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BABY BLUSH/STEEL MINT • textured bob w/bangs. @foreverkiee 😍cut & color by me. Styled by @unique_donna . For the color I used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. #BESCENE


CORAL ROSÉ • "Have I shown you my cat?" 😼😂 -Akira. Using @schwarzkopfusa #blondme for prelightening with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 added. *FORMULA* base: 6-28,6-23,6-89,0-99 CORAL: 9.5-18,9.5-74,9-98, 0-88. All 7vol. #BESCENE


ICY LILAC • by @maayanbirnstein 😍 using all @schwarzkopfusa with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 added. Go to her page for the FORMULA! #BESCENE


SHATTERED BABY BANGS • @yurhairness. Hair color and cut by me #BESCENE. Using new shades from @schwarzkopfusa with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for the color. Amazing makeup by @yokii.san. Styled by @foreverkiee. 👌


MOLTEN LAVA • amazing creation from the first #BESCENE Collab+Create event! Color and styling by @hairbyapes Cut by @philipwolffhair! 🙌 colors used @schwarzkopfusa for the grey and @pulpriothair for the lava . @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 added to everything 😆.


The #BESCENE syndrome. 😍 @kristinaraesaylor & @foreverkiee 👭 first collab with @alfredo_lewis for the first Collab + Create event at BESCENE STUDIOS! We used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for the color. We applied this color in front of an awesome crowd. The energy was insane in the salon today. *formulas* (Kristina) base: 8-11,6-23,6-89,0-99 mid: 9.5-43,6-23 ends: 9.5-29,10-21,0-11.styled by @foreverkiee. (Kiera) base: 9.5-18,9-98,0-88 ends: 9.5-43,6-23n 10g green colorworx. Styled by @unique_donna.


MUTED ORCHID 🌸 textured bob. Cut & color by me using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for the color. Undone styling by @foreverkiee 👌 *FORMULA* BASE: 6-28,7-17, 5g 7-77, 2g 9-98 MID: 11-89,9.5-18, 1g 9-98, 6g 0-88 ENDS: 6-89, 6-23, 6g 0-99 all 7vol 😉 #BESCENE


R O S E 💕 for @rosellove 😍 cut & color by @maayanbirnstein! Wishing Maayan an amazing bday today! #MAAYANBIRNSTEIN


ICY MINT/ BLUSH • collab with @hairbyfranco for the #hefgivesback2017 event on @hairbykristinamarie. I used @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for one half and Franco used @pulpriothair for the other. Styled by @araako 👌 #BESCENE


COLLAB + CREATE. 2 days of creating and collaborating with your favorite hairstylists. This is your chance to come and work alongside these amazing artists, learn some new techniques, ask the questions you've always wanted to ask, and have fun! That's what it's all about. No tickets or admission charges. I'm inviting all stylists and cosmetology students from the area to come collaborate with us! You don't want to miss out. If you're interested please email [email protected], comment or dm to get your name on the list. All are welcome. Remember to follow the artists and sponsors! #BESCENE


PINK CANDY 💕 @ltnda 🤗 co-owner of @ivyswimwear 👙 that one time she went pink. Might have been my favorite hair color on her. I used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for her color. Please go show her some love and checkout her swimsuits! #BESCENE #fbf


#fbf to one of my favorite looks! Sometimes it's nice to go back, all the way back and see the work that I've done and see how much I've grown and learned as an artist. I'll be sharing a couple more of my favorites throughout the day. 😁 #BESCENE


MIDNIGHT bob • by @maayanbirnstein 💙 cut & color by her. Using @pulpriothair for the color and @schwarzkopfusa #blondme & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for her lightener. #BESCENE


R O S É • B L U S H 🌹 *FORMULA TIME* (this was a root touch up) Natural level 2 on super thick coarse Hispanic hair. Prelighten to a level 9 using @schwarzkopfusa #blondme 30vol with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. Base: 6-32, 6-23,6-89, E-1 ROSÉ: 9.5-4,11-89, 1g 9-98, 5g 0-88 all 7vol on damp hair. Styled by @foreverkiee 👌#BESCENE


TEAM COOL💎OR TEAM WARM🌸. I can't decide 😣. Which would you choose? Both Cuts & Color by me. I used @schwarzkopfusa #blondme lightener with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. Also added to my color formula. #BESCENE


PINK POWER 💕 by @shmeggsandbaconn 😍 her execution of colors and styling blows my mind every single time! She slayed these two looks using @pulpriothair color & @kenraprofessional for styling.


DUSTY ROSE • by @annaabananax3 😍 she used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for this amazing color. Show her some love and check out her page! You can now book with her online at or text 2027166484! #BESCENE


LAVENDER 💜 @asianmaryjane 🤗 using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for her color. She uses @fanola_usa #noyellow shampoo to maintain her color. #BESCENE


It's not about building yourself. It's about uplifting and inspiring others. I always had an idea that stylists can be creative and love doing hair every single day behind the chair. The journey of turning this idea into reality has been so tough and at times seemed impossible. Weeks, months and years would go by and I thought to myself, why am I even doing this? I knew that it would be worth it in the end. I now stand in my first salon before an entire team of insanely driven and talented stylists that believe in that same idea I had when I started. I continue to learn how to balance being a leader and growing as a stylist myself. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for those clients that believed in my dream and my team that continue to inspire me to keep on pushing for greater things. As stylists we all go through so much in life and have so much to share. I want to hear your story. Please share them with me. You can write in the comments below or make a post and hashtag #forgingbonds. #BESCENE


It's that time again. GIVEAWAY TIME! To celebrate #BESCENE300K. I'll be giving the lucky winner a Full hair transformation for FREE! The winner will also be getting a FREE set of color matched clip in hair extensions from @secretofmedusa! That's not all... the winner will also be getting FREE Care kits from @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 & @fanola_usa! That's over $1000 in value 😱. I really want to thank all my followers, friends, family and my amazing team. It has been one hell of a journey but worth every second. I love you all so much. Thank you again for all the support!
Here's how to enter:👇
1. Repost this picture
2. Follow & Tag @bescene @brazilianbondbuilder @fanola_usa @secretofmedusa in your photo.
3. Tag @bescene and hashtag #BESCENE300K in your caption.
4. Make sure your account is public so I can see your entry.
The winner will be chosen at random by the hashtag #BESCENE300K on labor day! September 4th, 2017

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! #giveaway #contest


@francisxkhuu popup at #BESCENE STUDIOS Sept. 5th from 12p-9p! Super excited to have this amazingly talented artist back at the salon. He will have a flash sheet and he will also be taking walk ins! Hope to see you there 👊.


BLUSHY BEIGE • @imbribtw 😍 love this shade on her! Using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. #BESCENE


S L A T E • S I L V E R 💀 @kaffyxox. Formulating with NEW shades from @schwarzkopfusa! Can't wait for you to try them. Added @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 to my color formula. Here's a sneak peek at the formula slate: 6-12, ?, E-1 silver: 8-11, ?, E-1,0-11 (? Is the new shade) 😁 styled by @foreverkiee #BESCENE


NEW METALLIC SILVER TEAL • angles on point @kristinaraesaylor 😍 cut & color by me. Using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for the color! #BESCENE


* FORMULA TIME: I like to share my formulas to inspire artists to explore their color lines and to not be afraid to add multiple tones into a formula. Most of my formulas are used on prelightened naturally dark level 2-5 hair. So there are lots of level 6-8 warm tones before depositing colors. Here's an example * NUDE BLUSH • using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. *formula* base: 5-26,6-28,E-1,9-98 NUDE BLUSH: 9.5-18,9.5-49,0-11,9-98 7vol. Styled by @yokii.san 👌 #BESCENE #throwback


So honored to be a part of the @schwarzkopfusa #forgingbonds campaign. Share your story for a chance to win a part in the next campaign. Can't wait to hear your stories! #BESCENE #schwarzkopfusa


LAVENDER • @asianmaryjane 😍cut & color by me 🙌. I used all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 for her color. She'll be maintaining her hair with @fanola_usa "noyellow" shampoo. Styled by @foreverkiee #BESCENE


@asianmaryjane 😍 Can't wait to show you her final pic. Using all @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. #BESCENE


PLATINUM LILAC • by @yokii.san 😍 using @schwarzkopfusa & @brazilianbondbuilder #b3. PLATINUM maintenance using @fanola_usa #noyellow shampoo. Go show this girl some love! She'll be one to look out for 🙏 #BESCENE


@behindthechair_com STUDENT SHOT OF THE YEAR @unique_donna! I can't be more proud of this girl. She's been with me for a little under a year and has put in so many hours and hard work for this award. This is the beginning of her career and she's off to an amazing start. I'm so proud to call her my assistant and her mentor. To top off the night last year's STUDENT SHOT OF THE YEAR WINNER @shmeggsandbaconn who also works for the #BESCENE TEAM handed Donna the award which meant so much to her this past year. I feel like a proud father lol. Can't wait to see what these 2 girls do this next year! Look out for them!