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Did you lose what won't return? Did you love but never learn? Did you break but never mend? Has it hurt so much you thought "this is the end"?


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So true, sometimes...
Especially when RPing with certain people...


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This is my entry for #gimrioncontest
Lindir is on a visit to Mirkwood to exchange some songs with Mirkwood minstrels but as he enters the assigned room, he stumbles across a man emerging a strange blue box...

I couldn't resist to do a little fandom crossover, I hope that's still okay 🙈
Quotes (top to bottom):
•I narvedui! Ech willin adlann, garich thir edregol faeg. (Sindarin, means: It's enough! You're a strange guy, you've got exceptionally bad looks)
•This is not Earth...
•Lle holma ve' edan... (Sindarin, means: You smell like a man/human...)
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I'm sorry that I don't have any LotR related content right now... So I'm recycling one of my old German short stories because the picture fits my theme... Text will be added when I'm back from school :)


Here we go


||You can hate me later for this AU||
It was a Friday in August 1999.
I had just arrived at my working place in Ned's bakery and wrapped the apron around my waist when the phone in the kitchen had rung. Ned hadn't been there yet and the Pie Hole was still closed.
I had picked up the phone, expecting someone wanted to drop an order or just tell us how much he or she had enjoyed the pie Olive had delivered.
But it hadn't been one of our customers. In fact, it had been the secretary of my daughter's school. She told me that Calima had been taken to hospital due to symptoms of paralysis in her hands and arms before class had even started. I hadn't said much besides asking for the name and address of the hospital before hanging up and scribbling down a note for Ned that I was going to the hospital and look after my little girl, not knowing when I'd be back. I had been sure Ned would understand, he always did.

The ride to the hospital had been a torture to me. I hadn't known what had been waiting for me there and, thinking about it now, I never would have wanted to know. Because on this Friday in August 1999, my whole world began to fall apart.

Calima had been trembling and crying and refused that any of the doctors checked on her until I had arrived. I had taken her into a tender and firm hug, scooping her up in my arms. "Shh, Mommy is here, my little bird... Shh... I'm here..." It had taken me at least half an hour to calm my little girl down and to convince her to let the doctors check on her.
Looking back, I wish I hadn't done that.
I held her hand through ultrasounds and blood sampling, inwardly anxiously waiting for the results but on the outside radiating nothing but comfort for Calima.
After the different examinations, I guided Calima to the corner with the toys and let her play for a while. In the meantime, I called Ned to tell him that I wouldn't come back today because of my daughter. To me, it was pointless to call my husband now because he would only get worried and do something incredibly stupid if I told him Cali was in hospital. ~🔻🔻🔻~



Dear @lindir_of_rivendell
I wish you all the best for a new year of your life 💖
Enjoy the day with your loved ones and celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Katy! 💕


Teil 35
Nellie wurde von einem dumpfen Geräusch wach, welches sie jedoch zu ignorieren versuchte und sich in der Folge wieder an die warme Brust hinter ihr schmiegte. Die Erkenntnis, dass sie nicht allein in ihrem Bett lag, überkam sie erst einen Augenblick später und sofort saß sie senkrecht im Bett und beäugte misstrauisch den Körper, der sich ebenfalls unter ihre Decke gekuschelt hatte.
Den langen, platinblonden Haaren nach zu urteilen, war es Thranduil, der mit geöffneten Lidern auf der Matratze lag und sich kein Stück rührte. Nellie meinte sich dunkel zu erinnern, dass dies die Art des Ausruhens der Elben war, und stand langsam auf, darauf bedacht, den Elben nicht aufzuwecken.
Das Geräusch wollte ihr nicht aus dem Kopf und so schlich sie, nur mit einer kurzen Hose und einem von Nils' Sweatshirts bekleidet, zur Tür ihrer Studentenbude.
Durch den Spion sah sie eine hoch und schlank gewachsene Gestalt auf dem Treppenabsatz stehen, halb mit den Schatten verschmolzen. Nellie ahnte bereits, wen sie da vor sich hatte, und öffnete die Tür ein Stück weit.
„Nellie?" Die Stimme war kaum mehr als ein Flüstern und doch erkannte sie sie sogleich. Blondie Junior war eingetroffen. „Was ist los, Prinzesschen? Ich bin hundemüde und obendrein ziemlich mies drauf, also komm auf den Punkt." Sie hatte die Beine gekreuzt und die Hände in die Hüften gestemmt, als Legolas an ihr vorbei in den kleinen Flur schlüpfte.
„Ich habe Mist gebaut," war das Erste, was Legolas wieder über die Lippen kam. „Sieht man... Was hast du bloß mit deinen Haaren angestellt?" - „Mussten ab, ich hab die Knoten nicht mehr raus bekommen..." - „Na hoffentlich wachsen die wieder nach, das ist echt nicht mit anzusehen. Und was konkret hast du jetzt verbockt?"
Unter Nellies inquisitorischem Blick erzählte Legolas von der Misere mit Nina in dem Club und seinem ziemlich waghalsigen Trip hierher. „Und was soll ich jetzt deiner Meinung nach tun, Leggy?", fragte Nellie am Ende seiner Ausführungen.
„Ich weiß auch nicht... Sie fehlt mir einfach, ich wünschte bloß, ich wäre nicht so ein erbärmlicher Volltrottel gewesen, dann könnte ich wenigstens noch normal mit ihr sprechen und sie ab und an besuchen..." 🔻🔻🔻


Just to mess with y'all a bit, especially @_mistress_of_mirkwood_ ,
have some shirtless @leeepfrog

Story will be posted later, I finally wrote a new chapter of my Inkworld/Middle Earth crossover


New SongFic... Or whatever this is...
Lee had sat just across the room, knees pulled up to his chest and his cheeks sparkling from the tears he had shed. They had been like a miniature of the downfall outside the window.
The rain had been pouring down, violently pounding against the walls and windows.
He had wept the past hours in silence and so had you.
Though you had been crying maybe even more, your heart had felt like it was about to burst and break into an uncountable amount of tiny shards of glass and your chest had tightened so much that it was almost too hard to breathe.
But the worst feeling of all was the one that suggested that the two of you had never stood a chance, right from the beginning. Like it hadn't been meant to be. But you had fought for it and so had Lee. Or at least you had thought so. All the fighting with Lee in the past months had drained all your energy and you felt as empty as a finished can of soda.

You wanted nothing more than staying together with Lee, your heart was aching for it. You would've given away everything you had to save this relationship, even break with all of your old habitudes and become a new person if Lee would just stay by your side.
But all Lee had done over the last couple of months was tear you down with his permanent absence due to filming and the fights on the phone whenever you had tried to call him.
So when he came home last night, there was no home cooked meal waiting for him and you hadn't prepared anything like you usually would have done. Lee had gotten mad and accused you of cheating out of the blue which lead to you running to your shared bedroom and lock yourself in it.
When he had tried to get to you, you had yelled at him things that you never would've said if you hadn't been so angry with him and that hurt him deeply for sure. You had said that to him, you were nothing but a domestic little thing that would care for him whenever he came home and accused him to take advantage of your kindness while he cheated on you - you had seen countless pictures from the bts material of him flirting and kissing his male co star - and didn't care about you at all.


Hello, my fellow friends... This is kinda important for us (@_mistress_of_mirkwood_ & @books.n.stories/ @daughter_of.the_frost) and we would really appreciate it if any of you would join this contest.

We are looking for someone who is good at digital artwork as a partner for a - we have to admit - rather odd Lee Pace appreciation project. And because we want to keep the chances equal for everyone, we would like you to:
I) digitally draw the character in the picture above (same style is appreciated but not required)
II) dm the finished work to @_mistress_of_mirkwood_ and @books.n.stories

We will choose from the pictures we get and contact you via dm in case we could imagine working with you.

So, good luck everyone!

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Morning everybody!
Another piece of poetry, a song this time.
Rhova wrote it with the melody of Ed Sheeran's Save Myself, you may guess who it is about.
And you will never know how much I cried writing this... It almost broke my heart...

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«I had all and then most of you,
Some and now none of you...
Take me back to the night we met...
I don't know what I'm supposed to do -
Haunted by the ghost of you...
Take me back to the night we met...»

Still no story...
But edits that actually fit my theme, even though I should sleep since I've got French finals tomorrow 😂🙈
What do you think?


New sonnet for my little angel...
I'll add the text, just in case you can't read it in the picture 😄

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No story today, I'm sorry...
No muse for writing, maybe even writer's block 🙈 But you can have a poem later.
Meanwhile, enjoy a picture of dear Lindir


Hello mellyn 😄
I had some fun with the lads up there 😂🙈

Glorfindel with FaceApp
Lee with FaceApp
Feren with FaceApp
Lindir with FaceApp
Lindir with FaceApp
Lindir styled as a character from My Little Pony
Feren with a pony he doesn't like

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*Part Two*
It was only a few minutes later when Professor McGonagall returned - in her human form and with an old, worn-out hat in her hands.
"We will keep it short. This hat is a magical object. It can recognize what you are going to be in the future and will sort you into one of the four houses, according to your qualities."
Three more or less confused looking faces were all she got in response.
"Miss Lasgalen, I'd like you to sit down." The redhead - McGonagall was rather surprised she wasn't one of the Weasly family - sat down on the chair and McGonagall set the hat atop the girl's head before tapping it with her wand.
The Sorting Hat awoke with the sound of leather cracking. "Oh, is it already time again? Oh no, this is not the Great Hall, this is the Office. What is it, Professor?" - "Newbies, they were late and behave strangely. Don't bother with the song, they need to get sorted into the houses."
The hat made a grunting noise and began to hum and mumble.
"Oi, what is this one? She is neither a pureblood nor a muggleborn. She's none of our kin," the hat stated. McGonagall was taken aback and studied the figure of the girl with knitted eyebrows. "What are you?," she muttered more to herself than really asking the girl.
"I am an elleth from Mirkwood, the former Eryn Lasgalen," the girl answered, even though it was impossible she could've heard her. "Excuse me, Miss Lasgalen. What exactly is an 'elleth'?"
One of the boys answered with a bow. "An elleth is a female elf. A male is called ellon. And a group is called ellyn."
"I suppose, you two are of the same kin as Miss Lasgalen?"
"Not quite, Professor. Tauriel and Feren are Nandor ellyn. I, for my part, am a Sindar elf."
"Elves? You are Elves?," the hat blurted out, "Professor, these are no Elves!" "They are whatever they are. And they will learn to use their abilities. So, tell me, in which will Miss Lasgalen spend her afternoons after class."
The hat growled and said hesitatingly: "Gryffindor!"


Another sonnet in the Shakespearean style...

I actually love these poems, they are quite simple in their structure but sometimes hard to fill with words without being too plain and blunt.

Here's the text again if you can't read it in the picture: *Sonnet for Lindir |||* Her raven hair was blooming, full of flowers
The valley grew in little, secret places.
Her skin, of palest marble, covered in bruises,
Ithil to hide something raging - powers.

His eyes of earthly hue are gazing into
Her soul, a stare nothing reveals to him
But endless grief, a heart alive to die.
Nothing is left, too late to hold her close.

His tortured heart is flinching in his chest,
Her hand in his, nothing but icy guest.
The voice his heart always had followed - gone.

Her tortured heart is flinching in her chest,
His hand in hers, nothing but fiery guest.
The voice her soul always had followed - gone.

#poetry #poem #sonnet #shakespeare #lindirofrivendell #lovepoetry #originalpoetry #middleearth #missinglindir


Ned sat there on the window sill, staring through the glass at the world outside. It was a gloomy Saturday afternoon and he had closed the Piehole early today because nobody had come since the early morning. His fingers searched the small table by his side for the glass of wine he had poured himself and when he brought the glass to his lips, he took a good sip of the already a little warm liquid. The candles all over the place only emitted a soft light, barely enough to light up the room and read a book. The gramophone was on, the music it played being a calming classic.
The sun had already set and snow was falling onto the pavement and streets outside. He missed the bright sunshine of summer, maybe just the warmth of the sunlight caressing his face. He missed his Mum and Dad who had both left him when he was nine. And he missed Digby who was with Olive right now, getting dog treats and pats and attention. And out of all the things Ned was missing, he missed Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, his childhood sweetheart who he had brought back to life, the most. He truly loved her, even if loving Chuck meant to let her go in order to allow her to fulfill her dreams.

It were sad times for the piemaker, he could not find his joy in baking pies since Chuck was gone. Ned had done something he had never done before - he had closed the Piehole and travelled for a little while. But not even that could heal his miserable heart.
But Ned knew it had been the best thing to do. He loved Chuck to pieces and setting her free was the only way to see her happy. And Chuck being happy was the only thing that mattered.

He sighed and watched the cars pass by down in the street, occasionally staring down at the bottom of the empty glass of wine. Nothing was made to last around him. He had lost his mum due to his gift and his father had abandoned him at a boarding school in the aftermath. And even Chuck, his beloved childhood sweetheart, had vanished from his life. It had taken him so long to find her but it hadn't been long until she was gone. Just because he had this damn gift and couldn't be a good and normal boyfriend for her.


*lowkey judging you* //so done with this shit// *riding away*

Good morning, mellyn 💕









Though Rhovaniel grew up in Lothlórien, she doesn't enjoy living on talans in the trees - you'll rather find her in a small hut that she painted blue once.

She's not entirely Elvish, she's part timelady. When she fell out of the Vortex as a youngster, she invented her entire background and tried to fit in the Elven society.

Peas- Rhovaniel has a deep aversion against peas. When she was just out of her elfling years, Rúmil and Orophin covered her hair in a paste made of peas - she smelled of it for weeks and it didn't go away with washing it off. The two made it up to her quite well later though.

Keep- Rho, as a rather introvert elleth, keeps her feelings usually to herself to avoid annoying anyone around. One day, she got over her feels-keeping and confessed her love to Lindir. Everything turned out a mess and she ran away, thinking he was getting mad at her. When she came back to apologize, she had to find that he had left for the Grey Havens and was already on a ship to Valinor.

Back- Coming back was always a part of her life. In her early elfling years, Rho lived somewhere in the far outskirts of Rivendell. After losing her family, I got to the house of Lord Elrond since Lindir took her in. She was sent to Lothlórien due to some problems with the pendant she had. Many, many hundred years had to pass before she came back to the hidden valley she used to live in. Before settling there, she took two trips back to Lórien to say goodbye to her friends.

Autumn- Autumn is a season of change and in some years, autumn changed her life.
Rho had always adored the colour of the leaves changing in the fall, it's so beautiful to watch, especially here in Rivendell. But the season also holds memories that she rarely ever talks about. Her parents died on a cold September night in a fire set by orcs. The one she grew to love sent her away in October and left to Valinor hundreds of falls later, leaving her behind with a broken heart that could never be mended. But still, there are happy memories - she met her best friends in a fall many, many years ago, Haldir, Rúmil and Orophin.

Comment ideas for a hc and I'll add it