Unconventional Cat Furniture

Our collections evoke feline instinct. Each piece is beautifully hand crafted, space conscious, and feline addicting.


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Our apologies, as our Black Friday Sale had a little bit of a bumpy start. It was scheduled to start at 12:00am EST, somehow started a few hours early. In addition, we had an issue with the listings showing the normal price struck through, but the sale price wasn't visible until you opened the listing up. We have fixed the pricing issue and since we feel so bad about people missing out on the clearance deals, we have added some of our popular items to our Black Friday Sale at 15% off. Link in bio.


Happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow at 12 am EST we're having a Black Friday sale, which runs through Cyber Monday. This is our largest sale to date: 40% off a limited selection of furniture and 10% all gift cards. Please keep in mind that offers can’t be combined with other coupon codes or offers. Thanks!


Heisenberg wishing Simpsons was on.



Best view in the house.


This is our second generation version of the Thunderdome. The original Thunderdome was always a very popular piece with our cats. But since we were doing a second version, we made some adjustments to create more routes throughout the complex. It’s now made with our Cat Mod line of components, with a few additions like a Cat Mod Step and an extra Floating Sisal Post. Link in bio.


Really wish Patrick Hughes would help us make a cat tree. #Repost @streetartglobe
3D Art - "Superduperperspective" with Patrick Hughes at Birmingham Art Gallery



Kitty Ninja Warrior


A few months ago we went out to @catconworldwide and got to meet Michele Hoffman, who is the founder of one of our new favorite shelters, @milos_sanctuary. They're a non-profit shelter that houses mostly cats with physical disabilities, terminal illnesses, have been abused, or are seniors. They accept donations for their Lifetime Care Program for cats that cannot be re-homed and stay at Milo's for the rest of their lives. There should be more places like this. If you have a moment, please check out the page we put together on the site. Link in bio.


Our business has always focused on coming up with unconventional ideas for cat furniture. Not every idea works out the way we expect, though. Here are some of our best (and worst) ideas that didn't work out for whatever reason. If you have a free moment please head over and check out the full collection. Link in bio.



Here’s a really nice picture sent in by Lori. I love the pictures hanging off the furniture. Thanks Lori!


This is such a nice shot! More at @imogenthekitten #repost ・・・
Ear tufts 😹


Huge thanks to @thisisinsiderhome for putting together this video compilation. We love how it turned out! A longer version of this was originally posted on Facebook and is almost up to 12m views!
This version was shortened for Instagram and is featuring video clips from a few of our favorites: @cheetah_the_kitty, @jager_and_orion and ForestWind Wendelyn aka Nadia.



One of our favorite people ever lost their cat yesterday. If youre in the LA area please have a look below #Repost @annaakana
ELYSIAN HEIGHTS/SILVER LAKE IN LA: my bb Ghost is missing. Have you seen her? She’s a small vocal tortie. Very friendly. Has a collar with bell. ;-;


I love everything about this photo. Thanks @alicewrightnyc #Repost @alicewrightnyc
Hashtag mood.


Wow. I wish @bastet.the.sphynx would come over and teach our cats to climb better. Bastet has skills. #Repost @bastet.the.sphynx
I fully endorse my new catastrophic creation!

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Caroline sent us this beautiful photo of her cats Cali and Earl on their Deluxe Play place. This is such a nice photo, I really love the shot. Thanks Caroline!


This is so cute! Every time I see a kitten on the floating sisal posts it makes my day. Thanks @fosterkittendiary #Repost ・・・
The #zeusbirdkittens discovered the @catastrophicreations climbing wall today. Prepare for major athletic shenanigans - there’s no looking back now! #thecatmod #catastrophicreations #catfurniture #catwallshelves #catshelves


Huge thanks to @culturacolectivaplus for putting this video compilation together. Really nice job on the production. It features clips from @sgtpeppersfriends , @love2foster and Diana.



We’re excited to see how this comes along. This is only 70% of the first wall, and by the time it’s finished it’s going to be insane. I still can’t believe these two are on our furniture!! Way too cool. Thanks @nala_cat @white_coffee_cat #Repost @nala_cat
Working on new project! 1st wall 70% done❤️ Thank you @catastrophicreations @white_coffee_cat


We have new Cat Mod Steps available in the shop! These floating shelves are a great solution for narrow spaces. They can be used to create an engaging path up the wall utilizing only one wall stud. At first we were worried that cats would not be able to get down okay, but after testing with our cats, all three have been able to get up and down these without an issue. Link in bio. #catastrophiccreations #catastrophicreations #catfurniture #catshelves


Our Amazon UK store is finally here! We're keeping a stock of products in the UK, giving our European customers a more affordable shipping option.

If you live in the UK and have Amazon Prime you can get free shipping, and if you live elsewhere in Europe, you should be able to order the items we have available on Amazon Prime UK as well, for affordable shipping. There’s a link in our bio. #catastrophiccreations #catfurniture #catastrophicreations #amazonuk


Huge thanks to @peoplepets and to Kelli Bender for writing a really nice article! Link in our bio


This has got to be the cutest thing that’s ever happened on our hammocks. Meet Clementine and Montgomery. Holly was so kind to share this priceless shot with us. Thanks Holly! #catastrophicreations #cathammock #catastrophiccreations #catsofinstagram #catfurniture


Huge thanks to our friend Ally for bringing her incredibly handsome cat Murphy over for a photo shoot. He's helping us introduce some new Cat Mod colors. A few of these pictures have nothing to do with the new colors, but we liked them so much we wanted to include them anyway. #catastrophicreations #cathammock #catfurniture


Ickle found the only bed in the house where you can get your belly rubbed each time somebody walks by. #catastrophicreations #catbridge #catfurniture #catshelves #catsofinstagram


This is great! #Repost @superhirocat
Focus on task at hand - Hiro and Printer.