Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre

Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre
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Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre

'The giant in front of you is never bigger than the Gods who live within you'
Theme inspired by : @straffy1979
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Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre

@Regrann from @aleksandra_twardowska - BROTHERS & SISTERS!!! I NEED UR HELP !!! #HelpFilipTomczak
💄Please repost and share!!!!⚠️ This is Filip. He's close to my heart and He is the biggest fighter I have ever met! ❤

Filip was born on the 31st of July, 2016. He is fighting with a rare genetic disease called Wiskott– Aldrich syndrome which causes internal bleedings .
A characteristic symptom of this ilness is a huge thrombocytopenia causing high risk of infections, including pneumonia, and leukemia, which is life threating and can kill him any time. The only cure is a bone marrow transplant.
This is his only chance for a new life and a happy childhood.
The bone marrow transplantation is only half the battle.

Please come out and help us raise as much funds as we can for our little warrior!! How to help. Here’s the link to the foundation which is taking care of Filip.
Donations can be made by using pay pal, or bank transfer.
To make donation for Filip please fill the ID in the TRANSFER TITLE : TOMCZAK, 6951. Account number and all information in Filip’s profile.
Feel free to ask questions!
Huge thanks to my Sisterhood for helping me so much and supporting me everyday ! U all just angels! @thevillainettes @beardedvillains @beardedvillains_europe #thevillainettes #beardedvillains #sisterhood #VillainettesSuperHeros #PleaseHelp #bvqueens #EuropeVillainettes #FamillyFirst #villainFamilly #togetherwearestrong

Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre

Whe stand together, we fall together. We are all brothers with the same goals. We are all brothers that look out for each other. WE ARE ALL BEARDED VILLAINS.

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Yentl 'WOLF' Cambre

⚔ SEATBELT SELFIE⚔ "Since you're not willing to step up your photo game, we thought we'd make this one easy for you." #BVCarSelfie