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Everyday is a new battle. I am not ashamed to say that I am broken, I am weak and I need a saviour. I am nothing without him. I am thankful that JESUS never turns me away or tell me that he has done all he can.He has never told me "this is the last time, i will put you back together" I don't have to try to fix myself before going to him. All i have to do is to confess that i need him and ask him for help. If i had to wait until i got myself together before going to him. I would never be able to do so. Instead he tell me "Come as you are" and i lay at the feet of the one who laid it all down for me.

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Life is amazing and then its awful, and then its's amazing again. And in between the amazing and awful it's routine and ordinary. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That's LIVING! and its breathtakingly Beautiful.

My secret is simple.
I PRAY and I am grateful

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"Be selective in your Battles, Sometimes peace is better than being right"
Don't jump into every battle because your ego needs to be satisfied. I see this happen often with people even in myself. I use to do it as well. A lot of times it doesn't matter if you're right. in some cases, you're still going to lose simply by arguing. what will you prove to someone who's not listening anyway. On top of that, there are situations where you shouldn't have to explain yourself. Others either get it or they don't. The sooner you start to realize that people should come UP to your level and you not to go DOWN to theirs, the more at peace you'll be. Get to a point where you don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

Understand that it's a choice to let things affect you. <3
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How do you recognize true love?

How do you recognize real true love? After being deceived by artificial love, it finally dawned on me. Love is gentle. Love is kind. Love is patient and love is not easily provoked. Love doesn’t seek to hurt. I would add, real love uplifts, protects, compliments, and seeks the best no matter what. Love is not perfect, but love is forgiving. Love is not always agreeable, but when you truly love, you are always willing to work it out. More importantly, love is more than lust and doesn’t change because of feelings. “True love” loves no matter what!

Real love recognizes real love

Many times people find themselves in relationships that do not demonstrate true love. Whether it is an abusive, ungodly, or hurtful relationship, we have to recognize that this is not of God. Since God is love, our relationships should reflect God’s love through its acts of kindness, loving and supportive thoughts, and kind actions. For God loved us so much, He allowed His only begotten son to suffer and die on the cross for our sins. Although there is no love like the love of God, we should not have to question true love here on earth.

You first must love Him

No relationship can survive without God as the foundation. Yes, it may appear to work for a while, but it will never stand the test of time. Before you can truly love another, you must first fall in love with God. It is through His love that you are able to love one another, and are capable of being loved. Falling in love with God requires spending time with Him, just as any relationship requires. We have to first get to know God, so that we can understand His will and desire for our lives.

Understanding this concept, I began to seek God daily and as a result, fell in love with my Creator. I took an hour of my day to just spend time with Him and hear from Him. More importantly, it has resulted in a relationship with God that is truly invaluable. #gratefulheart #familyphotography #familygoals #familygoals #instarelationship #instagram #relationshipgoals #godisgood #godcenteredrelationship


Every morning,we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better. Leave it there, and get on the future part.
Good morning instafriends.
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The more anxious you are, the more you need to redirect that energy into prayer and praise. Double the anxiety? Double the prayer! Use your prayer time to ask God to show you His purpose for your life and His viewpoint on the situations you are dealing with. Even if you are feeling shaky, let the word of the Lord settle the matter.

Always pray with a thankful heart; everything that you have is a result of God’s supply. He is the ultimate source, not money, a job, career, relationship, a perfect clothing size, or anything else. Once that fact becomes a reality to you, then God’s peace will sustain you.

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“New Creation”
We hold on to the past and that drags us down. God doesn't see the past, He sees us as a new creation. So why do we hold on to the past when He has wiped it from His memory. " seized the day!" Chefymarianne ❤️✔️ #chinitaprincess #filipina #beautifull #asiangirls #christianlife #christian #seizetheday #happinessquotes #newcreation


When your husband decided to use wine glass for your favorite weisbier. Argh!!! Oh my dunkel.

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Mom's sweet and sour pork. Its absolutely win!!!! 😚 lets eat.. im starving. Thanks mommy.

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When you make the conscious decision to walk according to God’s will, word and way, don’t be surprised when jealous, envious, disrespectful haters attempt to plot and plan your downfall. You are a distinguished protected child of God, the Holy Spirit resides in you and Jesus Christ is your Savior. Because of this individuals will witness God’s favor on your life and they will either rejoice or despise in what God is doing in your life. Negative people will purposely plan their schedules to take time to create opportunities to oppose you, demean you and dim your light, but trust God and continuously walk in his way no matter the opposition because he will protect you.

The circumstances people face when they choose to draw close to God are real, but as believers in Christ we must remember “no weapon formed against us will prosper” (Isaiah 54:17). Don’t be dismayed that you are going through issues remember that God comes through in protecting you from every attack of the enemy, these attacks never prosper and in each attack God gets the glory and praise. God protected Daniel and God loves you and he will Come through in protecting you!
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Vietnamese noodles for dinner. Home cooking at its finest.. Thanks mommy.

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My own version of native filipino delicacy *PUTO or steamed rice cake

I called it *cheesyputo

Im craving for this for a week. Finally!! Woop woop

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In a moment of temptation.

What you decide is not only a matter of right and wrong but will demonstrate which is most valuable to you. Will you choose to confirm the life-long commitment you have made to your partner Or will you fulfill the immediate longing you have to gain the momentary exhilaration that a romantic affair will give you? A decision must be made. It’s a moment of testing. It does not create your convictions but it does reveal them, and it will display for all to see what matters most.

Every choice matters.

Moments of temptation force us to make them.

We must move beyond viewing temptation as a series of isolated events to a person-shaping process.

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Smile is the prettiest thing you can wear. And also, it intimidates those who wish to destroy you.
Its free.. so give it to everybody 😊

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Temptation has a revealing effect, uncovering the heart’s desires, proving both the depth and direction of your conviction. It shows what you’re really committed to, what you really care about, what has captured your deepest affections. The type of person we become—courageous, fearful, paranoid, brave, stingy, generous—is shaped by what we love the most. The trouble is, according to the Bible, our loves are all out of order. Will I be willing to admit a wrongdoing when I am convicted by God’s Spirit or will I choose to bury it because I love appearing faultless in front of people? Will I be willing to admit my need for correction or will I choose a façade because I love appearing right before others? Will I say no when I am asked to overwork or will I say yes because I love to be needed? The greatest temptations lure us by replacing truth with lies, authenticity with appearance, and love of God with love of self.

We must look within and ask, what is it that we love most?

Like it or not, these choices must be made daily. And our choices have consequences not only affecting our own souls but the souls of those around us for good or bad. But this reality should neither lead us to denial nor leave us in despair. Because the topic of temptation raises the issues of the heart, it’s not enough just to have some good principles in place hoping that through our rule-keeping or image-management we will actually bring inside-out change. Temptation is a battle but it’s not just about winning or losing, it’s about discovering who you really are. And what you love most. This book is about how the gospel so transforms us that even moments of temptation become the training ground for a life of abundance as our hearts are radically reshaped and reordered by the love of Jesus for us.

Because ultimately, the key to facing temptation is not a principle. It’s a person.


There are always going to be people in your life who misunderstand you and people who don’t like you. There will always be people who criticize you, judge you, attack you, and spread rumors about you.
When you are misunderstood, you’re going to have a tendency to get in there and defend yourself. When you’re attacked, your tendency is attack back — just like the rest of us. When people criticize you, you want to criticize back. When people insult you, you want to insult them back.
Don’t do it! Let God be your defender. Every time you are under attack, criticized, put down, or misunderstood, you have two choices. You can defend yourself, or you can let God defend you. Which will it be? Who do you think can do a better job defending you? God can.
Pay attention to this: You’re most like Christ when you say nothing in the face of attack, lies, and unfair criticism. You’re most like Jesus when you remain silent and leave it in God’s hands.
When Jesus was insulted, “he did not answer back with an insult; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but placed his hopes in God, the righteous Judge” (1 Peter 2:23 TEV).
Even Jesus did not fight back in the face of his unjust conviction and persecution. He trusted God to defend him when it mattered most and to have the ultimate justice.
A lot of people are going to be jealous of your success, too, and they’re going to want to attack you for many different reasons. But, like David, you need to let God be your protector, your Savior, your defender, your victor, and your shelter.

Let God handle it. Let him be your defense.


Recognizing the season you’re in helps to simplify your life by giving you a tangible target on which to focus your growth, energies, and direction. It equips you to be more fully present and engaged. It brings a single-minded clarity to your days. You are more likely to notice God’s active hand, to learn the lessons He has for you, and to maximize the character development, wisdom, and spiritual growth opportunities that each season holds.

It’s also important to identify your current season so that, when the season comes to a close, you’ll be less likely to cling to it, and more apt to make a graceful exit and step wholeheartedly into the new season that is dawning.

You aren’t in your current season by accident. God’s hand is in it, and there’s a purpose to His activity. What does God want to teach you during this unique, never-to-be-exactly-repeated season?

Too many people—Christ followers included—are spinning out of control. We act as if we don’t have a clue about God’s narrative for our lives.

There’s a reason for every season in your life—good or bad, easy or challenging, rewarding or draining. When you’re in a hard season, it’s very tempting to want to “medicate” yourself (which could be through food, alcohol, distractions, busyness, etc.). It’s easy to want to put on the blinders, escape the discomfort, and ignore reality. If you’re a Christ follower, God is continually working to refine your character and make you more like Jesus. He has good lessons to teach you, especially in the uncomfortable, restless, painful seasons of your life. What are those lessons? Don’t squander the opportunities for growth that come with the hard seasons. Learn all you can during them.


PEOPLE who are intimidated by you.- talk bad about you, in hopes that in others wont find you so appealing. Nowadays, this kind of people are everywhere. What to do? Ignore and let them feel how lucky and blessed you are. They are behind your back for a reason. Let them see the spark of happiness in your eyes, that even if they stab your back, you are still shining like a diamond.
Don't let this people affect you.
Cheers people! 😊

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Last day of work today. It was amazing experience. Now, ill create new memories again. 😚 -chefymarianne is signing off

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One of my book collection by robert greene. So much things to learn. 😍
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Jesus was the perfect embodiment of both love and truth. He never told a lie, but at the same time he was never cruel or judgmental with the truth. Every word he spoke was wrapped in love, so even when the truth hurt, he never broke anyone’s trust. But love always makes a way for healing.I don’t know what you’ve been through. I don’t know how you’ve been hurt or how you’ve been betrayed, and I don’t know what you’ve done to hurt and betray others. What I do know is that God loves you. God offers his grace to you, and he wants you to embrace his grace and then freely share it with others.

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