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Cotton and silk play.


So it seems there's a 5-page spread on my work in Quilting Arts (Oct/Nov 2017). I finally got a peek this weekend. I feel honored to be included in this issue that features many activist quilts and artists.


About 32" done and 16" to go in this scrappy knitting. I've been "watching" GoT for the first time along the way. Just up to the Red Wedding (s3), so no spoilers. So far I have love-hate feelings about the show and that keeps me watching: to see more of the good and hope the bad gets better (it hasn't.). Happy Sunday!!


Still harvesting. Maybe should get a basket.


Speaking of log cabins...have you seen the new Mason Dixon Knitting (@mason.dixon.knitting) log cabin field guide? There's a sweet little tidbit on little old me inside.
Find the book here:


Well, this is happening. Jesse Jackson is with my stitches. (Thanks to Sara Trail @sjsacademy for the photo!)


Yeah. Now I wonder why I don't knit more.


The longest first week ended on an emotional and tense note. Silent colorwork is one element of the required relaxation regimen tonight. (Btw: not sure why my hands are glowing, but let's just go with it for now.)


Can we go back to quilt camp? Missing all the lovely folks like @agatheringofstitches @katherinemferrier @heatherjonesstudio @kimemquilts πŸ˜€πŸ·πŸŽ‚β˜•οΈπŸŽˆβ€οΈ


After a very long first day of school, I'm with Auntie Maxine more than ever.


It's a blob now. Using stashed yarns, I've run out of these colors and plan to patchwork it up in various combos. Could be good but could be a nice housecowl instead. πŸ˜‰


Oh, it IS like riding a bike, though I had to rip and restart. Gettin' my knit on and loving it. 😘


School is revving up and summer vacation is winding down. My work at RealJob takes over and making slows down. And the tomatoes are abundant. Oh, the tomatoes! πŸ… This photo is just a bit of Mercer tile in a vestibule on Main St in Bethlehem, PA caught this past week. Happy weekend!


This is just to’s not a response;
it might be a reaction;
it’s not as sweet as it seems on the surface;
it’s flippant;
it’s really so not who I am;
it’s also not who I aspire to be;
it’s just a quilt to keep you warm;
and make you feel warm inside maybe;
but it’s lacking;
it’s for those who say β€œthis is not us”; it’s for those who say they had no idea this is us.
this is us.
and there’s no turning back.


Flew up, but driving home since delays in my flights are a mess. Stopped in Kennebunkport for coffee and a sandwich for the 7-9 hour trip ahead. No, I didn't try to liberate all the pinchy lobstahs in the tank at the rest stop. 😬


We are gathered to watch the finish of @katherinemferrier's Fibonacci scarf. Assisted by @l_turlingto @jaceynotjc @kimemquilts at quilt camp. #slowstitchingretreat #mainestitchingretreats .


It's lobstah night at quilt camp. #slowstitchingretreat #mainestitchingretreats


A grand day out at Pemaquid Point at quilt camp in Maine with @kimemquilts @jaceynotjc @sewsillydoe! There were lobstah rolls and ice cream and lots of good fun. #mainestitchingretreats #slowstitchingretreat


Teaching handquilting at quilt camp, day 2. On the porch is the best. #slowstitchingretreat #mainestitchingretreats


I'm teaching handquilting at quilt camp in Maine. #slowstitchingretreat #mainestitchingretreats


I'm quilting on the porch at quilt camp. #mainestitchingretreats #slowstitchingretreat


On my way to quilt camp in Maine. Waiting in Charlotte now; photo from first airport at an ungodly hour this morning.


Crafturday on the road. I always end up wanting to work on something else. Am spoiled rotten. But I'll hunker down or go for a long walk instead. Have a great day!


Adding a little handquilting for more whimsy. Already attached the binding so this one is moving right along. There's a fun bit of visible mending to embellish too. (Longarmer @pamjcole)


So last week I was interviewed on this pseudo-local podcast co-hosted by Simon (@st0nev), called Various Breads and Butters. Go hear us chat with Ben and Liam about naughty quilts, goat sweaters, math, and stuff. (link in my profile for the next week or so)


Cotton and silk and new ideas.


Next! Happy Crafturday!


Got my squished pineapples together. So now I want to start nine new projects.


Where I'd rather be...


Tiny piecing in the big city at Gotham Quilts! @gothamquilts