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Makes my heart so happy to see people love their babies so much - remember these memories and cherish them! It may seem ridiculous to go to a store and buy props for a birthday photo shoot, but I promise when you look back, you’ll be so happy you did 😘🐶💖 Happy birthday @brigite.bulldog 💖🐶🎂 #BulldogStuffBesties


✨ light up my life ✨




Thank you from the bottom@of my heart to each and every human who’s sent love and good vibes our way. Forever grateful for these boys and this incredible community of bulldog lovers! 💖🐶💖


He’s big. He’s sexy. He’s Big Sexy. Forever & always 😘🐶💖


#NobodyComparesToYou Bubbah Smalls
@gryffinofficial is donating $5 to the Humane Society for every video posted with your pet and the hashtag #NobodyComparesToYou 💖🐶💖 Making this video made me cry, laugh, smile, and realize just how lucky we were to share life with this boy 💖🐶💖 The last clip is the last time I got to kiss my baby 😢
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Missing my little mistletoe man ❤️😘🐶💚🎄


I can’t believe this was my life at one point. I was so lucky to have not one, not two, but THREE of the world’s most sweet, loving, and perfect boys in my life. Life happened, I had to find my own way, learned some incredible life lessons - and I wouldn’t take any of it back. Bubby is in heaven, Bodhi is with the best bulldog daddy ever @kkeeland, and Butters is fulfilling a life of purpose with his mommy @kendalllovelly.
I hope anyone who has ever stumbled across our profile has been met with love, light, and joy - all the things bulldogs embody 💖🐶🐶🐶💖


Miss you my happy special perfect boy 💖🐶💖



Sending you smiles, warmth, and love this morning 💖🐶🐶💖


Grief is such a strange emotion. One minute we think we’ve got it all out and we can focus on the future.. the next we’re replaying all of the memories in our head and can’t focus on anything but the past, incapable of being in the present moment. I feel guilty being sad and not performing at my peak. I feel like I owe it to Bubbah to be strong and get shit done. But at the end of the day all I want to do is crawl into a hole and cuddle him one more time. I know this is a process and I’m so appreciative that I have the most supportive, understanding people in my life to help me through it. 💖🐶💖 Just sharing for anyone who’s going through this to know you aren’t alone and I’m always here to talk: bulldogstuff@gmail.com 💖


Tag someone who makes your Mondays better 💖🐶🐶💖



Goodnight sweet, loving humans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every single word of comfort & solace for this perfect boy. I am overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we have received and promise to give it all back to this world tenfold. I’m so proud to be Bubbah’s mom and to continue his legacy of unconditional love. Thank you 💖🐶💖 infinitely 💖🐶🐶


I’m convinced we outlive animals because we are not worthy of their presence for so long. We have lost another beautiful soul - the sweet Resin baby from one of my favorite bulldog filled homes @jelly_pp 🐶💖 Please know you are the envy of bulldog, and dog owners, everywhere. You gave Resin, and continue to give your other babies, the most fun and peaceful life imaginable. Sending so many hugs and good vibes your way @jelly_pp 🐶💖


I posted this in April of 2012. I had no plan, idea, or concept of how we were going to change the world, I just knew that’s why we were put into each other’s lives. Since then Bubbah has inspired thousands of people to rethink their daily choices, saved thousands of animal lives in the process, and put smiles on hundreds of thousands of faces.
I had no clue what this would turn into, and to be honest, I’ve taken it for granted and stopped harnessing the power of this platform for all of the potential it has to truly make this world a more positive and compassionate place. I hope Bubbah has made you smile or laugh or think a little bit about the beauty of this world. I hope seeing how healthy and happy he was, and how much impact he had on the #plantbased movement has inspired you in some way or another.
We can get so wrapped up in all the bullshit and sadness and anger in this world, but the moment we see our fur babies and friends, all of that seems to get washed away. Let’s focus on putting out the goodness and gratitude this world needs. Bubbah would be honored.
It’s my mission to continue Bubbah’s legacy of unconditional love and I’m so happy you’re here, reading this right now. We can forget that there are real humans behind these tiny computers we carry around in our pockets. We underestimate the power we have to connect with billions of people all over the world - to empathize, understand, and appreciate one another. We scroll through an endless feed seeking inspiration, knowledge, and recognition. If we focus on putting our honest, best selves out here - in positive & supportive comments, in informative & inspiring captions, in beautiful photos - imagine how much we can change at least our own world 💖🐶💖 I would say Rest In Peace, Bubbah, but I know you’re already working hard to make wherever you went a better place, and that fills my heart with pride & joy 💖🐶💖



“If every day you produce positive thinking, good ideas, with understanding and compassion; if every day you practice loving speech; if every day you do good actions, you know it yourself. Your value will reveal itself to the people around you. It may take a few days or several weeks, it may even take years. But if you know who you are, you don’t have to suffer anymore. The practice of understanding yourself and training yourself to produce more and more beautiful thoughts, words, and actions gives you self-confidence, and that will transform everything else.” Excerpt From
The Art of Power
Thích Nhất Hạnh


I’m so happy and grateful these guys have each other, and I have them. We’ve been through the most crazy times together and I wouldn’t trade any of it to be where we are today.
@kkeeland you’re the greatest dad in all of the land and you inspire me every day to make this world a better place. Buggy Bear, you got some big shoes to fill, but the world believes in you and knows you’re going to make our boy Bubbah proud. I love you guys, so so so much. I’m so grateful we can share life together after so much. It means the world to me.


I believe in karma and reincarnation, and I believe with all of my heart that your soul is going to come back as someone who further transforms this world with pure love. You made life worth living, and your legacy of love and joy will live on through your baby brothers, your amazing papa, and your loving Mama. We miss you Bubbah 💖🐶💖



I’m sorry for any and all of the times I was upset with you. I’m sorry for forcing you to take so many fucking photos, for adjusting you to the perfect pose, for dressing you in stupid clothes, for interrupting your slumber with the sound of the camera, for not letting you chase shadows when I got annoyed, for not taking you everywhere... I’m so sorry you were in pain. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to comfort you in the last moments of your physical life. 💖🐶💖 My heart & soul and the reason for an infinite number of the greatest joys in my life. I’ll work every day to make you proud Gooby Butt 💖🐶💖


I’ve had an unfair amount of opportunities to meet people I would have never known because of you. The amount of joy and pride I have for you, walking down the street with you and seeing the smiles of strangers the moment they saw you lights up my life, my whole entire being. You have taught me how to BE. “Are you Bulldog Stuff?!” is something I never thought in a million years would happen. I started bulldogstuff because you were my whole world and I wanted the world to know, and I wanted the world to feel the way I feel with you in my life - bliss. Together we created an incomprehensible amount of joy. It’s so so so weird to be typing this right now..... we accidentally got half of a MILLION humans to click a “follow” button... to show up, how ever momentarily, in their lives as a source of joy, compassion, and love. You have inspired thousands ... think about that ... THOUSANDS of people to change their lives - whether it be trying a vegan meal, donating to a bulldog charity, bringing a bulldog into their life, changing their entire lifestyle to be vegan and end animal suffering... YOU. YOU DID THAT BUBBY. 💖😍💖


Thank you so much to every single person who’s taken the time to call, text, comment, and message. I’ve read every one and my heart is so grateful for each and every word 💖 I don’t think I’ve cried this much in my life, but I finally stopped bawling once I hugged @kkeeland and Bodhi and my Mama who picked me up from the airport. I’m grateful to have the most supportive, loving family & friends to help me heal.
If you’re in Portland and want to celebrate Bubbah’s beautiful life, we’re getting together @centurybarpdx tomorrow at 11am to share stories about all the ways Bubby brought joy to our hearts 💖🐶💖 Would love to see anyone who loved our very very special boy.


Just landed in Portland to be with @kkeeland and Buggy. I’m bawling reading every comment. Thank you for sharing your stories of how Bubbah has brought you joy or inspired you, it’s making me feel so much better, even while I shake and cry and ache. Please keep them coming.
I love you Bubby with all of my broken heart and soul.


I lost my best friend. The man who made me who I am today. Bubby you have changed so many lives. You have put so many smiles on millions of faces. Not many people can say they’ve changed the world - but you... you have done it. You have influenced so many people to be better. You have brought love and light and joy and passion into so many lives. This world is better because of you.
There are so many people I have never even met who know how much love you are. And I hope anyone who is reading this is inspired by Bubbah, the way I was when I was massaging him one day and realized I never wanted any other animal to suffer, to try and choose plant-based alternatives to ease the suffering of animals all over the world.
I will use every ounce of Love I have for you and make this world a better place for all animals. You are my best friend and I’m a complete wreck without you... my heart is broken, my soul is hurting.


Please please please send good loving vibes to our Bubbah. He just had a stroke and is headed to the vet 💖🐶💖 Thank you @keeland for being the best dad in all of the land.


Just a reminder that you are perfect and you have so much to show the world ❤️ #bulldog #wisdom


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That post Thanksgiving bod #bulldog #bod @kendalllovelly


Let’s do this all day.
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Hope your Monday is magical #bulldogs @kingmajesty_and_princessrose