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The Gift of Giving - Gifts are start to pile up under the tree and we get closer to Christmas. One gift we can all choose to have is the gift of giving. Early on in life I made a decision to be a giver. Whether I had a little or lot giving was going to be part of my life and generosity a value that I would commit to seeing lived out.
Giving is not just a gift for the receiver but also the giver. It doesn't make sense sometimes but giving i feel gives more to the giver than the receiver at times.

3 Things giving does:

1. Giving expands your heart and capacity of love & compassion. When we choose to look at someones lack and see our surplass it stirs our hearts to care for others.
2. Giving makes you more grateful. Seeing how little some have is heart breaking and makes you all the more appreciative of what you have. When you look at someone's lack you realise your own abundance.

3. Giving is good for your wellbeing. When you give or do for others it forces you to take your eyes of yourself and personal needs. Oftentimes when we feel disgruntled with life its because we focus on what others have that we dont, we look inward. When you give of your time, finances and resources that causes you to look outwards and takes your mind of yourself. Helping others feels good and warms our heart. I can't even count the times when I've been having a moan about my lot then had a heart change after getting involved or helping somone out.
Giving can be in all sorts of ways, raising money for charity like one of my besties @laurarunmd getting involved in a community project, helping out a neighbour or cooking a meal for someone.

As we start to think about our 2018 goals and resolutions I hope you join me in building giving goals and acts of kindness into your life habits.

Do you have a favourite charity or cause you support?

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Did you download your free mobile wallpaper yet? We've got a few festive options waiting for you 🎁🎀🎄 link in bio

What's on your Christmas list?


Did you get a chance to check out the 10 page Christmas planner in the freebie library? (Link in bio) It includes 2 pages of diy stickers. Either print out on a sheet of sticky paper and cut out with scissors or a guillotine. Or print on plain paper and use a glue stick.
I've also got some planning tips on the blog.
It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all there is to do with, feeling like we need to make it perfect. Getting caught up in the shopping and spending element of it. There's no need for it, create the Christmas that fits with your values. Cherish the gift of relationships rather than lavish gifts. Spend quality time with loved ones and make a difference for someone else with your local community or favourite charity.
What's the most important thing about Christmas or the Holidays for you? Have you got a special tradition?

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Wow it's December 1st! Hasn't the year just flown by?! Up on the blog i share some tips to cope with Christmas planning. In the library area there are now free festive mobile wallpapers and printables.


#workspacewednesday How stylish is this blue and rose/gold combo? I love the white desk with the gold hardware from @anthropologie I absolutely love the blue velvet chair!

What's on your desk?


@timferriss was very inspiring this week on @marieforleo show. Whilst I have polar views a few things, there were so many golden nuggets!
I particularly appreciated him sharing about depression and self care which he covers in Tool of the Titans (need to read this!) I loved this quote and speaking about specifying fear. Often times we feel fear but it's so ambiguous. Something I started asking myself a few years back after having CBT is "What am i really afraid of? What is the worst that can happen?" This question leads me to get specific and then look into ways to prepare for rhw worst outcome and things to look forward to in the best outcome.
I've covered this excersise in my free self care how to guide, and how to work through this. and In the Self care planner on etsy ( I include a "Flourish Log" which is a similar excersise where you face your worries beforehand, work through them and positively examine the reality and outcome.
Start with the blog to read more, it also has the link to the etsy store.

How do you deal with fear? What scares you in life? What could help you get over that?



Have you joined the free resource library yet? It's full or printables, planning tools and motivational mobile wallpaper

The self care planner and guide went up recently and has had a lot of interest!
This Friday a Christmas planning printable will be going up in the library for those of you who like me have just started to think about Christmas shopping and preparation 🎅☃️ What other freebies would you like to see added?


Happy Sunday! Take some time to relax, refresh and spend time with others. This picture is from the Alhambra one favourites of the summer! I'm planning to do some painting or drawing later inspired by my visit.

What are you up to today?

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Hi there! Thought I'd reintroduce myself! Fun fact I can lick my nose with my tongue, totally disgusting 🤣 I also love icecream especially pralines and cream!
I'm a mum of 2 sons who are so full of life and always 'on'. I'm an interesting mix of Welsh and Zambian. I'm creative and have always loved art and design.

I love creating beautiful things whether fashion, patterns or graphics. But i also love cheering on other women who are trying to make a change in their life. Who are deciding to make their own path than follow the one that was set. To create resources that help inspire and organise! To always share encouragement and some sunshine im what can geel feel like a dark world.

So what's your fun fact or passion? Tell me a little something about yourself 😄



#workspacewednesday This office space by @easyinterieur really is #workspacegoals! I love the transparent chair teamed up with the sheepskin and the sublte touches of pink!
What colour scheme would be in your dream office?


Are you looking to start a self care routine and don't know where to start? I've created a 12 page planner that's on the etsy store. On the blog you'll find a quick start guide along with PDF how to and free printable pages.
These excersises were part of helping me get through post natal depression a few years and ago and generally feeling stuck in life. These simple things can make such a difference to your well being.

Have a peep
Would love to hear the ways you take care of yourself, mind body and soul.


Happy Monday!
Did you have a good weekend? What have you got lined up this week?



Free self care planner and guide
I've been working hard on this amd its now live on the blog
I've put together printable pages and practices to help promote self care. These are tools I've used and am using to keep focused, take care of myself and push past anxiety or limiting beliefs. I hope they help you too!


It's Friday! How has your week been? What have you been working on? It's #selfcareweek and I've been busy creating a new planner just for this purpose!
It's so funny I only recently realised what Called Out Living is about is self care! These things that I did that helped me get out of post natal depression and keep helping me through anxiety are all self care tools.

From creating a dream board of a brighter future, to planning your life so you can live out your purpose, making a difference in the lives of those around you, to reading encouraging words that remind you of the truth that you are of value, you're uniquely gifted and are enough. This is all self care.

I used to have this notion that it was just about pamper days or massages, and whilst that is part of it self care runs deeper. It's anything that helps lift you up and stay well in your mind, body and soul
What does self care mean to you? Let me know in the comments


The best is yet to come 👐 double tap of you agree!

What are your big dream or goal that you're hoping for? How would you like your life to look in a years time? What's your big why that pushes you forward? Let me know in the comments 👇👇👇



The etsy shop has planner printables and artwork in Letter and A4 size. Visit it at


Yess it's live! I was up late last night getting the free members library done. It's live and ready for you to access! Just sign up on the freebies page if you click the bio link or visit
You'll find a range of planning printables and inspiring motivational quotes phone wallpapers. I'll be adding new printables at the start of each month so be sure to visit regularly. Swipe left for a sneaky peak.

This set includes A4, Letter, A5 and personal size. I'll also be adding Happy Planner size printables too. You can print the Letter size to 84% to fit the classic Mambi Happy Planner size.

I'd love to know what sizes, colours, themes, printables and phone wallpapers you'd love to see added. Let me know in the comments!


Explore - What does that mean to you? Do you think of travel? Do you think of your local city? Do you think of food or other cultures? Do you think of yourself and your inner life journey? That word has so many meanings to us.

I think we owe it to ourselves to fully explore all of lifes opportunities! There are so many exciting things out for you. Go and explore, I know it's scary but the reward is way better!
What have you always wanted to try?



Dream Big! If you'd like this free mobile phone wallpaper visit our website link in bio or There is a selection of free resources loke printables and phone wallpapers to help you Dream Big and Plan Big. I'll be turning that into a free membership area, adding goodies each month.
What would you like to see added? Calendars, desktop quote wallpaper, what sort of printables?


It's Saturday! The weekend has begun! Time for some rest and play. Last night in the entrepreneurs small group I host we were challenged to have one full day of rest from our work. I used to do that so easily when I had a MON-FRI but find with my own projects I'm doing a bit here and there at the weekends too. From now on I'm building in Sunday as my full day off. A day to be recharged, encouraged and spend time with my family. I think a day off is going to do wonders!
What would be your ideal way to spend your day off?


It's my birthday today! Getting a little older, hopefully a little wiser too 😛 A year ago Called Out Living was just a dream and an idea. Im so excitec for all that is to come and the wonderful people I've met this last year online and offline!
In the past Ive gotten a bit sad at my birthday as I've beaten myself up for now reaching certain goals or being where I thought I'd be.
At todays age i thought I'd have 3 children, be driving, be slimmer, have a 4 bedroom semi in Surrey 😂 well I'm not there and it's ok. I've made so much progress and I've grown as a person and had a lot of amazing experiences, I believe I've encouraged others and I know I've saved lives through @A21 and @compassion and that really is more important than a bigger house.
So here's to another year of the same 🥂


Either I will find a way or I will make one.
Who's with me?!


Is it time to open a new door in your life? A new door of opportunity? A new door to a different way of thinking? A new door to new habits? To close old doors of disappointment, hurt, forgiveness, so called failure, labels other people gave you, habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you?
Take a moment to consider this, if the answer's yes write down a few ways to start to move forward from the past and walk into a brighter future 👟👠👡👢


This last summer was amazing. I had TIME. 3 summers ago I was working full time and feeling frustrated and unhappy. I had reached "my dream" but it wasn't making me happy. I felt i was just continuing the path that I'd set a decade before. But i hadn't stopped to think was this still what I wanted? I took some time to mindmap, dream, write down a dream of a new future, create a vision board and a plan to reverse engineer our new dream for life.
Life isn't perfect and I'm nowhere near "making it" ... do we ever do?! But I've set in motion the plans to get there and with my purpose and passions clearly defined I can live intentionally at each step of the journey. Some things in my life look the same, the main difference is my motivation and my why. Some things have tweaked a littile and some changed a lot.

This summer was my last full summer off with the kids before the youngest started school and I started my part time swimwear role. The timings were just perfect. But if i had never stopped to define and decide what i wanted and how important it was to me I don't think i would have had a summer like it.
I want the same for you, to know what you want, why it's important and how it benefits others too. To live intentionally with clarity and purpose. To feel you're making a difference and living a life you won't regret.


Good morning! It's Monday. How are you feeling? Overwhelmed, confused, stressed? Hopefully not! I hope you're excited for your week. But even though you're pumped you still feel a lack of direction and clarity... if this is you then you'll benefit from my printable planning sheets! I've got single page to do lists starting from just £ 0.99 going up to the full annual planners. If you want to know more about us visit our website or link in bio. It will also have the link to our etsy store. Go have a peek 👀

It's school holiday for me so I'm making a smaller goal to get a nee blog post done! What's your goal this week?


#freeupmyinsta challenge day 7! Today's prompt is #favourite and of course that's my family! But I cheated because this photos has 2 favourites - tropical and my family! I met my best friend and husband 17 years ago at Art college in Kent. We now have 2 gorgeous bright sparky boys who fill our days with laughter love and immense personal growth 😉🤣 parents you know what I mean 🤣 my other fave is tropical - palms, holidays, patterns, items the whole shebang. It started when my old boss introduced swimwear into the company and I had to learn to design it. Designing swimwear is fun and quite escapists as you spend your days looking at bikinis, beaches and tropical themes. I admit I wasnt keen on it at first but soon fell in love with it and it really inspires my style.
What's your favourite thing and why? 👇👇👇


#freeupmyinsta today's challenge prompt is explore! I love travelling or visiting new places. I find a lot of inspiration when I travel. I love to visit the local markets or check out handcrafted good or traditional textiles. I also enjoy a botanical garden or greenery. We did a day trip to France for our anniversary and found this tranquil Japanese inspired garden. If I had more time I would loved to sit there with a book and a drink. What cool places have you discovered on your travels?


#freeupmyinsta challenge day 3! #bloom for today's prompt I'm sharing one of my favourite flowers. I've always loved bouganvilea. In one of my childhood photos I'm standing in front of bouganvilea back in Zambia. It's the national flower for Zambia my motherland 😊 I'm of dual ethnicity, father is Welsh and my mother Zambian. My children are English, Zambian, Welsh and Colombian. It makes for a interesting mix!
Why don't you join the #freeupmyinsta challenge and share your #bloom picture. What's your favourite bloom? Or what does bloom mean to you?


#freeupmyinsta challenge day 2! Do today's prompt is #inspiration I absolutely love southern Spain. I'm totally in my element when I'm there. I'm inspired by the colours, the tropical palms and plants. I love the history and Moorish palaces, the white washed villages. This was one of my favourite visits this summer. The Alhambra in Granada is a huge historical sight. Inside the palace are beautiful carved ceilings and tiled walls. I'll be working on a tiled theme soon for my printables and notebooks that are coming.
Why don't you join the challenge? @allison_sadler_ has the deets with @bettymagazine . What's one of your inspirations? 👇👇👇


#freeupmyinsta Challenge! So I saw the #freeupmyinsta challenge by @allison_sadler_ hosted by @bettymagazine and thought I'd join in on the fun. The challenge is to have fun posting what ever you like based on a daily theme. Having fun with Instagram and not worrying about colour palettes, themes or algorithms. Today's prompt is "Look up" yesterday I spent the afternoon in Greenwich and went up the hill to see the observatory. In this picture i was looking up the hill to the observatory. I've been thinking about space the last few days, looking up to the night sky in wonder how beautiful the stars are! Would you go up to space when/if that's made possible for normal people?