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Traveling time and space just to end up in Rivendell again, playing with my own future self on the swings...


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Requests for The Hobbit Character Aesthetics

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New Theme is gonna be aesthetics. I'll make a row for requests for different fandoms later.



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Just leaving this here...



Stolen from @paperbooks

But that's actually painfully accurate...


I've seen this cute Thranduil Amigurumi on Pinterest and wanted to make my own... Now I'm soon having a Glorfindel Amigurumi 😄

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Rhovaniel is going to answer all questions on this sheet and even those you made up for her
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See a heart breaking and healing...

Rhovaniel moved on... Somehow... She had enough from waiting for something that wasn't going to happen. Detaching herself from what toxic bond she had gotten herself into... Attaching her fëa to someone in friendship healed what was broken before.

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I thought this was fun to do

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So true, sometimes...
Especially when RPing with certain people...


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This is my entry for #gimrioncontest ✌️
Lindir is on a visit to Mirkwood to exchange some songs with Mirkwood minstrels but as he enters the assigned room, he stumbles across a man emerging a strange blue box...

I couldn't resist to do a little fandom crossover, I hope that's still okay 🙈
Quotes (top to bottom):
•I narvedui! Ech willin adlann, garich thir edregol faeg. (Sindarin, means: It's enough! You're a strange guy, you've got exceptionally bad looks)
•This is not Earth...
•Lle holma ve' edan... (Sindarin, means: You smell like a man/human...)
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I'm sorry that I don't have any LotR related content right now... So I'm recycling one of my old German short stories because the picture fits my theme... Text will be added when I'm back from school :)


Here we go


||You can hate me later for this AU||
It was a Friday in August 1999.
I had just arrived at my working place in Ned's bakery and wrapped the apron around my waist when the phone in the kitchen had rung. Ned hadn't been there yet and the Pie Hole was still closed.
I had picked up the phone, expecting someone wanted to drop an order or just tell us how much he or she had enjoyed the pie Olive had delivered.
But it hadn't been one of our customers. In fact, it had been the secretary of my daughter's school. She told me that Calima had been taken to hospital due to symptoms of paralysis in her hands and arms before class had even started. I hadn't said much besides asking for the name and address of the hospital before hanging up and scribbling down a note for Ned that I was going to the hospital and look after my little girl, not knowing when I'd be back. I had been sure Ned would understand, he always did.

The ride to the hospital had been a torture to me. I hadn't known what had been waiting for me there and, thinking about it now, I never would have wanted to know. Because on this Friday in August 1999, my whole world began to fall apart.

Calima had been trembling and crying and refused that any of the doctors checked on her until I had arrived. I had taken her into a tender and firm hug, scooping her up in my arms. "Shh, Mommy is here, my little bird... Shh... I'm here..." It had taken me at least half an hour to calm my little girl down and to convince her to let the doctors check on her.
Looking back, I wish I hadn't done that.
I held her hand through ultrasounds and blood sampling, inwardly anxiously waiting for the results but on the outside radiating nothing but comfort for Calima.
After the different examinations, I guided Calima to the corner with the toys and let her play for a while. In the meantime, I called Ned to tell him that I wouldn't come back today because of my daughter. To me, it was pointless to call my husband now because he would only get worried and do something incredibly stupid if I told him Cali was in hospital. ~🔻🔻🔻~