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Champ🥇 Making hearts melt since 12.12.16😍 Brady🏈 5.24.14 - 11.26.16 🌈 Furever in our ❤️ Former account name: goldenboy_brady

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Trying to get through the week like....🤦🏻‍♀️ #canteven #hotmess #isitfridayyet


A mini #waybackwednesday - we forgot to mention that Champ turned 8 months on Saturday😫🙈 Our little prince is turning into such a handsome king 👑 #stopgrowing #turnbacktime


The face you make when your hoomans are 2 weeks behind with posts on Instagram🙄 It has been a crazy few weeks (vacation, packing, and moving to a new house) and we are so sorry for keeping this adorable face from you! In this pic we are in the middle of moving and Champ wanted to remind us that he is the 👑 of the castle😂 #mcm #kingofthecastle #dontforgetmytoys


Part 1 of 2: I've been trying to post this story for 4 days now, but every time I started to write I'd get choked up and start to cry. So here it goes... 1 year ago our lives were turned upside down as we began an exhausting and heartbreaking 4 month journey with our first golden boy, Brady.
❗️If you are a new follower this explains why we have Champ and what happened to Brady❤️ July 26, 2016: We noticed that Brady had been acting lethargic so we took him to the vet for a few blood tests. The next morning the vet called and said we needed to get him to the ER. Once admitted Brady had more blood tests and ultimately needed a blood transfusion. I still remember the exact moment where the world moved in slow motion and the vet explained that Brady was anemic and that it could be a tick borne disease, IMHA, or other blood disorder. Only time and more tests would tell. We were able to bring Brady home that weekend only to have to admit him to the ER again 3 days later.
Over the next few weeks we brought Brady to our vet daily, tried different meds and created an extensive chart of his results, symptoms, medications, side effects, and still had no diagnosis. 6 weeks into our journey we found out that he had was a rare bone IMHA (immune mediated hemolytic anemia). At this point Brady was on 8 different meds and was no where close to our happy, energetic 2 year old golden. The meds caused him to lose weight, turned his once golden face a powdery white, and drained all of his energy. Despite all of this he kept that unforgettable smile on his face every day and was the definition of a fighter, especially during his last few days with us.
The week of Thanksgiving we visited family in Rhode Island, and Brady was the happiest he had been in months. He enjoyed walks on the beach, ran and chased his favorite ball in the yard, and was spoiled with a delicious Turkey Day dinner. We returned home on Black Friday and that night he didn't seem himself. I (mom) decided to sleep on the couch so I could stay next to him all night. Shortly after midnight he took his last breath and became our golden angel❤️🌈🐾


I'm back!!! My hoomans apologize for the lack of posts lately (I'm a 🐶 and don't have thumbs so I couldn't post by myself 🙄), but there will be plenty of posts with this adorable face now! I hope everyone had a happy Monday! ❤️Champ🐾🐾 #mcm


This may be the last post for a few days (hoomans on vacay😎) so I'll leave you with an adorable #fbf of Champ at 11 weeks 😍 Check out those paws!!🐾🐾


Start your day off right with an adorable #wetnosewednesday and #waybackwednesday from yours truly❤️🐾


5 months later and he still isn't sure how to smile with the bow tie😂🙈 #2months #7months #transformationtuesday #dapper


Happy #SiblingSunday 🐶🐶 Beach walks with my brother @narragansettshandy are the best way to start the day😎🏖


When there's only 1 hot dog left at the cookout 🌭🤼‍♀️ #fighttothedeath #4thofjuly #hotdog #cookout @narragansettshandy


Suns out, tongues out! ☀️😛☀️ #sundayfunday


PSA: If you're going to eat 🌭and 🍔 all weekend, don't forget to add in a few veggies 🥗🍃 #psa #healthyeating #4thofjuly


#tbt One of the hardest decisions of our life: which puppy will be Champ?! There were 9 adorable fluff balls to pick from, but we ultimately we were chosen by 'Mr. Black' who makes an appearance at :20 seconds ❤️ Enjoy! #whatheavenlookslike #6weeks #pickme


Everyday is the best day with this boy around! That smile could melt the coldest of hearts and turn any stranger into a best friend❤️ #mcm #heartofgold


I saw that it's raining out there....I think I'll just chill here today🌧☔️😛 #derp #rainyday


Happy Father's Day to the dog gone greatest puppy daddy in the whole 🌎! Brady and Champ hit the jackpot by having you as their best friend, littermate, and the only person fast enough to keep up with them😂 There was nothing Brady loved more than playing fetch or "gator" with you and now Champ is following in his paw prints🐾🐾 Thank you for being there through the good and the bad, and for providing me (and Instagram) with the most paw-some memories, videos, and pictures of our special boys🤗 ❤️Brady, Champ, and hooman mom #happyfathersday


Practicing my upward facing dog pose for the #YogaDogs calendar😌 How'd I do @yogadogz ✌️


Champers has been sick the past few days, but it finally getting back to his happy-go-lucky self! Just in time to meet his grandma from #Chicago for the first time 🤗🤗🤗


😛😛😛 #sundayfunday #sunsouttonguesout