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On one night, we all come together. And the heart of Country Music beats stronger than ever. #CMAawards


This guy...❤️❤️❤️


#FBF to one of my favorite parts of the show!! #StorytellerTourMemories #SomethingInTheWater 💦


Ok...I will! ☀️ Love this sweatshirt! Sooooo comfy! @caliabycarrie #StayThePath #KeepMeWarm #BePositive


These two lovely ladies were in town today, so, naturally, we all got our sweat on together! Follow them for some good food and fitness tips! @caraclarknutrition @eveoverlandfitness


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It lives inside all of us. It makes us feel alive. The heart of Country Music. #CMAawards


What an incredible night last night raising money for @danitaschildren This place and its staff truly provide miracles for so many children and families in Haiti. We are so honored and humbled that so many friends came out to support. I can’t wait to see how many more lives are saved and changed because of that support! Thank you to all who helped out! #blessed #haiti #nashville


So proud of my best friend, @iveychilders for her new @iveycakestore location on Franklin Road! She is so talented in the yummiest way! Thanks for letting us pop in for a treat! #cupcakes #iveycake #MyBestieIsABaker #yummy


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Our jackets will help you be ready for whatever the weather throws at you.


There is still time left to visit the online auction and bid to help us support @DanitasChildren! Link in bio.


Fun fact: the only animal I do NOT like is a turtle. I’m fine with 🐍s and 🕷️s and anything else that most people find scary, but 🐢s are NOT OK. (That said I’ll still pull my car over to help one cross the road...even though I don’t like it). I’m glad my son doesn’t share my feelings... #turtlesareweird #walkfaster #pleasedontbiteme


From the gym to backstage, I always have @CALIAbyCarrie with me! 👜


Please check out this online auction and help us support @DanitasChildren! @mfisher1212
Link in bio.


#CareBears asked & @CarrieUnderwood heard! #TheStorytellerTour live from @TheGarden to be released digitally on Nov 17! Details: -TeamCU


@mfisher1212 catching air... I’m next. 😂 Just kidding.


So proud of long time friend @erinoprea for bringing @yourcitystrong home to Nashville! You guys have encouraged and inspired so many people in so many cities!!! Keep it up! 💪👊👏


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ANNOUNCEMENT: #CountryRising Hurricane Relief Benefit Concert coming to #Smashville on November 12 featuring country music All-Stars! 🎟️ on sale FRI, 10/6 at 10am


“I just got schooled.” Truer words were never spoken! Thank you @reba and the @opry for making this Checotah girl’s dream come true! ❤️❤️❤️


Got lost in a sweet corn maze today at #luckyladdfarms Fortunately, @mfisher1212 had a map and saved us (or, we cheated and cut through the corn to get to the parking lot). Also saw lots of cute animals and got some 🎃 for the porch! 👍


Ok, just one more pic...❤️❤️ @reba @dollyparton @vincegillofficial at the @opry celebrating Reba's 40th anniversary of her first Opry performance! Pretty sure we're all besties now.


How is this my life? I got to be part of this crew celebrating @reba 's 40th anniversary of her first @opry appearance! Three legends...and me!!! So many dreams came true tonight! #OnlyAtTheOpry @dollyparton @vincegillofficial ❤️❤️❤️


Yay!! Got my copy of @matthewjwest 's new album! Hey, the BGVs on track #6 sound super familiar! 😜


Me and @eveoverlandfitness at our incredible @caliabycarrie event in NYC! We had such a fun workout class with lots of new legs still hurt! #StayThePath #fitness


Had a great time talking all things @CALIAbyCarrie and breaking a sweat at #NYFW Can't wait for you to see the pieces from the fall line!


What a beautiful night last night! Before God, family and friends, @hunterschleicher and @cameronpremo declared their love for each other and tied the knot! Thank you guys for allowing us to be a part of it!
On a separate note: my boys looked so handsome! ❤️❤️


About to watch #It I'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!




It's here!!! The new #FleuriaCollection from @caliabycarrie !!! I love love love these prints! So excited to share them with you! #StayThePath


In honor of #NationalDogDay here are my little fur bundles of joy, Ace and Penny...they are naughty and crazy and noisy, but I love 'em! #AdoptDontShop #rescuedog