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ask lil wayne who the 5 star bitch is💌

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look me in my iris


2 whomever recognized my mom at Marshalls: you've created a monster! But she's super gassed and I thank u for that😩💕


The summer look is here 2 stay brace ur selves. It's too hot for all that so y'all gon learn 2 love the 20 diff shades on my face and my lil eyebrow scar that refuses to grow hair😩


Omw to make a boy buy me 🍔🍔🍔🍟🍕 toodles :-*


This look gave me flashbacks to the best flo-rida song in existence probably. 🎼my lipsss like sugaaaaa, dis candy gotchu sprungggggggg😩😤💯


bts 4 @nylonmag makeup by @akmakeup_n_art 😇


When she eat good =)


Repost from @moschino 🐻 shot by @yukijames 💕


Get! Off! My! Dick! And my dress from @adrianasahar 💕😋🦄 (the qualities only dis bad bc I snagged dis from a video🙈)


shoutout 2 the women who made our childhoods as perfect as possible no matter what they were going thru❤️ learning ur pains n struggles only make us adore u more. 4evr my brown superwoman💕


#tb 🐵🙈


Was really feeling this @moschino 4 @rollacoastermagazine and u know when @yukijames behind the 📸 it's magical❤️💕


the weirdest part about growing up as a 17-20 yr old with internet "clout" or followers or whatever you'd like to call it is that I feel like I've seen/heard it all before. That's why when some of you send me let's say.... a really wack meme being circulated involving me n my frens and expect a reaction out of me I dont care lol!!!!! If I cared I would still be that 18 yr old girl completely consumed by her body dysmorphia trying 2 edit and even physically make myself look the way I thought I had to look in my mind, of course thousands of comments from complete strangers on the internet dissecting my body n face at the time ain't help but hey lemme not complain 2 much I'm only supposed 2 be grateful for a platform right lol. But anyways long story short im really content with who I am as a person including my looks but mostly about how much my personality and mind can offer this world and if u see something stupid online don't even trip!!!! I know y'all get mad and only wanna defend us but it truly ain't worth the time!!! Love u stay blessed


YEA i said it 🙋🏻💌


My mom called today and requested more wholesome content so here's me n bae😋


Was tryna make a sexy bun tutorial didn't work out but still


I can't believe this is actual off guard footage of me and I also can't believe I'm a real human @ this point


DONT SLEEP !!!!!😩 @ ur fav church thot below


just me n my xtra baggy pants waiting 4 a ride like


Had 2 censor the girls 1 time but let's take this moment to acknowledge how beautiful brown nips r!!!! And just all boobs wow!!


be my gf I'll buy u all da wigs u want !!!


2 cold🥀🥀🥀


Video representation of how stressful it is to be my man


Love my stans sm !!! This little girl came up to me after my performance and said I'm the reason she even leaves the house anymore . I think she stole a 20 from my purse but it's fine bc I love helping people❤


This is the first time I'm up early in like 4weeks but block me if you think I'll be leaving my bed until 12pm I don't need that kind of energy


happy bday 2 my platonic soulmate 4 lyfe. Literally cannot believe 1-2 years ago we were on the bus to jersey damn near every night to stay at ur moms, busting our asses but still happy as fuck, u would b recording music on ur phone in the bathroom before anyone would wake up and now we get to watch you live out your dreams every day and release all ur beautiful art exactly the way u want! You make talent look effortless and I have no idea how!! You make all ur friends and loved ones and even people u don't know feel so smart and loved and worthy and so many ppl can say ur a light no matter how hard timez get ull always b there to crack a joke (I didn't say they were good!!) I've never seen some1 encourage others to show their arts and passions to everyone they possibly can on this planet as much as u do and dats why u deserve everything u get and so much more💕💕 19 was so sweet 2 u but I know 20s gonna b even better🤗