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Come say gday this Saturday 9-5pm at the @byronbaysurffestival markets! I’ve got @zea.swim kinis, Her Wave books, Washed Elegance Books, Prints & Framed Pieces ✌🏻🐚 Look out for us! Next to @adriannedesign who has her insane illustrations and maps! 🍻🙏🏻🐬🏄🏼‍♀️


What a weekend! First time shooting a festival and I’m hooked 🤘🏻🍻 @forthelove 🐚


Best thing I’ve ever done. Chase it. Be unafraid to brave the stereotypes. Live for those moments that make you pinch yourself. As women, lift each other up don’t bring each other down. We’re in this together. Hold onto your surfboards coz there’s a movement coming 🐚 We’re a force, a magnetic force, a force to be reckoned with. We seek movement and we seek change 🙏🏻#MAKEWAVESMOVEMOUNTAINS thankful for this courageous, beautiful, feminine & powerful family and all the opportunities they’ve given me @roxy ❤️🦋



GBR from above 💛 👉🏻@citizensgbr


‘Her Wave’ - A celebration of femininity and elegance in women’s surfing 🙌🏻 WWW.CAITMIERS.COM or tap link in bio to purchase 🤘🏻 Worldwide shipping 🌎


Patience. So easily said yet hard to tame • @welikebali



“Be graceful yet powerful, be ever-changing yet always steadfast” words by @karina.petroni 💛 HER WAVE • You can grab your very own copy of my latest photography coffee table book off my website for $39.99 ☺️ WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 🤟🏼 link in bio


It’s the year of the woman. Can’t you feel it? @stephaniegilmore


Last night couldn’t get any better 💛🙏🏻 But it’s time for a change and a crazy adventure 🚗🙏🏻🌎 I couldn’t do it without this wild bunch I call my family 😘 Next stop 👉🏻 Byron 🤘🏻🏠



If we don’t change the way we’re living right now, in 30 years, the majority of the worlds coral reefs will be dead and we’ll be on the brink of a collapsing ecosystem. I watched @chasingcoral again last night and believe education is the key in this. Perspective. Whilst we go about our daily lives worried about the most insignificant, superficial things, this phenomenon is going on. My best friend @livforthesea is currently interning and researching at @lizardisland and I’m so bloody proud of her. I get a sense of overwhelm when I think about the ocean and how much we need to protect our reefs from coral bleaching and global warming. Do yourselves a favour and please watch this movie on Netflix. Please. 💛 We need to take action now. If this post can inspire even just 1 person to watch @chasingcoral then I’m doing my job as someone who has even the smallest audience to create change. Would love to know if you’ve seen it and how it’s effected you and if you have any suggestions on coming together and getting the message out there that these events are happening in our oceans right now!?!? Ps this is not an ad.


Pedicured toes on the noes 💅🏼🤘🏻@keliamoniz @roxy


UM WOW 😮 @lachyfilms made this beautiful clip for me for my swimwear label @zea.swim featuring @tesslucas 💛💛💛



So very proud of this tall man standing next to me. @jackmiers and I have always had a special bond and it’s pretty fucking cool to do an art show with your brother and best friend 🙌🏻 Thanks to everyone who came down last night to our little pop up! You have no idea how much we appreciate it. The local art and surf community on the Peninsula is something so unique and we’re very proud to be apart of it down here. ‘A Southerly Change’ will be up at @basssurfboards for another 2 weeks so make sure you duck down to have a geez 💛🍻 THANKYOU!


Got a pop up show with my brother tonight 🤗 @jackmiers 🍻 I’ll have ‘Her Wave’ books for sale as well as @zea.swim and some frames of some gorgeous lady sliders... It’s at @basssurfboards in Dromana so if you live in Vic/Melbourne come down and say gday! 5pm-9pm 🙌🏻🌺


Dreamy late night edits for @indieandharper with @tesslucas 💛



A rare moment with @brinkleydavies


Shooting at my beloved home Mt Martha beach today with @steele__, my last shoot before I move to Byron 🙏🏻 I literally learned to walk, swim and laugh at this very beach. I’ve lived on the Mornington Peninsula my whole life, so many precious memories here. Mt Martha will always be my first home, but for now, it’s time to take some leaps, get groovy, get uncomfortable, see what that big ol world has to throw at me coz ya know, why the hell not! 🍺😊


Some of my early underwater work for @bahgsujewels when I was living in Bali a few years ago 😊



Went to the desert 🌵 photo @seewantshop //


Oi! Come join your fave siblings @jackmiers and myself on the 1st of Feb down at @basssurfboards for a little groovy pop up extravaganza you definetly need to feast your eyes on! “A Southerly Change” is celebrating the launch of @zea.swim at @basssurfboards and Jack’s recent designs on the latest Bass Tees, with a few more eye popping pieces you gotta see! See you there my loves 🍻🍺🙏🏻🌈🌵


Little moments making the heart skip 🌊


Yep, this is not a drill 🌴


‘Her Wave’ - my celebration of women’s surfing, femininity, ladies kicking goals around the globe and enjoying our beautiful oceans 🌊Shop yours via my website (link in bio) 💛 Ship worldwide too x #herwave


Looks nice and peaceful hey 👉🏻 Reality Check: Took us a solid halfa in some intense heat to secure this hammock and we had quite the impatient audience watching on...Unfortunately didn’t get to read my ‘4 hour work week’ book and get a tan on here for hours (like it may look like), actually, the total time spent on exhibit A = less than a minute 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway, I could’ve posted this with a rather different, deluding caption, but I chose not too, coz if there’s anything I’m trying to strive towards this year, its to keep things pretty real on here. So I guess what I’m trying to say is there’s usually a lot more than meets the eye with a lot of these types of photos you see and it ain’t all that perfect ✌🏻Hopefully I can share more stories about the realities of what’s ACTUALLY happening when the cameras clicking 😝📷🙏🏻


Gliding to the beat of her own wave ✨ @stephaniegilmore @roxy


He sacrifices himself to make money, and then he sacrifices his money to regain his health. He lives like his never gonna die, then dies, having never really lived. ✨
Time doesn’t wait for anybody. They say time is money, but the things you can buy with money are cheap. Time you can pay for, but you can’t buy any. ❤️ Life’s too short, go exploring 🏝️


One of the more interesting things I’ve seen from the air, that’s for sure ☀️ // #VisitDubai #travel #photography #fromtheair #middleeast #palmfrond


So is now the right time to say I’m packing up and moving to Byron come early Feb? Guess so! 😝 See you in a few weeks sunshine 🍻🏝️🐬 🏄🏼‍♀️


Back from the desert and reminiscing on a trip of a lifetime 🌵 Seeing miles of untouched sand and the unforgiving landscapes of the Middle East has once again sparked my love for travel, being uncomfortable and getting lost in the depths of a foreign country 🏝️ What a start to the year, it’s going to be a big and busy one I can feel it 😝 @seewantshop #travel #desert #themiddleeast #VisitDubai


Found a beach in the middle of the desert, 🌵 but still looking for Aladdin... 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️🕌🕵🏼‍♀️ @lamerdubai #VisitDubai