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Brothers and adventure cats🐾🍁 Life goal: to be on the Ellen show💃🏼 Bolt and Keel's book 👇

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Hi furrends, we will be taking a few months break from social media to focus on our personal endeavors. We’ve been so grateful for your support of @boltandkeel’s book these past few months; we’ve loved sharing our adventures with you!

If you don’t want to go a day without seeing @boltandkeel’s cute faces, you can find our book online (link in our profile). Or you can follow Kayleen’s personal adventures at @fromsnowtosail 😽😽 Much love from Bolt, Keel, Kayleen, and Danielle


Our favorite photo from our favorite trip from 2017. We absolutely loved canoeing the calm turquoise waters of Boya Lake, BC with @hellobc while Bolt and Keel soaked up the sun and the views. #explorebc #explorecanada #boltandkeel


We hope you’ve had a magical holiday season! Much love from Bolt and Keel 😽😽 #boltandkeel



Keel wants to know, who’s getting a Bolt and Keel book under their tree this year?🌲 Merry Christmas friends! #boltandkeel


Room with a view! Getting cosy for the holidays with @endy (and a few rays of winter sunshine) #endypartner #sleepnorth #sponsored #boltandkeel


Tag a friend you always match with #boltandkeel



You can’t go wrong with cat cuddles, coffee, and good views! Ever since our trip to the Sunshine Coast last spring, we’ve been drinking @beachcombercoffee. We love supporting local friends doing good things — and their coffee sure is good! It’s our version of Bolt and Keel’s catnip 😹☕️ #boltandkeel #beachcombers #sponsored


How can you say no to those eyes 😻 #boltandkeel


Last year at this time we were busy starting stockpiling photos of Bolt and Keel’s adventures. They braved snowy mountains and foggy canoe rides that are now put together in our book! 20 new photos from last winter accompanied by 40 more!
For those of you who have already had a chance to see it, read it, or gift it, the sincerest thank you from all of us!

If you are able to leave a review on Amazon, that would be much appreciated! (Link in our profile). Much love 😽😽 #boltandkeel



Backroad adventures to snow covered cabins. #caturday #boltandkeel

Find more photos from this trip in our book! Bolt and Keel: the wild adventures of two rescued cats (Link in our profile) 😽😽


Everyone belongs in nature 🌲😽 #boltandkeel


Who can spot Keel?
#tbt to our adventure on the Sunshine Coast Trail with @sunshinecoastbc #explorebc



Fueling adventures with back of car cat naps with @endy #sleepnorth #endypartner #sponsored


Dreaming of those summer days on the water #tbt @clippercanoes
Ps can you spot keel?


Adventures are better together 😽 Tag your best adventure buddy! #boltandkeel



We’re on the road on our way to @westerncanoekayak in Abbotsford with @clippercanoes. Come say hi and get your very own Bolt and Keel book ‘signed’. 1-3pm, 1717 Salton Rd. Abbotsford, BC


It’s today! Find Bolt and Keel’s book in stores! We’ve been loving hearing that you’ve been receiving in the mail and now it is amazing to see them on shelves. Find one at your local bookstore or at @chaptersindigo in Canada 🌲📚🇨🇦 #boltandkeel


We were so overwhelmed with the response for our giveaway! Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations @lindsaybarnett DM us with your address 🐱🐱#boltandkeel



Giveaway! 6 Days until our book launch! Want to win your very own signed Bolt and Keel book? Follow @boltandkeel and comment below with your three favorite emojis😻🌲🐾 Winner will be chosen at random, contest closes end of day Thursday PST. Contest open word wide!🌎 #boltandkeel

Book available for pre-order, link in profile


Cat cuddles + coffee + camping = the best


It’s not very often that we say yes to brand partnerships, because it’s not very often we connect with a brand as well as we have with @endy. Although you often see Bolt and Keel adventuring, their other favorite activity is sleeping! #catnaps for everyone.

We are so excited to partner with the Canadian mattress company who cares. Best part of it? The cardboard box it came in 😹
P.s. check out our friends @canadianbros who are also enjoying some sleep this weekend! #boltandkeel #sleepnorth #endypartner #sponsored


Some of us are more graceful than others 😹 #tbt #boltandkeel


Our book has arrived! Are you in Victoria or Vancouver and want to hang out with us? Find us:
• @westerncanoekayak in Abbotsford on Oct 28th at 1 pm
• @bolenbooks in Victoria on Oct 30th at 7pm

We can't wait to see you there! #boltandkeel


Sunday funday with @clippercanoes #boltandkeel


Soaking up the last few rays of summer☀️🚗 #boltandkeel


Men and cats ❤️😻 #boltandkeel


The purrfect paddle 🙌 #explorebc #boltandkeel


We've done this one before but how can we not share it again? Keel is just too cute #tbt to their first trip with us two days after we found them in a bush #boltandkeel


We all have that one friend #boltandkeel


On the lookout for the weekend 👀 #boltandkeel