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This is what a man looks like. No bullshit. #bert.


Hey college students - Join me, @nytimes and reporter Megan Twohey for a conversation around women's rights, politics, and the state of our nation on April 5th at 8PM EST. I want to hear views from all sides of the aisle. We need to listen in order understand and work together. This event will be filmed live at @SyracuseU and you can tune in on @nytimes Facebook. See if your school is hosting a watch party at #nytgetwiththetimes


I love these guys, but they pee everywhere, so I’m just going to start doing that too. Or continue...#bert #bernice



This woman does really impactful work @karam_foundation which helps Syrian refugees assimilate, learn English when they get here, and helps the parents find jobs so they can contribute to society. Their country has been torn to shreds and they didn’t want to leave, but had no choice, and so many countries don’t even want them. I know we are living in a time where we have so many problems within our own country, but for me, it’s important to let other countries know that we care about them and we want to help them. Even if you can’t afford to contribute financially, you can find ways to donate your time, or bake a Syrian family some cookies to let them know we’re glad they’re here, and we are rooting for them. Learn more @karam_foundation #weworks #sanfrancisco


This is the next mayor of San Francisco @londonbreed Election is June 5th, and that’s my San Franciscan sister on the left. #sanfrancisco #londonbreed


#tbf to my main squeeze. #myforeverdog



To my big sissy on her birthday. I love you because you’re da bestest sissy. You’re funny, and you’re patient, and you put up with all of my shit, and you still love me no matter what i do or what I say. You made me an aunt, you made me a better sister, and you always have vodka for me at your house. People always tell me they like my sister better than me, and I couldn’t agree more. I love you, but I really really really like you, too. #sissybomb happy birthday, Simone who has requested that I never tag her on Instagram. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️


Thank you for sending @rayvannatta when are you coming over in your big Jeep?



I found @therock’s family on a hike with my own family. #goatrockstatebeach #sunsetboulders


Join me on Friday, March 16, in San Francisco with @karam_foundation and @wework. Get your tickets. Link in bio. Proceeds benefit Karam's education programs for #Syrian #refugee youth.



She wasn’t my OG nugget, but she took #nugget to a whole new level. My niece and me. #nuggets #sonomavalley


When you lose something you love, you find yourself able to love someone else in a completely different way. This one has one personality in bed and then downstairs he sees me coming and hauls ass in the opposite direction. Anyone know if that’s a chow thing or had a similar experience...anyone?


Spent last night chatting with @IssaRae and @LinkedIn about success. Success isn’t linear, and together, we can accomplish so much. #InItTogether #sponsored



In honor of international women’s day, I want to make a shout out to this woman for being an incredible example of a person. I love my bitchie. #jacksonhole #internationalwomensday #bestiesforlife


Peggy Freydberg. 107 years old. Poems from the Pond.







Sign this petition in support of #MarchForOurLives: @MarchForOurLives


Had this outfit all ready to go out and hit some Oscar parties and then I blew my load with all the other parties, so tonight now becomes a Xanax party in my bed. Have fun, everyone!


Ahh, this was an ad on Facebook about fake news.


Bert and Bernice take Bel Air.


This is @schriock1 who runs @emilys_list and is responsible for so many of our female leaders in government. It’s an easy way to find women who are running in your area and elect them. More women in office will protect our children and our bodies. Let’s do it, #november #midterms all candidates are also listed on my Facebook page. There are some men I support too!


Bernice #bitch #chowrescues


This goes out to my tootsie pop @christinesymondshair for this great bday card and spending her pregnancy with the rest of us non-pregnant, you know what...I love my tootsie.#jacksonhole


Getting ready to do a panel for @emilys_list so that we make 2018 the year of the woman.


Thank you for my ski guides in #jacksonhole @jacksonholeanglers. #I didn’t sleep with either of these guys.


This is what 43 looks like. Wake up, get up, fall down, and then get back up again and try all over again. I fall all the time. And, then I get the fuck up and start again. Happy times. Pretty lucky to have so many people send such nice bday messages. Thank you to all the strangers I’ve never met for taking time to wish me a happy bday. 🍆