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It's #nationalpuppyday and who better to provide you with counter programming than me?! Enjoy watching this here old lady napping 😴 (VOLUME ON!)


Pizza βœ” Jeopardy βœ” Basic life βœ”


What moron made #internationaldayofhappiness a MONDAY??? πŸ‘Ž


I like to call this Self Care Sunday. Each paw gets 100 gentle caresses from my tongue to keep them soft and moisturized for the week ahead. πŸ‘…πŸ’ It takes a lot of work to age this gracefully, but I'm worth it.


Kiss me! I'm not Irish but I take a lot of Viagra... sooo.... πŸ˜˜πŸ”΅πŸ€πŸ˜˜



If your human isn't warming your winter lump day blankets in the dryer for you, contact your local union rep. Those are intolerable conditions!


Wanna know the secret to my #PiDay pie? Pull everything out of the pantry so nobody realizes you just poured filling from a can. πŸ’


Check out what makes my Kardoggian lifestyle the envy of all on @petinsider at 😘 (link in bio)


Seriously, humans? Daylight savings time? You're better than this... #smh


Don't miss my @dogsofinstagram Story takeover! Click their profile icon to see how I stay so young and fit before it disappears!!


Living out my LARP-ing dreams with Carl this #tbt πŸ»πŸ²πŸ’“



Being a woman ain't easy. That's why men don't do it. πŸ”΄ #internationalwomensday


I am the MASTER of pawllusion! #howmanydoyousee ?


Wanna know what it's like to live like me? @paw_culture recently came to visit and now they're sharing it with you! Link in bio for full video and story 😘
#partner #pawculture


I just stole Cupid's warm spot, so the answer is YES -- I feel much better! (ps He's behind me, isn't he?)


Now that I'm feeling better I wanted to tell you about my rough week. Ever since last Saturday I couldn't get comfortable or sit still. Something wasn't feeling right inside me, but I didn't know what it was, so I was literally trying to climb the walls day and night to find a comfortable spot.
I went to my vet and he thought maybe I was in early stages of congestive heart failure. Devastating news... So I tried taking medication that would relieve the fluid that might be around my heart, but it wasn't making me feel much better -- even after doubling the dose. I was still climbing the walls day and night.
We were very scared. And very tired.
Our next step was to see a cardiologist at @amcny for further testing. What was revealed is that I actually have pulmonary hypertension. This was a relief because, while serious, my heart isn't failing, and also because it explains why the meds didn't work. It isn't curable, but it IS treatable.

So yesterday I started on a new medication - VIAGRA! Yes. VIAGRA!
Did you know Viagra was originally developed to help with this issue and it was only by accident that they discovered its other ... ermmm... exciting purpose?
I feel SOOOO much better already after just a few doses. I'm totally back to myself!! And I've never felt sexier either! 😜 I'll continue to keep you posted on how things go with my treatment, but thankfully it looks like it'll be life as usual for me - being my sexy man-eater self (maybe more so!)


I'll be honest friends... I've had a rough few days... But I saw my amazing friends at @amcny today and hopefully I'm on the mend. I'll given you all an update soon πŸ’“



I'm a Latina with a high metabolism, so yes, I plan to eat all these enchiladas.


Low-key kween of #tongueouttuesday πŸ‘‘πŸ‘…


It's Cupid's 1st gotcha day! My human says we have to keep him... #imasoloact γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°γ€°
In all seriousness, we just want to thank @susiesseniordogs @animalhaven and @sweetpupsomine for helping complete our family of 3. They saved Cupid's life after he was dropped at animal control near Valentine's Day last year (hence his name, Cupid) and helped us find the new family member we weren't even looking for. We will forever be indebted to you 3 for him and to social media for bringing all 3 members of this family together bc both of these dogs were rescued because of Instagram and Facebook πŸ’“


Make sure you catch our bath on stories today before it's gone!! πŸ›€


My Sunday Plans: look as cute as possible while doing as little as possible. What are yours?


2 teeth + 1 yak chew = weekend full of plans πŸ˜›


I'll only get out of bed today for 1000 delicious treats or 1 delicious man. I get bones either way... 😜


A #throwbackthursday to a #tongueouttuesday -- #sobasic I #canteven πŸ™‹


Don't try this at home, kids. This #lumpday pose is for pawfessionals only!


We don't follow fashion. We ARE fashion.