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It wasn’t easy narrowing down 25,104 photo highlights from the year into only 10! Happy Valentine’s Day to and from the people I love & laugh with the very very most! Xoxoxo! #happyvalentinesday


Bopped over to downtown LA today for a meeting with some new members of the team! We talked about some possible features on my songs. Also - we were next door to my favorite book store in Cali! I took this just before going in.



Took this photograph for you guys around the same time I transformed my closet into my “territory,” as #stevenpressfield calls it. Have any of you read #thewarofart? I recommend it. Thank you @tylermcginnis33 for sharing it with me!


Yesterday’s voice lesson was a breakthrough! @jaredsingsbass has been teaching me a lot about how to utilize my back muscles for support, open up my throat, and breathe correctly as I sing. I brought @abigailbllake with me and she started to CRY at the changes it’s making in my voice! Thank you Jared for being my teacher, thank you Abigail for taking this picture & listening to me sing, and thank you @julsbdavis for making the intro!


When I had a manager I would frequently get her opinion on which photo to post. Now you guys are doing the job! Thank you @wyldcosmia for the beautiful photography & thank you #teamtiff for all your votes! Xo, Tiff



This is a super exciting time! A lot of hard work has gone into the music I get to release this year. As some of you may know, I have done this rebrand, made this album, and am releasing music all without a manager or a label. The fact that I’ve been able to do this is largely because of the super team I have in all of you! Thank you SO for commenting on my pictures, sharing the news about Slumber Party, reposting my pics, running fan accounts, @kacey_anne for helping with merch design, @cindyxchen for tutoring me on Instagram stories (😂), @jennatheresephotography for teaching me about aesthetic, and @abigailbllake for taking this photo of me on my livestream yesterday. I love you all and am SO grateful. Go #teamtiff. Xo,


It helps me to write out the chord over the lyrics as I practice my songs. After I finish this I will put it in my binder and run through the song once very slowly, take a walk, run through it another time slowly, play with my dog, another time, and so on. Key to effective practice for me is taking small breaks every 25 min or so.


Slumber Party by CRYSTAL coming out on Feb. 16!



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Last night I went with my family to see The Greatest Showman. Mine and my dads eyes always seem to sweat at the same time during movies.. it’s the craziest thing 😉 We loved it!
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he said “you’re smart
for a little blonde girl
need someone to take you to a mans world
tight with the biggest names
so if you got what it takes
you’ll pay your dues
do what I say,
what you do in the dark
gets your name in lights babe
get your name in lights babe”
#metoo #slumberparty



Working with @aly.fae on the visual artwork today!! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!


Posting this especially for @allie_abrahamian today :) Love you cute girl. #lighttheworld



Today is my brother, @samhoughton92’s birthday! Per tradition, my dad and I got up at 6am to get warm Krispy Kreme Donuts, while Mom made Mac-n-cheese. I took this picture in the parking lot and still cannot believe how beautiful the sky was this morning.





He said i got a voice that could go platinum
Got a face that could sell albums
20 years in the game
So if you want the fame
Step inside
Baby talk business
Gotta buy before you get interest
This is the price you pay
If you wanna get in the gate
Well I’m not gonna play by your rules... #metoo
cc: my girls @lyreofficial
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I was practicing a song of mine this morning and started being goofy, singing Sam Smith & Kesha over the chords, and I kinda like what happened! Couldn’t fit the whole thing on here but it’s on my YouTube channel!
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It’s in the way He sends butterflies, and puts pink in the sky, that’s how I know.




Today I got to meet @_anyachan_ & @stasy_star7. They danced to the new tracks as we walked through Kiev. I love them.


Today in Sunday school we read from my favorite chapter, Ether 12.


Today I caught a glimpse of what my brother has been doing the past two years and why he has grown to love the Ukrainian people so much.