that they have to highlight paid projects as part of Instagram's guidelines. In many countries it's the law & it will be the same here soon. This is a very sensitive issue on both sides of the fence as businesses try to find out how to deal with a new way of PR & Marketing while "influencers" work out if & when they've crossed the line. Just don't come across so desperate. Have some ethics & standards. Don't reduce the value of your brand by begging. If you fit with a brand then you'll be chosen & if not then you haven't lost what you never had.
BTW - swipe to see the difference. I hadn't coloured my hair in 6 months. Great to be back!
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Are you a spontaneous person? Most of the time I am. If I am feeling it I just do it. Sometimes I look back and regret it & other times I know I'm sitting on a winner. By now you know that with every post I share there is a story behind it. This involves my father not talking to me for 3 months. Why? I did this, I went chocolate brown. Well, the first time was in 2001. And boy did shit hit the fan. I was in Melbourne on assignment with the football team. I was bored. I went downstairs & found a pharmacy & bought a hair dye, coloured my hair, causing the team to have to wait for me on the bus, making them late to their game.
The players were in shock. The coaches were annoyed. The real drama unfolded when I arrived home in Sydney. My dad was furious. I was 22. "Young women are paying money to dye their hair blonde and you go and do this?" The rant went on. Accusations flew. "What else are you doing when you travel?" He didn't talk to me for three months, until the colour faded & I returned to my natural colour. I coloured it again in 2010 but haven't done it since. I always find my way going blonde again.
Have you done something spontaneous that drove your parents mad?
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Is it just me or do kids spend more time on holiday than they do at school? Didn't they just have 3 weeks off over winter. They've been back for one month & now they're off again. I've already booked Mali in for camp at nursery, Janah is off to the desert for a three-day camp which leaves me trying to entertain Serene & Alisar. Of all the girls I think these two need quality time together, and with me. I just hope they don't kill each other. πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
I've got the #MyDSF Pass, so I think we're sorted next week. Now it's trying to get them to agree to do the same activities and eat at the same restaurants together.
#promo - With the DSF Pass you can save up to 65% on top attractions from @aventuraparks @motiongatedubai @legolanddubai @aquaventure
@wildwadi @skidubai just to name a few not to mention the best restaurants in town. The pre-paid attractions pass saves you time and money. For more information visit www.mydsf.ae to know more. Valid until Feb 20.
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@thefirefightermom who would've thought this image, taken 5 years ago, would be of significance today? Serene took the #redhandchallenge on her 6th birthday. We were destined to cross paths.
Every now & again I take a trip down memory lane to remind me of where I've been, the struggles I've overcome, and the direction I'm headed. I was going through my Facebook photos and thought I'd share these #throwback images with you of me when my girls were much younger. I didn't have time to wear makeup, stand in the middle of the street or on a crossing to take that perfect Instagram image. If Instagram was around back when my girls were little these would've been the #realmummy images you would've seen rather than the false image so many mums of instagram are portraying today.
Swipe to see what I'm talking about
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This time last week we were enjoying a little staycation in Alain thanks to @aloftalain hotel. It doesn't matter how many times I've take the girls to the zoo it's still one of their favourite outings. And now that Mali is a little older she is enjoying the 'aminals'. I first introduced her to animal at 6 months through storytime, so now when she sees them in real life she is gobsmacked at their size compared to what she was used to in books. She was apprehensive when she saw the giraffe but then took it upon herself to feed it. Entry into @alainzoo is no more than 30 dirhams, they offer a shuttle service to help you cover the entire park ad in addition you can feed the animals as well as go exploring on a little safari. Alain is about 1.5hours from Dubai. To really enjoy the city, the birthplace of the founding father of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, I would suggest staying in town at @aloftalain & visit some of the landmarks including the scenic drive to Jabel Hafeet. Swipe to see the underwater hippos.
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The new Disney Frozen collection is now available @homecentrestores across the UAE + my girls had the chance to check out the exciting new range.
To celebrate the release @homecentrestores is giving 1 person the chance to win a 500 dirham voucher. *
All you need to do is tell me your child's favorite Disney Frozen character, tag 3 friends & follow @homecentrestores & @arabianmum. Don't forget to like the post.
Competition is open to all UAE residents. Entries close Thursday, February 8 at 12pm. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 9. This competition is in no way associated with Instagram.
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Earlier this week @dubaimother shared an honest & revealing post about the struggles of parenting alone when your spouse is away for long periods of time. The struggle is real. The psychological impact it can have on a mother, as she switches to survival mode to get through each day, can be devastating. After the 2008 financial crash my husband was sent to the holy land in Saudi Arabia. Only a Muslim could work on the project as non-Muslims were not allowed into Mecca. We agreed to live separately, he would live in Saudi & commute home every few weeks, & I would live in Dubai with three small children. This was just the beginning. Cranes in the UAE stood idle, expats were leaving in droves, and I had only been in the country about a year. I didn't have any real friends & I was learning to live with a full-time housemaid - I'd come to my senses, I finally admitted to needing help. I changed as a person, slipped into depression & was questioning my decision to move here. He was coming home fortnightly for a weekend & leaving again on Sunday. It wasn't what I'd signed up for when I agreed to leave Sydney on this Arabian adventure. @dubaimother story really resonated. As expats mums we don't have family to lean on. Back then there was no support network in the UAE. Social media was still in its infancy. Those who knew me during this period in my life could tell I was drowning. It felt like I was pushed out of a plane without a parachute. Somehow I found my wings, realising I was the only one who could change the situation. I had to start all over again & find me. 10 years on, my husband continues to travel, now I just get on with it & I do what I need to do to stay afloat. If you're experiencing this please reach out to someone. Don't do what I did and isolate yourself to the point where depression sets in & you become resentful. There are many groups you can join.
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The more staycations we do the more I realise how much we need it as a family. With my husband away 3-4 days a week I can see the impact it is having on the family. It's stressful being alone so much while trying to fit in my work, school & activities. The new word in my vocabulary is RECONNECT. We have never been the type of family to pack our bags and stay anywhere for one night. Think about it, we're six people, it takes an army to get four girls ready. But that getaway is important to break the monotonous routine. Had we not accepted the invite by @aloftalain, I know we would've just sat around the house doing nothing, going nowhere exciting because we all had such big week. Simple things like Serene & Janah agreeing to share a room while Alisar and Amalia played so happily in our room in a tent made such a big difference. Having a large family can often be chaotic, I grew up with six siblings so chaos is something I'm used to, but sometimes changing the environment helps reignite a spark. Now that Mali is a little older and easier to handle, I think in 2018 we'll be exploring more of the UAE. Checkout my stories for more. Thank you @aloftalain & team for looking after us.
#promo - Pizza-making in Olive Tree is available every Friday evenings. The hotel is located next door to Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, so you can't miss it. The rooms are incredibly spacious making it an ideal family-friendly hotel. It's the Year of Zayed so make an effort in 2018 to visit the birthplace of the founding father of this country.
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Of all of my pregnancies & deliveries I remember my first like it was yesterday. The fear of the unknown, the first flutter, kick, tumble, tears of joy, the emotional roller coaster & then turning into an absolute psycho in the delivery room. The year was 2005, we didn't have social media, the only advice a woman received was from her obstetrician/pediatrician mother or mother-in-law. And to be honest, it was enough. I didn't experience morning sickness, the only time I vomited was when I ate mushrooms, which I later learned I was allergic to when pregnant. My mental state changed, I dipped in & out of depression, although everyone said it was normal. Of course only after baby 2, 3 & 4 did I learn about prenatal depression. It certainly explained alot. I never found out the sex of my unborn child but I convinced I was having a boy. When they handed Janah to me and then doctor congrated me on the birth of my girl, I asked him to check the gender again - the result of the gas & pethadine I had taken during the labour. After 13 hours of labour the doctor came in at about 10pm and told me that if I didn't deliver the baby by 10.30pm he would have to perform an emergency c-section. Her little heart was distressed & I wasn't coping. At exactly 10.30pm I delivered my baby girl. She was a little overcooked, the result of a 42-week pregnancy. Every woman has her own story to tell, not every pregnancy or deliver is the same. It's important to share stories but don't impose your views on another woman. I have 4 kids & every delivery was different. Baby 2 is another story for another day. What are your first born experiences?
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Perhaps one of the most interesting things about being a @dsfsocial ambassador is that it has really made me tap into a part of me that I don't often talk about or discuss on this platform. I rarely go to fashion shows or events. I have a love hate relationship with fashion. I didn't find my style until moved to the Arab world 10 years ago. Finally, a place that catered to modest dressing women like me. I no longer had to wear a cardigan over tank tops because tops with sleeves were available all year round. My father made life difficult with his rules around what I could and couldn't wear. When I was 15 I made my prom dress because he didn't like any of the dresses in the store. Looking at the photo attached, my dress was the exact colour. After arriving at the dance, my father looked at my friends and what they were wearing & then told me to get back in the car. That moment has stayed with me for life. I studied design at school and for years after that I made my own clothes, until I started working as a journalist. Most of the time I wore my brother's jeans and threw on T-shirts. I envied girls who could wear what they want. Last night I thought I would listen to what @karenwazenb had to say about style. Was I doing it right? I never liked trends, so I've stuck with classic & timeless pieces. It's probably why I don't throw too many clothes out. I have blazers dating back 20 years that I wear today. Fashion is recycled time and time again. I'm on the right track, for me anyway. Everyone has their own style. "Don't try too hard," this was her message. And she's right. Be comfortable with what you have on.
Final note - can I just say, when I had 3 under 3, I definitely wasn't jet-setting or looked anywhere as good as @karenwazenb. I was a freaking mess. Swipe to see my little chat with Karen.
@etoilelaboutique @dsfsocial #Mydsf #MyDubai
#Promo: Last week sale - Dubai, take a note! Less than 5 days left for you to buy goods at even further discounts.

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Someone please explain to me the theory behind ripped jeans with gaping holes everywhere!! Growing up it was a sign of being poor but today you're not cool if you don't own a pair of ripped jeans or tiny shorts. I am cool with stylish frayed jeans but I refused to spend hundreds of dollars or dirhams on jeans with 10 cm square holes in them. My 9-year-old was on the hunt this week for ripped jeans during @dsfsocial. If you swipe, you'll see her little adventure. We settled for frayed jeans, similar to the overalls she's wearing here from @hm_kids. As my girls get older & discover their fashion style or taste, I find myself being pulled in so many directions. I have one daughter who is a #skatergirl another who chose elegant while the third chases fashion, which means updating her wardrobe regularly. Amalia just tell me 'I don't like 'dis' & refuses to wear it. I struggled as a child finding anything nice to wear and I hated what my mum chose for me so I let my girls choose theeir clothes but I'm there to steer them in the right direction. Most of the time they kick & scream but in the end I find myself giving in & just letting them go. At least when they look back on pics they won't blame me. They'll just look over at me and ask me, cringing, "how did you let me leave the house looking like this?" I'll shrug my shoulders and just say, "I tried to tell you." Ah, the joys of parenting girls.
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In another life I took a gamble, spent thousands, and then walked away because I realised that I was in the wrong business. I invested in a small clothing store catering to Muslim women. In Australia it was hard to find clothing that was modest so I took a concept and tried to make it work. I learned the hard way about running a business - I'll never make that mistake again. At least I tried and so are the entrepreneurs down @dsfmarketotb. I've always seen Dubai as a city offering its people opportunities. I've seen friends take the plunge and end up winning while others struggle, either way they need your support to know their efforts are not in vain. This weekend is your last chance, so pop down and visit the various businesses and enjoy the food and entertainment & @nickelodeon
kids area. It's on until Jan 20 at Burj Park.
Main πŸ“Έ: @therollingprodigy
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If you love this painting featuring my family's names beautifully crafted with rhinestones, each one delicately placed by the talented @artelicious1, then you'll want to enter this competition to win your own.
It's really easy.
1. Follow @artelicious1 & @arabianmum on Instagram
2. In the comments, tell me name (s) you'd like to see printed on a canvas & why
3. Tag 4 friends
4. Like this post & head to @artelicious1 and like the last two post on the page to get noticed.
5. Valid only for UAE residents
Competition closes Saturday, Jan 20 at 6pm. Winner announced Sunday Jan 21.
This competition is in no way associated with Instagram.
Good luck!
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What do you say to your child who asks you if you get 'fillings'? At first I thought she meant fillings in my teeth before quickly realising she meant fillers. She's nine. It's not the first time she's asked this question. At 8 she could tell me how Adele had fillers and botox and how she thought Adele looked better without it. Are these the type of conversations our daughters are having in school playgrounds? She doesn't have access to social media but does have access to the Internet to research topics for school. It's definitely a concern. In my day mothers worried about anorexia & bulimia, does this mean our girls will be asking for plastic surgery as soon as they turn 16?
I quickly explained that I don't get fillers. "But why are your cheeks always round?" she asked. Genetics. I'm my mother's daughter. We need to start having an honest discussion about the beauty industry. What message are we sending little girls?
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When the boss lady @aidaalbusaidy wants to get a group shot at @dsfmarketotb & we're all too busy doing our job & documenting the event. πŸ“Έ: @therollingprodigy
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Don't wait until you've lost it all to realise what you had. Your health & your family is all that matters. If you keep allowing your problems to consume your life you will lose sight of what matters. You can have all the money in the world but what's the point of having it if you don't have anyone to share it with. If your instinct tells you something is wrong with your health, see a doctor, it could be the difference between life and death. I met a young mum yesterday who put so much into perspective. After losing her husband to cancer she decided to live in the UAE to be closer to her parents. Unable to afford schooling, she sent her kids to live in Lebanon. She now sees them once a month. She considers herself lucky because some mothers see their kids once every two years. Thank God for what you have and appreciate it. I'm sure if you listen to someone else's story you'll take back your problems in a heartbeat. #jumaamubarak
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Last night I hinted that I planned to slowly disconnect all of my social media platforms (see stories) Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp..
Over the last year my social media platforms just took off & therefore have found myself glued to my phone screen, slowly disconnecting from my family. The growth of my social media has led to many perks, such as the one over the weekend, where my family & I were invited to stay at the Crowne Plaza Yas Island @cpyas. I made it a point not to post or share stories while I was there for a few reasons: 1. I am completely against letting people on my social platforms know exactly where my family & I are staying, it's about being safe online. Secondly, Yes I took many videos and photos, but I didn't want to spend 48 hours on my phone. I wanted to spend it with my family. As a result my impressions and engagement dropped 50%. To be honest, I enjoyed being disconnected. Sitting at dinner @stillsyas meant talking to my family & chasing Amalia on the dance floor as Whitney Houston's 'I wanna Dance with Somebody' was blasting from the speakers. I remember these moments because I wasn't trying to post on stories. We gorged on the delicious meals & enjoyed meaningful conversations rather than rushing to document everything. My massage at Senses was heavenly. Hands free of my phone. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift rather than worrying about what I was going to post next and how I was going to craft my next story. This staycation was truly and eye-opener. It's not how I had planned it but happy I set myself free for just a few days. I know more than ever that I am addicted now - hard to admit - but I need to take a step back. It will be hard for me as social media is also a massive part of my job & therefore I won't be able to disconnect completely. To the team @cpyas @christine_zoughaib I can't thank you enough for looking after us all & for helping me realise who I had become and what I need to slowly do to find my way back. For this, I have to say it was the best reality check I needed.
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Shine bright like a diamond. May every new beginning in your life bring you joy and happiness. It's an emotional day for me, one I've been dreading for weeks. Mali started nursery today. I think I've prepared her ok. After selecting an nearby nursery, within walking distance of home, many months ago, I began taking her for about an hour each week to play in the playground. It was one way she could familiarise herself with the new environment and not feel afraid. Each week she'd ask if she could go to the 'playroom'. This morning her face lit up when we pulled in to the nursery. She was excited and I was terrified. After 4 kids letting go doesn't get easier. Good luck on this journey, baby girl! Swipe to see all the coverage. #saymashallah #daughters
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I'm constantly asked where I find the patience with a toddler. I love toddler years now but back then I was too robotic as a mum to enjoy the years and remember the moments. I do remember some of the past but not too much. I look at Mali now and I try to capture every moment - like right now, as I write this, she is asking me for more lollies. Poor darling thinks dates are lollies. Or when she walks into a mall an lies on lounges doing her yoga or sits with the manikins in shop windows. I used to cringe, apologising profusely to the shop assistance for my child's behaviour. Now I stand and watch, engage with Mali, ask her what she's doing, rather than trying to drag her out of the store. Sometimes we're in there for 10 minutes. Even at home it's different. Her baths are longer and she gets to play with the bubbles. The older girls had quick baths, I showered and changed three girls in 10 minutes. Life was definitely different. I see so many young mums today who look like I did 10 years ago. Slow down. Take a step back. Look at the situation and don't try to do so much. Most importantly, look after you because no-one else will. I can't get those years back. I know that if I had my time again I would do it differently. Swipe to see some of Mali's antics.
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And so the first weekend of the New Year is almost here, at least for those of us living in the Arab world. Hope the first week of 2018 has started as planned. I'm still drinking coffee, eating sugar & complex carbs and have managed to get to the gym once. Tomorrow is a new day. From next week the kids are back at school and I'm nervous about Mali's first day of nursery. Meanwhile, this weekend we're off on a little family adventure.
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