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@Regranned from @seanbondphotos - This yutes rude wid the wheely
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@Regranned from @beardynatural - Why is it so hard to give up on eating meat? .

Why are we so very quick to dismiss even trying sometimes? We hear all the time just how bad they are for us, and now, with all the drugs and chemicals pumped into them, it's even worse! .

They're nothing like what our grand-parents fed on. For me, it has been a process. According to Dr. Sebi, "we need to wean ourselves from these foods". But why is this meat thing so hard? Even when we research and acknowledge that chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep are all UNNATURAL man-made animals, we still eat them!

Here what I deduce: it's the IRON in the blood. That iron gives us such a high. It satisfies. We bite into that meat, and we feel like we've had something solid to eat.
You see, the blood is primarily IRON. Yes, our blood and the blood of animals.... IRON. The more challenged we are to stop eating meats, the more deficient in IRON we are. After hundreds (even thousands) of years of eating incorrectly, we are all anemic: some more than others.

Be easy on yourself. It's a process. Slow is better than nothing at all. But, we must get started.
To accelerate your transition to an electric LIFE-SUSTAINING meat-free disease-free lifestyle, we must top up on our IRON from native plants and herbs.
Not iron isolated as an "active ingredient" or made in a lab.

Forget going to the chemist or pharmacy. Only IRON from all-natural native sources will satisfy, heal, and have chemical affinity with our bodies. Here are a few:- Sarsasparilla (highest concentration of iron in a plant)
Burdock root
Yellow dock
Red clover
Holy Thistle (aka Blessed Thistle)
Stinging Nettle
Dandelion .

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@Regranned from @wise_supreme - The Color Purple (1985) Based on the novel by Alice Walker directed, by Steven Spielberg staring Whoopi Goldberg Danny Glover, tells the story of an African girl named Celie, her struggles with "Mister" and the struggles that she as an African American woman faced by not only the oppression and injustice by the system, whites, but by her husband "Mister" In this scene, Sofia played by @Oprah Winfrey, is asked by Miss Millie if she would like to be her "Maid" Her reply is ..."HELL NAW" ..✔️💬 In a time when most lived in fear, she stood up, but only to be silenced, condemned and later you see some of her spirit weaked by not only her white counterparts, but by her husband as well. The scene also includes Laurence Fishburne as he is seen yelling for miss Sofia to calm her self, but it's too late by then. -W.S. #wise_supreme #thecolorpurple #missSofia #AliceWalker #tbt #OprahWinfrey - #regrann


@Regranned from @seanbondphotos - If you were having a bad day this might cheer you up 😊 - #regrann





@Regranned from @freedom_faction - Thoughts?

A group of the world’s leading AI researchers and humanitarian organizations are warning about #lethalautonomousweaponssystems, or #killerrobots, that select and kill targets without human control.

The group alleges killer robots now exist and the bulk of these technological developments are military funded in #UK, #China, #Israel, #Russia, and the #UnitedStates. Although, fully autonomous weapons systems have not yet been deployed on the battlefield, the action by the group to ban #lethalautonomousweapons is a preemptive ban before the technology falls into the wrong hands. The group calls on the citizens of the world to contact their representatives and for countries to work together to form international treaties, before it’s too late.

Member List of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots:

Human Rights Watch
Article 36
International Committee for Robot Arms Control
Association for Aid and Relief Japan:
Mines Action Canada
Nobel Women’s Initiative
Pugwash Conferences on Science & World Affairs
Seguridad Humana en América Latina y el Caribe (SEHLAC)
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Future of Life Institute released a video yesterday titled: Slaughterbots.

The video portrays not to far in the distant future of a military firm unveiling a drone with shaped explosives that can target and kill humans on its own. Further in, the video abruptly changes pace, when bad guys get ahold of the technology and unleash swarms of killer robots onto the streets of #WashingtonDC and various academic institutions.

The video is aggressive and graphic but outlines if the technology was misused it could have severe consequences - such as civilian mass causality events.

Stuart Russell, a world leading AI researcher at the #UniversityofCalifornia in #Berkeley, showed the #video to the United Nations Convention on Conventional Weapons on Monday. He said, “the technology illustrated in the film is simply an integration of existing capabilities. It is not science fiction. In fact, it is easier to achieve than self-driving cars, which require far higher standards of performance.” 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾#Terminators


Happy Thursday, don't let nothing or no one break your spirit! Let's get it!! @Regranned from @mike.fuego - Check out the moves - #regrann



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@Regranned from @seanbondphotos - Always give up the cash no sudden movements
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@Regranned from @theshaderoom - TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex

#Roommates, you may remember former NAACP chapter president RachelDolezal made headlines back in 2015 when she revealed that she identifies as black, despite being born a white woman. Well, now a Florida man is sharing his “transracial” story with the world.

According to @USAToday, Ja Du — born a white male named Adam — says he feels more comfortable living his life as a Filipino man. He claims he’s always been attracted to the country’s food, cultural events and traditions.
“Whenever I’m around the music, around the food, I feel like I’m in my own skin,” he said. “I’d watch the history channel sometimes for hours you know whenever it came to that and you know nothing else intrigued me more but things about Filipino culture.”

Transracial is defined as “someone born of one race who identifies with another.” In hopes of getting his story out, Ja Du started his own — read more at! Via: @usatoday - #regrann


Umm, The DSM IV would classify this as schizophrenia🤔🤔 @Regranned from @djnotorioussam - #regrann


@Regranned from @elijah_ws187 - Prior to the 1960s and 50s Like Malcolm X said "It was very difficult to get our people to call themselves black!" So my question to you is "What did our people call themselves b4 that" 🤔? When a person doesnt want to identify as being called "Black" & they want to dig deeper into their family history like @wakaflocka and so many others why do we shun them and laugh at them and call them crazy? If we say our Ancestors have been in America and are those indians that they reclassified people get mad! But why? Prior to colonization people went by Nations and in the so called 21 century we want to know what Nations our Ancestors where in and we want to know more about our history in America but dont be mad at us be mad at whitey for causing this confusion. #WeMustTakeControlOfOurDestiny #WeAreHomeAndItsTimeToControlOurShit #SoCalledAfricanAmericansAintAfrican #SoCalledAfricanAmericansAreReclassified #SoCalledAfricanAmericansAreIndigenousToNorth #HueyPNewton #BobbySeale #wearenotourgrandparents #wearenotourgrandparentswefightback #AboriginalAmerican #AfricanAmericansAintAfrican #AfricanAmericansAreReclassified #BrownSkin ,,,,, dont mind the hashtags #BlackHistory #AfricanAmerican #AfroAmerican #MalcolmX #NaturalHair #Kemet #Afrocentric #PanAfrican #MarcusGarvey #hiddencolors #hiddencolors4 #BlackLivesMatter - #regrann



@iamstephaniemills is correct,
basically mimicking #soulmusic minus the #soul.
The same goes for most of these #blackartist, very #lowvibration music.
The music of today could never stand up to the #blackmusic of yesterday.


Great Rising Gods and Goddesses, I beat Rah up this mourning. Enjoy your day! 😉


@Regrann from @smilenaturaltoothpaste is a fluoride-free, activated charcoal, vegan toothpaste that was created by @smile_brianmays to give back to children’s education. SMILE has already given close to 100 families school supplies for the year and is currently raising funds for scholarships-- their goal is to give 50 scholarships in 2018!For more information or collaboration with your business DM us. Each order includes shipping, a photo of the change you’ve helped create, and an occasional surprise. Support ‘Brighter Smiles for Brighter Futures’ at 
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Who's people is this? @Regranned from @funny_ish_daily - This is why y'all can't have anything nice!!! - #regrann


Guys is hiding from swat, who is raiding the Grow Op! Talk about a bad day gone good! 🤔


@Regranned from @worldof_riah - As Always, Love The Skin You're In - #regrann


Said It Louder For The People In!! The Back @Regranned from @b.g.knoccout - “backed by HUGE PR CAMPAIGNS”
key words....
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@Regranned from @madnessbeginstv - Dad tells his son that his mother has passed away after she overdosed on drugs. No child should have to go through this!

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@Regranned from @inthenow_insta - Ever wanted to know what a “like factory” looks like? 😵 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 📱 #socialmediapromotion #smpromotion #smm #socialmedia #smartphone #gadget #onlinelife - #regrann


Nevada City, CA — As the city council seats with new members this year, notably controversial community activist Reinette Senum, first on the agenda according to City Hall insiders will be a declaration that Nevada City is a Chemtrail-free zone. This will make the rustic gold rush town the first in the nation to enact such a law. “It’s clear that the global elite are trying to control everything,” said Green Party member Derrick Packard speaking after the swearing-in ceremony. “We need to demonstrate to the world that the buck stops here in Nevada City. If you control the skies, you control life.” Learn More
When asked what impact a local ordinance would have on the global chemtrail conspiracy, Mr. Packard bristled. “This is about small steps,” continued an agitated Mr. Packard. “Think global; act local. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, right? Built into the proposed ordinance is language that allows us to use the city’s general fund to sue chemtrail flyovers. We are under no illusion that this is an uphill battle, but we mean business.” According to the Nevada City Treasurer, it is unclear what the fiscal impact will be on this ordinance. However given the recent litigious and fruitless efforts by the county Board of Supervisors, legal action could run into the millions. The tab could be especially high due to the fact that there is zero evidence of any global chemtrail conspiracy, which could contribute to forensic investigations outlays reaching into the millions before the first court motion is drafted. Despite this, area activists are unrelenting. “How much is it worth to you to save your planet?” Questioned a rhetorical Mr. Packard has he pointed to the clear blue sky above Nevada City. “We want the world to know that our little town is leading the charge against the elite brainiacs who want everything for themselves. As Howard Zinn taught us [editor’s note: Mr. Packard went on for another 45 minutes discussing Professor Zinn.]” As for other pressing Nevada City business, also on the agenda is the a motion to remove all radio producing devices except for lo