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Well we don’t know about you? But that just changed our whole perspective on sh*t! And We all just happen to agree! @jakedarwen 😘 @_levibrown @nbnumeric #berrics


@leeyankou @ragingpervert @antoine.asselin Oh my god!! This just got us all stoked to go skate! Raw power! Raw shredding! Awesome! @dimemtl #berrics


Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us who we are, and We are skateboarders @thefellers 📽️ @norman_woods #berrics



“I rather watch Gino push” has been something we’ve heard said for years now. One of, or maybe even the best style in skateboarding ever. Gino Iannucci @ginoiannuccipoets 😘 @girlhero74


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One day while cruising through the park I had a vision of a b/s Smith kickflip out. It was beautiful and I woke up lying in the bottom of the bowl. Next thing I knew my vision was a glimpse of what was to come. @chris_wimer #berrics



We stumbled across @poisoned_pen's account this morning and were so amazed by Martin Orton’s work that we had to reach out to find out more about his process. Go to or hit that LINK IN BIO to check the interview! #berrics


Let’s figure out a different way to go up this bank on the ledge and back in the board? Ahhhh, ok @youngskatelaurent we see what you did there. #berrics


As skaters, it seems that we are always looking for something new. The new shoe. The new board. The new video. This is just a theory, but I think we do it because we’re always trying something new when we go out there and skate. If you’re not trying anything new it seems you start to get bored. Kind of like the guy who shows up to the park every day and does the same tricks, eventually you stop seeing him. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t anything new. My point is this... we all love new and over the last few months I’ve been really making an effort to show you new. @burberry.erry is one of those new faces and he sent me over his new edit for you guys to feast on. What I’d like to see from you is... tag in the comments what new faces, companies, products, movements etc. that you think I should know about. - sb #berrics 🎥:@belladieon



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Threading the needle never felt so good. We have to say that this is what dreams are made of! 😘 @fuckthisvideo #berrics


One second @morganersmith is going this way, the next he’s going that way. Then next thing you know you’re rolling away so smooth and perfect you have no choice but to smile. #berrics 🎥:@rryan.98 😘 @smlwheels



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We’re very interested in seeing all the wonderfully different things that can be done on this skateboard. @matttomasello 👀 What do you think can be done on it? #berrics


I think we all can agree on how epic it is to Willie into anything, this clip especially tickles my fancy! Anyone out there has a wollie in or wollie out trick? Tag us we’d love to see it! @mikagazon 😘 @val.bauer #berrics



This is what we’d like to call... We don’t know what to call it, but @walkerryan knows how to use what’s around him as he hippie jumps @dr.kylebrown who’s a skater and physical therapist. He may have an idea or two how to keep fit so we can all keep skating! Love when we all come together! #berrics


Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go! But who cares about the woods, or grandma’s. Just look at @garrettginner’s over the river ollie! #berrics 🎥:@mannysantiago


Dear @thomas__turner, can you please leave this poor park alone? You have officially killed it.... wait scratch that, what I meant to say was can you please keep destroying every park you go to? Thank you! 😘 @skatecrunchmag #berrics



We love all the skateboarding we see everywhere and we love the people that are making it happen. Like this clip right here of @vincentlurkluevanos filmed by Jonathan Lopez. Check his stuff out and keep filming man! #berrics 🎥:@ig.foulproductions


Oh Tom Penny you are the reason for so, so, much. Everything here has been tattooed in our minds for decades. CLASSIC! 😘@cultoftom


@skategustavo@jartskateboards's Portuguese powerhouse—recently rolled his ankle, but that didn't stop him from stomping 360 flip lips on every rail in the park. With every sprain, you just have to jump back up and get down. Watch, wince, repeat. #berrics 🎥:@chaseingabor


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Half the thrill of skateboarding is being inches from disaster. The rush of adrenaline when you’re on the brink of making it or slamming. We can feel all of that watching @ibeborden and @jake_wooten doing doubles. 📽️ @johnpartytime #berrics


Feast your eyes on a dose of perfection. That’s it. That is all we have to say about this line. Why? What would you say besides perfection? I know, right! @andrewreynolds 📽️ @felix__soto #berrics


Skateboarding has this special way of grabbing hold of you and never letting go and I wouldn’t want it any other way. More amazing clips! @tysonbowerbank 📽️ @drpurpleteeth 😘 @almostskateboards #berrics


When we see really great flat bar tricks they’re hard for us to pass up on. This one has everything you need to help get you through the day. Tag us with your flat bar tricks. @tannrlawlr 📽️ @nicogsavage #berrics


Over time, there have been so many skate spots to come and go and some have actually stayed, but which spot is the most famous spot in the world? - sb #berrics ps. You like my new style of asking you questions?


@haleyisaak’s got skill! We’d have to say flipping your board with anything in your hand can be problematic, but holding a golf club and bouncing a ball on it while you flip your board is skill that’s beyond us! #berrics


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This is what I like to call making lemon aid. There’s a light post at the end of the bar? Whatever, just wallie off it. Well played @mattmilitano 👏 #berrics 🎥:@matt.cline