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Brothers and adventure cats🐾🍁 Life goal: to be on the Ellen showπŸ’ƒπŸΌ [email protected] Pre-order Bolt and Keel's book πŸ‘‡

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Sunday funday with @clippercanoes #boltandkeel


Soaking up the last few rays of summerβ˜€οΈπŸš— #boltandkeel


Men and cats ❀️😻 #boltandkeel


The purrfect paddle πŸ™Œ #explorebc #boltandkeel


We've done this one before but how can we not share it again? Keel is just too cute #tbt to their first trip with us two days after we found them in a bush #boltandkeel


We all have that one friend #boltandkeel


On the lookout for the weekend πŸ‘€ #boltandkeel


Mornings are better with views like this πŸ™ŒπŸ˜» #boltandkeel #caturday


A little tongue twister for you:
If a cat can canoe, a clipper canoe, can you?
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Although we aren't experts, we've picked up a few road trip tricks with Bolt and Keel that may be useful while on our recent road trip with @hellobc
β€’ create a space that your cat is comfortable in. We packed a duffle bag with a sleeping bag. They ended up most of the time cuddling here.
β€’ Bring a small litter box. We tucked this securely behind the passenger seat on the floor
β€’ Making sure they have enough to drink on long travel days can be a challenge. Male cats are known to get dehydrated. We started bringing a little syringe (from our first aid kit) and will hand feed them water once in a while
β€’ On hot days, we ensure that we park in the shade if we need to stop (and only leave for a few minutes). It can extremely hot in vehicles and you can only just crack a window with cats. Be mindful of this! β€’ We wouldn't have been able to do this trip if my car didn't have Air Conditioning. Comfort is key!

Any other questions? Feel free to ask away, we will do our best to answer.
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This little fluff butt decided to go on his own adventure last night after escaping out the front door! Silly Bolt.
He came back after an hour (probably once he realized there's no one out there to give him treats). Thank goodness! #boltandkeel


On the look out for dinner 🐟
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This past week we've celebrated Canada's 150th and BC Day by an epic road trip across British Columbia to Boya Lake Provincial Park! #explorebc #boltandkeel

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Road side stretch breaks on the Stewart-Cassier highway. So far we traveled over 2800 km, we've seen moose, bears, the bright moon, sunsets, and sunrises.

Some cats just see the inside of the four walls that contain them. Good thing Bolt and Keel aren't most cats!
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We all can't stop staring at these emerald waters of Boya Lake 😻😻@hellobc @clippercanoes @yourbcparks @travelnorthernbc #explorebc


We are on day 2 of our road trip through the beautiful countryside of British Columbia on our way to Boya Lake Provincial Park.

Long days of driving through fields, mountains and by lakes are better with air conditioning and cat cuddles! Follow along our journey on our story and stay tuned to see more trip photos and video!
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Road trip! We are madly packing to prep for our week long exploration in partnership with @hellobc @yourbcparks @travelnorthernbc and @clippercanoes πŸš—
Keep an eye out for us as we head north to explore the lakes of Northern BC #boltandkeel #explorebc


At one month old Bolt and Keel bravely joined in our multi day canoeing and backpacking adventure, climbing meowntains and snuggling sleeping bags. These intrepid adventurers still enjoy snuggling up in our sleeping bags, except now they know that they aren't for peeing on! #boltandkeel #throwback


Always demanding of pets, no matter the location #boltandkeel


That face when you realize it's still Monday #boltandkeel


Sunday cabin vibes 😽 #boltandkeel


Safety first πŸ’›#boltandkeel


Keel: "Did you hear that Bolt? You can now pre-order our book through Chapters!" 🍁
Canadian? Check out the link in our profile to pre-order Bolt and Keel's first book! We are so excited to show you more photos of our winter adventures we've been keeping for the book, including this one! #boltandkeel


Spot the adventure cat! #boltandkeel @clippercanoes


Cat lady goals #boltandkeel


Our humans are off on their own adventures this month, so we are resting up before our upcoming adventures with @clippercanoes and @hellobc #explorebc #boltandkeel


Who wants cabin snuggles? 🏠 #boltandkeel


Current feels πŸ’€ #boltandkeel


Sometimes getting lost isn't so bad with views like this #boltandkeel #explorebc


That moment when you realize it's Monday #boltandkeel #clippercanoes