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lazy crazy babies #tbt 📷 @davidablack


life is pretty beautiful when you’re paying attention


happy birthday to my Scorpio prom queens 💃🏼💘🍾🎉♏️



31 year old teen


happy birthday to my other Beyoncé


sorry this account has become a self help book. actually never mind i’m not sorry at all 😛





if gun control is an issue that is important to you- please go vote tomorrow. voting for elected officials that prioritize issues like gun control and other pressing matters are the only way to change them. so go out there tomorrow and #VoteLocal @headcountorg


for my birthday, i ask that you read this piece I wrote for @billboard and share it. it’s important to keep discussing this stuff ❤️ (link in bio)



my birthday horoscope ended with, “Remain true to yourself as you make choices, and what you wind up with, will come free of regrets.” excited for 31 to be my renaissance year 👵🏼💘🎉♏️ thanks for the love today and all the other days you send love my way xx


7th grade dreams do c⚾️me true. RIP to my rally t⚾️wel ☹️ #cresentavalleyhighschool


got reallllllllly high yesterday with @youdontknowdoug and @gabruspics and then came home and ordered Postmates and fell asleep at like 8PM it was a lovely day and you can watch the episode of #GettingDougWithHigh now on the YouTube’s 🚬🎃



My heart will go “woke up this morning” 📷 @kptvofficial




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in my element in Rome, 2010 #tbt


We teamed up with @dropbox to share how we use our creative energies to #CreateTogether even when we're far apart #ad (link in bio)


insert some cliche quote about how it’s scorpio season and i’m ready to honor my truth and live my very best life and be ok with being uncomfortable and growing up is hard but man it’s cool and you only live once YOLO live laugh love serenity now



born 2 b basic


candid cosentino 😎🌼🌴


i’m all alone at the holiday inn and post tour sadness is already really real. earlier this year I was 99% sure i wanted to quit music and would never be able to write a song again. tonight, i wrapped up a 6 week tour with one of my favorite bands at a legendary venue. thank you @paramore for taking us out on the best tour we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime as a band and for being all around good people. miss you all already 💜 and thanks to all the nice new people we met at these shows- we hope to see you guys for many years to come xx emoBC (📷 @colormebrian)


cincinnati tonight for our final headline show of this run, nashville tmr w/ @paramore. i’m feeling real emo so I’ll probably cry at both 🎤😭 (📷 @boomtisca)


i wish he was my boyfran (📷 @_mrmilkman)


she says they miss the old beth, girl, don’t tempt me


Manon, take my scars 🔮💀🕷️🕸️ (📷 @ashleyrosas)


canada edition 🇨🇦🤓


thanks jersey city 🔮💜 (video by @curieux)


it’s been a minute...enjoy


Every single day, in every single industry, there is a man abusing his power. The allegations against one of the most powerful men in the entertainment industry are disgusting and maddening, but they’re not shocking to me. There are no words to describe the trauma and damage one feels when these types of things happen to them and I say that as someone who experienced this vile behavior in my own industry. The fear I had to push through to finally speak up was massive, but I know it helped many women feel comfortable to do the same. All we can do, no matter what industry we are in or where we experience these types of situations as women, is say something. And I know it’s hard because we see how many people speak up and how little the repercussions actually are, but let me say this- when you use your voice, you’re doing something huge. You may inspire a woman (or man) to use their own voice and voices often create a domino effect. Please don’t let these types of situations scare you away from the entertainment industry if it’s where you feel you belong. There are many wonderful men that exist in these fields. And as we continue to call out the pigs, we create more space for good people. So please, if you or anyone you know is being harassed in the workplace in ANY way, be strong and speak up ❤️


me waking up refreshed after going to bed at a reasonable hour jk I slept for like 3 hours I’m grumpy af- but Brooklyn, last night was a real special treat, thanks a million 💜 📷 @sah.key