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Sea-green eyes stare out at us from an Acacia branch. This young leopard hasn’t seen much conflict in his life. The ears are intact and the nose remains unscarred. Leopards are astounding creatures- with their remarkable stealth they are still able to live undetected (at low numbers) in major cities. Due to their secrecy it’s not easy to determine their populations but we know that they are following the same downward trajectory as all big cats, as habitats change and prey disappears. Despite the difficulty in determining their populations, they are targeted by trophy hunters and poachers alike; their exquisite skins still desirable in some cultures. In this corner of the Okavango all hunting has been stopped for over a decade, poaching has been kept to an absolute minimum and we have been rewarded with frequent sights like these, of relaxed cats who are willing to share their space. Over their lifetimes big cats like these will bring in millions of dollars through photographic tourism, ensuring that their environment and ecosystem can be maintained in a world where human populations keep expanding and taking. #leopard #bigcats #thisismytrophy


Spot the two who aren’t buffalo. @dereckjoubert and I get such a thrill at this sight. Those two rhinos have made an epic journey by truck, plane and helicopter to be here - in a land where they are not so at risk of poaching. The #rhinoswithoutborders animals are now completely at home in this environment and beginning to breed again. #goodnews2018


Little legs trying to prowl like an adult cat. These lion cubs have a way to go before they turn from short-legged, rounded, bouncy scraps to the lithe, streamlined elegance of their mother. #littlebigcats #thisismytrophy



Streeeetch. Elephants will eat most species of plants but they’ll work especially hard to get their favorites. #elephantproblems


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So much can happen in 3 seconds, and what a difference a year makes: two things I find myself saying often. Another is that whether the sun shines or the rain buckets down, we are both incredibly happy with the way this last year turned out, despite a little hospital time. Now, we are in Duba to put the buffalo incident behind us, exactly a year later, and to find new adventures, and more pleasant memories to overlay. At the same time we are acutely aware that we are at a tipping point, where those who think it’s a good idea to have assault weapons in your school locker or travel across the world to shoot an elephant or lion (usually the same people actually) are perhaps missing the point: that the planet and its occupants, are precious and fragile and worth cradling in our hands, going to battle to protect, not to be wilfully eradicated. At the same time, I sense that there is now critical mass developing and there is greater hope in those that see the value and beauty in everything around them. As I sit and look out over Duba, a buffalo walks past and I forgive and wish him well as he goes on into the reeds, a symbol of that ‘wildness’ that Beverly and I both love more than almost anything. #worldwildlifeday



Crossing an Okavango channel. Look at how the tip of his trunk is held just above the water - like a snorkel. #okavango #botswana #elephant #aerial


Okavango ripples. A glorious sight of an intact wilderness. #botswana #elephants #okavango #aerial


Not all birds belong to the skies. Coqui Francolins can fly but spend most of their time on the ground in grasslands. Their coloring camouflages them perfectly, but when you do see them, those feather patterns and subtle colours are absolutely gorgeous! #coquifrancolin #yearofthebird #yearofthebird2018 #natgeoyearofthebird



We’re so pleased to be able to share this photo. Please welcome one of our newest #rhinoswithoutborders rhinos. A healthy, very bouncy and extremely precious baby girl. She is one off 11 babies born so far from the rhinos that have been moved from poaching hotspots to safety. This shows how well these animals have settled into their new homes, how well suited their environments are and how gently they were treated on their long journeys to safety. She brings an extra fire to our hearts and a lump to our throats. Thank you again for all your support in making this program such a success. #23rhinostogo #rhinohornisnotmedicine #goodnews2018


An aerial view of elephants foraging in the Okavango Delta shows just how important these great animals are in these and other systems. Vegetation can quickly become impenetrable in such wet, high nutrient areas. The large bulk of elephants and hippos continually create trails across the landscape giving access to food and water to numerous other species. This also prevents channels from becoming clogged with silt and vegetation and effectively keeps the Delta flowing. #ecosystemdrivers #elephanttrails #Okavango


A happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it and a very happy #YearoftheDog to all. We’ve seen the packs of endangered painted dogs in our concessions do exceptionally well over the years. They have many challenges, including persecution from people and susceptibility to disease. But they’re increasing in numbers around the Selinda Reserve and we hope that this year will see them continue to do well as we work towards securing more protected land for them and the other savanna species. #painteddog #keepingthewild



Through thick and thin. @dereckjoubert #happyvalentinesday


Birds, like us, respond to visual stimuli. The colours that they carry and display are nothing short of breathtaking. These saddle-billed storks have a wonderfully striking bill - the male sporting two small yellow wattles as well. It’s said that these birds are doing well across their range, but their dependence on wetlands and long, erratic breeding cycles leave them vulnerable to changes in climate or their environment. #yearofthebird #yearofthebird2018 #saddlebilledstork


What a sight. Two rhinos from the #RhinosWithoutBorders program wandering free and a lot safer in their new home. It’s a fairly incredible feeling seeing these animals and knowing the remarkable journey they have taken to get here. We’ve moved 77 so far. Another 23 to go! #23rhinostogo #conservationinaction #thankstoyou #rhinohornisnotmedicine



It’s not the elephant herds of yesteryear but it is still wonderful seeing that large herds do remain out there in wilderness. This is still a relatively safe space for them. #botswana #okavango #elephantherd #aerial


Following well-worn paths. Each trip etching it more permanently into the landscape. #wildtrails #naturalpaths #zebras


African spoonbills on the wing. These birds with their remarkable specialized beaks are instantly recognizable when they’re sifting through shallow water for food. These are one of 6 species - the sum of which are spread across all the continents except Antarctica. #yearofthebird #yearofthebird2018 #spoonbill #botswana



So many oxbow lakes! #okavango #oxbow #aerial


Little lion cubs show apprehension at the edge of an Okavango channel. Water is essential but it holds hidden dangers. A grown lion is not at quite the same risk but a young cub can very easily be grabbed by a crocodile. The chances of these little cubs becoming adults is around 1 in 2 depending on their pride and ecosystem, but with habitat loss and increasing human/wildlife conflict, their chances may be more severe. There are an estimated 20 000 lions left across Africa and they have vanished from 90% of their range, now extinct in 26 countries. It is imperative that we put in place effective conservation strategies and protect wild land to secure these remaining populations before we lose them altogether. Their lives are difficult enough without us further reducing their chances of survival. #bigcats #lions #causeanuproar #thisismytrophy


A small herd of elephants crossing an Okavango channel. I love flying over the Delta as you can see how very well used by animals this land is. There are trails everywhere! #okavango #ecosystem #wildlifetrails #elephants #aerial


An unmistakable shape - danger in the shallows of an Okavango channel. Water is plentiful in the Delta - even in the dry season, but animals always need to approach it with caution. #crocodile #okavango #aerial


A lone bull elephant crosses an Okavango channel. The bulls are used to heading off on their own and may travel vast distances, only joining up with the matriarchal herds on occasion. Their wandering is essential for areas like the Okavango Delta. With the water levels rising and falling through the year, silt will build up and reeds can take hold, forming an impenetrable wall for many animals. Elephants may have used certain routes for years and together with another giant herbivore - the hippos, they create numerous paths through the vegetation. Repeated use of these paths maintains them across seasons and access to other areas is created for all sorts of animals - from lechwe to lions. #okavango #elephants #ecosystemdrivers


Reflected in an Okavango channel, a herd of lechwe are on the move. With splayed hooves and long, strong hind legs they’re perfectly adapted to this wet environment and will even head into water to escape predators. #okavango #botswana #redlechwe #aerial


The summer heat is intense in Botswana and the rains have so far been sporadic. As water levels fall, hippos become crowded into smaller areas. Young males are seen off by the territorial bulls and often end up in small, shallow waterholes. When the water levels don’t allow the animal to retreat in comfort, it can lead to fairly spectacular displays as the hippo warns not to come any closer. #botswana #hippo #megaherbivore


A lone bull elephant crossing a wide Okavango channel. Bulls travel widely and can cover incredible distances. They may often join small bachelor herds, but they’re just as comfortable on their own. #okavango #elephant #aerial #thisismytrophy


This year, 2018 is the Year of The Bird. Birds are simply phenomenal and so often overlooked. They are predators and prey. They respond to sounds and colour as we do. They are architects, designers, singers and acrobats. They are also an excellent indicator of the state of the environment. This year I will be celebrating the wonders of these avian creatures. I hope you’ll join me in grabbing your binoculars and sharing this celebration with us. (Martial eagles, like this one have no need for binoculars. Their impressive vision will show them potential prey from the air up to a reported 6km/4 miles away!) #yearofthebird #martialeagle #birding #yearofthebird2018


Following a hippo pathway from the water. These pathways are well used by all sorts of animals and can be an essential avenue to food and water in areas where reeds or other vegetation would otherwise make it inaccessible. Elephants make their own routes, and those openings will soon be followed and become set paths as well. The Okavango wildlife rely heavily on these giant herbivores to grant them access to many areas. #aerial #ecosystemdrivers #megaherbivore #okavango #keystonespecies


Irresistible - a flicking, tasseled tail is not something that a playful, young cub can ignore. How long he gets to play will depend on how much patience his mother has and how deep his claws go! He is one of the youngest members of the famed Tsaro Pride and has a lot of growing to do before he can head off into the Okavango on his own. With an estimated 3000 adult male lions remaining, a lot rests on little cubs like him. Mortality in lion cubs is high and with males being kicked out of their prides when they near maturity, it is essential for them that there is space to go and continue that journey to adulthood. The problem is that protected, wild areas across Africa are becoming smaller and corridors for young, nomadic lions to venture between existing lion territories, much more difficult to navigate. But the Okavango has been granted many levels of protection and there is a great deal of work happening to secure the source in Angola. With continued conservation of wild lands, this little cub might one day be the leader of his own pride. #littlebigcats #okavangolions #tsaropride


Such massive animals. Towards the end of last year Rhinos Without Borders moved a whopping 40 more rhinos to safety from poaching hotspots to join the other 33. These two are not part of those rescues but every rhino I see is a reminder of the chaos happening to rhino populations with the sudden and huge demand for rhino horn driving a massive surge in poaching. These two are hopefully safe and it is great for us to see places in other countries that are doing their utmost to protect these keystone animals. As always, there is so much work still to be done, but as always, there are so many people all over who are doing everything they can to tackle that workload. If you’d like to find out more about Rhinos Without Borders, please visit greatplainsfoundation/Rhinos #rhinoswithoutborders #goodnews2018 #23rhinostogo