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Tool bowl for handquilting, minus band-aids. Seeking new thimbles to test out because eventually these don't prevent flesh wounds. Oh and those sexy threads are Valdani 12wt.



#fbf I used to embroider a lotta doodles. This one is still a fave.


#tbt remember when I made this one as a gift for @njstacie? 2011 was too long ago. 😘


On my table, laying in wait. Taxes are done so progress shall come soon. Collaboration with #mightysmallquilters: @maryelizabethkinch @lynncarsonharris @stitchoutsidetheditch


Hi! Have a great weekend, friends!! xoxo


Time again for the Small Stitching FAQ: I am not teaching you how to do this here. I'm too old to write this much with my thumbs. You can take my classes. I teach at guilds and QuiltCon. (1) Show me the back! ... Okay, calm down. Folks ask for this all the time and sometimes I take the time to do it. Scroll back in the photostream to see them. (2) Do you use a smaller seam allowance? ... No. 1/4" all the way. But there are many tricks to managing bulk. See above. (3) How do you press your seams? ... Whatever way works in the moment. See above to see examples. (4) How do you keep the machine from eating the tiny pieces? ... Use a straight stitch stitch plate on your machine. Or use leaders/enders: stitch first on a scrap and then--without cutting the threads--begin stitching your quilt pieces. (5) Do you have a plan or do you just sew scraps together? ... Yes and yes. (6) I throw away scraps this small all the time! ... So do I. (7) How big do you plan to make this quilt? ... Not sure, but aiming for 100" square. (8) How do you have time to do this? ... Umm, I turn off my phone and indulge without distractions in "found moments." There are just 24 hours in my days too.

Okay. that's it for now. I gotta sew. Thanks!


Yup. (Bought from @byyivvie)


Doodlin'. (Those are basting stitches atop the huge squares.)


Get 'er done. Happy Crafturday, friends!


I found my first quilt; made in 2005. (Swipe to see full quilt shot.) Low volume...very beige. Eventually I'd add blue to my palette--just blue. Colors scared me at first.
It's just made with the fabrics I liked in a now-long-gone but nearby NJ store, The Rag Shop. And there's not a lotta quilting. Mainly those corners meeting perfectly is impressive, if I say so myself.

This reminds me that that sweet floral calico is still my most favorite print ever.


Quilt terrain. Yes, this is the front.


I've made it to the halfway mark in quilting this one. Happy Crafturday, friends! 😘




Surrealist Magritte had much to say about pipes.


Got me some stickers.


Some assembly required, this will be HUGE. A collaboration with the #mightysmallquilters: @stitchoutsidetheditch @maryelizabethkinch @lynncarsonharris


Souvenirs from Los Angeles: museum books and candy that's like crack---all to feed the soul.


It's sweltering under this quilt-in-progress. Happy Crafturday!!


I'm on episodes 103 & 105 of Fresh Quilting. See them at 105 – Messages and Motifs
Modern quilts express personal statements. Quilt artist Chawne Kimber creates raw edge applique quilts focused on social justice. Quilt guild activist Katie Burford and Elizabeth Dackson share ideas for organizing unique quilt shows on a shoe-string budget. Using the latest design and quilting technology, Rebecca Kemp Brent quilts an updated feather design on a whole cloth quilt.


Beyond honored to own this sweet tiny @dsrouse original! Thanks, D! 😘


Playing with blocks. Happy Hump Day!


Cannot begin to describe the odyssey I've been on the past 11 days. But I achieved beyond my beliefs and can rest a little easier once I get home tonight. This is a well-deserved airport salad on my final layover. Cheers!


The sodas in south Georgia scare me.


Lunch while flying over the desert.


You know your pockets sag like mine when you leave the hotel's free breakfast spot.


On recommendation from @bmgmlax we're doing dinner here. Smells heavenly already.


Untitled #16, oil on canvas by John McLaughlin, 1962.