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Copenhagen 2017.


Made it to Australia 🇦🇺
Excited to see all the homies destroy.


Estonian Fairytale. // It honestly felt like I was living inside of a fairytale this last 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone for such an incredible trip and experience! Here- is a quick teaser (Full edit late this week with super8) // ⚡️🇪🇪 @natgeotravel @visitestonia @beaverfleming @simplesession



Estonia daily commute.
// first day here in Estonia and it is incredible.


I was lucky enough to go to Puerto Rico and film with @alexis_diaz ! Here is a quick wrap up of the week, a lot more to come! Special thank you to Alexis, his amazing family, his friends and the amazing people of PR for making this possible. Te amo Puerto Rico! Stay tuned, big stuff in the works for @chopemdownfilms and these artist stories.


Super8 of @obeygiant in Miami for Art Basel 2017. // @juxtapozmag Club house during @artbasel



Strange wandering in Venice.
// @zakramiller and I spent a day filming and exploring in Venice for a @quiksilver piece. 👽


Spending the week filming with @alexis_diaz in his hometown of Puerto Rico for a piece with @chopemdownfilms . Although this island is so beautiful, hurricane Maria has had a huge impact even 3 months after, over 60% of the island still has no electricity, water or roofs.


Style in chaos.



Copenhagen Pro 2017 //Can’t wait to go back this coming year.
Made a full 4k edit (link in bio) let me know what you think. Thank you @zakramiller @quiksilver @thomaskring and everyone else for making this project possible.


Always a pleasure to work with @the_hula on the water. Here’s a piece just finished with him from a few days ago. Hope you enjoy 🤙 huge thanks to @canvasoutdoormuseum @chopemdownfilms and @nicolehenryart for everything!


Stoked to film with @dface_official and his crew this week up in Lake Worth. Thank you @canvasoutdoormuseum @chopemdownfilms 🙌 now down in Miami for @artbasel looking forward to another epic week.🙌



So stoked to be out here I️n Lake Worth filming some insane artists for @chopemdownfilms @canvasoutdoormuseum. Here’s a quick recap from that last few days. Next week Basel!


This weeks wrap with @dourone / @elodieloll for @artrepublicglobal in Jacksonville, Florida. Had a pleasure filming all of you incredible Artists and can’t wait to see you all at @artbasel. Super stoked to be collaborating with @chopemdownfilms on this and future projects! Thanks for everything 👊


Bali was incredible. Thank you to @monsterenergy & @thrashermag for putting together such an insane trip. I’m so excited to make this edit of the rippers. @stew_bacca @kevinbaekkel @runeglifberg @davidbroach @jimmy_wilkins #jordanbrown Also thank you to everyone who showed us around and made it such an insane time. @btxphoto, @indraleonardo and the other locals made this such an insane experience and I am so thankful to them! Cheers to everyone from the last couple weeks! #brad



Super stoked to be back out here in Bali. Excited to film some skating with some epic humans. Thank you @monsterenergy || anyone with suggestions of skate/film spots in Bali let me know 👍


Came down to Mexico with @chopemdownfilms & @spencershea and got to have a picnic between the border celebrating @jr and his installation piece. Really stoked we got to be apart of this! It was so fun to fly the drone across the border🙀


Silhouettes of Sydney. 19 pieces from my show at @culturebrewingco are gonna be for sale tonight! Come on by the Encinitas location and make me an offer I can't refuse 😉



Tonight's my last night up at @culturebrewingco Encinitas. Come on by if you want to hang out or buy a piece before they all come down. Hope to see ya there!


RIP @tompettyofficial your music has touched us all and you will be missed dearly.


KAABOO 2017. Thank you to everyone that made this possible and allowing me to shoot some of my favorite muralists as well as musical artists. Here is a few @icecube selects.


Fearless in Hu'u, Sumbawa.


Olympic national forest today.


Super nervous but super excited for this Friday. If your in town come by and drink some beer with me at my first ever solo show at the new Encinitas location @culturebrewingco I printed all new stuff from the last 6 months of traveling and have 10 limited edition books for sale at show. Hope to see you there!!


Another year older. 25 feels pretty great so far! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes and unconditional support. I love you all so much 🙌. Let's make this year even better!


Norway was so unreal. I got to explore, skate and film with some of my favorite skaters and best friends. Full 7 minute video in bio! I hope you enjoy, Let me know what you think! Be sure to watch in 4k 👍 Thank you everyone I really hope to come back next year! Shot with Super8 x GH5


Sugarcane tour 2017- @jimmy_wilkins


This place is a skateboard fairytale land. Can you spot @zakramiller on this hill bomb?


Zach trying to air on the way back from insane skate session. (He only got like a foot out)


@zakramiller tail slide st Copenhagen Open.