Cakenis™ Broochless Just-Hook

The FIRST Cakenis™ shawl innovation : Broochless Just-Hook. Latest collection: #CakenisLushSatin 💋

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Introducing the first color of Cakenis Okinawa, Kumiko brown. Kumiko is a delicate woodwork technique of assembling wooden pieces without nails. This technique was first developed in Japan and it’s purpose was to make beautiful intricate pieces with minimum materials. If this warm honey brown color isn’t enough to make you want to get your hands on the Cakenis Okinawa, wait till you see the other two! #CakenisOkinawa


Wow we really have true and loyal Cakenisans because sooo many of you answered our earlier question correctly! Congratulations @moeash_uswah_uwais for being the FIRST to get all her answers right! Now I reveal to you, CAKENIS OKINAWA! We feel bad that we can't pick all of you to be our winners so we have some good news for you. Are you ready for another giveaway? #CakenisOkinawa


You've all been so patient with us but we need you to bear with us a tiny bit longer. We're getting something ready and we can't wait to share it with you! Psst: look closely and you might just see what it is. Also, be the first to name all correctly and if you're lucky, the new series might be yours! #Cakenis


This #EmeraldLush is the perfect shade that defines bold and beautiful! So many of the #CakenisLushSatin shawls have found their homes with all you Cakenisans and we can't be happier❤ Any of you wearing the #CakenisLushSatin today? Show of hands! 🙋🏻


We've finally chosen 2 lucky winners for our previous giveaway! Big congratulations to @_nursajidah and @alynnsced ❤️ On a side note, we are extremely honored that @ijanieeeomar wore our #NavyLush on her special day. She looks stunning, don't you think? 😍 #CakenisLushSatin


Here are all 10 of our #CakenisLushSatin shawls, some are already sold out, so hurry and get yours from Zalora or any of our listed stockists! Can any of you name all 10 colours? #CakenisLushSatin


Cakenis Lush Satin is selling out on Zalora. Only few colours left! But do check with our stockists. They are the Cakenisan saviours!
(SEL)@jemarimalaika 0122910576
(SEL)@aidasyazlin 0129068803
(SEL)@shoparoundspot 0192105884
(SEL) @cakenis.kynaclassic 0182835758
(SEL)@by_mamaadam 0103713170
(SEL) @cakenis_setapak 0174238685
(KL) @thecosmeticsmy 0172344337
(KL)@cakenis.yani 0192251457
(PUTRAJAYA)@Cakenis_Divaletops 0162777790
(MEL)@byneo_hijabs 0176833434
(N9) @cakenis.azren 0196280258
(JHR)@grandeur_my 0197262321
(JHR)@cakenisjb 0187761600
(JHR) @cakenis.chicrush 0123345956
(SRWK)@eleena_haris 0198848665
(SRWK)@cakenis_by_2wentysixteen 0192733356
(SG)@sarah_marguerita +6582338640
(SG)@simplified_fashion +6597890285
(SG)@nabma_sg +6582554995
(SG)@ritzydee +6591281197


This Lush series has put a smile on a lot of faces. My first was of course the Black Lush, being very practical yet looking highly classy when needed on a formal occasion. But after falling in love with the flow and glow, and how easily I could shape the awning (yes I still call it that!), I made sure my wardrobe sees every colour of the Lush series. Now I have 10. I am working on more because I know it's putting a smile on your faces too Cakenisan :') - Cake 🍰
Thanks for the smile @lysa___aaa .


Cakenis Lush Satin & Cakenis Printed Chiffon both RESTOCKED on Zalora! Hurry Cakenisan! Photo by gorgeous bestfriends; @alisyarshd in Peach Lush and her girl in Snowflakes.


This Champagne Lush is such a desirable piece. It has been sold out online for the third time and offline for the second time to date. We hope to add more attractive colors for our next Lush series. What colour would you like to have your Lush in? Photo by @ainsyaqilla . #CakenisLushSatin


Pink Champagne Lush Satin is no longer available online. If you get in touch with our stockists, you might be in luck! #CakenisLushSatin


If more Cakenis OOTDs are coming in, we should extend the contest till the release of our very first Limited Edition series right? That would mean you should start hooking your Cakenis and get your creative juices out! #CakenisLushSatin #CakenisOOTD photo by @syazwanirosdee .


Restocks selling out fast both online (Zalora) & offline (stockists). Everyday I wake up knowing more people are choosing Cakenis as a part of their identity and I smile to myself thanking God for this blissful journey. Once you have familiarised yourself with Cakenis' quality and feature, you are always eager for the next one and trust me, me too! So what if I tell you, we are busy working on our very first limited edition pieces? - Cake 🍰


You can spot a Cakenisan right from afar! It's the silky flow and the subtle glisten of #CakenisLushSatin in Red Lush! Photo by @nmmmarini .


You know where to find us! We restocked yesterday and some already went oos this morning so do not miss out! We also encourage you to get to know our stockists as they provide fast, friendly and reliable service too!


They say color can be a therapy. I would definitely agree! Red symbolises passion, power & desire and they're all I am seeing! - Cake 🍰 #CakenisLushSatin


Finally back to doing what we love best! Packing these babies for an urgent restock! #CakenisLushSatin


We have picked a winner for our Cakenis giveaway! She was the first to have answered all three questions correctly and we can't wait to tell her what she'll be getting! Anyway it's still Raya so don't stop tagging us in your OOTDs for a chance to win our next series. Love this one by @sfasm ! #CakenisLushSatin


It was fun to see everyone trying their luck for the very first Cakenis giveaway! Maybe we should play games like this more often! But now we are down to our last question. A true Cakenisan could answer this in a heartbeat! Question 3: What is the name these two Cakenis and the series that they belonged in?


While all these amazing OOTDs are in the running to win next Cakenis series including this one by @ainaanabilla , you can win a Cakenis giveaway by being the first to answer the 3 questions correctly. We are already on our second question. Be sure to turn on our post notification so you won't miss out! Question 2: Name all the colors available from the Cakenis Lush Satin series.


Turn on your post notifications to be the FIRST to answer all three questions correctly for a chance to win our special Cakenis giveaway! Question 1: What is Cakenis latest & hottest series that successfully became one of the trendiest Raya pick this year?
Photo by @_yunis ❤️


How was your Raya ladies? We have received tons of tagged OOTDs that is now competing to win our next series! Could this beautiful ensemble by @yasminnamili be it? But now let's play a little game for a special Cakenis giveaway. Who's ready for a game? 🙋🏻


Taking out this precious box for your second color of the duo today? Do not forget to tag @cakenis on all your OOTD adventures for a chance to win our next series! Photo by @nabilah_ishai1 . #CakenisLushSatin


Paving the way for all your Cakenis OOTDs, seen here in Violet Lush. Do not forget to tag @cakenis when you're out beraya in style, in a chance to win our next surprise series! #CakenisLushSatin #CakenisOOTD


Good morning gorgeous! It's Raya, time for forgiveness, togetherness & endless rendang supply all day long! For me this is by far the most exciting Raya to date. Cakenis has reached so many homes this past month with our latest series. I am extremely grateful and honoured Cakenis gets to be a part of your Raya this year! So don't forget to hook it, flaunt it and tag me! Who knows our next series could be yours thanks to your beautiful OOTD? Selamat Hari Raya my dear Cakenisan - Cake 🍰


Let's start packing! The gorgeous Cakenis shawls first on the list! Photo by @oneybmie .


Lilac Lush to the rescue? We believe that looking extra cute helps lift our spirit after something major. Get well soon @hidayahsahrulazizi ! #CakenisLushSatin


Red Pewter duo looks so good! Are you totally ready for Raya like @keylalow here? Head over to Cakenis Zalora for more surprises! #CakenisLushSatin


Who will be rocking Champagne Lush this Lebaran raise your hands up! 🙋🏻 #CakenisLushSatin


Have you dropped by Zalora today? Did you expect the surprise? Love this Snowflakes on @farizamohd !