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I’ve been seeing @austinthongvivong’s name pretty consistently. I’m pretty sure if we had a hardflip day this would make it, don’t you? Keep the hardflips coming guys and girls. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


I’ve spent a lot of time wtih @jimgreco and I think in a hundred years he will be named as one of the most influential people in skateboarding for sure. Who do you think should be on that list as well? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Not much else needs to be said about this legend... #LewisMarnellForever @nikesb - available in the @berricscanteen NOW. Link In Bio #NikeSb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun



Not much else needs to be said about this legend... #LewisMarnellForever @nikesb - available in the @berricscanteen NOW. Link In Bio #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Not much else needs to be said... @nikesb #LewisMarnellForever available NOW in the @berricscanteen . Link In Bio! #Berrics #NikeSb


You wanna know how to fuck the algorithm? Talk about rappers and post this #zoomzoom 🏎️🗯️ clip of @shanejoneill for the 5th time... just because you can. - sb #berrics ❤️



Just something to think about. - sb


You didn’t use to find as many diverse styles of skating in the 90s or 00s that you do now. It was very rare to see people not doing all versions of the same few things with the exception of a few people just doing it better. Obviously, nowadays, that’s changed quite a bit. Style is not necessarily defined by one particular method or way of skating. One person’s preference could make another person puke. This clip of @quentinboillon definitely has its own style. How many different styles of skating do you think there are currently and who best represents each one of them? - sb Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun 🎥: @bataaard


Do you think that THIS is what the skate gods meant when they initially thought up the concept of cruising? Like @louielopez, I think @alexmidler has also just taken the definition of cruising the park to the next level, don’t you? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun



I’m pretty sure @jasonparksucks does not suck. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


We’re giving away one of my old friend @bam__margera’s newly released @elementbrand decks. It’s pretty easy how you enter:
1. Follow the @berricscanteen
2. Tag 2 friends you think don't deserve this more than you. (Just so you can run it in their face when you win.) ❤️❤️- sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


I’m starting to think there isn’t anyone better at skating a flatbar than @emptykayy. And look, he even threw a hardflip in there inspiring us to really dedicate a whole day to hardflips. Who do you think has 🔥 flatbar skills like Matt? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun



I swear... I’m gonna do a whole day of hardflips if I keep getting clips like this from @sewakroetkov. He didn’t do just one hardflip, he snuck two in there with a little something else in between... kind of like a hardflip sandwich. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


This question is for all you 90s lovers... What was @williamseansheffey’s exact quote about skating rocks and in what @planbofficial video did he say it in? This one’s for you @fonetime ❤️ - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun @kanethemenace


Just like varial flips and hardflips I asked for some front blunts too. @marcos__montoya sent me this front blunt? Does it take the cake? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun



Do you think this is what the skate gods meant when they initially thought up the concept of cruising? I think @louielopez has just taken the definition of cruising the Berrics @westchesterplaza to the next level, don’t you? - sb #berrics


Last night I asked if maybe we should start a hardflip day. I told you to send me some hardflips... well... @perkur wasn’t messing around and sent me a hardflip. I swear I’m gonna do a whole day of just hardflips if I keep getting ones like this. Who has your favorite hardflips? - sb #berrics


I’m always so disappointed when I see footage of @luanomatriz... said no one ever. ❤️❤️ - sb #berrics



This is Cyril C Roy Palmer aka @watchyoudie, he skates AND he makes music. Many of you tagged him last night in my “who is your favorite new rapper” post. I intentionally left him off the list last night just so I could put this up of him today. He’s a lot different than the others I listed. He’s not signed to any label but is racking up streams on both Soundcloud and Spotify at an alarming rate all because his close friends and a whole community of skaters are supporting him with songs like the one in this edit here, “Rules to my Heart”. We support Cyril. If you haven’t heard of him, well now you have so you should support him too. He’s a great skater, he’s ambitious and he’s working hard to make his dreams come true, just like all of us. Keep em coming, Cyril! - sb #berrics with @mr.fuegoo and @_devondaniel


Sliding into to Wednesday like @matttomasello... only two more days to Friday!! - sb #Berrics 🎥: @tomtweak #SkateboardingIsFun


A few days ago I posted a clip of @emptykayy doing a front blunt on this really long ledge and challenged all of you to send me some other front blunts that might be better. This is one of them I got from @pif_daddy. It’s pretty damn good wouldn’t you say? What else do you guys have? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


I don’t love the way this is filmed just because of all the shadows... not the filmer’s fault.... BUT... this is fuckin insane @devinbagnoli!! Do we need to start a hardflip day. Everything tomorrow just all the best hardflip? Send em to me. We’ll see. - sb #Berrics 🎥:@303boards #SkateboardingIsFun


There’s a lot of rappers out there with skateboards and a lot of skaters out there with edits to rap. Over the last year there has been an explosion of new faces. Who are your favorites or do you even like rap? - sb #Berrics (sorry if your favorite rapper isn’t on here IG only lets you put 10 photos in the carousel so if it isn’t any of them then tag your favorite)


When the slam is better than the land. @spluke_ ♻️:@mikeytaylor 📹:@bryce__holmes #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


The first time I ever saw @thomas__turner was on instagram. Every time we post something with him you seem to love it so we took our relationship with him one step further, teamed up with @skullcandy, then went out to Arizona and filmed a ONE DAY with him. It’s now up LIVE on or just hit that LINK IN BIO to take your own relationship with Thomas to that next level! - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Normal people think we’re crazy but every skateboarder knows this battle. This is simply unbelievable @zanetimpson. Thanks @mohkie for importing this footage for @shyguyseeps and in your immortal words, “till the wheels fall off @sonyvx1000.” Tag someone you know that’s battled like this. - sb #SkateboardingIsFun


Man, I could watch @vierneskevin do these tricks a million times and still not get tired of it. What a trio of tricks to have on lock, eh? What pro do you think has the most tricks on lock? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun 📹:@dgfilms1907


To all you photographers that always hit me up, @sovrnskateboards just launched their 2018 photo contest. Go to their page and get all the info! - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Old edit who dis? Take a guess... - sb #Berrics 🔥:@madeinseoulyo #SkateboardingIsFun


One of my favorite clips I’ve seen in awhile. I love the quick feet @shark_starr is displaying here. Have you guys out there heard of @getlesta? You should. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun