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"Trick or treat! Emphasis on treats Photo credit @jordanluciano" - @thenotoriousd.i.g


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This week on the show with @theoreocatofficial: DIY Halloween themed cat toys!
Monday’s at 2pm ET on TV
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My boys loving their @refinedfeline Lotus cat shelf; this makes them taller than us! #RefinedFeline #LotusCatShelf @bing_clawsby @paw_mccartney


Friend: "Let's go out."
Me: "I'm very busy..."
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The video that STARTED IT ALL!! TAG A FRIEND! πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜ΈπŸΎ #KurtandZeus @kurttocci


"On the 18th of October, our Julie crossed the rainbow bridge. It was extremely unexpected and the worst thing ever happened to us. We are completely heartbroken. But we have to keep the tremendous amount of love and the light Julie gave to us and forever remember every little thing She did for us. @erikascrafting and I will take a break from social media.
We will Forever Love and Remember you, Julie." - @benterdikart and @erikascrafting #COICommunity #COIEulogy #Love πŸ’”πŸŒˆ


#JustMeAndMyBoo πŸ’š
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I mean... sorry not sorry, his name is Paw McCartney!!! I had to post this. So good via @catsofinstagram and @paw_mccartney


Me rn:
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The mama and her kittens are safe and out of the shelter! Thank you so much #COICommunity for your help! Forever Home Pet Rescue is the rescue who saved them all! If you pledged donations or would like to make a donation, please do so via paypal at: Be sure to include the name "JASMINE FAMILY" and ID numbers (A5118634, 35, 36, 37). Thank you all so so much!


You guys!!! 😻😻
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Jack and Rose aint got shit on us. Follow my page ( @dancinzeus ) for more! Tag your bestie! Happy caturday!🚒😻 #kurtandzeus #caturday #cat #catweek



Update on the 4 Kittens Needing Foster!

All 4 have been rescued and we've received a few foster offers! Thank you all so much!

They are all doing wonderful. 3 girls and a boy!


We tested out our new #CatPouch hoodie from @pawsomecouture with @bing_clawsby & @paw_mccartney! Full #Video is now up on our #YouTube channel! Search for CatsOfInstagram 🐱❀️ #Vancouver #Cat #Best


"I'm Wizard Casper (little known relative of Professor Dumbledore) & I'm going to cast a spell & make Mondays disappear forever. Now, where the floof did I put the 🐸,🐜,🐌,🐍& πŸ•·οΈπŸ•·οΈ?" - @teddieandcasper



EXTREMELY URGENT: Downey Animal Shelter, CA

Shelter has given staff the OK to euthanize this mama due to her ulcerated eye. She just needs to see a vet! She has 3 kittens as well. THIS IS CRAZY URGENT. We need pledges for donations AND a foster to take care of mama and her 3 kittens. Must be in Southern California.

Email for a foster application. ***Note: Only commit if you can foster until they find their forever home. And please keep this post focused on saving the mama, not bashing the shelter. Also, we do not work for the shelter. We are just rescuers trying to save as many lives as possible. Please be respectful***


Please visit @kittenxlady to learn about #TNR! TNR is unbelievably important! .
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Welcome home, friend! πŸ‘‹πŸ» TNR stands for trap, neuter, RETURN. After being sterilized, cats are returned to the exact location where they were trapped. Community cats are highly intelligent, social animals who make meaningful bonds with their colony and develop routines in their home territory just like you and I do. They are always so happy to be back. #welcomehome #TNR #trapneuterreturn #blackcats #kittenlady


"My morning routine includes 10 minutes of lying in bed...and thinking about how tired I am." - @tuxedokitcat #OnATuesday #Mornings #INeedCoffee


"HUMAN! I require exactly 8 pets and no more!" - @its_sushi


"Mine’s a tunatini 🍸 shaken but not stirred!" - @teddieandcasper #WeHaveAllBeenThere #Booze #Martini #Wine


Some important info from our friends, @kittenxlady & @catmanofwestoakland!
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Got questions about TNR? Watch my funny new video with @catmanofwestoakland where we answer some of the most common costume. πŸ˜‚ Link in @kittenxlady bio! #NationalFeralCatDay #trapneuterreturn #tnr #communitycats #catman #kittenlady


"Striking a fierce pose with my fall bandana. Hope everyone is enjoying their fall!! πŸπŸ‚" - @alex_and_leo


"Cuddle-sandwich-time πŸ’—" - @milaivyofficial


This week on the Show: A DIY feral cat shelter!
With the cooler weather approaching outdoor cats will be looking for shelter from the cold. A great way to help them out is to build an outdoor kitty house to keep them warm, cozy and dry!
Monday’s at 2pm ET on TV πŸ’š
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The baby Dracula kittens are ready for Halloween. πŸ‘»β˜ οΈπŸŽƒπŸ•·οΈ @love2foster


When you wake up from your "before Friday night" nap... @kittymansions



Underaged kittens in Southern California need a foster through @FFLRescueNetwork If you're able to commit to fostering, please email Must be local! If you're willing to donate to their care in lieu of fostering, feel free to post pledges! ***Note*** Please only offer if you can fully commit to fostering these kittens until they find their forever homes. Minimum 2 months. Thank you!