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Um, I can’t believe in 2014(I think), on my first fancy magazine cover(Vanity Fair) I was next to The King Himself @chadwickboseman !! Black Panther is one of the best movie I’ve ever seen! Congrats to my family @marvelstudios , @ryancoogler, @lupitanyongo, @letitiawright, @danaigurira and the rest of the cast and crew. You’ve inspired me permanently. #fbf


I love you @alexandergreenwald



🌟 Lots to say, but currently speechless. Humbled to join my new Fam. Congrats @marvelstudios 🌟


Inspired by #MaeJemison - thank you @women_ofhistory ✨✨✨ (also pictured: Sharon McDougle, a manager for the team that provides the Advanced Crew Escape Suit ensemble for astronaut training and space shuttle missions! Thanks @nasa)


❀️❀️❀️ @kamalaharris ❀️❀️❀️



Grateful @renieddolodge exists and wrote a book. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Weekend workouts 😜


Just some of our female identifying department heads on #UnicornStore(we had an all female identifying post team too!)! It’s important to remember that everyone on set is a filmmaker, not just the director. From sound to script supervising to background work - filmmaking is a team sport! It requires many many experts with heart and passion to get the flick to the screen! #femalefilmmakerfriday #iknowiknowitssaturday



Learning how to fly.


πŸŽ†SAG AWARDSπŸŽ† Thank you @samanthamcmillen_stylist for scoring this @gucci dress and the dream team @rachelgoodwinmakeup @mararoszak for makeup/hair. You ladies help make my heart shine on the outside. Manicure by @deborahlippmann. Shoes by @louboutinworld and jewelry by @neillanejewelry


What a dream to have sisters to laugh and cry on. I am caring for myself today so I can continue to be of service to the brave voices speaking their truth into existence. Thank you. We believe you. #TIMESUP



Thank you to everyone who stood in solidarity with us yesterday. Together we raised over $16 million dollars for the Legal Defense Fund and felt the power of our unity. We would not be here without the courageous Silence Breakers across all industries who spoke out without knowing if there would be a safety net. From the Entertainment Industry, to Colleges, Hotels, Hospitals and homes - we thank you for raising your voice. We believe you. We stand with you. We are fighting for and with you. Our brothers, sisters and non-gender conforming allies who still stay silent, we stand with you. We are fighting for and with you. We believe you. Together we will end harassment discrimination and abuse. Together we will listen, learn, grow and care for one another. 2018 will be different. #TIMESUP #whywewearblack



#TIMESUP - We are so grateful to stand in solidarity with you! Together we can end harassment, discrimination and abuse from the power imbalances we all face in the workplace. Join us Sunday and wear black! Post pictures! Tag us! We will be amplifying! Don't forget to use the hashtag #WhyWeWearBlack and tell us why you stand with @timesupnow Love you : @reesewitherspoon @rashidajones @kerrywashington @tessamaethompson @traceeellisross


2018: a year of sisterhood and the fireworks that come with it.


Everyone’s resolution for the year: No more accepting sexual harassment and inequality at work as normal. It’s not normal. The @TIMESUPNOW Legal Defense Fund will provide subsidized legal support for women in ALL industries who are experiencing sexual harassment, abuse or discrimination. I signed the solidarity letter & donated to the @TIMESUPNOW Legal Defense Fund - you should too! Link in bio. #TIMESUP


Oh, #twinpeaks pop up at #bangbangbar - don't ever leave!!! You're spooky and fun.


"Nobody wins when the family feuds." Yup. We're in a #Jayz video directed by @ava. Check it out on @tidal


Maybe I should revert back to this vibe for 2018 because nothing says "I've got it all figured out" like a bag that matches your scarf and an earring/bang combo that is purely offensive. #tbt


Higher, Further, Faster, More (Thank you for the incredible fan art @superhero_world1996 ) edit: this not a confirmation of anything - this is gorgeous fan art.


Brown scored the winning goal in overtime on his 1000th game and I was wearing this. I helped! Go Kings Go!




Thank you @portermagazine for an inspired evening. Grateful to be introduced to @vitalvoices - you can count on my help. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


What's your favorite food? Mine is pizza. So, If someone came up to me and said "Pizza is gross. I don't like how it's blah blah blah" It would be hard to contain my shock because pizza is AMAZING but ultimately we would both just arrive at "to each their own." Because another's dislike for pizza wouldn't change my love for it. Funnily enough, I do not apply that same logic with myself. When criticized I take it to heart. I question myself. I temporarily abandon myself. Why is that? I guess what I'm saying is, I want to love myself unconditionally. I want to feel peace knowing I'm not for everyone. I want to love myself how I love pizza. Am I wise or what? πŸ• oh, and Happy Halloween.


Captain Casual?