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I'm 8 Years Old I was born September 18th, 2008 I live in New York. I love the DogPark πŸ“§ CharlieTheBulldog1@GMAIL.COM πŸ“§

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This is a fun day I had with my mommy during our snow day she is so much fun. Now I can't wait for sunshine β˜€οΈ so we can play all the time. Spring is the best.🌷


This weather is so silly 😜 one day hot one day cold . I'll stay in and play until it decides unless daddy says come on Charlie and I can go to work. Happy Spring friends 😘


Daddy thinks he is a funny guy he always catches me when the sun β˜€οΈ is in my eyes. Then he says I was sleeping on the job. I love ❀️ him anyway even when he's wrong 😍


This is me sleeping between mommy and daddy I love when we can all snuggle together. Happy Spring friends 😍


Charlie tripping mom. This is an old video but I had to repost for anyone who has not yet got to see this. #dogfail #bulldog #bulldogs #dog



It is amazing πŸ˜‰ how much I love ❀️ my mommy and daddy when he leaves his car door open and says come on Charlie you can come to work I feel like I won a million dollars 😍


My mommy and daddy thought it was funny πŸ˜‚ to video tape me trying to take a pee in this deep snow. I ended up doing a army crawl back to the front door. This was to deep for me I think they need a time out .


I got a little bored so I went upstairs to watch dog TV I really liked it.Does anyone else watch it?😍


Yep it's snowing 🌨 and I am staying home under the covers with mommy and daddy.Yes that is a smile on my face I love ❀️ hanging out with them. Be careful my friends🐾


Out for a ride with my mommy . If the snow ❄️ comes mommy gets a day off yea.. we will get to snuggle and watch TV and 😴 nap and eat . Daddy is very careful about what I eat he said it's so I stay in shape . Who worries more mommy or daddy or both.😍


Have a wonderful Sunday. All the humans in the New York area are running πŸƒ to the grocery store they heard more snow ❄️ for Tuesday. I thought they were giving away free treats or bones. They are so silly 😜



I'm staying under the covers. It's so cold outside .I don't know how those other dogs like it. I think I need some long johns and a big furry hat.. Now that would be a picture.😍


Good morning, just being a lazy boy until I decide I have to feed my belly. I like the park but it is freezing outside I just went to pee and icicles came out. 😍


Daddy said I am a good helper but he said don't tell people I don't 😴.He showed me the photo . I told him I was just resting my eyes πŸ‘€. It's not like I get a paycheck 😍I just like being with daddy.


I was my daddy's partner yesterday at work .So awesome when we go see customers they love ❀️ me and I don't even do anything.Daddy says some customers are disappointed πŸ˜” when I don't come.This work thing is so fun 😍


Happy Woman Day to all the women that take such good care of us. We appreciate all you do 🐾🌹🐾 love you 😘


Sometimes you just need a little extra sleep time 😴I know you all will agree with me on this one. I know the bath thing was not so popular. But naps I know I can get a hi - five πŸ˜‰



Now I am nice and clean. My teeth are brushed . I'm tired from all this grooming. How do you models do it. I'm ready for a nap 😴


Charlie enjoying his bath. My mommy gives the best.I know a lot of my friends don't like them but she treats me so special. ❀️


Daddy no matter how you frame it this is not my best side. I love ❀️ you , but my bum really πŸ™„ ...


Why do you have to keep playing with all these buttons. Just put my photo up and go get my breakfast 🍳πŸ₯“So we can go play.Have a fun weekend friends 🐢maybe we will see you at a park😍


I love playing see if you can find where's Charlie? My mommy is smart she puts a treat in front of me and I jump out. Have a fun weekend friends 😍😍


I love ❀️ going to work with daddy but this is what happens when I come home. I eat and fall asleep πŸ˜΄πŸ’€. They don't nap at work it's crazy 😜. Who thinks they should nap at work ?


I'm so tricky, I got to go to work with Daddy how can you say no to that face. I kinda feel bad for Daddy maybe I will get someone to buy him a cup of coffee β˜•οΈ. He just loves me 😍. #bulldogoftheday #bulldogram #bulldogworld #bulldogpride #englishbulldoglover #bulldogmoment #bulldoggin #bulldogsofinstagram #dailybarker #englishbulldog_feature #bulldogdays#bulldogsofig #bulliesofinstagram #bullysofig #bulldogsofinstagram #mycutebulldog #nybulldogs #newyorkbulldogs #theworldofbullies #photoftheday #charliethebulldog1


I told you those extra kisses 😘 help soften mommy and daddy I'm chilling in their bed. No I didn't do that πŸ€—hugging (hump) thing they don't get it!! Very windy here.Be safe friends 😘. #bulldogoftheday #bulldogram #bulldogworld #bulldogpride #englishbulldoglover #bulldogmoment #bulldoggin #bulldogsofinstagram #dailybarker #englishbulldog_feature #bulldogdays#bulldogsofig #bulliesofinstagram #bullysofig #bulldogsofinstagram #mycutebulldog #nybulldogs #newyorkbulldogs #theworldofbullies #photoftheday #charliethebulldog1


So for the next 40 days I will be on my best behavior. I will give extra hugs (humps) kisses 😘. Who else thinks this is a great idea. Plus they might give us treats if we are on are best behavior πŸ₯“. #bulldogoftheday #bulldogram #bulldogworld #bulldogpride #englishbulldoglover #bulldogmoment #bulldoggin #bulldogsofinstagram #dailybarker #englishbulldog_feature #bulldogdays#bulldogsofig #bulliesofinstagram #bullysofig #bulldogsofinstagram #mycutebulldog #nybulldogs #newyorkbulldogs #theworldofbullies #photoftheday #charliethebulldog1


Mommy got to spend some time with me this weekend we had fun . She said I was being very silly at one of the dog 🐢 parks she said I was trying to hump some of the dogs I told her I was just hugging πŸ€— them .Did you ever hug a dog and get accused for humping? #bulldogoftheday #bulldogram #bulldogworld #bulldogpride #englishbulldoglover #bulldogmoment #bulldoggin #bulldogsofinstagram #dailybarker #englishbulldog_feature #bulldogdays#bulldogsofig #bulliesofinstagram #bullysofig #bulldogsofinstagram #mycutebulldog #nybulldogs #newyorkbulldogs #theworldofbullies #photoftheday #charliethebulldog1