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What does that mean to you? For some it means chasing jet trips and bling for others it means quitting their hated job. What ever it is, that's up to you. When I started in this journey after a period of feeling frustrated and stuck in life, getting out of post natal depression - it meant to me to find a way to live out my highest values in a real practical way. I took time to work through what was important, what impact did I want to make, what do I want my legacy to be. I've put these excersises and prompts into a workbook my Goals and dream life planner ( I'm not perfect, I don't always follow my routine or tick every goal off my list, I've not transformed into a size 10 or made a million whilst I sleep. But what I do have now is a purpose or why that informs my life choices, defined values that help me navigate life, I feel the most comfortable in my skin at my biggest size 16Uk, I feel more peace about myself and give myself grace, I'm more appreciative for the things I already have and done, I have a clear goal for my life and big dreams that I actually believe I can achieve, I don't let anxiety stop me and fuelled by my goals and why I can got through discomfort to make a difference. That's what designing my life means to me. Getting to use my creativity to inspire others is a big part of that too.

I visited Standen house at the weekend and it was really inspiring! I'm planning on doing a lot more drawing, painting and pattern making. Swipe left for more pictures and gorgeous prints.

What inspires you and makes waking up each morning a joy?


Have you got a dream for your life? Do you already set goals? I've put together in one place different excersises and prompts that have helped me gain clarity, define my values, dream bigger and plan and take action. I've now got the A4 version up as well as the Letter size. Have a peep on Etsy
What are some of your goals or dreams for this year?



My dream life and #goalplanner workbook is up on Etsy! It's a PDF in Letter size with A4 coming this Monday!
I'm so excited as it's something I've been wanting to get out for over a year! It's currently on an introductory sale of 50% off.

60 pages covering things like your personal why, defining your dream life, working out your values do they can become your filter for making life's decision, weekly, quarrel goal break downs, habit trackers, getting through fears and much more! I hope you like it! I'd love your feedback, shoot me a DM or email

Tell me something on your bucket list or life list as Im going to start calling it?


Happy Valentine's Day! Regardless of your status show some love to those around you and remind everyone why they matter!
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Did you get your February freebie? The weekly and monthly planners come dated for this Feb but also undated so you can carry on using them! Visit I've got you covered for A4, Letter and #happyplanner size.

I love to scribble things down or write out plans or lists! It helps to get out out all those thoughts and get them into paper. Do you love a list as much as me?



This is one of my favourite villages that I've ever visited. Colourful doors and windows against a white washed backdrop. It also has a market with lots of tasty food! I took so many photos and was really inspired!
What inspires you?


One of my favorites not just for #mondaymotivation the further along I go the more I realise how important it is to believe in yourself!
What's your one of favorite quotes?

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The other week I did a poll in my stories asking if you experienced imposter syndrome and the the results were 100% said YES! That includes me.

It's so sad, and why do we feel this way? It all comes down to fear and mostly fear of what others will think. It helped me back for so long with trying new things including Called Out Living.

Every time I share one of my designs I feel that Imposter Syndrome. The mean voice that shouts "there's so many talented graphic designers who can do a better job if this than you" "who are you to try design stationery, stick to what you know (clothing/swimwear) and it stopped me from putting out what I wanted for such a long time. 2018 I'm not letting it stop me. I know I've got some really useful products that will help someone out, and that's my why. So I'll keep going.
I've also been looking into ways to reduce or walk through imposter syndrome and there'll be a blog post up on it soon.

What are your tips for feeling confident or ignoring those mean voices and doing what you're doing?



You can get this hand painted and then digitised weekly planner on the blog no emailed needed #truthorsquare by @wearedigique is a campaign talking about do we need to make Instagram 'real' is it too curated now? So part of campaign is to post your planned image and the second is what you are doing right now. This morning I'm in leggings and a sweatshirt (quite usual!) I've got my toed socks as I was supposed to be at pilates at my kids school but the instructor is Ill. So I've come home, going to eat breakfast read my Bible, journal and then crack on with some work before picking up the kids. That's my real morning. That's usually how my day goes on Monday and Friday.
What does your Friday look like? Are you going to check out the campaign? @wearedigique

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Happy February! Freebies!
Every month I'll be giving this digital set away in my free members area! There is a weekly planner, a dated monthly calendar, a desktop wallpaper with months calendar and 2 mobile phone wallpapers. Visit

Let me know what's your goal for February??


#TBT Hi, thank you to any new followers! I hope my feed motivates you and encourages you to go after your dreams and living an intentional life.
One of the things that inspires me is Moorish architecture and the white washed colourful villages of Southern Spain.
The other thing that inspires me is sharing my story and learnings to help other women to get unstuck, dream and get clarity on what they want from life. To work through and create plans and develop their mindset along the way. Who am I to help you? I'm not an expert, just one mum who found herself feeling stuck in life, living out of alignment with one of my key values and feeling like I'd lost the dreams of my heart. The everyday was wearing me out and post natal depression made it worse. I slowly started to read, learn, try new things out and discover what I was passionate about and step out of my fears to pursue it.
I'm sharing the tools, excersises and tips that I've learnt and that I'm discovering. Let's grow together.
I'd love to hear your suggestions or life lessons! Let me know in the comments!



#workspacewednesday How lovely is this room? I really like the wire rack with the quotes! This gorgeousness belongs to @tabita_aundal
What colour is your office?


Blue Monday: Today is supposed to be one of the most depressing day of the year. You may be suffering from the post Christmas anticlimax, the holiday off work flew by and it's cold, wet and grey. Your problems from 2017 feel like they've followed you into 2018 and any willpower and motivation to keep your New Year Resolutions to change have gone. The debt, extra weight feel heavier than before. It's easy to let it all pile on but don't suffer alone.
If you're experiencing suicidal thoughts or levels of anxiety that are affecting your ability to carry out your day to day please go straight to the GP and share with a loved one. Don't feel ashamed or guilty for feeling so low, please get support.
If it's a little of the January Blues, make some choices to pull yourself out.
@mind @happiful_magazine @balanceldn all have great resources around mental health and well being.
Practise self care and plan out things you can do each day these next few weeks to add some joy has some tips. This morning I had a bubble bath, it wasn't very long but just that quiet 10-15 minutes before the school run and the day starts helped me.
If you're feeling unhappy because of life situations, take some time to see how you can change them and in the immediate change how you react to them. Maybe it's time to look for a new job or retrain. Perhaps is a relationship that needs to be let go. If it's money there's support with charities like @capmoney or @stepchange Don't get stuck, get some support and take actions that will help you move forward. Lastly take some time to review your goals or vision board to be reconnected to your dreams, passions and things that inspire you. Count 5 things you're grateful for in life, from the little or mundane to the bigger things. Don't get overwhelmed and choose one little thing to do today to help take you forward.

Have a great Monday!


How to create your vision board on canva more 👇👇👇 Its Make your dreams come true day! If you haven't already done so, why not take some time out today to dream and scheme! Take some time to day dream about the things you'd like to be, do and achieve in your life time. When you've done so why not make a vision board? I've created a free template and YouTube showing how to use canva to easily create your dream board. or visit the blog or youtube channel.

What's one place you're dreaming of visiting?



#workspacewednesday I'm loving this office setup from @maisonsdumonde I can picture my prints and planners on those shelves and noticeboard!
Apart from your computer what's your most used desk item? 👇👇👇


An oldie but a goodie! The Further along I go on my journey the more I realise how true and how important having a growth mindset is! It's one of the 10 success habits covered in the latest blog post have a read to check the other 9 out. I've also included a goals planner to help you brainstorm.
Do you think mindset is important?


It's National bubble bath day! One of my favourite self care acts. Perfect excuse to chill out and relax tonight! If you're looking for other self care ideas, tips on starting a routine check + free planner check out this blog post
Do you love a bubble bath or more a bath bomb person? What's your favourite product to use?

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10 Success habits for 2018 up on the blog! These are some great habits to start or to be more consistent with. Making goals is at the top of the list and I've also added these new printables to the members area in A4, Letter and Happy Planner classic size.
What habits have helped you? Which ones are you planning on building on in 2018?


Whats your 1 big goal or Dream?
How's your 2018 started? Have you already made your goals? Did you make a vision board? I slowly get back into work mode after having the holiday off and spending it with my sons and husband. I ease back off the chocolates and festive foods and slowly back to normal. I approach my goals the same way.
The start back in January can hit us hard after 2 weeks off and excessive food and unusual daily routines. I now give myself grace to step up the speed slowly and gradually to avoid overwhelm. I'll be setting my goals over the next week. I've started with my vision board that I made a few days ago. I'm such a visual person that seeing the board has helped to already get ideas set in my mind.
I think making goals or in the past I called them resolutions has been something I've done since I was teen, and when I look back at them the following year I'd usually have ticked most of them or getting there. I've always planned ahead and I think it's helped give me clarity and direction. Getting things on paper helps to solidify that idea. The next step is to dig into the reason why the goal is important, sometimes you think you have a goal but deep down it's only because you feel it should be a goal because of other people's opinions. Get honest with yourself. If you didn't really connect to your reasons why you think that goal is important then you just won't do it. After delving the into your why you need the action steps. Break it down into key actions and plot out when and where you'll do them. This part brings commitment into the picture. This year I'm excited to bringing more on this to the blog and more printable worksheets for us to use.

Are you excited for 2018? What's your 1 big goal? Lemme know in the comments below 👇👇👇 Photo credit: @scstockshop


How gorgeous is this office and practical with all that storage! @glamchevyplans has done a fab job and has a cool feed with lots of planner inspiration. I also love how she's done her daughter's desk space 😍 go check her out at @glamchevyplans
What's your favourite thing on your desk? #workspacewednesday


#wordoftheyear SOLACE My personal word of the year is solace. It's a faith word for me to keep finding Solace in God. To find the balance of action and faith.
2017 was a huge year for growth and I'm aware at times I was striving, not quite in my ease, so in 2018 I want to take action and work when I need to but have faith, trust the process and rest in God in every area of life trusting he will do the rest.

What's your word for 2018?


Happy New Year! The best is yet to come!

Photo credits: @scstockshop


This was one of my favourite places that I visited this year in Spain, Rhonda an old town with a lot of historical sites. It's been an amazing year, a year of immense growth. It's not been without it's challenges, that is a part of life. But my mindset and beliefs are changing and better able to deal with them.
I hope you've had an amazing year and feel like you're living life to the full and with intention and purpose.

I've got so much more to bring to the blog, the shop and the free library. I'm going excited for all that is to come and I hope it helps you and takes you closer to your goals.
If you haven't yet joined the free members area pls do have a look. Link in the bio or visit
What was one of your favourite things this year?


Wishing you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy time with your family and friends, slow down, relax and enjoy your break!


“I’m treating myself to this cake, I deserve it. It’s been a hard week, I need this treat. I’ve got this horrible job to do, I’ll treat myself as I work” These are some of the stories we can tell ourselves but what happens when that treat becomes a daily thing, twice daily… let’s be real sometimes even more than that? Soon the treat becomes a part of life and punctuates our daily habits, then we can’t do without it.

Now I’ve got no problem with treating yourself to cake, chocolate or wine. You can eat and drink what you please. However if you’re after an intentional life driven by living out your calling and flourishing in your best life then you know deep down it’s not always ok. Our inner dialogue is our story. We have stories that help and stories that hinder. That voice that whispers or shouts, it’s telling us stories. It’s up to us, do we listen to this story and keep retelling it, or do we need to write a new one?

For tips to start to rewrite yours including a free worksheet visit or the blog


The Gift of Giving - Gifts are start to pile up under the tree and we get closer to Christmas. One gift we can all choose to have is the gift of giving. Early on in life I made a decision to be a giver. Whether I had a little or lot giving was going to be part of my life and generosity a value that I would commit to seeing lived out.
Giving is not just a gift for the receiver but also the giver. It doesn't make sense sometimes but giving i feel gives more to the giver than the receiver at times.

3 Things giving does:

1. Giving expands your heart and capacity of love & compassion. When we choose to look at someones lack and see our surplass it stirs our hearts to care for others.
2. Giving makes you more grateful. Seeing how little some have is heart breaking and makes you all the more appreciative of what you have. When you look at someone's lack you realise your own abundance.

3. Giving is good for your wellbeing. When you give or do for others it forces you to take your eyes of yourself and personal needs. Oftentimes when we feel disgruntled with life its because we focus on what others have that we dont, we look inward. When you give of your time, finances and resources that causes you to look outwards and takes your mind of yourself. Helping others feels good and warms our heart. I can't even count the times when I've been having a moan about my lot then had a heart change after getting involved or helping somone out.
Giving can be in all sorts of ways, raising money for charity like one of my besties @laurarunmd getting involved in a community project, helping out a neighbour or cooking a meal for someone.

As we start to think about our 2018 goals and resolutions I hope you join me in building giving goals and acts of kindness into your life habits.

Do you have a favourite charity or cause you support?

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Did you download your free mobile wallpaper yet? We've got a few festive options waiting for you 🎁🎀🎄 link in bio

What's on your Christmas list?


Did you get a chance to check out the 10 page Christmas planner in the freebie library? (Link in bio) It includes 2 pages of diy stickers. Either print out on a sheet of sticky paper and cut out with scissors or a guillotine. Or print on plain paper and use a glue stick.
I've also got some planning tips on the blog.
It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all there is to do with, feeling like we need to make it perfect. Getting caught up in the shopping and spending element of it. There's no need for it, create the Christmas that fits with your values. Cherish the gift of relationships rather than lavish gifts. Spend quality time with loved ones and make a difference for someone else with your local community or favourite charity.
What's the most important thing about Christmas or the Holidays for you? Have you got a special tradition?

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Wow it's December 1st! Hasn't the year just flown by?! Up on the blog i share some tips to cope with Christmas planning. In the library area there are now free festive mobile wallpapers and printables.