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NEW @bhcosmetics Palettes launching at the end of this month! They debuted at has smokier shades and the other is more warm/rosy tones. 😍😍😍 What do you guys think?? πŸ“· Trendmood1


Swatches of the new @milanicosmetics Bold Obsessions Palette ($20). 😍😍😍 Unlike the previous one I swatched this morning, this one is a mix of both mattes and shimmers! The formula swatches really well and I'm excited to try these on my eyes!
I don't know when these will hit drugstores (Milani always launches online first), but when it does, you'll likely be able to get this for less during sales, coupons, etc.
What do you think of the shades?


Swatches of the new @milanicosmetics Most Loved Mattes palette ($20 on their website).😍😍😍 I'll be doing a video on these this week once I've had a chance to wear them on my eyes but so far just swatching them, they are so super soft and very nicely pigmented! I love how the palette is laid out can go down each column to create a look starting with the top shade and going down. πŸ™Œ They also give you 4 lighter shades to work with which is a bit more than most skin is so fair that I like to use the lighter shades to blend with, and most palettes only have one or two of them. What do you think of the shades?



πŸŽ‰It's time for a Giveaway!! πŸŽ‰ The past few days I've been so moved by all of your help and support in getting me to the necessary hours I need to stay in the YouTube partner program. πŸ™ I want to give back to you guys any way I can, and I honestly wish I could buy you all some makeup!! πŸ’• But I figured the next best thing is to do some giveaways!
I bought some extra palettes that were featured in my latest video (Top Ten Palettes Under $10) and one of you will win all 5! πŸ‘‰Profusion Mixed Metals Nude and Sultry Palettes
πŸ‘‰Bad Habit Retro Love Palette πŸ‘‰Elf Mad for Matte 2 Palette πŸ‘‰NYX Avant Pop Palette in Nouveau Chic
To enter:
β€’Head on over to my latest video (LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†) and comment with a πŸ’œ (if you don't have emojis you can just tell me you're entering in a comment). ***I won't make anyone subscribe to my channel as an entry requirement, but obviously if you do, I'll be very grateful!
One winner will be randomly chosen on Monday January 22 and notified via DM. 😊
Open internationally. Good luck!!


It's about time!!! I'm so proud of @cvspharmacy for taking this step! πŸ’• Displaying heavily altered and smoothed photographs around the store as we're shopping for beauty products drives so much insecurity and makes us feel like we are never good enough.
It's time we start seeing examples of REAL people as we're shopping! πŸ‘ We've been seeing airbrushed photos for so many years it'll be interesting to see the changes. It's not just about wrinkles either...younger people can have visible pores, dark circles, acne marks, or redness, and NO ONE young or old has skin that looks as smooth as a Barbie doll.
CVS is also asking the brands it sells (L'Oreal, Maybelline, etc.) to do the same thing. What do you think of this new policy?


NEW @colourpopcosmetics Palettes are on the way! 😍😍😍 Launching Jan 25th at 10am PST on their website...
πŸ‘‰ Give it to Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette
πŸ‘‰In-Nude-Endo Highlighting Palette πŸ“·@makeupbytreenz β€’ @colourpopcosmetics
Will you be getting either one?



New Video on my channel tonight!! LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†. Counting down and swatching my favorite palettes under $10, including some old favorites you don't hear about anymore. πŸ™Œ


A couple of recent @milanicosmetics hauls! 😍😍😍 I got the new Bold Obsessions and Most Loved Mattes palettes ($20), plus some of the new Amore Shine Liquid Lipsticks ($9) and the Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumpers ($9). πŸ’• Of course I'll be swatching everything but let me know πŸ‘‡ if you want me to do a video on these as well!
I'm especially curious about the lip plumpers because they are a nourishing treatment that claims to fill in and smooth your lips over time, boosting collagen production. πŸ™Œ


Channeling my inner #mermaid with the new @makeuprevolution My Sign Water Palette ($10 🧜🧜🧜 This is an all-shimmer palette and some shades are more shimmery than others. Some are also super pigmented while others need a little bit of building, but over primer they all perform pretty nicely! 😍😍😍 I just think overall it's a very unique palette and different from what we've been seeing all over lately.



This morning I got an email from YouTube saying that I am no longer eligible for their partner program as of next month (to monetize my videos) because I have less than 4,000 hours of watch time (for those who don't know, I have a pretty new channel). πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
These changes are so frustrating and disheartening because I use those earnings to put back into my channel and help to create new content.
What's REALLY sad is that I feel like this will prevent people from even wanting to start a YouTube channel in the first place. I've been very lucky because I have a large following on here and that has helped me to grow my YT faster than most people. But for many, it may take a year or more to reach 1k subscribers or to reach 4k hours of watch time (the amount of time people spend watching your videos in the past 12 mos) and they may feel like there's no point. And then once you ARE eligible, YouTube has to review your channel and approve it which may take months.
All I can say is that if there's a small channel you follow and want to help them out, please subscribe (if you're not already) and watch or rewatch some of their videos to help them reach this threshold before next month. πŸ™ I would hate to see people giving up, because there are so many amazing small channels out there with great content.


Swatches of the new @revolutionbeautyusa Reloaded Fever Palette ($7 on their US website, LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†). This one reminds me of Naked Heat which I don't have but I compared it to Tartelette Toasted and it's also similar to that (Swipe πŸ‘‰). The quality is really good for $7...shimmers are super soft and buttery and the mattes are pigmented (but also a bit powdery/patchy so definitely use primer). I'm not going to say it's high-end quality but these palettes are a great budget-friendly option that will allow you to create similar looks. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
πŸ‘‰Will be @ultabeauty online 1/25 and in-store 2/4.


The Festival Palette from @juviasplace 😍😍😍 So stunning!! Coming February 15th on their website, *Use Code JEN to save 10% at checkout.
What do you think of these bright bold shades?



Swatches of the new @revolutionbeautyusa Newtrals 2 Palette 😍😍😍 $7 and launching tomorrow on their US website ( @ultabeauty January 23rd). In-store Feb 4!
The shimmer shades are so soft and buttery! The mattes are a bit powdery with some fallout but definitely soft and pigmented so just be sure to use a primer like I did to help them stick around. πŸ‘Œ I haven't tried them on my eyes yet, just wanted to get swatches up since they launch tomorrow in the US. But I will do a YouTube review once I try them. 😊
What do you think of this one? Check out my stories for live swatches!


Just got my @makeuprevolution Reloaded Palettes in the mail today! 😍😍😍 $7.18 each at
Check out my stories today, as I have some polls going to see which ones you want me to swatch first! πŸ’•


Another NEW @milanicosmetics palette just dropped on their website! Must-Have Mattes ($20, LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†). Comes with a mirror and 12 shades. 😍😍😍 Looks like I'm going to be placing another Milani order today!! What about you? *Just a note about the price...yes $20 is expensive for a drugstore palette, no doubt BUT if these are as good as the Everyday Eyes palettes, I fully expect that they'll perform like high-end. The Everyday Eyes are $11 and only have 6 shades and no mirror. This one has double the shades and nicer packaging so $20 is reasonable if it can be compared to higher end palettes that cost double that amount. 😊



MORE New Products from @tartecosmetics... LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†. 😍😍😍
πŸ‘‰Maneater Volume II $30 (Swipe to see comparison with the old one...I believe it's the same with the addition of a black shade).
πŸ‘‰Shape Tape 12 Hour Eye Primer Stick ($22) πŸ‘‰ Busy Gals BROWS Tinted Brow Gel ($18) swipe to see photos.
What are you getting? I just had to place another order! πŸ™ˆ


NEW @tartecosmetics Shape Tape Foundation is live on the @tartecosmetics website!! πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’“( LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†)
I grabbed one of each formula to review (both in the shade Fair-Light Neutral). I can't wait to try them...what about you? Are you getting one (or two)?


Swatches of the new @anastasiabeverlyhills Soft Glam Palette πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ™Œ launching in March. πŸ“· @norvina
Looks so soft and buttery! πŸ‘Œ



Official photo of the new @anastasiabeverlyhills Soft Glam Palette 😍😍😍. What your thoughts? I'll definitely be getting it! Looks like the perfect everyday palette! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ Coming in March.


#SundaySelfie wearing the @clarinsusa Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in a gorgeous new shade called Plum. 😍😍😍 It makes my lips smooth and shiny and gives a sheer tint that's perfect when you're just hanging out with friends and family on the weekends. Plus it smells delicious, like vanilla cupcakes and isn't sticky at all. πŸ™Œ Have you tried these yet? I definitely want to grab some more shades! LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†


Sneak Peek! A new @juviasplace palette is coming...the Festival Palette πŸ™Œ plus two liquid lipsticks! 😍😍😍 February 15th. Code JEN to save 10%.
Can't wait to see the inside!


Swatching the @crownbrush Glam Metal Palette 🀘🀘🀘 tonight ($29.99). I got this in this months #BoxyCharm and it's pretty unique...I don't have any palettes like it! I'm not always a fan of all-shimmer palettes and I feel like this one is missing a matte crease and a highlight shade. I would probably just use this if I want a one-shade all over the lid look. πŸ€” But it swatches beautifully and feels super soft and buttery smooth. 😍😍 What are your thoughts on the color scheme in this palette? πŸ‘ Or πŸ‘Ž?


I've been using the Milani Everyday Eyes Palette in Must Have Neutrals a lot lately! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ It has the perfect transition and crease mattes and the shimmers are stunning on the lids. Not to mention the formula is really, really good. It kinda reminds me of a cooler version of the Huda Smoky Obsessions palette (swatched together on the next slide πŸ‘‰). Not dupes exactly but a similar vibe! πŸ‘πŸ‘
$8.99 at Target (LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†)


NOW AVAILABLE on the @shophush_ app! 😍😍😍 The @badhabitbeauty Artistry Palette $12 (and FREE shipping!!). It's a DUPE of the Master Palette by Mario! πŸ™Œ I got 2 πŸ™ˆ


Not ONE but TWO new @tartecosmetics Shape Tape foundations are coming to @ultabeauty online on 1/21! 😍😍😍
β€’ πŸ‘‰Shape Tape Matte smooths over pores and imperfections with rich, airbrushed full coverage. Dries to a flawless matte finish, absorbs oil and shine, leaves skin free of flakiness and cakiness. πŸ‘‰Shape Tape Hydrating is a Skin-Smoothing weightless gel with a collagen & hyaluronic acid-packed formula. Filling spheres plump skin and refine pores for 12 hours, no creasing or caking. β€’
$39 2/4/18. LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†
Thank you to @sgp.0 for the update!! πŸ’“


Starting today on @qvc!! 😍😍😍LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘† The @itcosmetics New Year New Confidence in Your Skin Collection is available for presale (TSV is on 1/13). If you've been wanting to try IT's skincare this is the kit you need to try! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ ________________________________________
For $79.96, you get: πŸ‘‰ Confidence in a Cleanser ($28)
πŸ‘‰Confidence in a Cream ($48)
πŸ‘‰Confidence in an Eye Cream ($38)
πŸ‘‰Confidence in a Compact ($38)
πŸ‘‰Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush ($48)
$200 Value! I love every single one of these products so this is my favorite TSV in a long time! LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†



New review up on my YT channel of the @sundayriley Bright Young Things Kit (LINK to Video in BIOπŸ‘†). πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ™Œ I bought this to help brighten/lighten my dark spots and in my video I show before/after shots to show my results. Head on over and check it out! 😊


I NEED this!! @milanicosmetics makes great eyeshadows! 😍😍😍 It reminds me of the Stila palettes! β€’
#Repost @trendmood1
Another SURPRISE! Available Now! LINK ➑️ BIO *Use code TRENDMOOD for 15% off orders $30+ @milanicosmetics just dropped on their website!!! πŸ’— WoW!!!! NEW #EyeshadowPalette πŸ™€πŸ™€.
02 #BoldObsessions $20
A mix of mattes and Metallics .

Will update when they will be available @ultabeauty
I have a feeling more palettes will drop soon πŸ‘€ so keep an eye πŸ’—Did u grab yours? XO #Trendmood #milanicosmetics
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Testing out the new @loraccosmetics Royal Treatment Primer + Mascara Duo on YouTube today. πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ This is my new favorite formula (it's SO good!), so head over to my channel and see it in action! LINK ➑️ BIO πŸ‘†


There's a big sale on palettes today at @colourpopcosmetics and one of my favorites, the All I See is Magic palette is currently $12 (reg. $20) along with several others! 😍😍😍 Head over and check it out.