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EYE UPDATE!! PLEASE READ!! Thanks to all who have reached out with concern about my eye. Rest assured that I'm in the care of the best ophthalmologist in NYC at @amcny (the Mayo clinic for animals) and even went for an unnecessary check up yesterday just to make extra sure I'm ok. My eye is fully recovered and while you may be concerned with the way it looks, I'm in absolutely NO PAIN. Please know that my human would never allow me to go without medical care or live in pain and the constant insistence that I'm suffering is very painful to us. So much so that we went to the doctor and paid to see a specialist again just to be extra safe. Please go donate to my #strutyourmutt fundraiser at so i can raise $10k to make sure all seniors get the great care I do!


Who gon check me, boo???


NOW are you with fur???? #lovetrumpshate


Donations to my fundraiser go directly to dogs like Richie Bear here, who thankfully knew what love and TLC were in his last days because of the @fosterdogsnyc Fospice program. Link in bio! My goal is to raise $10k so please give whatever you can (even pennies count!) and share with whoever you know. Every donation will get a personal thank you from me! πŸ’“


100% of all donations to my #strutyourmutt walk are going to help @fosterdogsnyc and some of their fospice dogs like @kayla_the_fospice_dog here! Without your help last year, Kayla could never have had the wonderful life she currently lives with her fospice fam. Let's help out 100 more dogs like her!! Link to donate in bio! πŸ“· by @nycpetphotographer


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I've joined team @fosterdogsnyc at for NYC's @bfas_ny #strutyourmutt and I've set a HUGE fundraising goal-$10,000- PLEASE DONATE! A portion will be used to help fospice dogs!! Link in bio to donate or join!!!


A good friend, like a good couch, should always be supportive. Thanks @apugnamedemoji for being both!


When you're senior citizens and still forced to suffer the indignity of bathing with your sibling. Life is so cruel!!! 😣


Tag someone who needs a #tongueouttuesday modeling masterclass.


When company visits, we roll out the welcome mat (and promptly steal the best spots)


Cupid, I have NO IDEA why girls won't talk to you... I think your hair looks GREAT! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚


I'm resting up because tonight I protest puppy mills! Join me, @ellabeanthedog @toastmeetsworld and @friendsoffinn at 6:30-7:30 pm tonight in front of Citipups at 45 Christopher St in NYC and let's take a stand against this horrible industry!!!


#ad When I was first rescued I wouldn’t dare eat out of a human hand. Now I know my human’s hands would only give me the best things, like snuggles and rubs and new Milk-Bone Farmer’s Medley Whole Grain Recipe with Beef Biscuits. They are high quality, just like me, and they're Grain Free! Get your @milkbone at @walmart and earn $2 with Ibotta.


For the first time ever Cupid tried to lie in a dog bed so now I must never leave the one he wants even though there are 5 others I use that he never touches. My work as evil older sister is never done. #exhausted


πŸ‘EYE UPDATE!πŸ‘ Thanks for all your inquiries πŸ’— I'm doing great! I use an ointment daily to keep it happy and my vision is only slightly affected. My eye is always going to look a bit different now, but I think that only makes me more marketable as a model. Cindy has her mole. I have my eye!


I'm trying to manifest someone giving me a free vacation. Step 1: Put sticker of myself on my @away bag. Step 2: look cute and hope someone notices. #TravelAway ✈🚒🀞


Many people have no idea what the puppy mill/pet store ecosystem really looks like. Please share this, read the diary on the @humanesociety website, and SHARE this info with ANYONE you can. If people don't buy at pet stores, the puppy mills will have no reason to do what they do. It all stars with education.


Cupid finally has the hang of this Monday thing...


When you're larger than life (literally and figuratively) on your first magazine cover 😍 @animalwellnessmagazine


When you're in the middle of a #heatwave and stuck indoors so you work your new look with a @baddieWINKle dress up photo shoot πŸ˜‰β˜€οΈπŸŒ‘


Happy #nationalhotdogday from the hottest of hot dogs and Cupid, who will never catchup πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ 🌭🌭


I love #tongueouttuesday soooo much I wrote a song about it!!! 🎢oooooo yeahhh ... my tongue is so fiiinee. oooooo yeah... I'm so glad it's miiiineeee🎢


Chloe told me I need to work on my Monday face so dis is it. How'd I do?
- Cupid


My new look makes me look a bit like a #gameofthrones character, right?


I saw an optometrist at @amcny yesterday and she says I'm all healed from my corneal ulcer, but I like this winky look so much I think I'll keep it around for a bit. 😘


I can't believe my kissing booth was a year ago! I need to find another excuse soon to kiss that many people again... Got any ideas? 😘 #throwbackthursday


I have a new skill - Star podcaster!! Check me out on @funnyforfido 😘

#Repost @funnyforfido
Check out @funnyforfido PODCAST EP 17. Featuring the fantastic @chloekardoggian & her momma Dorie! Plus the virtues of owning older dogs. W/ @iamjustinsilver & @trixietuzzini GET IT-


Thanks everyone for all your sweet messages yesterday! I scratched my eye and it'll just take a week of rest and meds to heal up. Nothing will stop me from celebrating #tongueouttuesday though!


As if #Mondays don't suck enough, now I need to go to the vet for whatever is happening on the right side of my face... 😑 UPDATE! I've scratched my other cornea (i just did the left one a few weeks ago... Tis the life of a Chihuahua with such ample eyes as mine...) I should be ok with rest and topical treatments in a week or 2! Thanks to all for your sweet concern πŸ’“


Guess what everyone! I know how to swim. (Things you learn when you're careless around your grandpawrents pool. #themoreyouknow ) 🏊 -Cupid