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Smile it’s contagious 😁


Yesterday we had our first ever @notfortheradio live #NFTRLIVE and it was FULLY LIT
Thanks so much to everyone for coming and to our guests what a great show can’t wait to share with you (in the meantime check out Sneakbo interview on the channel now!!) #Humbled #NFTRLive


First of all happy
Birth Day to @princessnyah it’s been a journey and I am so proud of you. Watching you juggle motherhood, Business and recording music has been so inspiring to me and so many women. Happy birthday to Lil miss Kizzy thank you for making me her god mother even know I’m only good with children over 5 😂💖👑 Ps that was THE best kids party Iv ever been to 😂



🚨🚨🚨BIG BIG New @notfortheradio interview with @sneakbo1 out now go check that out #NFTR


This Sunday it’s lit!!!! Come join me @post.grmdaily @duanejones @jayobvs @marcusnasty @spacnation
For @notfortheradio live
Link in bio


Imagine this isn’t even a picture of me someone found it on their explore page



GIFfy yout


It would have been nice to have a fleet of black cars to greet me when I left but 24hour tube was pretty epic too

Black Panther is out Tuesday 13th February #BlackPanther #BlackPantherScreening


Black Panther 🙅🏾‍♀️ w/ @1portiaclarke



Aiiiiiiy new @notfortheradio interview with @double.s.official he sat down with me and the gang (@duane_jones and @post.grmdaily ) to talk about his journey so far: including Marvell, Tottenham rappers, Chip, Griminal and new projects #nftr #2018


On the Panel for #NetworkLondon

Talking up a couple truths about my journey so far


At the @hudsons_of_london event sharing some words with some of the amazing women I met.
#GoalDigger #LetsBuild



What do I bring to the table???
😂😂😂😂 I am the table


Scoping the landscape 👀


Newness!!!! @notfortheradio interview with @margsmt out now !! #NFTR #PenGameChallenge



3 shots of tequila live is always a moesh but it’s even more hilar after @moniqueonyxx has backed 5 double shots of tequila 😂😂😂


Catch me speaking at @hudsons_of_london about @face4music @goaldiggerpc @notfortheradio and @stamplondon - The Private Social Networking event.
For an afternoon of Exhibitions, Company Building Live Entertainment and canapés purchase your tickets today!
NEXT SAT 3RD FEB 2018 🏫Venue: Belair House, London, SE21 7AB 🕰️Time: 4-11pm

This is a TICKET ONLY event. Contact @spectasy for more info.


Tomoz at 7pm
@asco_mullionz joins @notfortheradio and tells all‼️



I’m one happy bunny 🐰
Here’s to another amazing SOLD OUT @goaldiggerpc event thanks to everyone for your continued a support and shout out my Goal Digger fam for showing up for yourselves event after event GDPC to da worlllll!!
S/O @luxevidauk @orshaircareeurope @view94ldn @mortgage_advice


I been living in the real world so much I done forgot how to take pics 😂
Last night doing up anniversary with my babes 9 Years ya na I don’t know how he does it


Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win. So imma keep trying cos even though I haven’t quite won yet I know I’m a winner #GoalDigger #GoalGetter #winnermindset


That time I had to get drunk @mrexpsd off the stage at #3shotsoftequilalive on his bday because he was doing a madness 😂😂😂


About last night.....
What an honour to have sold out yet another @goaldiggerpc event. “Your circle is so important I know we hear this all the time but when your in a room with so many people buzzing with ideas, dreams ready to affirm and take action it really does make sense that energy that drive is contagious
S/O you to my power circle members yall Goal Diggers for real for real
To join the power circle you can subscribe by clicking the link in the Goal Digger instagram bio our next event is on the 20th and is all about money make sure you join us xx

#GoalDigger #GoalGetter #2018 #Girlboss #visionboardparty #manifestation


Here’s to friends that you can travel the depths of the universe with, that can teach you as much as you teach them, friends that cry when you cry, smile when you smile, forgive you for your crazy, cuss you when your being an asshole, sage the house with till your both choking half to death with, collect crystals with and eat food till bellies dem swell arfff, share your dreams with and laugh till your fucking guts hurt with 😂

Happy birthday @empresssp_divine love you loads. 💖💎🔮🎂 #soulsister


Showered in blessings covered in @orshaircareeurope product surrounded by amazing piypooooos
Thank you @maria.mmybeauty and @that_gal_tani ya shut down the vip ting again no delay thanks for the opportunity to get on the mic 🎤 and be a basement MC at the ORS get sleighed Christmas event all Iv ever wanted to do is be a bashment mc 😂❤️


No Chams don’t get your @GoalDiggerPC family a cap and gown to celebrate the fact that they survived 2017 ....Do it!!!! For more pics and vids head over to @goaldiggerpc and while ur there FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW join the GDPC and subscribe to our mailing list



Ok so we had the most perfect @goaldiggerpc end of 2017 Graduation brunch yesterday. Wanna know the secrets of the days success?
1. Recruit some real Gs the kinda women who are really about growth simply by being authentic and really about this Goal Digger life
2. Provide a safe space for these real gs to talk about their journeys, wins and losses of the year and then give tanks for the fact that we made it despite everything
3. Skin bare teet together because woc ain’t always angry we love to laugh and being ambitious does not have to be boring
4. Collaborate and celebrate one another listen more than we talk and surrounding ourselves with people who share our passions
5.Build together keeping the seat warm for your circle means that everyone stays on
6. Recruit the baddest event planning duo ever to make sure everything looks amazeballs and is organised perfectly @luxevidauk
Use a dope venue with cute food perfect hospitality and a bomb ass view @view94ldn
Thanks to everyone who came you inspired me more than you know with your stories and thank you to all of our growing circle of Goal Diggers for making this project stay so close to my heart. Your the best #GDPCTOTHAWORLLLLLLL
#GoalDigger #2018WeAreFuckingReady


Such a privilege to be god parent to this little bundle of light. If you know me you know I’m not really big on small people but sometimes they come along and you just connect with their pure innocence and authenticity as well as their ability to heal and mend people and situations without so much as a word just a cheeky smile and a giant roar in Kizzys case
Thank you Nyah and Dean for the honour ☺️ and who better to share it with than @the_crafty_dawk 😁


Needing nothing attracts everything


I know I know 😻 if ur a shoe collector/hunter like me follow @shoebae_ its like wonderland for shoe women 😂#shoebae #shoesaddict #louisvuitton