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Unfortunately the world is filled with keyboard warriors and trolls. My response is not to respond, particularly on a public platform. Eventually he or she will disappear in a huff and a puff, looking for someone else to annoy. If you don't like someone it's best to have a discussion privately rather than get into a verbal slanging match. I don't engage and I know it infuriates people. Let the haters say what they want. There are only two reasons haters hate: Jealousy while the other is insecurity. I've been called many things and to be honest it doesn't really bother me because I am extremely comfortable in my own skin. If I am wrong, I will have the decency to admit it and apologies. This comes with maturity.
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Today I painted my hand red to raise awareness about a rare disease called #Erythromelalgia or the Man on Fire Syndrome. Ten-year-old Lynn is the only known case in the Middle East, she has been suffering since she was 8. The disease makes her burn alive in her own skin. Lynn is a friend's daughter. Her disease means she can't walk for long distances or even participate in regular activities. She no longer goes to school and is forced to stay home and study. As I write this my heart breaks for this little girl, who has suffered in silence for too long. I have accepted #redhandchallenge in hope that you all use your platform to educate others. Maybe there is someone experiencing something similar who is also looking for answers. Paint your hand red and show your support for this little girl, who really is on fire. Follow her mum @thefirefightermom to learn more. Let's help find a cure for this disease. #challengeaccepted. @krisfade, I need your help on this. @mrmoudz @lipstickmommy @aidaalbusaidy @sallymousa I am calling in all the reinforcements to help this little girl. @mazzhakim you too. I will message you all soon. Let's support this girl and her family. Take the Red Hand Challenge @katherineabdeen @sandinmyheels @dubaioursandbox @ourbigdubaiadventure @lucyclaredxb
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The last month has been heartbreaking to say the least. First a very beautiful friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, news that has turned her life upside down. Then my 6-year-old niece was diagnosed with Leukemia, a stab in the heart. Being busy over the last few weeks has helped me control my emotions, but not a day goes by when I don't sit and pray they and everyone dealing with this disease makes a full recovery. Last year a university friend told me how three members of her family were diagnosed with cancer in the same month. Something is wrong here. It has become so common.
I remember in my early 20s taking footballers to visit sick children in hospitals and when I worked on Disney on Ice, one of the greatest rewards was putting a smile on a sick child's face when Mickey Mouse walked into a room. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think my family would be on the otherside. Cancer strikes when you least expect it. Slow down, listen to your body, pay attention to your children, listen to what they have to say and don't dismiss their feelings. To everyone who has lost someone to cancer, I am truly sorry for your loss.
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After months of hard work, opening night arrives. Very few people understand the amount of work and costs involved in putting on a world-class event. Congratulations to the entire @proactivevents team, @cineconcerts @wbpictures @j.krowlingoffical @harrypotterfilm for the incredible collaboration which has introduced a new generation of children and movie goers not only to the franchise but also made listening to an orchestra mesmerising. I took my daughters in Abu Dhabi and I'll be taking them again tomorrow to see the show. If you can take your children to experience something different, I would highly recommend it. Thank you for the support. @dubaiopera
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I'm goofy, put me in front of the camera and I somehow become a completely different person. I don't care, when you get to my age everyone else's opinion of you is no longer important. I am comfortable in my own skin. I have the emotional and physical scars to prove it. I wasn't always like this. I was unsure of myself, bluffed my way, but something happened to me in my early thirties when I just turned around and told everyone who tried to hold me back that they would never weigh me down again. There are so many young people who need to learn respect; there is a difference between confidence and arrogance. Today I had the pleasure of hosting media and bloggers at the rehearsal of #harrypotterinconcert @dubaiopera. Just as we wrapped up the media wall was finished so some of three girls and I did some goofing around. I did most of it. Swipe to see some of the behind the scenes footage from this morning's rehearsal. Enjoy the show. Tickets still available from @dubaiopera @virginmegastoreme @platinumlistuae. The show opens tonight until Saturday at 3pm.
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So many people ask me how I balance my job with 4 kids and only part-time help. Honestly, with a lot of begging and pleading, begging the sitter to stay a little longer so I can send out that press release and pleading with my kids to keep it down so I can concentrate. It's not easy at all. It's always tough leading up to the event, especially when there are so many activities going on around the city as I push for last-minute PR & Marketing support. This week I am alone, my husband is away all week, one of my girls is on camp, another has exams while the third has her science fair. I'm a one-woman show. That's life. That's what I chose. I just get on with it. If you want to see me in action and the work I do behind the scenes, pop down to the Dubai Opera this weekend and see Harry Potter in Concert. Swing past and say hi as well. And sorry in advance if I can't stop and chat for too long. Tickets are still available from @dubaiopera @virginmegastoreme @platinumlistuae
Swipe to see some more behind the scenes footage.
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The #UAE has come a long way over the last 40 years thanks to the vision of its leaders. @ge.mena documents the progress in this informative video to mark the country's 46th National Day.
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It's only right to throw it back to my 40th birthday; just one of the incredible memories I've gathered over the last 9.5 years living in this country. I arrived here as a 31-year-old with two small children and heavily pregnant with my third. I'll never forget the inferno I walked in to after stepping out of Abu Dhabi airport, I couldn't breathe. I looked over at my husband, threw him one of my death stares, grabbed my little girls and waddled back in to the air conditioned airport - mind you back then it was old - and asked him to call me once the driver arrived. I've had so many highs and lows. I even had a fourth child. As the years pass I know it's getting closer for me to leave, although we haven't set a date yet, we know the journey must end. Until then I will keep enjoying what this wonderful country has to offer and I will watch closely as it continues to evolve. Thank you #babazayed for pursuing your dream of bringing all the Emirates together. We will be eternally grateful for your vision and the legacy you have left. #alhumdillah
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There is something about the older generation of Middle Eastern parents insisting their children stay away from animals. Look from a distance but don't touch. The first time I rode a horse I was 27 years old and that was after I got married and move out of home. We're very lucky to live near a stable so today we thought we'd stop by after our routine Friday morning walk and introduce Mali to the horses. I thought she'd immediately love them, even the older girls were slightly apprehensive, so now I plan to book them in for a few lessons to get them a little more familiar with these beautiful animals. As parents we should avoid passing on our fears to our children and allow them to go on their own life journey.
Swipe to see the pics and watch the videos.
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Someone sent me a message today asking me if going to so many major events was a reality. Yes and No.
Yes, when it's my event/project and no because as a mum trying to juggle a hectic working schedule and 4 kids, it's almost unheard of that I even go out. These last few weekends have been a complete surprise to me too. And I promise you, I am feeling it. I turn down so many invitations because the reality is real for me. I can't have it all but once in a while, when opportunity knocks, I suck it up and just do it. Over the last few weeks my instastories have looked lively with vision from @jlo @teddysphotos & @pink concerts but it will all return to normal from tomorrow. Be happy for this mama, who really does need to live a little.
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There is no follow button here. Instinct lies deep within you. That feeling that makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable when something is right or wrong. Listen to it. If there is one piece of advice I can give a mother, it's to follow her INSTINCT. A week ago someone close to me was diagnosed with Leukemia, three weeks ago a very close & dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Twelve years ago my niece, who was 2 at the time, embarked on the greatest fight of her life when she was diagnosed with the deadly strain of meningococcal. She survived because her mother followed her instinct and refused to leave the hospital when her daughter had a 40 degree temp. One last check, she begged. It was then the doctor discovered the first sign, a spot, on her bottom. She survived #alhumdillah but the fight was long and scary. Follow your instinct.
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People fall in love in mysterious ways.... What a night watching Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) perform his last concert of 2017 here in #Dubai. Sharing it with my daughters was even more special. Watching them scream and sing made me feel 15 again.
Life is about making memories and capturing them along the way. @dubai_calendar I can't thank you enough for making this FIRST in our life so spectacular. I think it was the first concert for many young children in Dubai. @sociablesal you're the best. Thank you for thinking of us. Swipe to see all the pics and videos of the girls singing and screaming.
It's event season in Dubai, so download the Dubai Calendar App to find out what is going on around the city.
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A huge shout out to @dubai_calendar for surprising the girls and I with VIP tickets to see Ed Sheeren tomorrow night. I am truly humbled. Really.
This will be their first ever concert. Over the years they've begged me to take them to see many artists from Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber to One Direction, but I've always said no. Their father and I just felt they were too young to be attending concerts. So, why now? To be honest, they will be away from the main crowd and going on my own, I think it's more appropriate to be sitting in a suite where I have more control over the environment. I'm a little over protective as I've really seen some unruly behaviour at concerts that I don't think young girls should be exposed to. Call me old fashion. My first concert experience was at 20 when I saw Kylie Minogue at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney.
Go to my LIVE stories and watch the girls unwrap their tickets. Too cute. And stay tuned tomorrow as I capture this wonderful moment.
I've worked with the team @dubai_calendar and I've seen the amazing work they do to promote events in the city. Working with promoters I use their platform to ensure my events are featured on their website and on the app. Being the event arm of Dubai Tourism, it's the first place you should go to when trying to find out what is going on across the city.

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Throwing it back to last Friday night and @jlo at the Autism Rocks Arena. My husband spends so much time travelling that going out has become very rare. We get so caught up with kids and work that we put ourselves last. It was lovely seeing an artist we both grew up listening and dancing to when we first started dating in our early 20s. Thanks OSN for the tickets and @fitnessnlifestyle for coming along and sharing the night with your hubby too. Now bring on Ed Sheeren. Thank you @dubai_calendar for the invite. The girls & I are excited.
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Happy belated birthday
We've been on an incredible journey together from Al Zubara Fort, in Qatar, to Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, before eventually landing in Dubai.
I had the pleasure of working with you for so many years across dozens of show. While your entourage made my life incredibly challenging we still managed to capture some amazing shots of you in the region. You never said no to visiting children in hospitals or staying a little longer than you had to during meet and greets. Hey Mickey, that's why deserve to travel in coaches and to be treated like a superstar. It's great to hear you're coming back in 2018! I have a new little addition to the family who is an absolute fan.
In 2013, I was part of the launch of @disneyoniceme in Qatar, selling 15,000 tickets in the first week and 42,000 tickets across 12 shows. I remember launching the event in Dubai the following year, putting a smile on thousands of little faces. If you get a chance to see the show in April next year, make sure you do. Mickey and co never disappoint. Thank you for the amazing memories #sesme @feldentertainment.
Swipe to see all the pics

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Congratulations to @jumana_aldarwish on the launch of her @thehappystudioofficial. What an accomplishment. I remember not so long ago when she was promoting the @thehappyboxofficial concept. In just a few years she's gone international with it. Wishing you all the success in the world. You're never too old for unicorns and glitter.
Swipe to see the pics from yesterday's launch. Get your kids off iPads and get them reconnected with arts and craft.
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This is the greatest battle of your life. Don't let it beat you.
You are in my thoughts everyday. There are two people right now, close to my heart, embarking on the fight of their life. Life is truly unfair but we still say #alhumdillah. No matter how difficult life might be there is always someone going through something harder. I wish you both a speedy recovery. May God give you the strength to keep fighting.
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DAY 30
After trying stand up paddle boarding a few weeks ago I decided to take my girls and their school friends on a similar adventure. Nothing makes me smile more as a parent than seeing children off iPads and enjoying the great outdoors. I promised you that I would go in search of activities older children could enjoy - add this one to your must-do as a family. @kitensurfdubai & @parkhouse_dxb have teamed up to give you a fantastic deal where you can enjoy breakfast and SUP. They also have great birthday packages. This is a sport for both girls and boys. And don't worry life jackets are on hand for weak swimmers. Swipe to see the smile on their face after getting up at 8am to go paddle boarding. No complaints!
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I used to love the circus when I was a child. Every school holidays they'd set up the circus near my home and my brothers and I would spend hours watching shows, playing games and just eating. It's not often the circus comes to #dubai and if and when it does it costs an arm and a leg. Not this weekend, world-class performers, clowns, workshops will be @riverland @dubaiparksresorts for the entire family to enjoy. And it's FREE. Get there early to book your child’s place in the balloon, face painting, stilt walking and many other workshops. Activities begin around 5pm. Check @riverlanddubai on Instagram for the full schedule. Make it a day out for the entire family. I spent hours there today with the girls. Swipe to check out all of the fun we had.
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DAY 28
I'm a strong believer in surrounding yourself with people who inspire you even when you're working out. Thank you @ourbigdubaiadventure for setting up a great session @9rounduae with some wonderful ladies as part of the @dubaifitnesschallenge. The work out is tough but it's made easy when you have some motivating women pushing you along the way. I think I've found my mojo. I've signed on for one month @9rounduae, so while the @dubaifitnesschallenge ends this weekend, I plan on continuing my #dubai30x30 until I achieve my personal goals.

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Harry Pottermania is about to hit Dubai and I am giving you the chance to WIN 2 tickets to attend the opening night of Harry Potter in Concert @dubaiopera on December 7. The show runs from Dec 7 - 9 & tix are selling fast. Tix Available from @dubaiopera @virginmegastoreme @platinumlistuae
Just follow these steps.
1. Follow @arabianmum on Instagram
2. Follow my blog www.myarabia.me (link in bio)
3. Tell me in the comments section the name of the orchestra performing John Williams' score (it's in the video)
4. Tag 4 friends and NOT random people. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
5. Like the post
Competition closes at 6pm on Friday, Nov 17 & winner announced Saturday, November 18.
Open only to UAE residents. T&Cs apply. This competition is in no way associated with Instagram.
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I think after yesterday's @itpliveme conference one of the most important points made was the importance of knowing your brand and being true to yourself. There are so many influencers with an "identity crisis" prepared to flog any product to make a quick buck. The only person they're hurting is themselves. A perfect example is beauty and fashion bloggers flogging vaccum cleaners. What's that about? "Brands won't touch you," one panelist said. If you don't believe in the product then don't try to sell it to your followers. We marketing professionals are getting smarter at analysing the data, we watch accounts like a hawk. We don't look at your numbers we look at your engagement and your consistency.
Be authentic. Find something that works for you.
Don't accept every invitation that is sent your way.Do you want to be a socialite or a professional?

Just because a brand offers you a lot of money to work with them, don't feel obligated to accept it. Don't be a sellout.
Be in control of your own content but follow the rules set out for you.
Read your contracts carefully, and if you're unsure, have a professional look at it for you.
If you have an agent make sure he or she is working in your best interest and not just trying to make a quick buck out of your success. In the end it's your reputation on the line.
Be transparent with your followers. It's okay to tell people you are being paid.
The rules are changing so make sure you are aware of what is going on and listen to the other side.
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LOGAN PAUL: I am the voice of a generation
At just 22, @loganpaul is arguably the most influential person in your pre-teen or teen's life through his YouTube videos. I had no idea who he was until last week when my daughter begged me to take her to Dubai Mall to meet him. Thank God I didn't - the crowds were insane.
For my generation, think Ashton Kutcher in "Dude, where's my car?" He will probably go on to surpass Ashton's influence and fortune with his Maverick brand. @loganpaul isn't just an influencer - he's a superstar & entrepreneur. Today I heard him talk about his success @itpliveme event on social media influencers. He's charasmatic, funny & certainly very likeable, so I can see why kids love him so much. After all he has over 50 million followers across his various platforms.
He was asked: "Would you do anything different?" His response: "drop out of school earlier." My follow up question was on point. Listen to his response.
@leylabrunton @aidaalbusaidy
@lipstickmommy @reeba66 @mazzhakim @jessicakahawaty @maverickbyloganpaul @mo_vlogs_ @supercarblondie
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Nessnass Beach
There is something refreshing about finding a beach in Dubai that hasn't been commercialised, food trucks on the sand, creating an eyesore for local beach goers. Along time ago I used to go to JBR with my family, now it's more of a tourist destination rather than a place resident can go an enjoy the beautiful cool weather. Kite Beach is heading down the same path, and while I've not yet been to La Mer I have no doubt it will become a commercial hub. I just want a place to go where it's quiet and my girls can play in the sea without being pushed and shoved. After visiting Nessnass Beach earlier this week, today I took the family down for a leisurely swim, lunch @parkhouse_dxb, without struggling to find a parking spot. This is now my new slice of heaven in Dubai. Quiet & peaceful, a place where I can hear the waves crashing against the rocks.
#promo: @gowagonuae we loved our new wagon. We underestimated the walk from the carpark to the beach so it really came in handy today. It's nice to have our hands free & not worrying if we left anything behind on the sand.

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When I landed here in 2008 this skyline didn't exist, it was still under construction, just like most of the city. Eventually, like most expats, the journey will end, we go back to our homeland, left with beautiful and fond memories of a city that helped us achieve our dreams and overcome our fears. No matter what impression the world has of Dubai only those of us who have lived here long enough will ever know the real Dubai. This is a city devoted to its people, and the proof is in the @dubaifitnesschallenge. Over the last 21 days the energy in Dubai has been electric. The enthusiasm and determination of so many, including myself, has been contagious. This is #dubai. Congratulations to everyone who has been working around the clock to make it happen. This weekend it's all happening down at Burj Park. Ladies, today is your day.
@visit.dubai @dubaitourism
@kitensurfdubai @parkhouse_dxb _____________________________
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Today I tackled another one of my greatest fears head on with the help of 15 amazing women and the incredible team @kitensurfdubai & @parkhouse_dxb
I only learned to swim this year so to go out in deep water in the ocean is a very brave move. With the @dubaifitnesschallenge on, I figured there was no better time than now to make paddle boarding part of my #dubai30x30. I started on my knees but you'll need to swipe to see if I managed to stand up. I did wear a life jacket for peace of mind.
Do you think I fell? Ask and I shall answer
@parkhouse_dxb in partnership with @kitensurfdubai have an amazing offer for mums across the #UAE. Every Tuesday is mummy morning, so for AED 100 you can enjoy a paddle boarding class along with a full breakfast. You can book online with @kitensurfdubai.
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We often take for granted so much in our life, particularly our health. No matter how tough we think life is there is always someone out there facing a greater challenge. Over the last few weeks many people close to me have faced a struggle or are about to take on the fight of their life. They know who they are. Whether I am physical beside you or in spirit, I am thinking of you. Don't take your health or anyone for granted.
I woke up today and just wanted to go somewhere to reflect. I know when I lived in Sydney I would drive to Balmoral Beach, sit on the sand and just watch the water. Back then I would drive 1 hour to get to the beach. Thankfully in Dubai I live 5 minutes from the beach. It's my place to go and reflect. The only conclusion I came to was that life just isn't fair. Bad things happen to good people.
@lornajaneme gear
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Sometimes it takes one mum to inspire another. Whether you're joining me on morning walks or hitting punching bags with @ourbigdubaiadventure, we're here for each other. I diverted from the track a little today and switched it up for my 30-minute @dubaifitnesschallenge. I've watched Tani on her 9-week kick-boxing campaign and decided to join her @9rounduae . By round 7, I was on the ground doing donkey raises and watching the sweat drip off my forehead and on to the mat. My technique is off at the moment, which makes me think that I need to enlist the help of a friend @billydib, a former world boxing champion, when I'm back in Oz. Either way, I'm hooked. I know this is going to be the way forward as I work hard at transforming my body back to what it was before baby 4. I'm also excited now to have some new workout gear from @lornajaneme for my next challenge. The only way is up! I swore I'd get my MOJO back and I'm not far. #dubai30x30
BTW, Round 9 was a challenge. I fell flat on my face and almost broke my nose. A real boxing bruise is heading my way. Just ask Tani. Scroll to check out the rest of the videos.
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I totally failed today as a mum. I sent my eldest to school when it was a day-off for high school students, & I had no idea it was parent teacher conference. As usual Tarek dropped Janah and her sisters off at school. At 7.30am, I missed Janah's call. Then I get a call from my friend to explain that my daughter had been trying to call. "There is no school today," says the voice at the other end of the line. "What?" It's PT conference. I confidently tell her that it's on the 14th, after all I only read that email yesterday (only part of it). "No, that's primary." WT*? I scroll through the hundreds of emails I get from the school every week and finally find the one marked "Parent Teacher Conference". Tarek & I both missed it. When you're a working parent, juggling projects, kid's homework, after school activities, something is bound to get missed. The look on Janah's face when I picked her up at 8.30am said it all. "You failed me," she said. "Why didn't you read your emails?" She was just trying to hide the entire time, not wanting to explain to her peers, who had shown up for PT, why she was in her uniform, lunch and bag packed, ready for a regular day of school.
Share your parenting failures or mishaps. #fail #parentingfail
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How many of you took on the @dubaifitnesschallenge determined to find your mojo? How many went out to break that drought of not working out after spending time gorging over the summer? Yes to all the above. I needed this push to find my way back. Although I lost all the weight I put on after I gave birth to baby 4, I always find that it takes me about 2 years to settle back in to a routine. That's me! The two year mark was on October 20, the same day the #dubai30x30 challenge began. For me it was a sign to bite the bullet. Today I challenged myself a little more and did what I have avoided for a long time, I returned to kick boxing. It was tough but #nomoreexcuses for me. The battle is not physical it's mental. Once we get over our head telling us we can't or can't be bothered, we reclaim our life and health. The next 15 days I plan on challenging myself even more, adding strength and conditioning training to my workout. 📷: @maysaa_f
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